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A boy enters a college fraternity, but is coerced to follow the rules by the residents and his own family.
Author(s): mrsimple | 5 Warnings!
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The first half of the story is missing. This picks up after the main character, Adrian, comes back from being beaten and thrown into a creek at the college he would be staying at.

Note: This story was written before Trismegistus Shandy taught me quite a few lessons in writing. :)
Another note: This has not been proofread. I uploaded this to help Rella out. ;)

Chapter One : Beat
Posted: 2018-10-31 20:41:33 | Updated: 2018-11-01 21:40:57
Words: 1176

I give my nose a rub up top. It didn't feel broken. I guess it had been the savage kick he gave me to cause the rush of blood coming out. Like a vein had too much pressure and popped. That is easy in the nose. Very thin membrane keeping those little squiggly blood vessels from being exposed.

There's the bridge. Take the right path, it is the right path to take. I'll remember that.

I've managed to find my mom's car and make my way back into the building.

Soon, I'm being greeted by an angry mom who thinks I've decided to get drowned on purpose.

"What on Earth were you doing?" She asks me in a queasy disgust and concern for me.

"Rolling in the mud?" I joke.

"Looks like it," she says before addressing the receptionist. Oh look, there she is! "This is my son, Adrian."

"Ms. Lynn, we said that he can stay here next year, that mid-term isn't going to pass him any credits from Wilson," that was my last college. I got kicked out. Fight. Go figure.

"But he has credits transferring-," my mom explained, but of course, I know this story. They said it again and again over the phone, email, and fax.

"Worthless. They won't accept them here," so says the receptionist, let it be so, Please God!? Give my mom a clue so I can enjoy a nice vacation.

"What about earning credits for the second half?" She had to ask this. It is as if asking everyone the same question and receiving a single different answer will contradict all the others.

"Maybe," the receptionist states. Oh no...

"Maybe? How?" Eagerly, my mom eats this up.

"If he applied to one of the houses and they could vouch for him, he'd be enrolled, but as an attendee. If he meets the dean's approval, then he will be admitted, but that is only with enough people representing his case," holy fucking Hell. Yeah, that isn't going to fly by.

"Great! Where do we sign?" I'm speechless. I stare at my mom in utter-speechless-shock. She really expects me to make friends with a community house full of strangers within half a school-year, just so they, not me, can lick the dean's booted heel for me to be admitted???

"Ma- Mom, uh, I- I don't think so..." I break my silence.

She shushes me and passes the paper over for me to sign. I look down at it, a pen is thrusted into my hand, and she makes the quick nudge in my shoulder to get signing.

Gulping my courage down for later, I sign.

Why did I do this?

No other choice. I've gone through five other colleges.

Ten-Ship University was the first. Art Majoring there was a complete bust. I had the professor there hit on anything that had a snatching puss between their legs and all those that dangled the third limb was given a big fat failure fucking F.

Why? Because the guy didn't get his cock sucked by anyone wearing their epic knee-pads. He was nothing but a perv. Hell, I heard during my third college that he did get canned, but that is after the fact I smashed his face off the door frame when he tried to get my ass slammed out the swinging door.

Again, why was I being thrown out of his classroom? Oh yeah, I remember. He pointed out that a foot was a sexual object. I argued, it got heated, we became honest with each other, and he filed for my arrest on battery charges.

Enough students were there to back me up on the fact it had been an accident. Still, I know he deserved it.

I got kicked out for disturbing one too many classes. Yeah, one is enough.

This sort of thing repeated four more times. If they weren't pervs, it was students that had it in for me to fail. That went for an Alt. Mountain Campus.

I had been minding my own business, but these jerks kept on suggesting to the professor that I had been talking shit about him. Then spreading it around to other students. My reputation became a brown-lipped cusser who couldn't stand the differences in people. A shit-talker, an Asshole.

I'm a Bastard, not an Asshole. Don't know my own dad.

So, like a true Bastard, I fucked them over when I found out who they were.


Not very responsive when they begin to pull away in the parking lot. Get the driver, during a nice hot summer day, with their window down and smash them with the most brutal punch. It takes them a few seconds to recover.

It also takes a few seconds for them to veer into another parked car.

Doesn't sound like too much, but it scared them shitless when they saw the potential of what else I could do if it wasn't in a parking lot.

In any case, that did get me sent to some time behind bars. Not enough for it to really mean anything, but a cooling off period for a day.

Mom paid for the damages and I had been kicked out, again.

Caledonia was the last straw and I couldn't break my mother's back. Yeah, I just compared my mother to a camel, but she has been carrying my burdens this whole time. I can't disappoint her, especially after all these financial losses.

Money does not grow on trees.

This is why my story is gonna stick that I had been rolling in mud and not tussling with a hallway fucker.

After signing my life away to the Caledonians, my mom marches with me out of the building to relocate in the dry space of her car.

"What now?" I ask.

"Hm, Red Lobster?" She suggests. I am not hungry. In fact, I'm worried a tooth is loose.

I shake my head, "Can we go home?"

"Later, I want to grab something to eat. How about Wendy's? At least I can get a Strawberry Lemonade there," she suggests and suppose. I nod, at least that is a place she can grab whatever and leave me out of it.

I crank the seat back and doze off on our way through the valley.

Oh, yeah, that is one thing I should mention. This is a valley and it normally doesn't get bad weather here. On the chance that it does, the weather is trapped, stuck. It doesn't leave until every bit of it has been spent in the valley.

That means this rain.

It wasn't a surprise to see dips in the road being flooded. We drove through them slowly, careful of the chance it could cause our engine to flood. I don't know why my mom insists on eating out. Ordering delivery sounded better. Let someone else deal with this crap.

Maybe that is another reason why I dozed off. I didn't want to deal with my mom anymore. I love her, but she can be annoying. Frustratingly so...

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