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Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 3 Warnings!
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Madoka re-meets an important person, and what this means.

Chapter Seven : The Souls Who Are Bound To One Another
Posted: 2018-08-08 12:52:11 | Updated: 2018-08-18 11:52:15
Words: 2376

Mana walks out into the yard after they’ve been waiting a while; Madoka and Tatsuo stand quietly, Tatsuo grinning while Madoka pouts, arms crossed firmly under her breasts. The obi serves to accent how large they are, and as Madoka moves, her bosoms bounce and jiggle in the top of the yukata. Kozuke steps outside the home after her, and approaches Madoka.

“Are you coming, Kozuke-san? That’s wonderful! Another set of strong arms along.” Mana smiles approvingly at Kozuke with a small blush. Kozuke eyes her and shakes his head with a dry chuckle. “Unfortunately, it seems that I cannot. Madoka-sama should be safe enough. It seems I have been roped in preparing another meal for her honored father…” He hesitates a moment, and then steps to Madoka, going to a knee in front of her.

“Keep your senses sharpened. You are untrained, but you will sense them as you did this morning when you sensed the oni. Trust those feelings you have implicitly. If something happens, you can’t trust your ability to handle the situation without training. You don’t know how to defend yourself. I give you two things, in the unlikely event that you run into trouble.” He gestures and with a flourish produces two things. “Two things.” He holds them up.

Mana and Tetsuo step closer to inspect the objects in his hands while Madoka stares at them, looking back and forth between them. One is a piece of blue colored paper folded into origami. Kozuke hands the object to Madoka and Madoka laughs as she accepts it, turning the object. It is a sword.

“Origami, really? This will protect me?” She laughs aloud.

“It will.” Kozuke smiles. “It is a shikigami. There is a spirit within it. Particularly strong miko can make them their subordinate. This shikigami is a gift from Kami. She feels that you will likely attune to it. Keep it on your person, and if it bonds with your power, it will respond when you are threatened.” Kozuke smiles.

“No way… some kind of magic shaman stuff?” Tatsuo asks, gaping.

“We did already state that she would be a miko, did we not?” Kozuke chuckles.

“It’s amazing to think that my child will be able to do such amazing things.” Mana grins, beaming at Madoka proudly.

“There is no guarantee she will be able to call it, but just in case, take the second gift.” Kozuke places the object into Madoka’s hand. Madoka holds the origami in one hand while he places a metal object in her hand. She inspects it and notes that it is a little whistle with filigree carved on its small mass.

“And this, Kozuke-san?” Madoka asks, puzzled.

“This is a whistle you can call me with.” Kozuke grins and his ears twitch. “I can hear the noise that this whistle makes no matter how far away you are. As soon as I am able, I will be by your side. I can’t teleport, so it will take time for me to reach you, but as soon as you find yourself in danger, don’t forget to blow the whistle,” Kozuke says firmly. “I will protect you no matter what. Keep in mind, however, that certain other youkai might hear it. Like that troublesome fox woman.” His nose wrinkles.

Madoka smiles warmly at Kozuke. “Thank you, Kozuke-san...” She bows to him and slips the origami into one sleeve and the whistle into the other. “I’m grateful for your protection!” she says.

“Thank you, Kozuke-san.” Mana smiles and bows as well to him at the same time.

“Yeah, don’t worry. I’ll look after her, man.” Tatsuo grins. “It’s a promise between men.” He grins with a thumbs up.

“You can’t handle that kind of threat,” Kozuke points out with an amused expression.

“I have guts. With enough guts you can do anything!” Tatsuo grins.

“They’ll eat your guts if you aren’t careful.” Kozuke grins back.

“Ahahaha… do they really do that?” Tatsuo asks, suddenly with an expression of nervousness.

“Yes. They definitely do. They devour your soul first if it has any savour, and then they devour your guts,” Kozuke says with a straight expression.

Mana gasps and covers her mouth with an expression of shock. Madoka blanches a little. Tatsuo turns white from head to toe.

“Well… that’s interesting,” Tatsuo says, stunned.

“They don’t usually bother with those who can’t see them.” Kozuke says with a reassuring smile at the three. “Just don’t get involved.” Kozuke turns an expression of seriousness on Madoka again. “More importantly, I would have appreciated being able to teach you how to wield a shikigami before letting you out of my sight for a short time. Remember to go to Koenji Hikawa shrine tonight. We will begin your training then.” Kozuke bows to Madoka again.

“Um… okay, Kozuke-san. I’ll do my best.” Madoka bows, herself.

Kozuke straightens and smiles warmly at Madoka. “I know you will. You will be an excellent miko.” He steps back to the house and raises his hand as he walks away. “Take care, mistress.”

“Let’s get going, then. Onwards!” Mana gestures; Madoka blinks and nods, following her mother. “Do I have to wear girls clothes, really?” Madoka complains.

“Yes, you do. It suits you now.” She looks back at Madoka with a smile, and her eyes fall upon Tatsuo, looking shriveled and small.

“Tatsuo-san? Hurry along!” Mana frowns, hands on hips.

Tatsuo gapes at Mana, staring at her. “Why are you not terrified at the idea of a youkai appearing?” he exclaims.

“He said we’d be safe if we couldn’t see them.” Mana shrugs and smiles.

“But we saw youkai today!” Tatsuo exclaims.

“I thought you said you would protect my daughter. Was that just hot wind, Tatsuo-san?” Mana scowls.

Madoka hides her small laugh behind her hand, and watching as Tatsuo stiffens and clenches his fists as he straightens. “It wasn’t. I will do everything I can… even if I’m just a normal man.” He stomps out of the yard himself, covering his shaking.

Madoka looks around as they walk down the street to the bus stop. She notices the no-face again wandering along the street, but no one else seems to see it. Madoka does her best not to stare at it, and it seems to once again not see her, thankfully.

The three wait at the bus station for a short time, and as three more people approach the bus stop, two of them stare at Madoka as they do. As Madoka looks at them, they smile. Madoka blushes and turns away, not making eye contact with them. Is everyone going to stare at me like that? Madoka complains inwardly. Tatsuo surreptitiously places himself between them and Madoka with a grin.

“Such a long wait for the bus, isn’t it, Madoka-chan?” he puts a hand on her shoulder and stares at the two guys. They look at each other and turn their attention to the girl with them. She pouts as she looks at Madoka. Madoka keeps her eyes focused forward, but she can feel the eyes augering into her back.

Mana looks at Madoka with an amused expression and a look of approval for Tatsuo.

The three board the bus and ride it to the train, where they board the Chuo Line. When they board the train, Tatsuo quickly rushes to reserve two seats. Tatsuo stands proudly in front of the seats and grins at Mana and Madoka.

“Please sit down, Fugui-san, Madoka.” Tatsuo gestures with a grin.

“Why thank you, Tatsuo. You’re such a good boy.” Mana grins, patting his cheek and sitting down. Tatsuo flushes very slightly and grins at Madoka, seeming to wait for something. Instead, Madoka stands next to Tatsuo, taking a hand grip.

“Don’t treat me weird like that, Tatsuo.” Madoka frowns.

“Weird like what? You’re a lady. I’m a gentleman, you know.” He frowns. “It’s seven stops… you should…”

“I don’t feel like it, Tatsuo.” Madoka pouts cutely.

“If you say so…” Tatsuo grins, watching Madoka, or more appropriately, her chest, bouncing in her top, and popping out a little more with her arm raised holding a hand grip above.

Madoka notices it and gasps, blushes, turning away from him quickly. Only to find other very interested expressions. Madoka braces herself as the train starts moving. Many eyes watch her very intently. She turns away again, only to find Tatsuo stareing again. After a moment, Madoka chews her lip and quickly sits down next to Mana, crossing her arms above her breasts this time with a blush. Mana puts her arm around her shoulder and smiles at her reassuringly.

“Why did I have to come out in this?” she murmurs in a small voice, blushing.
Mana leans towards Madoka’s ear. “I know it’s hard. Try to get used to it. People will be staring at you for a very long time.” She pats Madoka’s back gently.

“I don’t like people staring.” Madoka blushes. “It’s really embarrassing, Mama…”

Tatsuo stands in front of the two, looking away abashed, and meeting other people’s eyes. The men who were interested avert their own gazes, quickly turning attentions to cell phones and magazines, or ads on the interior of the train car.

They depart in the Shibuya Station, and as they walk through the large and posh station, she feels a strange feeling of déjà vu. Madoka looks around as they walk. It isn’t as though she hasn’t ever been to Shinjuku before, but there is a strange sensation, an odd thing nudging in her mind. She feels a pulsing sensation near her, not the sensation as though a youkai is nearby, but she has a strange feeling as though certain things are the same, yet how could that be? What is this strange feeling?

She feels a pulse like a strong heartbeat pulsing throughout her body and Madoka crumples. Tatsuo looks at Madoka and gasps, kneeling next to her as she falls to her knees in the station. Madoka feels dizzy. Mana puts her hand on her cheek asking something Madoka can’t understand, and suddenly she falls into darkness as though a whirlpool, and motes of light spiral furiously all around her, blinding her. Madoka screams loudly and suddenly; her eyes come open again. All around is the same station, but Mana and Tastuo are gone, and before her are two girls that she knows.

A girl with braces on her legs, walking at a slower than normal pace by the side of another girl. The girl with long dark hair is her. She looks over her shoulder towards her, but their eyes don’t meet each other. The other with her has long brown hair, and she’s incredibly lovely, though her breasts are smaller than her own. The same girl she had seen in the other Madoka’s kitchen, looking lively and excited and happy. They two look at each other lovingly, and Madoka feels her heart ache as she sees that happiness. She closes her eyes and tears start falling from her eyes. Aoi-chan… she murmurs to herself.

Did you call me, goshujinsama? a voice calls in her mind.

Madoka looks around, gasping, her eyes full of tears. She wipes her eyes and looks around her quickly. The voice is familiar! She knows the voice. On impulse she reaches into her sleeve impulsively and removes the small origami blue sword. It glows. Madoka stares at it, gasping.

Shall we contract, goshujinsama? I feel our spirits have neared one another. Would you contract me as your shikigami? I will be your sword.

“I… yes, please. I would like that very much!” Madoka bows to the shikigami in her hand, and the voice laughs.

“Do not bow your head to your servant, goshujinsama!” It flashes, and Madoka feels weakened for a moment as she goes to her knees again. She feels dizzy as she feels something connecting to her, and suddenly arms wrap around her from behind. She looks over her shoulder, and her eyes focus on a beautiful face. She knows the face, and yet the hair is different. Her hair is long and blue in two braids. Madoka gasps, putting her hand to the girl’s face, and she smiles.

“Can I help you to your feet, goshujinsama?” she asks, disengaging and after helps Madoka to her feet from behind and takes a step back. Madoka turns to look at her. The girl is wearing a white and blue kimono with stylized waves and shells on it. She looks incredibly lovely.

“A-are you… A-Aoi?” Madoka asks, tentatively.

“You know me! I am very pleased!” Aoi claps her hands together, smiling. “I am not the one you’ve seen in your vision, but I share her spirit. I was born to the world as a drifting spirit, as I was never born as the other was. The parents that would have made me, did not,” Aoi says with a sad expression.

“No…” Madoka gasps, eyes moistening.

“It’s not all that bad. I can serve you now,” Aoi says, gently rubbing Madoka’s tears away. “I can be your sword. Let’s work together from now on. I will be a diligent servant,” she murmurs.

“No… you’re not just a servant, Aoi-chan!” Madoka gasps, throwing herself forward and hugging Aoi tightly.

“I’m just a shikigami, goshujinsama. I can’t be anything more than your sword, but I think I am very fond of you.” She laughs, petting Madoka’s hair. “I am a non-person.”

“I don’t think that…” Madoka cries, hugging her.

“You will have to… but I will be by your side forever. Do your best, goshujinsama!” Aoi smiles, and the vision fades and Madoka finds herself on her knees in the station with her mother and Tatsuo calling her while strangers look on with concerned expressions.

Aoi - If you read the original stories, you will know her!

Goshujinsama - Term for master/mistress. Very formal Japanese term. When dealing with a spirit that was never born or developed much as a human would, this seems most appropriate.

Shibuya - Shopping center in Japan, also a mecca for dating. The site for the famous Hachiko. If you don't know that, look it up. It's a really sad/touching doggie story IRL.

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