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Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 3 Warnings!
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A little fanservice here! I hope everyone enjoys Kiyomi!

Chapter Four : What the Girl Decided
Posted: 2018-08-08 12:52:11 | Updated: 2018-08-18 11:53:19
Words: 2224

Madoka gapes at Kiyomi, looking shocked, and then promptly faints. She flops over to the side and bubbles rise up from where she has submerged. Kiyomi laughs and pounces on Madoka, pulling her head out of the water. She pats Madoka’s cheeks and lifts her face towards hers. Madoka coughs and the water from her lungs splatters Kiyomi’s face. Kiyomi blinks as she holds Madoka up, and Madoka finally focuses on her and blushes a deep rosy red head to toe.

“Are you alright?” Kiyomi asks Madoka, looking into her eyes critically. She releases her head, daintily reaches for a nearby washcloth, and calmly wipes her face.

“Ah… I’m fine…” Madoka mumbles, squirming more submerged as she stares at Kiyomi. “Why are you... here… in my bathtub?” Madoka asks, her tone querulous.

“I love a good bath.” She grins. “Plus I wanted to meet the local kami’s new maiden servant. You’re absolutely adorable,” she points out as she goes to her knees and studies Madoka. Madoka blushes even more and looks away with no sign of her blush fading.

“Her magic is really effective… or perhaps it was some of your own spiritual power that had something to do with it,” she speculates with a wide smile and a somewhat hungry expression.

Madoka mumbles, but with her mouth currently submerged, it just comes out as more bubbles and muffled noises as she squirms.

Unable to resist, Kiyomi pounces on Madoka again. “Too cute!” she laughs, rubbing herself against Madoka. “The scent of your spiritual power is amazing… it’s irresistible…” she purrs as she rubs her ample chest against Madoka. Madoka gasps and squeaks and squirms as Kiyomi covers her with kisses. Blood fountains from Madoka’s nostrils and she passes out as Kiyomi cuddles her.

“Are you devouring her? I frown on that, Mistress Kiyomi,” Kozuke points out, hands on hips and a stern expression on his face, with a hint of his hackles rising.

“Oh… Kozy! You shouldn’t interrupt women’s bath time. Where are your manners, butler-lion-dog-sama?” she inquires playfully as she hugs Madoka’s unconscious body.

“She’s obviously not conscious. She has probably fainted from too much… heat,” Kozuke comments, stepping forward. Kiyomi shrugs and grins, sitting back.

“Awww… I suppose she isn’t ready for this sort of thing yet. She’s such a pure thing. I can’t resist her.” She laughs.

“It is her purity that makes her an eminently qualified first Miko for Kami. I would appreciate it if you would refrain from staining her spirit,” he replies with a tense voice. “Speaking of which, you’re supposed to be here to supervise the monkeys. I would appreciate it if you would conclude this… bath… and watch over them.” He rolls his eyes as he cradles Madoka in his arms.

“Awww… it’s true, that’s why I came… not to mention to offer my decorating expertise.” She rises and grins at Kozuke lazilly. “I didn’t want to hurt Madoka, you know. I just wanted to cuddle her, is all,” she says with an innocent expression, while licking her lips.

“Uh huh. Behave.” He smiles as he carries Madoka out of the bathroom. Kiyomi watches him go and shrugs with a smile.

“I wonder if the man is made of stone.” She laughs.

“Ugh…” Madoka moans as she wakes up laying on her bed. She sits up with a hand to her head. “Oh kami… what happened? O-oh…” She blushes profusely as she remembers every detail of Kiyomi’s body. She gasps and covers her face, embarrassed again, and looks around. She sighs softly in relief when she realizes that she’s alone. She studies the robe that she wears now with silky soft fabric. She jumps to her feet and examines it. It is different from the miko costume she was wearing previously. This is something far more comfortable, a yukata, cut very well, but unmistakably a feminine cut.

She gapes and smiles, feeling a fluttering sensation as she twirls in it. It feels so soft and cute. Suddenly, at her bedside her phone starts buzzing again. Madoka stares at the phone like a viper, creeps towards it, and stares at the caller ID. Tatsuo.

“Oh kami… stop calling me, Tatsuo… I can’t talk to you…” she mumbles, pulling at her hair.

She stares at it and it continues to buzz. “Maybe if I text you…” She agonizes and picks up the phone to disconnect it. Accidentally, she hits the answer button instead of the disconnect button. She gapes and suppresses an embarrassed horrified sound. She knows that her voice is high pitched now. She hesitantly puts the phone to her ear, and hears Tatsuo’s voice.

“Man! Are you there? Are you alright? I’ve been worried about you,” Madoka hears him say, concern lacing his voice.

“Where did you go, man?” Madoka bites her lip as her lip quivers, unable to say anything in reply.

“Hey… I’m here, outside… I have your homework and notes for you. Just open the door and talk to me. Your mother won’t let me come in. She told me that I had to call you first. She wanted to take the homework and notes and send me away. What do you think of that? Totally rude. That’s not how you treat a friend who came to see you when you’re… are you sick? Is that why you didn’t come to school?”

Madoka moans slightly at that, her heart stabbed by his words.

“Say something, damn it!” Tatsuo yells. “I’m getting seriously pissed off here! You got laryngitis?!”

“O-okay. J-just wait…” Madoka says, and hits the hangup button.

“Who’s…” comes from the phone as the line disconnects. Madoka shrieks and runs in circles, pulling her hair as she agonizes. Finally, she darts to her window, spreads the blinds open with two fingers, and peeks down. She gasps as she sees Tatsuo looking straight up at her window, and screams, pulling her fingers out as she stumbles backward.

There’s a knock at her bedroom door. She turns and looks at the door, quivering. “Who is it?” she asks.

“Kozuke… and your mother,” Kozuke’s voice answers.

“Madoka, are you alright?” Madoka hears her mother’s voice.

Madoka sighs in relief and tears leak from her eyes as she stares at the door for a moment.

“I’m opening it, Madoka.” Madoka hears her mother’s voice and her door opens. Her mother’s eyes fall upon Madoka and her expression of worry turns into a proud beaming look.

“Oh! You’re lovely! Where did you get that gorgeous yukata! There aren’t any festivals for a few weeks, yet.” She rushes in and wraps arms around Madoka, looking up into her face. “And it’s such a high quality! It must be worth hundreds of thousands of yen!!!”

After a moment of silence, “This is so awkward… you are so tall,” Mana comments.

Kozuke bows his way inside the room and grins. “That’s my doing, actually… well, Kiyomi had something to do with it as well. As you don’t have suitable clothing for your frame and gender, Kiyomi apologized for her little faux pas foxy trick she played, and gifted you with a lovely silk yukata. She’s extremely fond of you, it seems.” He chuckles.

“K-Kiyomi? It was her?” Madoka gasps, blushing and ducking her head in a slight bowing gesture. “Um… I thank her… but…” Madoka trails off.

“But Tatsuo?” Mana asks softly, shaking her head. “That stubborn boy won’t leave. He’s perched on the yard like a greasy vulture.” She laughs.

Kozuke blinks and laughs aloud. “That’s a pretty hilarious description of him.”

Madoka pictures him down below as he had been looking and actually giggles at the picture of him as a greasy vulture. The laughter helps her to relax a little.

“Good girl.” Mana pats Madoka’s arm. “What will you do about him?” she asks. “Will you see him?”

“It’s your choice…” Kozuke murmurs solicitously. “Have care with the secret,” he warns gently.

Madoka hesitates and sighs. “Fine. I’ll face him. He’s my friend. I don’t want to send him away. That’s not how you treat a friend,” she says softly.

Tatsuo sits on his knees on the small grass lawn in front of the house and glares at the house, arms crossed. He scowls. He saw the blinds crack open for a moment, and heard something peculiar, but hadn’t seen anything since Madoka’s mother had opened the door. He sighs and idly picks at the grass around him with his fingers.

He waits for a long time, and eventually his mind goes numb from sitting in the heat of the evening on the lawn. He barely notices when the door hesitantly opens and someone steps outside. A girl. He gapes at how stunning the girl is. Her hair is styled up elegantly with a traditional jeweled hair stick pinning it up, and she’s wearing a lovely expensive yukata.

She walks towards him, stands in front of him, and looks down, seeming to squirm a little as she looks back and forth between him and the ground in a really fetching way. His heart leaps into his throat as he jumps up to his feet and he grins.

“Are you a rich lady?” Tatsuo asks, perplexed. “A friend of Madoka’s? Oh, kami! I’m so jealous of him. You’re incredible!” he states, his tone oozing with appreciation.

“Um…” the girl finally manages to speak, and her voice is really adorable. “I’m sorry… I’m not a rich lady. Tatsuo… I…” she mumbles.

“Oh my kami, you’re so cute! Are you his girlfriend? Wow… amazing. I think Fujita-san will be disappointed to find out about this! Why are you wearing such traditional clothing? You’re a real classic beauty, though I think the tallness counts against you, very very slightly.” He chuckles. “Um… hey… Where’s Madoka? Can you send him out to see me? I was getting really pissed off waiting for him, but I’ll give him five stars for sending such a lovely girl out to greet me.” He laughs, seeming to drool a little as he looks at her.

“Um… Tatsuo… it’s… it’s me. Madoka,” Madoka finally says, fidgeting, still looking up at him and down away.

“Wha… what are you talking about? Madoka?” He stares. “No way… even if you dressed him in a yukata like that he wouldn’t look that stunning…” He gapes.

The girl sighs and shakes her head. “Just come inside. It will probably take a while to explain this,” the girl murmurs, sounding depressed. “Just follow me, man.” She turns and walks back to the door, and Tatsuo gapes at her. Madoka?

Tatsuo stands in the corner of the Fugui dining room; his eyes and mouth can’t possibly go any wider as he stares not at Madoka at the moment, but at the youkai occupying the room! His eyes go from four enormous gorillas sitting around the table talking to each other like normal people to a kitsune lady sitting nearby, arms crossed under her breasts and tapping her foot. She wears a lovely silver coloured yukata with autumnal leaves patterned over it, and she is stunning. Her bushy silver tail sways gently to and fro and her ears twitch and move on their own.

Another one walks in from the kitchen with a heavily laden tray with piles of food upon it, full of classic food on it. Meats, vegetables, seafood piled high. He sets the tray down on the table and starts distributing plates of dishes across the table. A feast! Amazing odors waft from the table, slightly sweet, but incredibly savory!

The new one who just entered with the tray has ears like the kitsune’s but different. They have an almost feline quality, yet he has a fluffy tail different from hers. Madoka gapes just as much as he does at the gorillas and possibly the kitsune as well, standing nearby, yet looking somehow a little more at peace with the situation than he.

“How are you okay with this?” Tatsuo asks, gaping, whispering furiously at Madoka.

“It’s… getting to be normal for my life now,” Madoka responds, blushing, her voice faint.

“And you’re really genuinely Madoka? You’re not shitting me?” Tatsuo asks, staring at her again.

Madoka squirms again and nods, blushing.

“Yeah… I believe it. You changing gender is probably the least unbelievable thing I’m seeing right now.”

“Isn’t it fascinating?” Mana grins at Tatsuo, standing on the other side of him, and looking slightly stunned herself. “I apologize if my actions earlier seemed rude, but I didn’t really know what to do about the situation. It’s not really proper for a young man to come into the home of a young girl,” she comments.

Mama! Is that what has concerned you most?” Madoka gasps, blinking.

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