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Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 3 Warnings!
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Madoka chooses from multiple possible destinies. What do you choose? Weakness or taking the reigns and take the control.

Chapter Six : The Choice of Her Path
Posted: 2018-08-08 12:52:11 | Updated: 2018-08-18 11:53:07
Words: 2010

Madoka flails and blushes furiously; finally she stops struggling against Kiyomi’s firm grip on her head and instead snuggles as she considers the situation.

I don’t understand why she is so interested in me… it’s very flattering… but I don’t want to just rely on someone for the rest of my life. I’m not a child! she thinks, sighing softly.

“Oh… have you chosen, lovely one?” Kiyomi asks gently, stroking her hair.

Madoka looks up at her face between her bosoms and blushes a little more. Finally, she steps back and straightens as Kiyomi releases her with a warm smile.

“You know the right thing to do, don’t you?” Kiyomi asks.

“What will you do?” Kozuke asks with a sigh. “I can’t make you to do anything. I’m not permitted to make the decision for you,” Kozuke murmurs.

“Oh, sweet one,” Mana murmurs sympathetically. “I raised you to be dutiful. You know what is right.”

“Oh, man… this is pretty heavy.” Tatsuo grins a wry grin.

Everyone stares at her, watching her, surrounding her.

“Make the choice.” Kiyomi taps her fan against her wrist with an impatient expression on her face.

Madoka stands upright and clenches her fists firmly, taking a deep breath.

“I’ll do it!” Madoka yells aloud.

Everyone stares blankly at her in response to the shockingly raised volume of her voice. Kiyomi smiles faintly, her expression somewhat smug. “State what you will do.”

Madoka looks around, blushing, and moderates her vocal volume. “I will train and become a Shrine Maiden,” Madoka says, her tone fragile, but with undertones of self-assuredness in it.

“Of course!” Kiyomi raises her fan and swats Madoka with her folded fan. “It’s the only proper decision you could make. I would have cared for you until the time you chose it for yourself, but it seems all is well.” She grins. “Although, I must admit the temptation to take a nibble would have been nigh irresistible.” She laughs aloud.

“What?” Kozuke gasps as he approaches Kiyomi. “You are toying with her. Are you serious?” he exclaims, baffled. “Did you not mean to fight me tooth and nail for her?”

Kiyomi unfolds her fan and laughs behind it, her laugh a typical haughty “Ohohohohoho!”

“What does that corny laugh mean, foxy wench?” Kozuke asks, his expression like that of a dog or a cat with bristling hair. “Answer me clearly.”

Kiyomi folds her fan and thrusts suddenly; Kozuke catches the tip of the fan like a sword blade, his expression serious.

“I meant what I said, butler-dog-lion-sama!” she grins. “The child intrigues me. I will look after her from time to time as well. You can count on my assistance. I won’t give up on a chance for a tryst, however.” She eyes Madoka with a coquettish expression.

“Good day, little mistress. We will see each other another day soon.” She laughs and walks up the path in the direction the four gorilla youkai went, her hips swaying in a way that draws everyone's attention like iron filings to a particularly potent magnet.

Even Kozuke watches her leave, shaking his head and adjusting his collar. Tatsuo watches with open lust in his eyes. “What a lady!” He whistles aloud.

“She’s shameless, but interesting,” Mana sniffs, her tone slightly disapproving.

Tatsuo turns and looks to Madoka. “Isn’t there any small bit of manliness left inside of you? You can't tell me that that walk doesn’t affect you, ma--mmm…” he mumbles, looking at Madoka uncertainly.

Madoka looks away from her to Tatsuo and shrugs, blushing. “I don’t know what you mean by manliness. I don’t feel very… manlike anymore, honestly. This is so disorienting, man. But her walk does affect me, among other things.” She blushes and twiddles her fingers.

“Oh, really? Well, that’s good. You’re still my wingma-- wing… wing... err…” Tatsuo trails off.

“Wing-girl?” Madoka asks with a little laugh.

“Oh, Kami, that’s incredibly odd. If we went together anywhere, it would look more like a date, ya know?” he asks, with a little gleam in his eyes.

“Oh, no thank you.” Madoka’s nose crinkles.

“What’s wrong with me, exactly?” Tatsuo asks, clutching his chest as though a knife had plunged into it suddenly.

“Er… nothing, really… you’re a good guy. But a guy doesn’t do it for me…” Madoka squirms, blushing.

“Oh, you think I’m a good guy? That’s a place to start, I guess, eh?” he laughs. “Well, fine. That reminds me, nice guy I am, I brought you your homework and notes from class. I left them in your living room in a daze when this whole situation was sprung on me. I lost track of it with everything you told me all about your situation earlier.” Tatsuo chuckles awkwardly.

“Oh… right, thank you, Tatsuo. I’m glad you took the time to do that for me.” Madoka smiles in an amazingly cute way that makes Tatsuo’s heart throb for a moment as he stares at her.

“That won’t be necessary,” Kozuke states, his tone regretfully. “I must inform you that Madoka will not be able to resume classes at the same school. This must not become publicly known. Do I need to reiterate that this must remain a very closely kept secret?”

Tatsuo gapes at him, suddenly looking poleaxed. “What? I didn’t realize that she wouldn’t just return to… I guess it makes… sense… man… we’re not going to school together anymore? What a drag…” he trails off, disappointed.

“Oh… that’s right.” Madoka sighs.

Suddenly, Madoka notices her father inside the gate, his gaze turned in the direction where Kiyomi disappeared. His expression seems far away. He turns towards the people gathered in the yard and blinks.

“Oh, hello. Butler-san… Tatsuo-san. Why are you all gathered on the doorstep. Was that beautiful silver-haired lady coming from our home?” he exclaims.

Beautiful you say, Anata?” Mana inquires with a brittle tone and a flat look.

“Oh! Yes, lovely! Stunning, but nothing as amazing as my lovely wife,” he laughs. “Don’t you think, Butler-san? No one beats the loveliness of my wonderful wife… and my daughter!” he laughs.

Kozuke covers his mouth and covers a smile.

“Err… oh… speaking of what we discussed this morning, I’ve successfully managed to pull some strings through my bosses… and thanks to their kind assistance…” He looks at Madoka and gapes, trailing off.

“Where did you get that expensive yukata… Mana, we can’t afford that! What have you done? Are you spoiling hi-- her…” he groans.

Mana expression softens sympathetically. “No, although I think you need to understand that we will need to take on the burden of paying for a new wardrobe for Madoka. I don’t think we can afford anything quite as extravagant as this lovely yukata. Doesn’t it make her look incredibly lovely?” she asks with a proud expression.

“It does… it really looks amazing on her,” Nobuo comments, shaking his head. “You said we didn’t buy her this yukata?” he asks with a forced smile.

“No. It was the silver-haired beautiful lady,” Mana replies crisply and primly as she eyes him.

Nobuo laughs loudly and runs his fingers through his hair and grins nervously. “Oh. Such a fashion sense… yes. Speaking of which, I do believe we will have to foot a bill for purchasing new clothes for h-- her. I think we can afford a few... new…” Nobuo murmurs.

Mana cuts him off. “More than a few. If we want everyone to see what a beautiful and stylish daughter we have, she should have the best. A girl that looks like ours should be as stylish as possible, don’t you think?”

“I… I think that’s a good idea… but I don’t see why…” Nobuo tries to protest, looking confused.

“Of course you don’t. You’re a man.” Mana rolls her eyes. “You’re fine with three good suits. That’s fine for a salaryman, and plain modest clothing will do for myself, but for a lovely girl who is very much model material -- like Madoka -- needs to look her best. I have every confidence that she will grow up to be someone really special.” Mana’s eyes sparkle as she looks at Madoka.

Madoka gapes at her mother’s bulldozing over her father’s protests. His attempts to protest become weaker and weaker until he finally surrenders, looking defeated.

“If it helps, I think I can help a little with this effort. We understand the burden that this will impose upon you. You aren’t alone in this struggle, sir.” Kozuke bows with a splendid flourish towards Nobuo. He stares dully at Kozuke and a grin slowly spreads on his face.

“Oh! Kozuke-san. Such a decent and splendid man you are!” he exclaims happily. “You are such a wonderful addition to this family. Why don’t we discuss this further… you did say something about a sumptuous and delicious dinner, did you not?” He slaps Kozuke on the back and urges him towards the house door. Mana smiles a fond smile as she watches him walk into the house with Kozuke, his arm patting him heartily on his back.

She looks at Madoka. “We will get more details about this later. For the moment, I think it would be best if we went to a mall. I think perhaps in Shibuya. Kozuke can reimburse us later. Let’s go.” She eyes Tatsuo with pursed lips. “Come along, young man. We could use the assistance of a muscular young man.” She smiles.

“A muscular young man?” Tatsuo asks, his eyes suddenly wild and casting back and forth for an escape. “Actually, I think I…” he trails off.

“You want to help your best friend, don’t you? I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing Madoka try on new clothes, won’t you?” Mana smiles.

Tatsuo gapes a moment and a look of pure lust shines in his eyes for a moment, and he straightens. “Uh… well… I’m kind of busy, but I guess I’ll let you twist my arm this time, ma’am. I’m a gentleman after all, you know?” He grins.

Madoka eyes Tatsuo and chews her lip, then looks at her mother.

“But I don’t want any more frilly clothes… I’m getting used to this… I don’t think I’m ready for…” Madoka protests.

“Ready for it or not, it has happened, daughter. You have to live with the cards that have been dealt to you, and honestly, you’ve been dealt a winning hand. Don’t complain about the kami’s blessings. You are going to be an amazing woman.” She laughs and gestures towards Madoka’s yukata, emphasizing her high regards for the quality of the yukata. She hesitates a moment. “Wait here a moment. I’ll let Nobuo know, and get my purse. You should go with me in that lovely yukata.” She beams, gestures, and rushes into the house, leaving the two alone in the yard.

“You really going to do this? You going to let her dress you up like a doll?” Tatsuo asks.

“Well, that’s what you want, right? I could see the lust in your eyes again, you pervert!” Madoka blushes and pokes Tatsuo’s chest.

“Well, yes.” Tatsuo smiles eagerly. “I do.”

“I should just run away while I can.” Madoka bites her lip.

“Nah. You run away from this and you’re not a man,” Tatsuo responds with a smirk.

“What?” Madoka asks with an incredulous expression on her face, hands on hips.

“You heard what I said. Be a man and give it your best.” Tatsuo grins.

“.... you… you… asshole,” Madoka mutters, crossing her arms under her breasts and looking away.

Tatsuo grins, hiding a victory sign behind his back.

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