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Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 3 Warnings!
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Madoka is taken to a shop where a new wardrobe is selected for her that complements her new impressive assets much better.

Chapter Eight : The Once Boy Who Shopped for Girl’s Clothing
Posted: 2018-08-08 12:52:11 | Updated: 2018-08-18 11:52:24
Words: 2370

“I’m fine, Mama, Tatsuo.” Madoka sniffles, wiping tears from her eyes. Tatsuo offers Madoka a hand and with a wry laugh, Madoka accepts it, allowing herself to be drawn back to her feet.

“What happened to you? Something…” Tatsuo looks back and forth and leans towards Madoka’s ear. “Some kind of weird magic…” he whispers.

Madoka jumps a little, but nods, chewing her lip. “I had a -- a vision, or something.” Madoka says.

“Whoa! So you’re really some kind of miko already.” Tatsuo shakes his head. “My best friend, a real miko. That’s so crazy… I still can’t believe it,” Tatsuo says, his vocal volume a bit too loud now. Madoka winces and the eyes of concerned people around them widen and start whispering amongst each other.

Madoka puts her hands up and shakes her head vehemently, glaring at Tatsuo. Mana chuckles softly, as a few people in the crowd bow in Madoka’s direction.

“My daughter is fine.” Mana turns to face everyone with a warm smile. “Thank you very much for your concern for her,” she says, bowing low.

More people bow in their direction, this time to Mana specifically.

“I’m glad to hear that she is alright,” a girl says, while others murmur to express their best wishes. As the crowd moves on one by one, the girl steps forward with a warm smile. She’s a very attractive girl, older than Madoka. She wears stylish clothing, a zebra-striped camisole-type blouse with a belt making it look somewhat like a dress. She wears a black frilly skirt underneath, and a moderate amount of makeup around her eyes and lips, her hair styled up, her hair shiny and brown in color. She looks in her early twenties.

“Are you really a miko like he said?” she asks, looking back and forth.

“Ah… no…” Madoka replies quickly.

“Yes, my daughter really is.” Mana beams proudly.

The girl blinks and looks back and forth and grins. “Not willing?” she enquiries delicately.

“Yes. It’s fate.” Tatsuo poses dramatically. “Speaking of which, you’re really hot.” Tatsuo grins at her.

The woman looks at Tatsuo and eyes him up and down and smiles. “Too young for me.” She laughs.

Tatsuo staggers comically. Mana rolls her eyes and laughs.

“I thought you might be a model when I first saw you. That expensive yukata that you wear today… you fill it very nicely,” she compliments Madoka with a smile. “I think you definitely have a future modeling if being a miko doesn’t suit you.” She smiles. “If you have time, please stop by my shop in the mall here in this complex. My name is Kita Aika! I’ll give you a special discount. It would be my great pleasure to give you an excellent styling service.” She bows and extends a card she seems to have held onto for a long period.

Madoka stares at it for a moment, shocked, and then gasps and bows, accepting the card seriously.

“Thank you, Kita-san… I appreciate your generous offer. Um… my name is Fugui Madoka!” she murmurs, chewing her lip. She blinks for a moment and bows again. “I’m very sorry, but I don’t have a wallet with me today,” Madoka murmurs.

“That’s very understandable, considering your fashion.” She gestures towards the yukata. “A handbag is very stylish with a lovely kimono or yukata… is that fabric silk?” she enquiries.

Mana takes the card from Madoka with a smile and removes her wallet from her purse, slipping the card into her wallet, and replacing the wallet back into her purse. While Madoka hesitates, looking uncertain, Mana covers her. “Yes. It is. A very fine silk.” She smiles a beaming smile again at Madoka.

“Oh really? That yukata must be worth quite a bit!” Aika laughs. “If you wear that going for an interview, and with my styling services, I guarantee you’ll be selected very easily. Your proportions are absolutely stunning, Fugui-san! Please consider it!” She bows again.

“I…” Madoka murmurs, hesitantly, looking anxious.

“We certainly will, Kita-san. Thank you so much!” Mana responds quickly with a smile. The two share a smile.

“You are very welcome! Have a fun time today!” She grins and waves, excusing herself. When she is far enough, Madoka turns towards her mother.

“I don’t want to be a model either, Mom!” Madoka protests.

“It’s the winning hand you’ve been dealt, daughter. Play the card, or you will waste your opportunity!” She grins. “Let’s go.” Mana takes Madoka’s arm and pulls her onwards.

Tatsuo shakes his head, chuckling. “Oh man…” he chortles as he follows.

“You are incredibly ravishing, young lady! Are you an idol?” the sales clerk asks Madoka as she blushes from head to toe, squirming. Mana beams at Madoka, and Tatsuo covers his mouth, watching with a certain sadistic interest.

“N-n-no…” Madoka manages after a moment.

“She will be someday. I guarantee it. My daughter is a rare talent.” Mana grins.

Madoka looks at her mother, horrified.

“I look forward to that day! I will follow you!” The girl clerk smiles enthusiastically. “I wish I had a body like that…” she trails off wistfully. “Let’s go ahead and get you measured for a bra!” The clerk smiles, taking Madoka’s arm.

Madoka looks at her mother with that same horrified expression as the clerk drags her away. Mana smiles and looks at Tatsuo. “Isn’t she adorable?” She smiles and follows, not waiting for a response.

Tatsuo shakes his head and laughs. “He… she kind of is.” Tatsuo chuckles. “I feel bad for her now.” Tatsuo grins afterwards and impulsively follows.

At the changing rooms, Mana notices Tatsuo and turns to him, grabbing his left earlobe between her fingers, and pulls him away.

“Help!” Madoka whines as the door of the changing room closes firmly in her mind like a cell door slamming shut..

“What do you think you’re doing, young man?” Mana asks with a frown.

“Ah… I… oh… we’re both guys… originally?” he grins sheepishly. Kami! I wonder what she looks like now under that yukata! Tatsuo wonders lustfully, wincing at the pain throbbing in his earlobe.

“Why are you so bashful?” the clerk laughs. “You’re too cute! Don’t worry about it, we’re both girls, right?” she laughs, and leans forward. “These are very secure change rooms. Your boyfriend can’t peek in on you!” She smiles, attempting to reassure Madoka.

Madoka gapes and puts her hands up and shakes her head violently, blushing head to toe. “He’s n-n-not!!!” she protests.

“Not your boyfriend?” she asks, surprised. “I’m shocked. He’s not bad looking.” She grins. “He tried to follow you in, though… that’s pretty intimate, isn’t it? Were you childhood friends? A brother?” she asks Madoka, blushing herself.

“W-well… yes… we kind of were… close friends that is.” Madoka squirms. “We’re not like that though!” Madoka protests violently.

“I see…” the clerk trails off, seeming amused. “Well, let’s get to measuring you. Take off that yukata. Do you need help with the obi?” she inquires. “I’ll be sure to tie it just as neatly as it is now afterwards.” She assures her. “It’s a good thing you don’t have a boyfriend! Idols can’t be attached, can they?” She smiles.

Madoka gapes again and blushes, backing into a corner. “U-ummmm…” she mewls.

The clerk waits patiently, smiling. “You’re so shy! What is the problem, young lady?” she asks.

“I-I---” Madoka trails off. The clerk laughs again and sweeps forward, her expression still patient. “Can’t you do this with my yukata on?” Madoka begs.

“No! It’s not very accurate. I would hate to sell you a bad fitting bra. We’re going to get your accurate measurements now.” She removes a measuring tape and smiles. To Madoka that smile looks sadistic. She turns Madoka around and pulls on the obi. Madoka squeals and steps away; her obi comes undone as she turns and her yukata springs open, baring her breasts.

“N-no!” Madoka screams cutely.

Afterwards, Madoka stands alone in the changing room alone panting and blushing from head to toe, arms wrapped around herself, trembling.

Was your life just in peril, goshujinsama? Aoi’s voice sounds in her mind.

“Ah… n-n-no… I’m alright Aoi-chan…” Madoka whispers, hugging herself.

I am sorry that I can’t comfort you, goshujinsama! Aoi says, her tone full of regret.

“It’s okay, Aoi-chan. Thank you for your kind consideration,” Madoka murmurs, sniffles.

You don’t need to thank me, goshujinsama! I am a nonentity. There is no need for such politeness. I am your servant.

“I told you that I don’t think that way, Aoi-chan,” Madoka whispers, her heart in her words.

There is a knock at the door, and after a moment, Mana steps inside with a smile holding an armload of stylish and expensive looking clothes. Madoka stares at her armful of girls clothing like it was a nest of vipers.

I am very fond of you, goshujinsama! Please do your best! Aoi replies.

Madoka puts a hand to her head as she feels a light nausea and disorientation suddenly; in her mind she sees a similar changing room, this time containing herself from that other dimension standing in a changing room with Aoi from that world and another girl, blonde and super stylish looking. She stares at the scene while the girls laugh, trying clothes on, posing for each other, teasing each other and smiling together. She is completely at ease, she marvels. She studies the blonde and tries to remember her name. She is someone special to her too, isn’t she? Maybe not the same way Aoi-chan is, but...

What was your name… Ka… Madoka says, her voice disembodied. Then the vision fades and Mana looks into Madoka’s eyes. “Are you well, daughter?” she asks Madoka.

“I-I’m fine, Mama. Don’t worry. Another vision,” she says, shaking her head.

“Should I be concerned about you? Are these some sort of episodes, Madoka?” she asks, dropping the pile of clothes and stepping close to take Madoka’s head, reaching up to look into her eyes.

“I’m fine, Mama! Don’t worry,” Madoka reassures her softly and gratefully.

Mana hesitates and smiles finally. “Alright, then. Why don’t we get to trying on these clothes. The clerk selected some really amazing choices all in your sizes. Take your yukata off again. We’ll start with underwear.” She smiles.

Madoka gasps and blushes. “But, Mama!” Madoka whines, drawing back.

“Hey! Don’t forget to show me what it all looks like!” Tatsuo crows outside the changing room, sounding like he has to fight laughter.

“Tatsuo! You’re evil!” Madoka yells back. Tatsuo’s loud chortling is the only reply. At the same time Mana unties the obi once again and pulls it free. Madoka’s breasts spring out free once again, and Madoka screams again, crouching and wrapping her arms around her.

“It’s nothing I haven’t seen, dear. I made you.” Mana smiles, patting Madoka’s head.

“Y… you didn’t make this, Mama!” Madoka protests. “This is magic!”

“That’s very true. You’re my daughter, though. Now take it off,” she says firmly.

“Y-yes, Mama.” Madoka disrobes hesitantly, baring herself again.

Mana hands Madoka a frilly white bra and set of silky white panties. Madoka gapes at them and stares at her mother.

“You don’t know how to put it on, right? Alright, I will teach you. I feel so giddy. I have a daughter now!” Mana claps her hands, smiling as she takes the bra back.

“I guess you do now.” Madoka smiles mournfully.

“It’s not so bad. You’ve been effeminate for a while. It’s fate, daughter.” She smiles as she steps around Madoka and points Madoka towards the mirror forcing her to stare at herself in the mirror. She blushes, seeing her large breasts in the mirror, the nipples hardened due to the air conditioning, or perhaps a touch of arousal at seeing herself again in the mirror. It’s like she has been trying to avoid her awkward feelings about her transformation.

Mana pulls the bra onto Madoka, and Madoka sighs as Mana fastens the strap behind, and begins adjusting the straps for her. “You will want to reach into your armpit and push more of your breasts into the cup. Do it now,” Mana murmurs.

Madoka hesitates and does so, blushing as she pushes more of her large breasts into the cup one side at a time. When finished, Mana stands to her side and smiles proudly, examining her in the mirror.

“They’re even more impressive when properly supported.” She smiles warmly at Madoka.

Madoka stares at them and blushes.

“Put the panties on now. I’m sure you don’t want to stand here naked.” Mana teases with a grin.

“N-no! I don’t!” Madoka squeaks as she hurriedly dons the silky white panties. Once snugged up, she gasps, turning as she examines them in the mirror, and wonders at the amazing soft sensation of the silky fabric clinging to her intimate areas. The way it looks in the mirror, with the curve of her shapely bottom looks in those silky white panties looks amazing and so very feminine. Not only how it looks, but also how it feels! It-It feels so nice… Madoka wonders. They’re so much more comfortable than briefs or boxers…

Mana smiles approvingly. “You look good in those panties. You look a little happy,” Mana comments.

“M-mama… n-no.. I… oh, Kami… I’m a pervert now.” She covers her face.

“No. You’re a beautiful young girl now. You are not a pervert, you little fool.” She laughs fondly and hugs Madoka, petting her hair.

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter! :3

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