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Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 3 Warnings!
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Going from this point chapters vary from shorter to longer per whatever a chapter seems appropriate.

Chapter Three : The Discovery of Oneself
Posted: 2018-08-08 12:42:36 | Updated: 2018-08-18 11:53:23
Words: 2160

Madoka gapes, stunned. “But… but… but…” she whines.

Madoka’s mother watches her quietly and then walks over to Madoka, looking up into her face and gently touching her cheek, her own expression stunned. “You’re so different, Madoka. You barely lost any height, but in form you are so different. You are lovely. You stand out so much.” She laughs and embraces Madoka.

Madoka’s lip trembles and she starts crying. “I… I can’t control it… why… I don’t cry.” She sobs.

“Awwww… there, there,” Mana murmurs softly, pulling her face down to her chest. “You’re still my child,” she says softly.

“You look a little like you’d been born to us. I don’t know where that tall gene would have come from,” Nobuo points out with a slight smile, shaking his head.

“Because she was transformed via kami’s power and her own spiritual power, this was the result,” Kozuke points out with a chuckle.

“She looks like she could be a model,” Mana adds, her tone full of pride now.

“... but… I just want to be normal… I don’t want to be strange!” Madoka cries and dashes away upstairs, sobbing.

Mana watches her go with a shocked expression and looks into Nobuo’s eyes.

“He’s so different, now. He was so collected.” Nobuo frowns. “Are you sure she's ours?” Nobuo asks.

“I assure you that she is.” Kozuke laughs. “It’s a matter of hormones, I’m afraid. It might be a while before she adjusts.”

“That’s very true,” Mana says simply. “I’ll prepare some breakfast for you two. Let’s give her some time to come to terms with it. She’ll be a lovely daughter.” Mana smiles brightly and walks towards the kitchen, humming softly.

Nobuo watches her walk away and smiles faintly. “She seems happy enough with it.” He sighs and looks at Kozuke. “I need to head on to work. I will see if I can pull some strings with my connections at work and see if I can work on a school transfer for Madoka.” He runs his hand through his slightly graying hair with a grimace.

“Excellent, sir.” Kozuke bows towards him. “Please do. Meanwhile the kami will work on a little something on her end to expedite the official change of Madoka’s legal gender. That should pave your way.”

“Oh, thank kami… that’s one less thing to worry about.” Nobuo sighs in relief.

Madoka runs upstairs crying, arms wrapped around herself. She dashes to her room and once inside, she closes the door and slides down against it, curling up, sobbing softly.

“Why me, Kami? Why have you done this to me?” she moans softly, burying her face in her knees as she rocks back and forth.

After a long cry, Madoka rubs her eyes and looks down at her feet, thinking about her transformation. On the one hand, there is this strange, perhaps perverted pleasure in the changes. On the other hand, there’s also fear worming inside of her. Fear of the unknown, and more important than that, fear in regards to this power the kami and oni have referred to already. The fear paralyzes her for a long moment as she takes deep breaths.

Madoka stands slowly and looks around; a sudden intense urge to look at herself in a mirror suddenly grips her. She sighs, realizing that she doesn’t have a large mirror. For that matter, her cellphone is also missing since yesterday. She considers the situation, and finally decides that it is best to slip into the bathroom and take a bath. With a soft sigh, she opens the door and looks up and down the hallway, finally deciding that no one is around.

She slips down the hallway on tiptoes until she reaches the bathroom, opens the door and closes it behind her. She looks around and spots the mirror across the compact standing washing and dryer model. She walks over to the sink and stares at herself, noting that her eyes are red, but otherwise she’s incredibly beautiful as her mother pointed out. More than that, she notes that her breasts are definitely more developed than most girls her age, and certainly larger than most women’s that she’s seen. She gapes at the hourglass figure and turns this and that way in front of the mirror. A sappy smile spreads over her face and she stares at that expression, stunned as she realizes that she’s actually, deep inside, pleased at what she sees.

“No… that’s not right. That’s perverse!” Madoka exclaims, shaking her head violently.

Madoka forces herself to focus on her clothes. For the first time, Madoka notices details about the clothing that the kami has bestowed upon her. The costume is blue and white but for the yellow lillies on her kimono-like sleeves tied on her upper arms. The top is a piece that is tied on either side and is cut somewhat low around her bosom, framing her breasts and further accents them, in part due to being cinched tightly under her bosom. There is no support of them to speak of. They seem ridiculously perky for breasts their size. She cups them and blushes intensely at the sensations from the contact, and she suddenly becomes aware of all the sensations, including those of the soft fabric rubbing over her nipples.

Not only that, but she notices that her hair is tied in a blue ribbon, styling it up intensely cutely. The effect is making her hair look shoulder length.

She forces her hands to her sides and turns in front of the mirror. She notices that her skirt is pleated under the cute top. Blushing, she assumes various poses in front of the mirror. Hand on hip, bent over, butt slightly pushed out. While she’s looking at herself, a little trickle of blood starts leaking from her nostril as her heart races. She gasps and leaps to the toilet paper, and trips, falling to the floor. She shakes her head, and her nose drips slowly as she reaches up and grabs a wad of toilet paper to clean up and stuff a square up her nose. After taking soft breaths, she relaxes and finds the courage to stand again.

After a moment, she stands and faces the mirror again, plucking the tissue from her nose and discarding it in a nearby trash bin. She forces herself to stare at her reflection, and after a long moment she forces herself to untie the bows on the sides of the top. After un-tying them, the wrap falls open, revealing her breasts. She gasps, her face turning red as she studies them for a long moment. She hesitantly touches them, and a silly grin crosses her face. They feel soft and firm and springy. Her fingers dancing too close to her nipples results in a burst of pleasure pulsing through her body, spreading from there. Madoka gasps intensely and bites her lip. She forces herself to move on from there to unfastening the skirt and letting it fall. She gapes as it hits the floor. It’s a white fundoshi with daisies and leaves like her sleeves. She turns around, and with a gasp she realizes that the back side of it is somewhat like a thong.

She gasps and nearly collapses blushing furiously. What kind of perverted kami would put her in something like this? It is traditional clothes, and somewhat fashionable, but it’s extremely embarrassing! Oh kami! Did someone see my butt?! She gasps and claps her hands to her cheeks, feeling them flame. Suddenly, there is a knock at the bathroom door. Madoka gasps aloud; her eyes widen and she squeals.

“Mistress Madoka… you have a call.” Madoka hears Kozuke call through the door. Madoka gasps and rushes to the door; she opens it a crack and reaches through the door.

Kozuke chuckles and places her phone in her hand.

“Thank you, Kozuke-san!” Madoka exclaims and pulls it inside and closes the door. She leans against the door and stares at the call ID on the screen. Tatsuo. Madoka hesitates and lets her hand fall as she sighs, staring towards the bath chamber as the phone vibrates in her hand until finally, it stops.

“What am I going to tell Tatsuo? How can I tell him that I’m different now? How would he react to this?” Madoka gasps. A response through the door shocks her.

“What you tell your friend is up to you. I recall that you were with him at the Shrine yesterday. I can imagine his concern for you when you disappeared. Keep in mind whether or not your friend will keep the truth secret. The world these days is reliant upon science, and by and large many don’t truly believe in the mystic. The world isn’t ready for the truth,” Kozuke warns her gently.

“Yes… I know that, Kozuke-san.” Madoka sighs. “I will think on it.”

“Good. You sound tense still. You should take a relaxing bath. I have errands to attend to. Just shout if you need anything, Mistress. I will prepare a sumptuous dinner this afternoon.”

“Ah.. okay…” Madoka looks over her shoulder at the door and then back to the bath, deciding that it would be a definitely good idea to slip out of the rest of these clothes and into a relaxing bath. Madoka walks over to the hand shower and blinks when she realizes that she hasn’t removed the hair ribbon, the sleeves, or the fundoshi. Madoka blushes, unties the bows on her hips, and removes the fundoshi, tossing it onto the top of the costume that she has simply dropped onto the floor for a change, this time. She follows by untying the pretty ties that fasten them to her upper arms and one at a time slide them off and sets them down with a little more care.

She reaches behind her and unties the bow, and her hair falls down to her back. The sensation of her long hair suddenly tickling her back startles her.

Madoka sits down on the bath stool and starts the water, and after it warms up, she runs the water over her body and sighs happily as the water rivulets over her body and starts soaking it. Warmth from the water spreads throughout her body. She runs her hands over her body and feels awkward and a little aroused at finding the sensations and feel of the body different from what she has been used to. She determinedly pushes her way through it, but the mounting arousal is undeniable. She sternly focuses on washing her body only. It is hard to think of this as her body yet.

Madoka starts shampooing her hair, and for a change her odd instinct to wash her hair more intently, reaching behind to pull the hair over her shoulder to shampoo it, feels shockingly normal. She remembers her instinct to do so had existed prior to her transformation due to the synching of her memories with her other self. What a strange thing this is! Madoka marvels at the thought.

Finally, after rinsing, she rises and steps into the hot bath water. Madoka sighs in pleasure as she sinks down. She zones out, soaking up the feeling of the hot water surrounding her. The sensations are more intense than before.

Some time later, Madoka’s dozing in the warm bath water is interrupted by the sound of the bath door sliding open and closing. She opens her eyes and her eyes focus as she sees a stunning figure standing before her. A girl with silver hair, apparently in her twenties, stands nude before her. She gapes at the body that rivals her own and turns red from head to toe.

The girl suddenly grins broadly at Madoka. “Oh, you’re too adorable! So you used to be a man, did you?” she laughs. “That’s very interesting. May I join you?” she asks.

“Wh… who are you?” Madoka gasps, stunned at her appearance.

She grins and runs her fingers through her hair, and suddenly tufted fluffy-looking ears spring from her hair; she turns and a tail appears behind her over her pert well-shaped bottom, bushy and silvery in color like her hair with a pure white tip.

“W… you’re a youkai? A kitsune?” Madoka gasps as she steps into the cramped bathtub on the other side with a big grin.

“Bingo!” she exclaims. “I’m a fox. Nice to meet you. Madoka? You may call me Kiyomi.” She sighs happily as she sinks into the hot water. Her large, perky breasts float in the water, and hot water spills over the edge of the tub into the side drain.

Japanese are huge into bathing culture. It is typical for Japanese people to be extremely economy by washing quickly in advance outside the tub, sitting on a bath stool and cleanse the whole body, and afterwards, soak in bathwater that is heated in advance using heating elements in a bathtub. The water is kept for around a week or so, and the family shares the bath water. It seems odd, but their bodies are clean before they use the tub. Also, unless you’re a child you don’t pee in the water. :D

I don’t need to say that Kitsune is the Japanese for Foxes, right? *grin*

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