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A boy enters a college fraternity, but is coerced to follow the rules by the residents and his own family.
Author(s): mrsimple | 5 Warnings!
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Chapter Six : The Forest
Posted: 2018-11-01 19:04:00 | Updated: 2018-11-01 19:04:00
Words: 1725

Thanks to those pain killers, I can be quick about this and start heading for the road. I'll carry on a minute down it, then drive my way down a slope on the side, travel along in the woods, and make my way back.

One hour. That is going to take most of the day, but who the fuck cares.

I take the first minute, then slip down, keeping my hands out to balance my awkward walking along the slope's bottom. I look up, it must be ten or so feet up there on the road. Easily, I can lose Henry. He'd have to get out and check every strip along the road to find me.

I bring out my cell and dial mom. It takes a couple of seconds.

"M'yellow?" I hear mom on the other end.

"Hey, can you come get me?" I ask her.

"Adrian? What's wrong?" She asks this with concern.

"I'm along the road, walking from a place called Sandy's-," I explain, but she cuts me off.

"Sandy's!? What in the Hell are you doing there?" I hear movement on the other end. Rushed.

"Henry took me here. He- He wanted me to get used to the place, but I- I can't. I can't do this, mom," I feel crushed doing this. "Mom, I want to drop this. I can work minimum wage or something. You know I could find-," she cuts me off again.

"Sweety, stay where you are and I'll come get you. We can discuss this later," I hear and I nod my head.

I feel dumb, nodding to someone on the phone, so I say, "Thanks mom."

She hangs up and I put the phone away.

Now, here is my issue. I can't stay here, because Henry will eventually find a stationary object, like me. Another problem is that my mom is coming to Sandy's.

How to solve this?

It will take two and a half hours before she makes it to Sandy's. That means, I can travel along the road here until close to that time. Then I can move up on the road for me to flag her down.

I resume my travel along the road's slope.

A hour passes and I have not been found. That is a good thing. Question is, did Henry stop searching? Did he even start? He might still be back at Sandy's getting to the next base with the Persian or Bobster.

The rain seems to be getting heavier and heavier.

Eventually, I can't balance on the slope without slipping.

Going further in the woods, I manage to find better footing, but my sight is slightly obscured by the cloudy darkness and the canopy of trees. If I keep the road's plateau of light in my sight, I can keep traveling along it.

I stop in my tracks when I see someone up ahead.

I squint, but I can't quite make the person out.

Then she comes walking up to me.

"Mom?" I state it out as a question.

"Hey there, sweetie. Sorry it took a little while, but had a run in with traffic," she says with a chipper voice. Traffic? She is here an hour early and not even on the road. Here, right in front of me.

Does she have a tracker on my cell or something!?

I pull my phone out to look at it. I notice a few missed calls from her. How did I miss... Vibrate. I had the phone on vibrate. I didn't feel it in my jacket.

"Sorry, I missed your calls," I hold the phone up for her to see. She shrugs.

"No worries, it happens," she smiles and almost laughs. Her lips straightens out, the laughter in her hazel-green eyes still there, but I could tell she wanted to tell me something.

Where did she park?

"Are you up there? How did you get down here? I could barely keep balanced walking down here," I state those while looking up at the much darker sky.

"Oh, it is easier up there. It can be a drag coming down, but meh, whenever, I'll come back up," she tells me. That sounded really vague. It didn't tell me how she did it at all. On top of all that, her clothes are clean. Dry?

"Mom?" I stare at her clothes. The rain is hitting her, but not one drop is getting her wet.

"Adrian, I want you to listen to me," she leans in so she has me facing her as she speaks. "This forest, I didn't quite get it at first, but I do now. It woke up. You woke it up."

"What? What are you-," she holds her hand up to my lips, barely room for them to keep from touching, but she manages to hush me with the gesture.

"Your blood. It woke up, listening and watching you," she smiles. "I didn't know that happened, but I'm glad it did now." She comes a step closer. "Now, with my last wish, I want what is best for you," her arms come around me.

I'm confused as all Hell. Did my mom find some weed or something? I look down at her, seeing her hugging me and I reach around by instinct to hug her back, but I don't feel anything.

My arms pass through her.

I lift my hands up quickly to look them over.

Looking back down, my mom isn't there anymore. I turn in circles, trying to find her.

My steps become quick as I make my way in a direction she might have gone. If she is on something, who knows what might happen. Hell, I might be on something. Maybe I did get roofied.

I take in one shuddering breath. Should I call out? Yes, yes yes and yes.

"MOM!" I call. Then again, I call out. I am running now, calling out for her to answer me.

I shake my head and grab my cell. If I can't do it the traditional way, then lets step up the game. I dial my mom's phone.

It rings, then rings, and rings more before the voicemail picks up.

I'm not quitting. I hang up and try again. Several times, I try until I hear the phone answered.

"Mom! Jesus, you scared the SHIT out of me. Where are you?"

"... Is Adrian Lynn?" That isn't mom.

"Who is this?" I ask.

"I am with the Shephard County Police Department. My name is Philip, a PM," there is a pause for a couple seconds, "I answered the phone," I hear on the other end. It sounded like there was a conversation going on. Maybe an argument?

"Could... Philip, could you please put mom on the phone?" I politely ask. My voice is starting to shake and I'm starting to feel more than rain run down my cheeks. I want to hear my mom.

Again, there is a pause. I can tell that the phone has its reciever covered so whoever is on the other end can talk without me hearing. I stand there and wait.

I'm waiting to hear my mom.

"... ANSWER ME!" I yell in the phone.

"... Yes, hello? Is this Adrian?" Another person's voice.

"Put my mom on," I demand.

"Adrian Lynn, is this who I am speaking to?" The person asks again.

"Yes, now please, my mom?" I try to keep calm, polite, but I am on the edge here. Why do they have my mom's phone? I can think of why, but the possibilities are too many and some are ones I don't even want to venture into.

"We are going to send a squad car to pick you up. Can you tell me where you are?" The person asks this and I feel a little miffed for both being ignored and this jerk not telling me who they are. At least Philip had the decency to perform half that.

"My mo... Mom..." I can't keep my voice anymore. Over to a tree, I sit down on one of the outstanding slick roots. I stare at the phone, hearing the person ask more questions about me, but I'm not at all there anymore.

Something in me is buzzing.

The phone drops limply out of my hand. It takes everything for me to keep my head up. Absolutely all I've got.

Overall, I think I did keep it up, but with my landing being the tree catching me before I fell to the ground. I stare out, the rain falling heavier and heavier over my head, but it felt numbing.

They wouldn't tell me. Not on the phone.

I looked off the lip of the road, watching the darkness light up, then flash blindingly out into the trees. It lights me up for a brief moment, passes by me, and then circles back quickly onto me.

The buzzing in me becomes incredibly greater. There is a painful feeling, but it is dulled by those painkillers. They must have been good shit because it felt like my skin was tearing apart.

I turned away from the light to see what was being ripped open. It didn't look like I had any blood or guts coming out of me, but it felt like they were all squishing and popping in places that weren't originally their homes.

The bisque came right on up and out of me.

Well, I hope that I ingested enough of the painkillers. My hand lays down over my stomach and I feel it tighten. It becomes constricted with the motion within. Like I'm being squeezed and molded.

More of what I ate is deposited next to me on the ground. I lean my elbow onto the dirt and wait for any more to come out of me.

There is a massive, tingling, buzzing running through my entire body, in under my skin, beneath my nails, deep inside the roots of my scalp, and chattering in the core of my teeth.

A single voice whispers in my head.

'I want what is best for you.'


I pictured her, saying that, but the image was becoming difficult to maintain.

My eyes, even though I tried to keep them open, the vision blurs, darkens, becomes a source of new light on its own, and I lose all thought or sensation in me...

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