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Witness protection has gotten a lot more complicated since the Reshaping technology was leaked.
Author(s): Trismegistus Shandy
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Posted: 2018-11-01 04:09:33 | Updated: 2018-11-01 07:22:54
Words: 986

Witness protection has gotten a lot more complicated since the Reshaping technology was leaked. We tried to suppress it, of course, and when that failed, to make it legal only in cases of medical necessity; but no dice. Now anybody with the money can have a new body in twenty-four hours, and to hide someone from the people who want to kill them, it’s not enough to give them a new sex or ethnicity and tweak their height by a few inches.

These days we focus on changing people’s habits; that’s how the mob tracks people down when they can’t rely on old-fashioned biometrics. We still change our clients' sex about fifty percent of the time, of course, just to keep the enemy guessing; we give the rest of them a drastic change in height and weight. Both techniques are pretty good at fooling gait recognition software; if your body changes enough, you’ll walk differently even when you’re not thinking about it. (We teach our new women to walk in high heels and recommend they usually wear them in public; that helps too.)

And we carefully design their faces and figures to be average and unremarkable, but not too suspiciously average. They need to blend in with crowds, fade into the background. My current client was having a hard time understanding that.

“If you’re going to change me into a woman, why couldn’t you make me hot?” she said, hefting her average-sized breasts. “These would be okay on a slimmer body,” glancing with distaste at the thickness of her waist and belly.

“You need to blend in,” I repeated patiently (if not quite as patiently as the last few times). “All your measurements are within three centimeters of the average American woman’s. Too close to average and there’d be automatic detection systems flagging you for someone to look at. Too far off average and you’ll stand out in a crowd, be too visible to human agents looking for somebody with your old habits and speech patterns.”

We can change a lot about a person, but some things they have to change themselves, and not everybody has the will or the skill to do it. “Of course,” I continued, “if you want to diet and exercise until you lose that unattractive weight, be my guest. You’ll stand out more, but you’ll also be changing your habits and making yourself less recognizable.”

“Just watch me,” she said, looking determined. I didn’t give her great odds, with that body’s metabolism, but I wished her luck.

“Now, as we mentioned before, the Corrigan mob is going to try tracking you down using your known profile of interests. The best thing you can do is develop new interests; changing your sex is supposed to help with that. I think you’ll naturally find books by female authors and with female viewpoint characters more interesting than before, for instance, and I recommend you try some... starting with big bestsellers, interests too widespread to individually identify you. The same with movies. As for your old favorite authors,” and I slid her a paper across the desk, “this is the approved list — authors so popular you can safely buy their books online or with a credit card and not get pegged as yourself. Anything else, you’ll have to pay cash for — and then take it home in an opaque bag and read it in a room with no windows.”

She looked dismayed, and no wonder. I allowed myself a small pang of sympathy, and her a few moments to process her grief, and went on to advise her about browsing the web anonymously, and preferably a lot less than he used to. She’d get a class on that, of course, along with classes on acting like an average woman with an average girl’s upbringing — makeup, walking in heels, etc. We wanted our clients competent at all that, but not too good.

“Another thing,” I pointed out, noticing the way she was rubbing her thumbnail back and forth along her index finger, “you need to stop doing that. Someone who knows you well could recognize you by that nervous gesture alone.”

She suddenly stopped, and after a moment’s pause, sat on her hand. I went on to advise her about her options for changing careers, and how she might use some of her old skills without making it easy for the Corrigans to find her.

“One more thing,” I said, as the orientation drew to a close. “We recommend you go on dates with one or more men several times in the next few weeks. We can set you up with some of the men in the program, particularly ones who are newly male if you prefer —”

“Wait, what? Did you change me so I’m attracted to guys?” She looked scared, more so than I’d seen her since she woke up in her new body. “I mean, I... haven’t noticed being attracted to you.”

No wonder. My own body was as carefully average as those of our clients, including the average American’s extra pounds.

“No, you’ll have to do that yourself. Brain plasticity increases in the first few weeks after a Reshaping, and you can change your orientation if you make yourself take an interest in men. You may or may not suppress your interest in women at the same time; either way, you’ll profile differently from your old self. But we recommend you try to go straight; you’ll stand out less that way.”

She took a deep breath. “Okay. I can do this.” And after a long pause, when I was about to dismiss her and call in my next client: “Um... do you want to go out for coffee or something?”

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Avatar An adorable short story! by Rellawing 2018-11-12 12:02:11

It is interesting. :D It feels like the beginning to a story, but I can see how it stands alone! :)

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