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Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 3 Warnings!
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How well does a boy handle spending an afternoon helping a girl select clothing, particularly when the girl is not your girlfriend?

Chapter Nine : The Boy’s Whose Day Became Suddenly Awkward
Posted: 2018-08-08 12:56:05 | Updated: 2018-08-18 11:52:30
Words: 2195

“Can I see it?” Tatsuo calls out through the wall.

“No!” Madoka yells. “I’m just in underwear, you idiot!” Mana chuckles, selecting a breezy looking blue spring dress with opaque filmy fabric, its collar cut in a Chinese style and covering everything above, the sleeves actually see-through fabric. There is a flowery pattern on it, white and warm yellow and pink flowers.

“Awww…” Tatsuo protests. “Let me see something! I’ll die from boredom,” he complains.

“Try this one on. I think it will look really flattering on you.” Mana smiles warmly at Madoka. Madoka stares at it and her heart throbs at the sight of the lovely dress. She draws back slightly, and with the comforting look of her mother and patient waiting, while hearing Tatsuo moaning dramatically, Madoka finally groans and steps forward and takes the dress.

Mana watches as Madoka pulls the dress on over her. Madoka gasps a little at how snug the dress feels, yet it fits so well. When it’s pulled down and the wrinkles are smoothed, Madoka turns this way and that in front of the mirror and suddenly a silly cute expression appears on her face. Madoka notices it and blushes, forcing her expression to a flat expression.

“Can I seeeee it?” Tatsuo complains like a complaining loud tom cat.

Madoka looks at the door and glares at it. Mana giggles. “You like how it makes you look, don’t you?” Mana beams at Madoka.

“... no… I don’t care one way or another,” Madoka huffs, blushing, crossing her arms below her breasts again. Mana giggles again and Madoka’s ears turn even more red.

“Can I take this off, Mama?” Madoka asks in a weary tone.

“No. Time to pay the pay the boy for his services. He’ll be carrying everything later, after all. You might as well give him his fill of seeing you in all of these outfits.” Mana smiles.

Madoka hesitates, smiling slightly. That’s true… he’ll have to carry most of them… he’s a gentleman after all. Madoka giggles to herself. “I suppose I can be a gentleman too.” Madoka chuckles.

“A gentleman?” Mana asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Um… gentle… girl?” Madoka blushes.

“Gentlelady, maybe,” Mana suggests.

“Oh, I guess.” Madoka pouts.

Tatsuo gapes in mid-yawn, ready to heckle again, when the door opens and Madoka actually sashays out of the changing room, perhaps a touch clumsily. Even so, the spring dress looks amazing on him… no definitely her.

Tatsuo whistles. “It’s as amazing as the yukata. I feel so blessed to see this,” Tatsuo enthuses.

Madoka blushes a little. “Shut up, pervert,” Madoka replies, embarrassed.

“That looks every bit as amazing as I thought it would. Truly idol material!” the clerk from before murmurs appreciatively. “Very nice!” She claps with a big smile.

“Try on the next one!” she urges Madoka.

“Th-this isn’t a fashion show!” Madoka blushes, protesting.

“It sure is. You’re clearly a model. With that cute little prance you’re a natural.” The clerk grins.

“Isn’t she?” Mana beams, stepping to Madoka’s side. “Such a good taste. Come on, Madoka.” She urges Madoka back inside.

“Mama, I don’t…” Madoka trails off as the door closes and the murmurs fade into inaudible noises.

Tatsuo grins, privately amused and pleased. For some reason seeing his friend subjected to trying on girl’s clothes, and even being trained as a miko is satisfying somehow. Madoka doesn’t like me like that, but maybe if she becomes a proper lady and a model maybe too, that might change things. The way Madoka reacts seems extremely moe to him, in any case, very ‘tsundere’.

Tatsuo’s face takes on a sudden silly grin as he thinks about dating his friend. It’s like the classic fantasy of dating and marrying your childhood friend. Well, not if it’s a guy, anyhow. After a while, the door opens and Madoka steps out this time, her gait more normal and forced. He notes that this time she’s wearing a dark colored semi-pleated skirt that is pretty short, yet not revealing any hint of panties. The skirt has a pattern made up of white vines and crescent moons on its hem.

She wears a breezy-looking blouse this time with short sleeves plaited and frilled out. There is a hint of torso skin when she turns, albeit unenthusiastically right now; the sight is still satisfying, and kind of arousing.

“It looks really good,” Tatsuo enthuses, whistling again.

Madoka blushes and chews her lip. “I don’t need compliments from you, stupid.” She turns and walks back into the changing room with cool dignity.

“It’s definitely a good look for you!” the lady clerk calls out after Madoka, and Madoka stumbles before closing the door behind her.

Tatsuo watches her go and grins lopsidedly.

Another hour passes with Madoka stepping out unenthusiastically again and again in various cute outfits from skirts to shorts to dresses to jeans and high quality feminine clinging slacks showing off her curves and hips. Despite his arousal and interest, he yawns finally and stretches after Madoka walks back into the dressing room again after showing off her body in super short shorts and an equally short shirt. Okay, he is more than a little interested in that outfit, enough that he is drooling, however more important than that, his stomach has started growling.

“Hey, Madoka. I’m hungry! Aren’t you? Why don’t we stop this boring clothes stuff and get a burger!” he calls out.

Quickly comes back a reply. “Oh, Kami, yes! Let’s get some food!” Madoka calls out, sounding suddenly happy and cute again. Tatsuo’s grin is silly and lopsided again at the cuteness of her voice.

“No! We haven’t finished trying everything on!” Mana protests loudly.

“Mama, no! I’m hungry! Let’s finish. Everything fits perfectly. Let’s just check out and get food,” Madoka counters.

“But, Madoka… you never know, something might not fit, you have to be meticulous, daughter!” Mana replies.

“Don’t want to!” Madoka complains.

“Oh fine, just try the rest of it on quickly in here,” Mana grumbles.

“Why?” Madoka moans.

Tatsuo rolls his eyes and yawns and sits back on the bench in the hallway of the changing room. A particularly hot looking girl enters the changing room, and Tatsuo doubletakes as he realizes who it is.

“Hasegawa Emi-chan?” Tatsuo jumps to his feet and runs his fingers through his hair with a grin. Emi’s expression is decided cool however as she looks Tatsuo up and down.

“Oh, Yanagi-san, from last night,” she replies with a decidedly chilly tone. “What are you doing here outside the changing rooms?” she asks with a withering expression.

Tatsuo’s grin withers on his face, and he shifts from foot to foot. “Ah… oh… well… um… See, I’m here with a friend, and…”

“A friend?” Emi breaks in with a hard look. “This is a girl’s clothes shop and changing room. You have a girlfriend?” she asks darkly.

“Ah… um… you know… it’s a misunder…” Tatsuo cuts off as Madoka opens the door with an annoyed expression. His jaw drops and he seems to stiffen and crumble apart as he sees she’s wearing a fluffy black skirt with a blue blouse with a cute vest over it with black stockings on her creamy legs and a new pair of cute-looking boots with semi-heels on them.

“Tatsuo, we’re leaving. I’m sick of this. I’m wearing this out. It’s better than that yukata! Let’s go get that burger as soon as we pay for this stuff.” Emi looks at Tatsuo and looks at Madoka, eyeing her up and down casually.

“Hm… it looks like you’re doing really well for yourself, you playboy slime.” Emi sniffs, glaring at Tatsuo, looking frustrated. “Her hair is totally frumpy though. Doesn’t she wear any makeup? I mean, really! Is it the natural look?” she pouts.

“Frumpy?” Madoka asks, blinking, stunned. Tatsuo notes that her hair isn’t updone anymore now that she’s out of the yukata.

“Yes. You need to style your hair a little more… maybe some curls or do it up in the back in a poof,” Emi suggests with an attitude filled rolling of her eyes.

“Hasegawa-san?” Madoka asks with a nervous expression.

Emi gapes for a moment, stunned out of her apparent frustration and annoyed mood. She stares at Madoka and frowns.

“Do I know you? How do you know my name like that?” She turns to Tatsuo, her expression filled with anger and violence. She steps close to Tatsuo and pokes him fiercely with a finger. “Are you telling girls about me? Like I’m some kind of conquest to you? Is that it, you jerk!” she yells.

Tatsuo stares at her, backing against a wall.

Emi cracks her knuckles, firmly gripping the collar of his shirt in her other hand and draws back as if to strike him as she looks at Tatsuo like he’s a worm. Tatsuo withers against the wall, wincing.

Emi-chan is going to kill me! Tatsuo thinks looking towards Madoka, pleading silently for help.

Madoka bites her lip, hesitating and then speaking, sighing. “No… it’s not what you think. We’ve met in the past… maybe you don’t remember me. I’m… Fugui Madoka.” She bows to Emi, hands to her sides, blushing quite a bit.

Tatsuo stares at Madoka gratefully, stunned at what his friend has done for him.

Mana steps out of the changing room with a look of exasperation on her face.

“Madoka, why did you run out like that? I had to gather everything up,” she complains, blinking as she notes the expressions of Tatsuo, Emi, and Madoka, and Emi still holding Tatsuo’s shirt in a firm grip. The sales clerk takes one look at the scene after walking in, and quietly turns around and walks out of the hallway, the ready smile on her face falling away.

“What? Fugui Madoka?” Emi asks incredulously. “That plain looking kind of handsome tall guy?” she stares at Madoka. “Are you kidding me? I don’t see it. Are you his twin sister or something?” She finally barks a laugh.

Madoka puts a finger to her lips. “Don’t talk about it here, but I am Madoka. That same Madoka.”

Emi laughs again aloud. “This is ridiculous. You can’t be that Madoka. What a great joke.” She turns to Tatsuo and releases his shirt. “I won’t beat you up. I’m amused now. So she’s related to him and you’re helping her, right? A friend to the family?” Emi asks with a pointed glare at Tatsuo.

“Um… in a manner of speaking…” Tatsuo grins, fidgeting slightly, seeming relieved that she’s let his shirt go; he straightens a little, but he still has an aura of anxiety. “It’s true, though… it’s totally…” He swallows to lean close to her ear. “Him… now her,” Tatsuo murmurs.

What?” Emi shrieks, staring at Madoka. “What are you doing in a girl’s dressing room, you pervert!” she yells, picking up the clothes she dropped in her shock earlier, and immediately throwing them all at Madoka.

Madoka shrieks cutely and raises her hands up to ward against the incoming clothes.

Emi sits in a fast food seat at a table, looking across the way at Madoka, her arms crossed under her breasts with a stunned expression.

“This is real? It’s really not a joke?” she asks quietly.

Mana shakes her head. “It’s not a joke. If it helps, I’ll show you something.” She rummages through her purse and pulls out her wallet and opens it to a picture of Madoka from when he was three years old, in a bathtub standing in the water with his little penis prominent in the picture and and the cute child face that definitely strongly resembling the face of the girl Madoka, and the boy Madoka she saw.

Emi laughs aloud. “Oh, Kami, that’s just too adorable!” In the middle of devouring a hamburger, upon seeing the picture Tatsuo chortles, turning his head and laughing so hard he nearly chokes on a bite of hamburger.

“Oh, Mama… no… don’t do that…” Madoka squeals, covering her face and slamming her head against the table. Tatsuo chortles and coughs alternatively as Mana smiles proudly.

“Totally adorable, right? I guarantee she doesn’t have that little bit there anymore. I didn’t see it myself today,” she chuckles. “It’s the same child, and isn’t she absolutely stunning?” She beams.

“Oh, Kami…” Emi laughs so hard she cries. Madoka looks at Tatsuo and Emi miserably and shoots a hot glare at her mother who smiles and beams. “I guess she’s not a pervert after all,” she giggles.

I had a ton of fun writing this one. :3 Poor Madoka-chan and Tatsuo-kun!!!

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