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Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 3 Warnings!
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Find out what happened to Emi-chan when she went missing. It's a bonus chapter!

Chapter Thirty One : Bonus - Emi-chan's Journey
Posted: 2019-01-30 11:24:48 | Updated: 2019-01-30 11:24:48
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“I’m going to drop by her home,” Emi says, holding her phone to her ear, “just in case she resurfaces there. I’m sure her parents are so worried for her. If eating is more important, go right ahead. Fill your stomach.”

“Well, if you’re heading there,” Tatsuo replies, “I think I’ll drop by, too. I mean, they know me, and maybe I can help. You know I’m a great friend!”

“Yeah, you’re a good friend. Take your time.” Emi laughs as she disconnects the line and pockets her phone. She directs her voice towards her driver. “Yusuke. You know the way to Madoka’s home, right? Take me to the usual place first and I’ll walk the rest of the way.”

“Of course, ojou-sama,” Yukuke murmurs as he depresses the acceleration pedal.

Emi turns her attention to the cityscape passing by as she rides in her family limousine. She spies a ramen shop and her thoughts turn towards baka Tatsuo; she grins affectionately. After a moment, she gapes to spy the form of Tatsuo on the sidewalk along the street. He looks a little lost, and she sees him pocket his own phone as he starts walking. She considers the possibility of stopping to hug him, but Madoka’s parents are a higher priority. Madoka has gone missing and they need some support.

Yusuke drives her around a corner and they drive slower and more carefully along a narrow one-way street. They continue this way for ten minutes yet as they drive deeper into the neighborhood. Finally they reach a conbini near Madoka-chan’s home. Yusuke brakes in the narrow streetway. He moves to unbuckle and step out to open her door for her.

“Never mind that, Yusuke.” Emi grins. “I’m plenty capable of stepping out of a vehicle unassisted. Don’t be foolish. I’ll call for you later.”

Emi demonstrates her words by opening her door and stepping out quickly. She bumps the door closed behind her and walks up the way away from the vehicle. It doesn’t move for a moment, but finally it continues up the way towards a main street. I suppose I could have offered Tatsuo a ride to Madoka’s home, but the urges of his stomach seem to be irresistible.

She moves briskly up the way and turns along another narrow streetway. After another five minutes, she draws close to Madoka’s home. She sighs softly as she walks up to the fence. She takes a moment to examine the neat small garden in front. With its white picket fence, it’s truly an oddity in most neighborhoods. Madoka-chan’s mother really is a fan of western cultures. Emi grins. “Well, it’s not as though I’m not used to it. Western-style homes are very common in my own neighborhood.”

Emi opens the fence and steps into the garden. She walks to the front door. She knocks on the door and waits a short while. Finally the door opens and Madoka’s mother smiles warmly.

“Emi-chan!” Mana exclaims and reaches out to embrace her. Emi gasps and laughs. I’m still not used to her nature. If she idolizes western culture, maybe she tries to emulate them too. Mana winks at her and takes her hand to pull her inside. “Come on inside! I’ll fix you something. Maybe Chicken Marsala? I have the ingredients and Nobuo’s stomach has been growling for a while.”

“Ah… sure.” Emi giggles, but her expression becomes serious. “Ah, Madoka-chan’s mother, didn’t you know that Madoka-chan has disappeared? She was kidnapped at school.”

Mana blinks and stops to look at Emi’s worried expression. Mana chews her lip and leans against the nearby hallway wall as she questions Emi. “She was kidnapped? Was it by that oni who has been chasing her for a while?”

“Yes. That terrible oni attacked her in the infirmary just after she fought one of his followers in the bathroom,” Emi says. “I’m worried about her, and I wasn’t sure if you’d know about it. I was the only one who knows where to find you except for that annoying kitsune…”

“Yes… I had a feeling,” Mana sighs as she replies, “as though something had happened. Maybe it’s a mother’s intuition, but Madoka-chan has entered an amazing world I can barely imagine. It makes me appreciate our heritage and culture. I feel Nobuo’s desire to move to a more traditional home wouldn’t be so bad, but I’ll miss this one. It’s the home we’ve made together. He’s always indulging me.” Mana laughs softly.

“It’s a lovely home. Don’t give up your dream.” Emi smiles warmly. “Is there anything I can do for you? This news must have disturbed you.”

“Well, it’s complicated,” Mana responds with a smile; “you see, Emi-chan I have faith in my daughter. She has abilities far beyond what I could imagine and she’s so beautiful. I can’t imagine any future she would have that wouldn’t result in her happiness. I was so worried for her when she was a boy. He was so awkward and effeminate. I didn’t think he would fit in in society, but the best thing that could have happened to her did against all odds. She’s such a fortunate child.”

Emi giggles. “You truly love her. You’re such a great mother!”

Mana blushes and laughs as she pulls Emi along towards the kitchen. “You’ll embarrass me. Come on. Let’s make some Chicken Marsala.”

Nobuo appears as he walks in from the living room. “Ah, Madoka’s girlfriend.” He greets Emi briefly with a smile and turns to Mana. “I heard you. Can’t we have Udon?” he pleads.

Mana laughs and shakes her head. “Well, I suppose we have the ingredients, but I’m a little rusty when it comes to making dashi.”

Nobuo smiles warmly and touches Mana’s cheek in a display of affection. “I know you don’t do it very often, but the last time you made it, it was absolutely delicious. I have every confidence in your cooking abilities.”

Mana blushes and smiles warmly; the exchange makes Emi blush. She looks away, embarrassed. I should tell him, too… but I can’t break up this happy moment. I’ll step out for a moment and give them a second. Emi speaks. “I’ll be back in a moment. I look forward to whatever you make, Madoka’s mother and father.” She steps back towards the door.

“Don’t go far. I want to feed you, cute Emi-chan!” Mana calls after her. “I think it will be udon, after all.”

Emi smiles and opens the door, and the world erupts violently. Emi screams loudly. Everything feels hot. She collapses instantly. The door falls down on top of her and heavy materials slam down on top. She looks into the wrecked building with bleary eyes. Every inch of her body hurts. By some miracle, nothing feels broken, but the door is so heavy. She pulls at it and it won’t budge. It’s like the door of Madoka’s home is shielding her actively as though it has a soul. If that were the case, why would it not… I hope they’re alright… She notices that something is propping up the door enough to where it won’t crush her, but she’s firmly pinned. She has visions, then. She sees the inside of a vehicle burning. It’s wrecked. A small boy desperately struggles as he cries, trying to pry open the door as he burns. Emi’s heart beats rapidly and she feels something open up inside her mind. She comes to reality and screams loudly as she cries.

“It’s done, Kami-sama.” Emi hears the voice of a woman distantly as she passes out.

Emi wakes up in a dark place. Not another soul is in sight. There’s a strange quality to the air. Ah… it feels familiar

She struggles and chews her lip. She’s bound hand to foot on the floor of a strange room.

“Time for my snack!” a loud voice cries as the darkness is expunged. A strange apparition appears. It looks like a burning wheel with a massive frightening face, its maw opened wide. “I don’t care about what that annoying oni says, it’s time to feast!”

Emi shrieks loudly. The breath of the thing fills the air as it speaks, smelling like rancid meat. She desperately struggles to break free. I hope her parents are alright. Emi sheds tears as she accepts her inevitable death.

She screams as she feels the jaw close on her, but suddenly her spiritual energies erupt outwards. She hears a cracking noise as its jaw snaps. It cries out and dances in pain around the strange room. It snarls and roars as it refocuses on Emi. “I’ll eviscerate you! I’ll plait your flesh and devour your soul!”

Emi shrieks, feeling drained. It flames up furiously as it gnashes its teeth, disgusting drool streaming from its mouth like waterfalls.

It grinds its teeth as it swallows a helpless Emi. Emi struggles as she burns and she feels intense pain as her soul is leeched. The world explodes again and she hears a piteous scream. She finds herself in the arms of a strange figure. It’s a man… no, a kitsune. He has golden hair. His expression is serious.

“Did you call to me, child?” he asks Emi quietly. “What are you doing in the youkai world?”

“Ah… I don’t know. That oni must have taken me.” Emi sighs tiredly in his arms. She blushes, looking away. “I didn’t call you, but I did cry for help… on the inside.”

“The call of your pure soul attracted me. You need to learn to wield that power you possess. I can tell that you’re untrained and inexperienced. In this world, you may be a target. Under my protection you will be safe,” the mysterious kitsune murmurs.

“Ah.” Emi blushes more redly. I’ve never felt this way with anyone else… Tatsuo can’t make me feel like this, but I still care for him. I won’t be unfaithful… not that we’re formally in a relationship. She continues, focusing on the handsome face of the kitsune, “What is your name, my strange savior?”

“My name is Kojiki,” the kitsune replies. “I’m a messenger of the kami.” He begins to walk and places a hand on Emi’s forehead. Emi gasps as her hair stands on end and she blushes even more. Her heart thumps loudly.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Emi stammers out.

“You’re injured. I’m healing you,” Kojiki murmurs. Emi realizes that shadow and light wreathe around his hand, and warmth spreads through her body. She passes out again in his arms.

Some time later, Emi wakes in a comfortable futon. She squirms out from under the blankets and looks around her with a serious expression. “Where… am I?”

She notices that it’s a traditional Japanese-style room. She smiles. How charming! She wonders whether she’s referring to the man who saved her or the room.

Emi notices that there isn’t another soul in sight again, but she is not tied this time. Incense burns nearby. She notices that red and white clothes are folded neatly by her. She reaches out to examine the clothes, and realizes that she’s entirely nude. Emi explodes with embarrassment. Did he undress me? Is he a pervert? Was that even necessary? Did he do something to me while I was unconscious? She blushes as her mind goes wild, speculating on various things he might have done to her. She covers her head for a moment, embarrassed. After a while, when nothing happens, she uncovers her head and resumes inspecting the clothes. When she unfolds them, she finds that she’s holding traditional miko attire. Emi gapes.

“I don’t have time to be a miko!” Emi gasps. “Madoka-chan might have the time or the inclination, but I have greater dreams! I won’t be a miko. I want to be a lawyer!” Ah, but there aren’t any other clothes here… I guess I don’t want to be naked with a man around the area… so I’ll put these robes on. It’s not like I want to be... Emi blushes.

She robes herself under the blanket in case she’s being watched. But he seemed to be a moral man. He wouldn’t… but I am naked, aren’t I?

In short order, she’s wearing the hakama and haori. The nearby door opens as though he truly had been watching and waiting. “P-pervert!” Emi yelps.

“I’m injured by that assumption,” Kojiki murmurs, “young miko. Come with me. I can’t always look after you. I’m a very busy man, but I will show you how to defend yourself.”

“W-what? I don’t want to be a --” Emi stammers.

“I heard you, silly child.” Kojiki chuckles. “You don’t have to be one if you don’t wish it, but now that your powers have flowered, you will be a target. Learn to protect yourself at least. Look the part for the moment. Wear the ribbon and follow me.”

Emi sighs and rolls her eyes. “I don’t really… but I can at least humor you.” Emi lifts the ribbon and gathers her long blonde hair behind her. She wraps the ribbon through it and ties it in a bow, adjusting it as she stands.

“Good. Your clothes were singed and torn. This raiment will do until you return to from whence you came. Now follow me.” Kojiki turns his back, showing his bushy golden and white tail. He gestures sternly, and instinctively Emi follows him from the room. Kojiki quietly leads her along an outdoor garden. It’s really well kept, and as Emi gazes upon it with its rock-lined pool, flowers, and decorative shrubs. What a serene place. It’s on par with many of the traditional Japanese mansions I’ve visited, she considers.

“It-it’s a beautiful home you have, Kojiki-san,” Emi stammers.

“Keen insight, child. This is indeed my home.” He leads Emi into a large room adjoining the garden.

“Welcome as well to my dojo,” Kojiki greets Emi as he turns gravely towards her. “Are you hungry?” he asks quietly.

“Actually, I’m not very hungry,” Emi explains. “After all I’ve been through, my appetite is bad.”

“That’s understandable,” Kojiki replies. “Very well, child. Close your eyes and envision the best way you can protect yourself. You should be able to create a weapon; though honestly your potential at the moment is low, I sense that you should be able to accomplish it. Is there any art of war you have a talent for?”

“W-well…” Emi stammers as she feels Kojiki place his hand on her forehead again. Why does he do that? Is he touchy-feely? Doesn’t he know the importance of personal space? Emi blushes as she speaks further. “I… I t-trained in archery. It’s an elegant sport. I also played tennis. I’m really very good at that!” Emi foolishly blurts.

“Don’t focus on tennis.” Kojiki admonishes Emi gently. “You’d look foolish if you defended yourself from attacking youkai with a tennis racket. No, focus on the image of a bow. You could attack in much the same way. It seems you’re inclined towards long distance combat. Is there a small amount of anxiety or fear within you? Those who would first imagine a blade are the bolder variety, yet your personality seems bold on the outside. You don’t have any skill with melee weaponry?”

“Weaponry? C-combat?” Emi gasps. “Ah, I’m too peaceful for that, Kojiki-san…” Emi murmurs.

“In the heart of even the most peace-loving people,” Kojiki instructs. “there is a core of strong steel. In a crisis he may find himself capable of far more than he may believe… or she.”

Emi chews her lip and nods with a sigh. “V-very well.” She focuses and pictures that bow. She remembers the blisters she had formed on her graceful fingers. She now has calluses on those fingers, though many may not notice it. It’s a flaw, and yet it’s a badge of honor. Her hard work has paid dividends.

“Good, now reach for your energy,” Kojiki explains. “Do you remember how you felt when you called to me? Your energy surged out. Youkai all around surely smelled it. That is why I came. Feeling the purity and desperation of your emotions, I knew that you would be in greater danger if I didn’t come to intervene.”

Emi gasps. “Y-yes…” She squirms and smiles. He’s such a noble kitsune, unlike another kitsune I know. He has taste and decency. There’s an aura of such balance around him. It’s like his entire existence is balance. Ah, Madoka-chan needs to meet this man! Emi blushes.

Emi focuses on that sensation, and suddenly she feels her energy welling up again. It’s an amazing sensation. Is this how Madoka-chan feels when she uses her powers? Emi thinks wonderingly. In her hands, she feels something materialize. Emi opens her eyes with serene eyes. Perhaps it’s the influence of Kojiki.

“Very good!” Kojiki approves of her as he grins broadly. “Now learn how to use that weapon you’ve conjured.”

Emi turns her attention to her hands and blinks as she sees an ethereal bow in her hands. She holds it before her in a pensive manner. When I saw Madoka-chan fighting so hard as she trained, I thought that it wouldn’t be so bad if I could develop powers like her. It’s amazing that only a trip to the youkai world could…

“Now,” Kojiki explains, “draw on the bow string as though you had an arrow to nock. Gather your energy to a point around your fingers.” He touches her right hand and smiles at Emi. “I can see the evidence of your hard work. Focus on those fingers of yours.”

Emi blushes and feels like she’ll explode. I’m so sorry, Tatsuo-kun… oh, no… She giggles foolishly while she apologizes mentally to Tatsuo. “D-Don’t be so familiar!”

“Draw the string, young child,” Kojiki commands her now as he steps to her side, pointing to the far side. He gestures with his fingers and a surge of shadow and light lances out. An ethereal target appears, and it looks much like the ones Emi has shot at in the past.

“Practice now. You’re a natural,” Kojiki encourages her. “I’m certain that you’ll get the knack of it.”

Emi draws the string back and her energy focuses in her hand. As though his encouragement has empowered her, she feels powerful. She smiles as she thinks of how long she’s practiced, and it feels the same as she focuses on his target. The arrow appears on her bow and as she releases it, she watches the bolt of energy streak towards its target.

Some time after long practice, Emi pants, exhausted, and her stomach finally gurgles. She turns towards two onlookers who have appeared without her noticing them, and she recognizes the two. “The twin kitsune!” she exclaims. “Why are you here?”

“Brother called us here to look after you.” Orange-haired Momo smiles warmly.

Green-haired Namo nods to Emi. “When you’re ready, come with us. Urgent business took brother away. I have a letter he wrote for you.” She holds her hand up with a folded piece of paper.

Emi blinks and gasps, blushing. He wrote me a letter? But he just left without saying a word! Idiot!

“Yes. I read it already. It’s not what you think. Why are you blushing like that, Mistress Emi?” Namo asks a flustered Emi. “He just said in it, go with Namo and Momo. Stay for a time in the youkai world and learn what you may. If you have issues, you may call me again.” Doesn’t she know the meaning of privacy? Emi glares at Namo.

“Well, we should be on our way. After all that effort, I suspect you’re hungry. I don’t think you were thrilled by the food last time; we’ll put our love in the meal we’ll prepare for you.” Momo smiles.

“L-love?” Emi blinks as Momo takes her hand and pulls her after her in the way Kojiki did.

“Every visiting master or mistress deserves our love.” Namo smiles warmly.

Emi is led down the streets of youkai world once again, this time by the cute kitsune twins. More than a few youkai eye her and a few actually lick their teeth in a way that makes her feel nervous.

Up the narrow Edo-era-style streets Emi is rushed, and she still feels more confident this time. This time I can protect myself!

It isn’t long before they reach the cafe Emi remembers, and not in a particularly fond way.

“Welcome back to Nekonyukya Cafe! You’ll stay here with us for a while!” Arisu greets her cheerfully. “It’s wonderful to see you again, Mistress! Please have a seat, we’ll feed you! What would you like?”

“Eh… maid cafe fare… well… ‘while in Rome’, they say?” Emi laughs.

Chie steps over to Emi and smiles quietly. “This way.” She takes Emi’s hand now and tugs her to a table.

“Eh… dont snipe her!” Arisu complains. “I was about to…”

“Just because you’re faster doesn’t mean you get the worm.” Chie grins as she seats Emi.

“W-worm? I’m a worm?” Emi blinks. Is she a sadistic type? I thought she was just quiet last time.

Some time afterwards, Emi enjoys a meal of pot au feu. I’m sorry I didn’t notice it on the menu last time! It’s really tasty! Emi sighs as she rubs her stomach with a smile. The twins are seated to either side of her on chairs.

“It was delicious, but I should be on my way. Madoka’s parents were in danger, and Madoka was kidnapped.”

“We know, actually.” Chie smiles. “We went to help out in the ‘rescue Madoka-chan’ effort. It went well. They defeated Yoshimaru then. So she’s safe, but… there are complications.”

“She’s fine? Good! But... complications? Her parents are dead?” Emi asks, chewing her lip. Her eyes well tears as she considers the situation.

“Not quite… but you’re probably right.” Momo sympathizes, sniffling. “We’re not sure yet. Don’t worry about it right now. You need to stay here with us. You won’t be safe if you go back, even if you’ve developed powers. Yoshimaru has targeted you, and he won’t rest until you’re dead if he finds you. He may know that you’re here, since maybe he took you here, but we’ll protect you, and brother has assured us that he’ll protect us.”

Namo fills in the blanks. “You’d be bored cooped up in his compound until this ends, so we reasoned that you’d have a lot more fun here with us.”

H-how did I find myself wearing this maid dress? Emi laments as she blushes and follows Arisu.

“Smile more, Emi-chan!” Chie whispers to her as she passes her.

“Eh? But I…” Emi chews her lip.

“It’s wonderful to see you again, Yamagasu-sama!” Arisu smiles warmly to a lizard youkai.

He flashes a toothy grin. “Arisu-chan! Dance for me!” he cheers.

“Eh… not today. I have a trainee I’m looking after, but I’ll make sure my love reaches you. Ah, but maybe after a while.” Arisu giggles.

“Alright!” Yamagasu yells.

Emi flinches and puts her hand to her lips to cover her laugh.

“He’s a great man. Take care of him today.” Arisu winks. “He’s one of our most kind and enthusiastically passionate masters.” She grins.

“I feel the love, Arisu!” Yamagasu grins. “Bring me a tall beer!”

“Eh… a-alright…” Emi blinks. They serve alcohol here? Emi scurries to the back, forgetting to smile.

“S-M-I-L-E!” Namo giggles as she trots to another table past Emi. Emi chews her lip. W-why meeeeee? Is this maid hell?!

Oh, thank goodness, Emi thinks. These maids have been working me almost endlessly for the last few days! She once more wears the miko raiment Kojiki gave her.

“Focus, Emi-chan!” Chie admonishes Emi with a serious expression. “If you aren’t serious, I won’t bother,” the tengu girl continues.

Emi blinks, focusing on her surrounds once more. They stand in a shrine, still in the youkai world. There’s a wild and yet well-tended garden about it. There’s a certain feeling of purity here. This is a leyline, isn’t it? Isn’t it sort of like where Madoka-chan trained?

From high above come rhythmic sounds. “Ah… what’s making that noise?” Emi blinks, scanning the sky.

“We’ve just been wasting time,” Chie smiles. “But it’s time for you to learn the art of long range combat.”

“Ehhhh? Why do I have to do this?” Emi exclaims. “I’m going to become a lawyer. I don’t need to know how to…”

“Don’t they battle in the court?” Chie asks with a wry expression. “You duel to make your side of a conflict known, and try to win the support of either an authority figure, or else the common people.” She waggles her fingers at Emi.

“Well, I suppose you have a point with that.” Emi rolls her eyes. “But isn’t that a narrow definition? You don’t trade blows.”

“It’s about passion,” Chie responds. “If you have passion and the energy to charge forward you can win any fight! Your fights today could help you tomorrow in your more metaphorical ones.” Chie extends one of her lovely dark wings. She swings it and Emi yells as pinions launch themselves towards her. She dances from side to side as Chie launches several more.

“Eh… are those endless? Won’t your wings be bald if you keep that up?” Emi suggests as Chie’s assault pauses.

Chie laughs as she responds. “Why, yes, some tengu are bald, you know? But it isn’t this ability that has caused it. It’s just due to age, and mostly the men are affected. It would be a shame if it affected your feathers, because it doesn’t. It’s the hair.” Chie pokes her luxurious hair to punctuate her words.

“That makes sense,” Emi comments. “I suppose… so is it some form of spiritual ability?”

“As a matter of fact, Emi-chan… it is,” Chie explains. “We can poison them, but I have a gentle soul.”

“You’re a gentle person and yet you’re training me to fight?” Emi asks. Ah, where’s Kojiki-san? I haven’t seen much of him since he rescued me. Wasn’t he going to train me?

“Don’t confuse things, Emi-chan!” Chie purses her lips. “Why do you think I work as a Maid instead of as an assassin?”

“Eh… I wouldn’t know that.” Emi blinks. An assassin?

“Because, I don’t like to kill. I don’t mind a good fight, but I don’t kill.” Chie smiles. “If you’re like me, you should still learn how to fight in a battle. My brothers made sure I could protect myself.”

That noise in the air gets louder, and suddenly two large men drop down on either side of Emi.

Emi gasps. They’re classic tengu! Unlike Chie-chan, they have enormous noses, and their skin is tanned! Emi blinks. How can the girls be so beautiful while the men are so strange?

“Were you thinking I’m ugly?” one growls with an annoyed expression. He looks surly.

“Ah… no…” Emi looks away.

“It was that look of disgust on your face.” The other tengu shakes his head. “I don’t go around commenting on how soft and weak humans are.”

“Let’s change the subject, brothers,” Chie implores her brothers. “Emi-chan has a blunt nature. She’s the friend of someone I… l-like…” Chie blushes.

She’s yuri? She likes Madoka-chan? Why does she attract so many lesbian youkai?

“Yeah, alright little Chie.” The first tengu chuckles. “Let’s get to it then. We’re busy. There’s a big contract to take down a daimyo in a neighboring province. Want to brush up on your technique and…” he trails off, smiling at Chie.

“Ah no… it’s not my nature, brother Jin,” Chie excuses herself.

“Very well. Here are the rules,” the second says. “We will not use poison. Dodge all of our feathers if you can. This could hurt a great deal.”

“If it’s going to hurt, I don’t think I…” Emi trails off.

“Show the guts that Madoka-chan has, Emi-chan!” Chie exclaims.

Emi sighs and shakes her head.

The training starts and Emi starts desperately running around the grounds. At first, their pinions miss as Emi warms up again. They’re surprisingly gentle… couldn’t they have hit me by now? Emi scurries to run ahead of a trail of dark pinions. She leaps and jumps, though her movements aren’t as graceful as Madoka’s were.

After a while, Emi can sense their boredom and they start getting more serious. The pinions land closer and closer to her and Emi is forced to speed up and improve to avoid being struck, but inevitably the skill of an assassin is too accurate for a novice to avoid. They start playing games with Emi, making her dart around the grounds like a panicking chicken.

Emi yelps as a pinion embeds in her rear. “Ahhhh!” she shrieks. “Who did that?”

A course laugh echoes in the air, and she hears Chie giggle. “D-did you do it, Chie-chan?” Emi bites her lip as she pulls it from her buttock and winces.

“N-nope…” she hears Chie giggle as she stutters.

“T-that’s suspicious!” Emi yells.

“Hilarious!” one of the men roars. “What a great game! Let’s see how many pinions we can stick in her cute bottom?”

“N-no! If you take it to that extreme, her lovely butt will be destroyed!” Chie protests.

She likes my butt? Emi turns red and runs to the shrine to place her backside against the building.

“You think that’ll work?” Jin laughs.

“No… leave my butt alone!” Emi yelps.

Some time later, with a sore backside, Emi resumes her maid training. She’s never a particularly gracious maid, but at least she isn’t bored. One day, a figure with a familiar face walks into the maid cafe.

“Emi-chan!” Kiyomi’s voice chimes loudly. The other patrons turn towards her, and the maids do as well.

“Ah! Kiyomi-sama!” Arisu squees as she bounds towards her.

“Hello, Kiyomi-sama,” Chie murmurs as she carries a tray laden with food and drinks to a table with her classic grace. “You had the omurice, right, Master?”

Emi glares a bit towards Chie and turns the rest of her malevolence towards Kiyomi.

Kiyomi blinks and laughs as she notices Emi’s expression; she fondly pets Arisu’s head.

“What would you like, Kiyomi-sama?” Arisu clasps her hands before her as she does a little dance.

She’s so happy to see her… there’s no accounting for taste. Emi rolls her eyes.

“Well, actually… I see you have a new trainee… and I think I’d like her to serve me today.” Kiyomi grins, her expression slightly malicious. “I’m betting that she’d be a deliciously sadistic maid.”

You… alright. If you want sadistic, you’ll get it.

Emi walks over towards Kiyomi, seething.

“Smile!” Arisu notices Emi’s glare.

Emi glares still, but a huge smile spreads her lips, and Kiyomi actually winces at that expression.

“This way, Mistress,” Emi grates out. “I’ll show you to a table.”

She leads Kiyomi to the back. Kiyomi twitches and her tail lashes as she eyes Emi. “You know if this is a burden to you, maybe I’ll ask Arisu…”

“Oh, no.” Emi grins. “Please allow me to serve you, Mistress.” She pulls Kiyomi into the kitchen past the chef, a youkai with eight arms.

Emi winces as she sees him again. “Ah… hello Gen’ichi,” she greets the spider youkai in parting as she leads Kiyomi out the back.

“Wh-what do you have in mind?” Kiyomi asks. “Are you going to give me a kiss service in the alley?”

“No, it’s your table.” Emi unfastens her apron and spreads it on the ground in the alley. “Your seat, mistress.”

“Oh… your apron? Can I kneel on you, instead?” Kiyomi smirks.

“Oh, I don’t provide a service like that, Mistress. Please have a seat. And your table is here.” Emi walks to a refuse bin and lifts it. She carries it over and gestures as if to dump it on top of Kiyomi’s head, but instead places it in front of her.

“This isn’t a table… it’s a box of garbage…” Kiyomi grins, amused.

“You’re right… it wouldn’t be a very even surface. That’s why we’ll flip it over.” In the doorway Chie watches with a smile. Emi turns the box over and dumps it in front of Kiyomi, planting the box upside down. “There… a table for you, Mistress. Oh… and you know, I think your meal is also here. Aren’t I a very efficient maid? Just seated and served an appetizer too.”

After a while, the other maids joined them in the alleyway.

“The fact is, the reason I’m really here isn’t to razz you. I did hear you were here, Emi-chan, but the fact is Madoka-chan’s father is in danger. I have a plan that will allow her to fight Yoshimaru and put an end to this life or death struggle against him. It’s guaranteed that her mother is dead at this point, and her father is on his deathbed, but my plot should throw him for a loop.” Kiyomi laughs.

“Dead?” Emi gasps. She chews her lip, crossing her arms below her breasts. “That murderer!” Emi rubs tears from her eyes.

“Yes…” Kiyomi sighs and puts a comforting hand on Emi’s shoulder. “We’re going to protect her father and Madoka. If he dies, she may shut down entirely. I’ve spoken with my little cousin and she’ll be healing him soon. I need all of you to pitch in on this. Just in case he’s targeted further. I think Yoshimaru will want to finish what he’s started.”

“I’ll go too,” Emi grates. “I can’t do a lot for her, but I’ll do the best I can. If she can’t finish things with him, I vow I’ll strengthen myself and help her get revenge on him!”

“Let’s go forth then!” Arisu cries out. “We’ll be known as the amazing Nekonyukya Maid Force!”

Ko blurbs, playing dramatic squishy music. Emi winces and Chie nods her head gravely.

This story is now officially completed!

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