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Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 3 Warnings!
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The effects of Yoshimaru's assault takes its toll.

Chapter Twenty Six : The Miko Who Was Loved
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Light clashes with shadow. An explosion of energy ripples outwards around the rooftop. Madoka slashes and stabs madly towards the dark-haired follower of Yoshimaru. She deftly parries the strikes with her oversized blade and laughs loudly. Kanna darts in with her needle kunai. The strange woman grunts and swings her blade overhead to cleave Kanna in half. Kanna dances backwards and giggles.

The oni follower groans and slams her blade down into the rooftop of the shrine. She clutches at her suddenly too tight kimono. Her breasts practically seem like they might pour out from above her obi. Kanna grins mischievously. “I wouldn’t swing that sword so freely unless you want that pretty kimono to fall apart.”

“Ahaha! Nice one, Kanna!” Eiji grins as he charges in with his flaming tonfa. He leaps up into the air and beats a rhythm. The female oni follower lifts her blade once again. It shrieks and grates on the tiles as it frees in a whip-like motion. Flames meet darkness.

“I don’t care, I’ll bare everything for my kami!” she yells. Her motions are more halting as her clothing restricts her.

Aoi laughs and charges her side. “Have a douse of water! Meditate on your evil ways!” She slashes upwards and a surge of water materializing from nothing shreds the woman’s kimono as she fiercely tries to block Aoi’s attack. Eiji yells and spins towards the oni follower low and spins, swinging his tonfa. Yoshimaru steps in then and blocks his tonfa with its dark blades.

Kami-sama!” its follower exclaims with a joy filled voice. She grimaces as she attacks Aoi. Meanwhile, Madoka charges forward. She flips forward and brings her blade down on the oni follower, stabbing rapidly towards both her and her master.

Suddenly Kozuke’s canine body lunges up onto the rooftop and he snarls loudly. His claws skitter on the roof and scratch over it as he bounds towards Yoshimaru, his fangs bared.

“W-wow… Kozuke-san… you were a real dog!” Riri gasps out after witnessing him transforming and bounding up onto the roof.

“Beware, Mistress!” he snarls out as he goes for Yoshimaru’s throat. Yoshimaru hisses and roars. An explosion of dark energy surges from him.

The wave of darkness sends everyone flying from the roof.

“I’ve had enough!” the oni grates.

“My kami!” the female follower exclaims as she crumples down to the ground below. Madoka yells as she sails over the edge of the roof. She reaches desperately for the edge of it but her momentum can’t stop her. Kozuke whines, flying in reverse somersaults. He reverts to his human form and comes down on his feet. The impact quivers through his body from toes to hair.

Aoi shrieks as she flies off the rooftop. She flies towards the ground and gestures towards a nearby pond. It surges up to catch her. Kanna sails gracefully next to Aoi as she lands. Eiji yells loudly as he lands heavily headfirst in bushes. “Rauuuughhh!!” he yells and the conflagration around his body as he climbs to his feet sets the flora around him on fire.

“Don’t be careless! You’ll destroy a sacred shrine in your stupidity!” Aoi yells and flips towards Eiji. She brings her sword down in a circular motion and a funnel of water launches from her blade. Her attack douses Eiji and the surrounding flora, putting out the flame.

Eiji yells loudly and flops over. “Ah… no… don’t attack me! Don’t douse my firey determination!”

Kanna giggles. “I can fuel your flame.” She winks as she dances close by.

Meanwhile, Tatsuo gasps as he launches himself forward to catch his friend. Madoka shrieks as she heavilly strikes Tatsuo.

“Oh, ouch! Tatty! Are you okay? Madoka! What’s going on here?” Riri gasps.

The oni follower cimbs to her feet, holding her sword. Her kimono rips and leaves her topless.

Tatsuo shakes his head as he looks at a dazed Madoka.

“Are you okay? H… w-what?” Tatsuo exclaims as the dark follower charges towards them brandishing her sword. “Is this a dream?” He blushes and his nose starts fountaining blood.

“You’re ecchi, Tatty!” Riri exclaims.

“T-tatsuo… what are you… ehhh?” Madoka shrieks as the sword comes down towards her. Suddenly, Eiji materalizes sodden between Madoka and the woman’s heavy blade. He tiredly parries it.

“K-kanna… this was not a good idea…” Eiji grates as the female oni cultist fiercely attacks.

“Yes, my follower! Destroy them, no matter the cost.” Yoshimaru cackles as it dances on the rooftop. “They’re weakened. They don’t have anything left. It’s my victory! But spare the foolish inept miko; she will realize her stupidity soon, I guarantee it!”

“N-no!” Madoka yells. “I will kill you, Yoshimaru!” She tries to lift her spear defiantly, but she is weakened.

“You have plenty of energy, Mistress… otherwise we would not be here. Don’t let him win!” Eiji yells as he fends off the mad slashes of the dark follower.

“I-I won’t.” Madoka gasps out. Suddenly, Madoka shrieks and clutches her head. Oh, Mama, what have I done?

Aoi and Kanna gasp as they charge into the fray again. “Madoka-chan!” they cry out in unison.

As they reach her they fade into motes.

Meanwhile, Eiji is coming undone. He grits his teeth. “I will not surrender! I will go beyond endurance! Come back to yourself, Goshujinsama… we’ll fade! Remember your determination! Don’t forget your fire!” he shrieks as he desperately clashes with the dark follower.

Madoka passes out and shakes in something like unto a seizure.

I will lose if I don’t… fight it… It’s all too much! she mewls loudly.

Oh, Goshujinsama… we’re here for you in the silence of your mind. Be strong for yourself. You’ve been through so much… it’s no wonder you’re fraying at the edges. You’re trying so hard to be strong, but you can’t maintain this pace… Aoi calls out.

You need to find logic. Reason with yourself. Bring order to your mind! Aoi implores further. Madoka does not respond.

Don’t lose your heart! He’s hurting you so much. You can’t lose your faith… keep fighting. Don’t say die, Goshujinsama! Kanna chimes in softly.

I-I don’t… I want to… destroy him… Madoka replies disjointedly.

Keep… togeth… you… save… yourself…

Madoka floats in darkness for what feels like eternity.

The miko floats suspended in darkness and voices float in the ether with her. ... remember you

forever... you

be… us…


Love… kami

Suddenly the darkness is eradicated by a surge of light. She focuses her thoughts for a one moment. I’m… loved… a power surges into me… I… love you too… all of you...

“Mistress! Wake up!” Kozuke exclaims as he cradles Madoka’s body in his arms. He’s carrying her away as quickly as his legs can take him.

“W-wait… K-Kozuke… I can’t…” Tatsuo pants. “She isn’t chasing…”

Kozuke looks over his shoulder for a moment.

“Madoka is over-wrought. She was foolish! She pushed herself beyond her endurance. She’s deep in a slumber. This is too much for her to face all at once, so soon. That cursed oni!” Kozuke curses.

“Let me call for my driver! I’ll have him meet us somewhere,” Riri offers. She studies the map on her phone and quickly dials her driver.

“We’ll need a safe place to go… Mistress Madoka will still be targeted… do you know of a safe place she can rest?” Kozuke inquires with an edge in his tone.

“You’ll come to my place, of course,” Riri replies brightly.

“No! If he finds us, he’ll set your home on fire. You will not be safe!” Kozuke responds quickly.

“Oh kami, he really did it… he set her house on fire, you know,” Tatsuo pants.

“Yes, I know. I have some help for situations where a stalker might be too persistent.” Riri holds up her hand. “Ah… wait, everyone,” she exclaims.

“John, please come to the Waseda Dori Police Box,” Riri exclaims in her phone. “Hurry!”

“Wait, no Riri! We can’t go to a police box,” Kozuke chimes in.

“Why? Police boxes are the most safe places!” Riri blinks.

“Because this isn’t something they can deal with. They’ll only ask questions. I’m carrying a prone girl in my arms!”

“Good point…” Tatsuo pants out. “Well, how about a park? There’s a few further away… I’m man enough… I can handle it…” Tatsuo gasps.

“Good man,” Kozuke responds.

“Alright… John, there’s actually a park a little to the north and east. Hurry!” Riri disconnects her call.

“Well, you know, it’s not like he’s chasing us right now… so we could also stop somewhere, get a meal… a drink… I mean, what’s safer than a business? If he has any sense he won’t mess with her when she’s in…”

“She’s unconscious, boy.” Kozuke sighs. “Oh, that’s a wonderful idea… we take her unconscious into a shop while we sit and have a meal or a drink?”

Tatsuo blushes, abashed, as Riri laughs. “It was a nice idea… but I think getting going as soon as possible is still the best idea.”

They continue on, panting their way to Waseda Dori. They stop at the intersection where crowds of people are waiting already. The people turn to look in the direction of the noisy party. More than a few people blink.

“I-is that girl alright?” an elderly woman asks, her expression concerned.

“She’s alright. She’s anemic. She walked too much. I’m taking her home,” Kozuke explains.

Tatsuo blinks and remains quiet, still huffing and puffing.

“Wow… you’re really out of shape…” Riri comments quietly.

“Hey, we’ve… gone a long distance… as Kozuke said…” Tatsuo trails off lamely.

“That’s true… we did.” Riri shakes her head. “What I want to know is where Emi-chan is… did…” she leans over to Tatsuo’s ear to whisper. “Did he actually really take her and he’s holding her somewhere? That creepy looking man. And what’s going on? I didn’t think… today was just plain strange.” Riri blinks.

“You’ve been amazingly accepting of things,” Tatsuo whispers back. “You handle it better than I… did… and this is just the tip of the…”

“There’s more?” Riri exclaims.

“Don’t worry about it… just keep in mind that the world is full of some pretty strange things you never imagined could be real,” Tatsuo replies, sounding for all the world like an authority on the matter.

“Really… why don’t you get something down her,” the elderly woman suggests. “I know a remedy. You take some cooked chicken liver and blend it with burdock, it’s amazing!”

“I bet it doesn’t taste like much…” Tatsuo comments. “Maybe when she wakes up, we should get some ramen into her, with lots of meat,” Tatsuo suggests.

“You just want ramen, don’t you.” Riri laughs. “You were looking longingly into a window the other day. You really love it, don’t you?”

“Well, of course! What man wouldn’t love a hot bowl of ramen!” Tatsuo grins. At that moment the intersection beeps, playing its jingle.

Kozuke sketches a bow in the direction of the elderly woman. “Thank you, madam! I do appreciate your wise insight! I hope you will have an excellent day,” he murmurs.

She smiles warmly towards Kozuke as he starts dashing across the intersection after the crowd starts walking quickly across. “Oh! If you would like some for the girl, you can come along,” she exclaims.

“We’re alright, madam! Thank you very much!” Kozuke dashes past the crowd and onto the far side sidewalk. He heads along the sidewalk, leaving Riri and Tatsuo lagging at the intersection.

They follow as quickly as possible, but Kozuke leaves them behind. “At least we know where he’s going,” Tatsuo sighs as he breathes heavily.

“If this is hard, why don’t you slow down, Tatty?” Riri suggests.

“You know, I can’t stand that nickname… it sounds awful.” Tatsuo shakes his head.

“You’re a Tatty!” Riri replies with a grin.

“What’s a Tatty?” Tatsuo looks at Riri with a blink.

“It’s a you. I don’t know if it means anything else.” She giggles.

“It really doesn’t sound good…” Tatsuo slows down slightly and Riri slows to match his pace.

“I think it’s cute. There’s nothing wrong with a cute nickname,” Riri adds.

“I don’t think it is… but I wonder if Emi-chan is alright… this is terrible. I know why Madoka was so upset. The way she said ‘I will destroy you.’ I don’t have the power to do that like she can… I wish I could go destroy him.” Tatsuo scowls.

“Well, he does seem like a contemptible man. If he set her house on fire, he’s the lowest kind of man there is!” Riri frowns.

Tatsuo gestures and leads Riri down a narrow street. “We should be heading north… how far away is this… John? Is he an outsider? I think his face looked kind of strange.”

“Yes, he’s from across the sea. He wanted to come live here. I think he’s probably an otaku, but he’s a great guy. He’s very dependable and works very hard!” Riri smiles.

“Do you come from money like Emi-chan?” Tatsuo asks.

“N-no… not really… but I mean… let’s just say yes…” Riri laughs.

“So you are rich but you aren’t?” Tatsuo blinks.

“Ehhhh… I suppose you’ll see soon enough.” Riri laughs, rolling her eyes.

“Well, we’re going to your home, aren’t we?” Tatsuo asks.

“Yes, though there are some concerns… I think it’ll be fine; if John stays close and vouches for me, it’ll be okay, but come to think of it, it might be better if you don’t come along,” Riri says.

“Why? Does your family not like guys? Are they really strict? Would they think that you had a boyfriend or something?” Tatsuo wonders.

“What? Oh… something like that… You really should go rest and have a bowl of ramen,” Riri suggests.

“But… why? I want to see what your home looks like!” Tatsuo frowns.

“You’re really nosy, aren’t you? Why do you have to see a girl’s home? Besides, you have Emi-chan! You need to be good to her! When she resurfaces, she’ll probably remodel your face.” Riri chews her lip.

“Yes… she might do that.” Tatsuo laughs aloud. “Alright, fine. I want to be there for my friend, but if it causes trouble, I’ll go have that ramen. You call me if you need anything. I have LINE; touch your phone to mine.” Tatsuo slips his phone out of his pocket and stops, holding his up.

Riri smiles and nods. “Alright, good job, baka! You got another girl’s number.” She rolls her eyes as she presses her phone to Tatsuo’s and their phones chime.

“Alright! Hurry on! Look after Madoka for me. I’ll be in touch.” Tatsuo slips his phone into his pocket and raises his hand. “See you later!” He turns back up the roadway. Riri watches him go and sighs in relief.

“Riri? What took so long? Where is Tatsuo? Did he flag and decide to take a nap like an old man?” Kozuke inquires. He sits on a park bench with Madoka’s head cradled in his lap. He gently pets her forehead.

“Kozuke!” Riri exclaims. “Ah… well… Tatty decided he was hungry after everything, and no… I told him it’d be better if he didn’t come along.”

“Well, he was slowing us down. I have to say that I’m impressed with how in shape you are. I wouldn’t have expected a girl to be able to keep up with me.” Kozuke chuckles.

“Thank you!” Riri smiles brightly. “It’s my training, you know. I can’t help being determined.”

“Really… that’s interesting. What do you do for a living? Are you a martial artist or a track athlete? I overheard your conversation. Maybe when Madoka recovers, I should ask you to train Madoka,” he chuckles.

“Ehhhh? You’re asking me to train Madoka-chan?” Riri laughs. “Ah… I don’t mind giving her some pointers.”

“Excellent! I think we need to work on Mistress Madoka’s endurance. She has a difficult fight ahead of her,” Kozuke murmurs, stroking Madoka’s hair.

“Ehh… there’s a tender quality you have, Kozuke, but why do you push her so hard? She’s just a gentle girl… but why is she living this sort of life where she has to fight monsters and they’re destroying her life. That in itself is very unkind.” Riri sighs as she settles down on the end of the bench.

“You think it’s unkind?” Kozuke shakes his head. “You know… she never really had a choice. She could have rejected this fate, but she would have ended up in this situation no matter what she willed. At least she did choose it. To have it foisted unfairly upon her truly would have been unkind. No, Kami is not unfair. She looks after Mistress as best she may. She desires strength for Madoka. She exists in the center of a typhoon. She can’t help it. Circumstances demand that she become much more than a gentle girl, but those qualities will propel her forward.”

“Wow… th-that… is incredible. I can’t imagine leading that sort of life, but I do understand being the center of a typhoon. It’s your duty to be as strong as you can be so that those around you can be the center of their own typhoon. I recognize it. I will help to strengthen Madoka-chan’s storm.” Riri smiles sunnily.

Kozuke gasps and smiles warmly. “That is incredible, too. Well done, Riri!”

“R-riri-sama!” Kozuke and Riri blink and smile as John jogs over to the bench. “Are you well? You sounded panicked.” He sighs.

“We are well, John-san. Thank you for rushing here!” Riri smiles.

“Of course! Your well-being is my primary concern.” John examines the scene and adjusts his sunglasses. His shaggy blonde hair frames his face. “Is this about that girl again? She has become a major distraction. I must inform you that you don’t have the kind of free time you’re spending on her.”

“I-I thank you for your warnings. I know I’m being a little foolish, but helping a friend is important, even if it’s the friend of a friend. You should treasure all of the wonderful people in this world. We must be kind.” Riri smiles gently.

“That’s a wonderful creed,” Kozuke murmurs. “Perhaps you should consider the life of a miko.”

“What, a shrine priestess?” Riri inquires, eyeing Kozuke. “What, me?”

“You call it that, but even without a shrine, you can be an amazing miko.” Kozuke smiles. “I once knew an absolutely amazing one, and I hope that Mistress Madoka will become that amazing.”

“She already is pretty amazing… I mean, considering what I witnessed…” Riri laughs. “You’re difficult to please. I’m happy that you approve of me.”

“Not so difficult.” Kozuke chuckles.

“Riri-sama… we need to move… your friend, if she’s in trouble… We should get her to a hospital immediately!” John murmurs.

“No. Not a hospital.” Kozuke snarls. “She’ll be fine. I’ll nurse her to wellness on my own.”

“W-what?” John blinks as Kozuke snaps.

“John-san, we’re going the apartment…” Riri smiles and eyes Kozuke with a raised eyebrow.

“I would not recommend that. Are you telling me that you’re bringing this man to your home?” John sighs. “What is this man to you?”

“A friend, John-san! Friends should be looked after.” Riri waggles a finger. “It’s only Madoka that will stay with me. I know the rules. Speaking of which, you will need to…” Riri trails off and grins. “For appearances, I think I can arrange your employment. You look the part with your attire, Kozuke-san.”

“You’re thinking to hire this man?” John sizes Kozuke up, his eyes scanning over him.

“Yes. He’s very much a capable man… and we can’t have rumors. He looks the part, so I think it will work well for as long as Madoka needs to stay with me,” Riri murmurs.

“I thank you.” Kozuke murmurs. “I don’t understand the necessity, but I bow to your will.”

“Good, then we need to be on our way.” Riri smiles. Kozuke nods and gently shakes Madoka. She does not stir. He nods and stands carefully and gathers Madoka up into his arms.

“A strong man,” John says approvingly. “If he’ll be working with me, I won’t disapprove of him until he shows me any sign of bad character.”

“I seriously doubt it would be an issue. Let’s go, John-san.” Riri smiles.

Kozuke settles down in the backseat of Riri’s car. Riri smiles and pats Madoka’s legs in her lap. Once again, Madoka’s head rests in Kozuke’s lap.

“I have to warn you, Kozuke. Don’t be creepy. If the other girls don’t approve of you, there would be difficulties. I respect their comfort. They’re my friends and my co-workers. Furthermore, I have training and work I need to get to as soon as Madoka-chan is settled in.” She smiles.

“Creepy, I?” Kozuke asks, blinking.

“No, you’re not creepy, but you’re a man. You cannot stare. You must follow John-san’s example.” Riri smiles.

“Ah… I will model myself after him,” Kozuke offers with a wry expression.

They ride in silence for the remainder of the time. The drive is a bit long up narrow streets and boulevards. They finally come to a large building with beautiful topiary on its grounds. The building is well maintained; the car parks in front of the building and John steps out of the vehicle. He quickly opens the passenger door for Riri with a small bow. Riri gently slips out from under Madoka’s legs and smiles warmly to John as she comes to her feet, adjusting her skirt.

“Come on, Kozuke-san. We’ll need to make a stop. Try to be as professional as possible.” Riri winks.

“That’s not a problem, madam.” Kozuke opens his side’s door and draws Madoka’s prone body into his arms. He holds her gently as he bumps the door closed and walks around the vehicle.

John nods to Kozuke. “Do you have a driving license?” he inquires.

“I’m afraid not any longer, but one can be acquired.” Kozuke smiles.

“That’s a can-do attitude. I approve. Note that I have my eye on you, kouhai.” John eyes Kozuke.

“Very well, I do understand, senpai. You will have no reason to be concerned.” He bows slightly.

“Wonderful!” Riri claps. “Let’s go! We’ll have to stop in the office briefly.” She leads the way up to the building. Two more imposing men stand at the door. They eye Kozuke with hard expressions, but bow to Riri.

“A new hire.” Riri smiles sunnily.

“That’s… not your job… Okamoto-ojou-sama.” One blinks.

“There aren’t any rules saying we can’t spot talent.” Riri grins. “Don’t mind him. We’re stopping in the office. There is no concern.”

“As long as John-san is keeping an eye on him…” The other frowns, looking skeptical.

“You’re all far too worried about things like this. Kozuke is not the point here… I’m taking in a friend.” Riri gestures to Madoka.

“Is she well? Why isn’t she going to a hospital, Okamoto-ojou-sama?” The other blinks.

“She is just… um… anemic…” Riri uses the same excuse Kozuke did.

“Oh… that’s sad. I hope she’ll feel better,” the man murmurs. “Are you scouting talent there as well, Okamoto-ojou-sama?” he inquires.

“Something like that, but she may not have much staying power, and I doubt anything would come of it, but she would have to apply the normal way. We can’t make exceptions for anyone.” Riri smiles.

“Ah, I’m holding you up, Okamoto-ojou-sama. Please hurry along!” the man murmurs.

Riri smiles and leads the way into the building as one holds the door for her. Kozuke follows quickly and Riri leads them down a hallway to an office. She opens the door for Kozuke and John rushes ahead too slow to get it first. She gestures for Kozuke to enter. Kozuke carries Madoka inside. He looks around, eyeing the scenery. A woman sits behind a desk working on paperwork. She looks up to Riri with a smile.

“Riko! What have you brought to me?” she exclaims. “Are you graduating?”

“No! I’m taking care of a friend, here. Her name is Madoka. This man is a capable man. I hope to give him temporary employment. He conducts himself well,” Riri says.

“In what capacity?” the woman says with a hard expression. She adjusts her glasses and sighs. “You aren’t involved with the hiring process. Do you have a big head?”

“No… it’s for the sake of helping friends. You can respect that, can’t you?” Riri asks with a plaintive expression.

“You’ve been slacking too much these last few days. I can respect hard work,” the woman replies.

“This man is a hard worker. He’ll do anything. The fact of the matter is that they’re homeless right now. This girl’s home burned down recently. She has nowhere else to go. I will not allow her to be homeless.” Riri frowns.

“Their home burned down?” she asks, blinking. “I think I saw something in the newspaper about it… but people’s homes do burn down from time to time.” She shrugs.

“We must be kind to them. Please, please, I beg you!” Riri bows low in a shocking manner. Kozuke blinks and bows, himself, careful to hold Madoka gently.

“Yes… I won’t stand in your way, Riko-chan. Please re-focus. We’re worried for you.”

“I will. Thank you very much. I’ll be attending my training on schedule today,” Riri murmurs.

“And you have a gravure appointment coming up. You cannot skip it.” The woman waggles her finger as she adjusts her mousy brown curly hair.

“Of course, Ran-san.” Riri smiles. “I need to get Madoka to my bed. Thank you again!” She bows again.

“We’ll discuss this man shortly. Please return.” She looks to John. “You must stay by her side the whole time. His background will need to be checked before we can approve him.”

Kozuke’s eyes widen slightly. Riri leads the way out and bows again before leaving. She leads Kozuke and John to a elevator bank. Riri sighs and facepalms as she triggers the elevator. She eyes Kozuke between her fingers. “Um… it may not go as smoothly as I had hoped… you look stressed out. Does a man like you have a background that can be checked?” she asks.

“I do,” Kozuke murmurs. “I’m reasonably confident that I would pass their check.”

“Are you certain? Well, that’s wonderful news.” Riri smiles brightly again as the elevator dings and slides open. Three girls step out of the elevator, giggling and laughing. They look at Riri and smile to her.

“Riko! You’ve been absent for a while. Have you been out shopping or letting fans find you?” One giggles.

“A little of both.” Riri winks. “I’m looking after a new friend.” She gestures to Madoka in Kozuke’s arms.

“Wow… a new bodyguard, too? And what’s wrong with her?” another exclaims.

“Are you going to show up to the practice today?” another girl asks.

“Well, actually… you got it right! She’s just a little anemic. She’ll stay with me for a little while.”

“Oh! She’s really cute! Is she a protege?”

“I wonder.” Riri grins. “Time will tell. Another friend of mine thinks she’s idol material. We’ll see. She has a lot she’s worried about, though.”

“With you guiding her, she’ll probably make the cut.” Another girl winks.

“Riri-chan, why don’t we go get some barbecue after tonight’s session?”

“Oh, that sounds delicious! I’d love that! Some wagyu protein!” Riri grins.

“Yay! Bar-be-cue!” a girl squees.

Riri laughs. “Yay! If Madoka recovers, can she come?”

Kozuke adjusts his hold on Madoka, eyeing Riri.

“Of course! She’s a total cutie! I don’t mind it!” one chimes in.

“Great! It’ll be so fun!” They wave and walk towards the doors.

“Bye-bye, John-san!” One waves to John as they move into the elevator and Riri waves as she presses the third floor button.

Moments later the doors close and John smiles. “We need to hurry, Riri-sama.”

“We need to wrap this up quickly.” Riri nods. “I don’t want to let anyone down. I missed one performance already, I can’t miss another. Ran-san was so put out with me…”

“You have to keep up with it, Riri-sama. You can handle it. You’re amazing. Please keep your hard work up,” John murmurs.

The door opens again and Riri leads the way with a sunny smile. She turns and dances backwards as she leads the way up the hallway.

“Riri-chan!” another girl exclaims, stepping out of a door.

“Hiiii!” Riri grins as she turns to greet the girl. “I’m in a total hurry here, so see you at the barbecue!” She smiles, her tone musical.

“Ohhhh! Barbecue! Everyone is coming? Great!” The girl grins and waves as Riri leads the way up to a door and opens it.

“Hey, is that girl…”

“She’s okay! Don’t worry! She’ll be my roomie for a short time.” Riri waves and walks in. Kozuke follows quickly, holding Madoka. John follows, eyeing Kozuke. He closes the door as they walk into Riri’s nice apartment. It’s roomy and sunlit with plants. A large kotatsu sits in the main room and a nice television sits in the corner on a small hutch. Beside is a sliding door leading to a small deck. In the corners of the room bean bag chairs are strewn with cute cushions. She leads them into a bedroom, and Riri blushes slightly.

“It’s kind of a big deal when a man sees a girl’s room, so don't stare too much, okay?” Riri fidgets and gestures to the bed. It’s a single bed with extremely girly blankets on it. There’s a pile of scary cute stuffed animals around it. Kozuke carries Madoka around a low table over to the bed. He sets Madoka gently on the bed, and looks to Riri.

“Her clothes were probably burned. She had new clothes. She won’t have much in the way of clothes for a while,” Kozuke points out.

“Oh, we have a ton of clothes here.” Riri grins. “She can borrow plenty, and I’ll buy her a few.”

“I can chip something in for that effort,” Kozuke murmurs.

“Great! We’ll put together a ‘help Madoka’ pool!” Riri winks. “I bet the girls will jump to help her.”

“Can you really vouch for them?” Kozuke asks.

“I think so, yes. They’re wonderful girls. They’d give you their only skirt.” Riri giggles.

Glossary -

kotatsu - If you’ve ever sat on a heating vent with a blanket, depending on the type of home you were raised in or have, you have the right idea. They’re the best invention ever. It’s a table you can sit at with your family on a cold day. It has a blanket built in and heating elements below. Most are electric these days, but some were powered with charcoal like a grill. It’s so easy and inevitable to end up taking a nap sitting at a kotatsu!

wagyu - a special breed of Japanese cattle. The taste of wagyu is absolutely amazing. The Japanese like their beef somewhat fatty, but the flavor of wagyu is stunning. If you have not had it in your life, you’re missing something wonderful!

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Avatar The battle ends, for now. by Yuki 2018-12-12 14:05:22

The battle was good, Was nice to see Madoka for all her effort tried, but just couldn't get the finishing blow on Yoshimaru. i wonder who the dark miko/follower was, but I'm certain you will reveal in time. certainly didn't put tooo much thought into her outfit though if she was fighting in a restricting kimono. And moving onto the rest of the chapter, was kinda neat to see Riri's work/living place. a model Agency with live in models. I can't honestly say I've ever heard of that one before, but it sounds interesting. I can't wait to see more!

Rellawing's Reply: The battle is never over. Even when we fold or collapse, the battle is still ongoing. As for the follower, she dresses like her kami! It's not her fault that Kanna has hyper amazing clothing alteration skills, much like the youkai maid twins! :D

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