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Soul Shift
A boy and a girl connected mysteriously from long distance in Japan discover that their fates are tied up with each other. Will the two find true happiness, finally?
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 2 Warnings!
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Here is an exclusive release for this website only. This is a story that originates from 10+ years ago. I never completed it, but given my moods, I may be moved to complete it to have another story completed. :D

Chapter One : Moving
Posted: 2018-08-18 21:49:36 | Updated: 2018-10-31 18:52:20
Words: 4139

A cute, boyish girl stands in the late morning sun, leaning against an old but very well maintained porch, surrounding an old but also very well maintained house. The house has the look of money. The deck is stained a rich maple color, with not a single knothole to be seen amidst the natural grain and texture. The wood is worn down in places from the traffic of many feet over the years that her family has been living there.

Several muscular men in professional uniforms constantly move back and forth, past the heavy oak door which hangs open on its hinges and through the doorway. They pace from a large diesel truck with a yellow circular logo with black cats on it up the steps, through the small gate installed in the porch, and through the front door, and then they return, minutes later, carrying piece after piece of the girl's memories and childhood away into the back of the large truck, only to return once again for some other object. Sweat beads up on every one of their faces, and soaks through every one of their shirts. The day is hot; it’s the middle of spring, April. Yet the temperature is already ridiculously hot.

The girl has striking green eyes and a cute face that no one would consider to be less than beautiful, were it not for the sour expression that seems to perpetually darken her face. Her deep black hair is cut in a short style. At a glance one would very likely think that the girl is a boy, except for the fact that under her boy's tee shirt, two small mounds are vaguely visible. Her jeans are baggy and cut in a male style, but they cling too tightly at the hips. If it weren’t for the baggy clothes, an observer would see that she has a very nice figure.

As one of the men hauls a heavy-looking dining room chair carefully through the door, the girl deliberately glares at him. The man ignores her the best way he can manage. All the men in this moving company are used to her little looks and glares by this time. They have all noticed that she isn't happy that her family is moving. They however have already been paid for the job, and no amount of passive-aggressive interference will prevent them from doing it. The girl, of course, knows this, but does it regardless of how futile the gesture is because she has no choice but to do as her parents wish.

So the girl just continues to stand, her arms crossed tightly in front of her, and her expression sour and hard. Even though she wants to cry, her pride will not allow her to do that in front of anyone.

"Midoriko! Please stop harassing the movers... they're only doing their job. Stop being so childish about this." Midori turns away from the speaker, refusing to say anything in response to her mother. They have already had several long and hard arguments, which didn’t go so well for Midori, so she doesn't even bother to express how truly unhappy she is with this whole situation. She doesn't bother to tell her mother about how badly she is ruining her daughter's life.

Midori hears her mother sigh. "Just you behave, young lady. I'll know if you've lashed out at them." Midori's teeth grind as she mentally begs her mother to just leave. Thankfully, her mother seems to get the message and does walk away. Midori doesn't turn to watch her go. She doesn't care where her mother goes as long as she isn't near her. Midori turns her head and examines the movers again, like bugs under jars, unleashing her new ire upon them.

She glares again, feeling a twinge in her chest seeing one of them carrying her bedside table quickly towards the moving truck. He avoids Midori's glare by gazing straight ahead as he passes by. Was it her imagination or did he sweat a little harder when he passed her? Well, regardless, Midori takes little pleasure from the thought, because Midori isn't happy with this situation at all. She has never really been very happy. She doesn't suppose that she ever will be either. This whole situation has just added a whole new dimension of displeasure to her life, from her perspective.

Perhaps these men are a little intimidated by her glare, or maybe they just don't want any trouble, because none of them look too closely or lingeringly at the girl in boy’s clothing. That is a blessing at least. Midori hates being watched by men most of all. She hates feeling herself being undressed by their eyes. That is one of the reasons why she keeps her hair so short and her body concealed in baggy clothing.

She even wraps her chest tightly in bandages to flatten them against her body, so they would be less noticeable. Her normal chest size is in the C-cup range, which is remarkable for a young Japanese girl of sixteen. Most girls her age might be watching these men for other reasons; some of them are even pretty attractive. Midori, however, hardly notices. She isn't interested in men even slightly.

She tried once, and it was a horrible debacle... a disappointment that she has never really forgotten. Her first relationship was with her childhood friend Daisuke. The two grew up together, and since Midori was always a boy at heart, Daisuke never even noticed her that way, until one day. Midori had been developing in ways that Daisuke couldn't, and he finally noticed. Midori was flattered at first when he started looking at her in that way. She thought that she had feelings for him, even though she still considered herself to be one of the boys. The two began dating soon after, and things went downhill from there.

Daisuke started to dislike the fact that Midori always wore boy’s clothes, hiding her figure as much as possible. He started to dislike how short her hair was cut, even though he'd never cared before as her friend. He started to become demanding, and for a time, Midori tried to be the girlfriend he seemed to want, but she realized that she was not comfortable at all in the casual skirts and dresses that Daisuke liked. She didn't like it when her hair grew out and more boys started paying attention to her.

Neither did Daisuke. Daisuke even started to become jealous and finally accused Midori of cheating on him. Midori realized then what a mistake it had been to change herself for him. He should have accepted her the way she always had been. She cut her hair short again and returned to wearing boy's clothes. The two broke up soon after.

Since then, Midori realized that she wasn’t really in love with Daisuke. She cared for him deeply as a childhood friend, but it wasn't love. It was instead curiosity, and her curiosity had been satisfied. She realized for the first time then that she hated that she had been born a girl. She'd wanted to BE Daisuke all along. She'd wanted to be a boy. She had suspected it when her first period had come, but now she knew, not that it did her any good. From that point on, Midori had firmly rejected every confession or love letter directed to her. She vowed to never again lose sight of herself.

After that, through sheer force of will, she made herself as masculine as she could without scarring her face up. The prospect of scarring herself, for some reason, didn't really entice her at all. She thought about suicide once or twice, but her personality was such that, whenever she had thoughts like that, she would just slap herself. So she just took what life offered her, and made herself as close to her ideal as she could. It took years, but she finally managed to make her parents bend to her will on the issue of wearing a boy's uniform at school, though they didn't like it.

Now she is starting her freshman year at Seito High School, and moving away. She has already made the arrangements to wear the boys uniform once again, and the school has agreed to it... her parents, however, haven't. They have finally decided that their daughter needs to grow up and see the reality of things. She won't always be able to dress this way. She would be labeled as an outcast. They are giving her no choice in the matter.

This is the biggest reason why Midori's face is so sour. Because she is underage, she can't just say no to the whole moving thing and run away.

She's been forced into leaving her cozy setup and friends. She's been forced back into the skirts she loathes. Midori knows that her parents’ understanding is limited. They always hated her masculine tendencies, and they always hated the fact that their daughter was no lady. In fact, they even went so far as to purchase a large wardrobe for Midori and fill it with fashionable girl's clothes, just in case their daughter decided one day to see the light.

That, of course, always pissed Midori off. She tried to make them get rid of it, but naturally they would not. So, as soon as she was able to locate several lengths of sturdy wood and a hammer and some heavy nails, she boarded the thing up so tightly, she'd be surprised if anyone could get it open. Her parents thankfully didn’t have the boards removed, even though she'd damaged an expensive redwood piece of furniture; it was enough for them that it was still there and still full of cute clothes appropriate for a young girl, even though Midori liked to pretend that it was not.

Even so, she had won that battle at the very least in her opinion. She would have set the damn thing on fire if she hadn't been so afraid of being both grounded and forced to wear the next set of clothes that would inevitably be purchased. She had more than enough sense not to push them that far.

Midori grumbles a little as she sees the offending wardrobe being carried out the front door by the movers. So THAT'S why I was thinking about it. She shakes her head and sighs heavily. She is only consoled by the fact that they were unable to remove the clothes and shoes and whatever else her parents had put in there. On top of being heavy redwood, it has to be that much MORE heavy. Midori almost smiles as she watches them struggle under the weight of their difficult load as they slowly make their way up the ramp and into the back of the large moving truck.

"Damn!!! What's in this thing? Dead bodies?" one of the men grumbles. The other man chuckles, grunting under the strain of pushing the heavy thing higher and higher up the ramp, until finally they reach the top.

"Well, you know these wealthy types... it wouldn't surprise me," he whispers back in a conspiratorial whisper. The other man chuckles again.

The two slowly push the offending piece of furniture out of sight, looking as though they are still having trouble with its weight, despite not having to carry it up the ramp any longer. Heh... serves you right for saying things like 'A girl shouldn't have to carry heavy loads'!

It didn’t help that her parents immediately forbade her from helping with the move, and on top of that, from injuring any of the men again to try to delay the move. Midori is of the opinion that she can do anything they can do, but her parents are senseless and old-fashioned... and not only that, but semi-rich fools on top of all of that. With a last sigh, she settles down on the edge of the house's porch, putting her head in her hands. What are they going to try on her when they finally arrive at their new home? Will her new school head be as accommodating as her last one? What will the people be like? She frowns and shakes her head.

What am I thinking?! Of course it's going to be worse than Hell... they're up to something, I just know it!

Not much later that day, the final piece of furniture, which happens to be Midori's mattress box spring, is loaded into the moving van and the back is closed and locked. The sweaty movers all cheer and pat each other on the back with tired grins. Midori chews her lip pensively. Not only did they manage to get the wardrobe into the van, but they finished the rest of it pretty quickly and efficiently after that. It isn't just the frustration of seeing the wardrobe firmly secured in the back of the moving van.

There is something about these men’s friendship -- men’s friendships in general -- that seems so much less complicated than that of women. They are enjoying themselves, reveling in the feeling of having exhausted themselves in a hard day's work. Midori envies them that feeling. Many times she's witnessed it, and every time she’s wished that she could be a part of it.

That wasn't to be, though. Her parents and the movers made it perfectly clear that she wasn't welcome to help them, though. Midori remembers when she used to be able to talk like that and share moments like that with her male friends. Midori sighs wistfully and turns, taking a last look at the old house she was born and had grown up in. It is a western style house with some Japanese touches here and there. The paint is a sort of sea green color that Midori has always liked. The front porch is ornate, wrapping around the front of the house and extending towards the back of it on one side. She always enjoyed just sitting out on that porch whenever she felt frustrated or depressed.

A series of steps climb up through a sort of jut or gap in the front of the porch, directly adjacent to the main door of the house. At the entryway of the closed porch is a fairly ornate metal door. Until the move, there was comfortable and plush deck furniture to the sides of the front door, and there was also a hot tub, sheltered from the neighbors eyes by a decorative mini fence with an old style japanese appearance and roof. Vines slowly crawl up the walls of the spa, giving it a sort of natural feel.

The house itself is fairly large. It has five bedrooms and three bathrooms, one of them a traditional Japanese style bath; the other two are smaller, more western versions with a shower stall, a toilet and a sink. The kitchen is very spacious, though Midori was never particularly interested in cooking. The house has a nice and spacious dining room, and was filled with furniture. Midori shakes her head, thinking about how full of comfortable chairs and fancy furniture the house was. Her parents are and always have been creatures of comfort. Her own old bedroom is a nice size, with more room than she really ever needed. She had her own mini bathroom, so she didn't have to leave her room at night, unless she was hungry.

Blinking, Midori notices someone trying to get her attention again. With a sigh and a clench of her jaw, she turns and focuses on a particularly unwelcome voice. Very probably the last one she wants to listen to right now in her depressed mood. It is the voice of her mother yet again. Her mother is in her late thirties, though she bears her age well. Midori looks a lot like her, much to her chagrin, though her mother's eyes are a hazel color, and not green. Her mother has never worked a day in her life. She married fairly young, and her parents had also had no financial problems.

"Midoriko! It's time to go! We have a long day of travel ahead of us!" her mother says in her usual annoyingly cheery tone. She still speaks to her daughter as though she thinks she is a normal air-headed teenage girl. That, most of all, pisses Midori off. Her mother refuses to understand how she feels about that.

However, there is nothing she can do about it short of throwing a tantrum and getting in a load of trouble before this whole stupid trip even starts. She hates being called Midoriko also. Her parents were completely unwilling to compromise on things like that. They still believe this is just a phase or something. Whatever reasons they have for torturing her with that stupid name, she has no idea what those reasons are.

"Whatever... let's just get this over with, okay?" Midori mutters with a sour expression. Even the prospect of a week-long vacation from school is ruined completely when she wonders at what her parents are up to. She wonders worrying about what her new school is going to be like for the fifth time today. She wonders at just how completely her parents have managed to wreck her life this time, for like the tenth time today.

Midori's mother's mouth tightens a little at her daughter's sour expression, but she says nothing in response. She USUALLY doesn't. She knows that this is her daughter's nature, much as she hates it. Perhaps this move is just another attempt at a new environment for her daughter, hoping this time it will actually make a difference. Not likely! Midori smirks inwardly.

"I don't know why you're so hostile about this, young lady... but it doesn't really matter. You'll warm up to this trip. We're going to have fun. We're going to visit historical sites and tour Japan. It'll be wonderful! We'll be staying in first-class hotels and eating at the most highly recommended restaurants." Her mother smiles. "We'll go swimming in Okinawa, too," she says with a happy expression. "It'll be a real vacation... I'll be able to get that tan I've been wanting all winter... Oh! Also I picked out this darling swimsuit that I think you would look great in, Midoriko! The boys will be all over you!"

Midori stares at her mother for a long moment, as though wondering what strange rock she crawled out from under, and throws up her hands with a growl. "Oh, joy... boys... Yay!" she sighs and paces over towards the family car.

"What's wrong with boys? It's perfectly normal for a girl your age to start thinking about boys." Midori stiffens and sighs. Another annoying unwelcome voice. It is her father's... and he isn't quite as easy to shrug off as her mother. She turns around with a slight smile, a practiced one.

"I know, Dad, but I'm really not interested. Boys are icky." She smiles more inwardly. This one always used to work... after all it wasn't that long ago that all the girls in her class thought similarly. That was why she adopted this particular excuse. It was perfectly normal, even typical... and true... at least as far as romance went.

Midori's father is the very image of the successful Japanese businessman. His eyes are dark, and his face has a sort of severity that comes with long experience in a job where he’s had to manage many people at once and deal with a lot of stress at the same time. He is very good at what he does, and he even holds a pretty major position at the company he works at. The one really good point about her father, she has to admit, is that he does know how to unwind and leave his work behind AT work. A lot of businessmen like him don't.

Midori's father frowns a little. "I saw you staring at the movers all day... I don't think boys are as 'icky' to you as you say they are... but it doesn't matter... as I was about to say, there's nothing wrong with thinking about boys, except..." He frowns again as he pauses in mid sentence. "However, your mother and I would prefer it if you'd show some interest in boys your age..." He coughs a little, eying his daughter. Midori shudders, picking up on his thoughts instantly. "Don't you think those men are a bit old for you?" he asks with as stern an expression as he can manage.

Midori throws up her hands and sighs. "Dad... come on... I'm not into the movers, alright? I just wanted to help, but someone... no wait... some PEOPLE... decided that I might hurt myself," she says in a slightly sarcastic tone.

"You would hurt yourself," her father retorts in a firm tone. "It's ridiculous to think that you could keep up with the pace of five muscular men who are EXPERTS in what they do for a living. We would still be moving things out if I had allowed you to help," he growls, crossing his arms. He doesn't add that he thinks that his daughter would also end up in the hospital, and that that would delay this week long trip, if not completely cancel it, and neither of her parents wanted that.

"So no more of this nonsense," he says in a firm tone. Midori glowers in response to this, but doesn't say anything. She achieved a black belt in Jujitsu. Surely she would have been able to manage keeping up, at least for a while. But no, her parents don't care. They only care about their stupid little vacation. Midori sighs and nods, glaring still.

"Okay, fine. I'm going to sit in the car." She knew better than to think she might win this argument... she hadn't earlier... and it all just feels like semantics now that it’s all done. Midori opens the door to the back seat of her parents' spacious sedan and throws herself inside, slamming the door behind her. Midori lays back in the backseat and stares up at the roof of the car, listlessly. A tear trickles down the corner of one eye, and she quickly and angrily rubs it away, turning her head towards the rear of the car and staring intently at the seat.

She wants badly to get along with her parents, truthfully... she knows she would have if she had only been born as a boy instead of a girl. They would have accepted her and her personality, and she would have actually been happy. A small part of her deep inside even wishes that she weren't the way she is, constantly conflicted and always unhappy. It would even be better if she was just a normal girl. She isn't though, and knows she never will be. Midori sighs, starting to feel the heat of the season inside of the car as she lies there alone.

Thankfully, the car doors open soon and her parents climb in, buckling their seat belts. Neither of them so much as glances backwards at her, thankfully, though from time to time she can hear her name being spoken... the hateful ultra-feminine version, anyhow. Midori just closes her eyes and tunes it all out. She soon feels the vibration of the car starting, and the subtle shift of gravity as the car lurches into motion down the driveway.

She doesn't sit up or even so much as glance up as the car pulls out into the street and starts to make its slow way along it, and away from the things and the people she cares about. Away from the schools that accepted her the way she was, mostly... and the friends who stood beside her, even though they never really understood her. New friends won't be easy to come by, as odd as she knows that she is.

The new school probably won't be as kind or lenient on her. Her parents have already told her that she is going to be forced to grow her hair out more and wear a girl's school uniform. Another tear trickles down her cheek at the thought of it. She has to find some way out of this situation... her oath to herself is at stake.

"Cheer up, Midoriko..." Midori hears her mom murmur. "It'll be okay. You'll be fine. It won't be so bad." Midori feels her mother's hand touch her arm briefly, and then the touch is gone.

I hope you don't dislike it! Thanks to Trismegistus Shandy for awesome editing skills. I thought it might be worthwhile to have these proofread and polish it a bit.

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