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Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 3 Warnings!
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Madoka learns that a goal always has a price, and that goal sometimes is hard to achieve. There's a great mystery or three she faces going forward.

Chapter Thirty : The Miko Who Fought That Guy Again, I Mean Seriously, When Will He Quit?
Posted: 2019-01-23 10:29:00 | Updated: 2019-01-23 10:29:00
Words: 7866

The four wave the platform slowly moves away from the place of Kami high in the skies of the youkai world. Madoka walks to the rail and winces, seeing how high up she truly is. I didn’t have much opportunity to see just how high up I climbed… did I really climb that building?

She stares at the building as they move away with increasing speed, and sees the face of Kami as she watches them go. Madoka gasps when she sees kanji and kana appear around the building, a last message wishing the four well in their battle. Madoka giggles as she reads it and Aoi puts a gentle hand on her shoulder, squeezing it.

“‘Do your best and come back to me safely!’” Madoka smiles. “It’s as though we were students heading to school.” she giggles.

Aoi hugs Madoka tightly. “Maybe she’s a little like a mother in that way?” she suggests.

“What kind of a mother would do ecchi things to a daughter?” Madoka asks with a bright blush.

Are you referring to the kiss in that bathroom, or is seeing her in the nude that has you high strung? Kanna asks with her own giggle.

“Well, I mean…” Madoka trails off, blushing. “I don’t want to think about…”

“You’re too pure and shy, Madoka!” Kiyomi breaks in and hugs the two again with too much enthusiasm. Madoka totters on the edge of the platform.

“Idiot! Don’t kill Madoka! If you screwed this up, Kami would kill you a thousand times.” Kozuke frowns, walking over to the three, he yanks them back to safety as they windmill.

“I don’t think she’d do that. She’s too gentle. Her sweet nature has not diminished much since she was enshrined.” Kiyomi laughs. “She’s a saint. She’d never really hurt any of us.”

“She is a kami,” Kozuke admonishes Kiyomi. “It’s the way of kami and she takes her job very seriously. Even if it means being a demon sometimes, it’s in the nature of kami to be that way.”

“I still don’t think she would. She always treated me with loathing and disparaging looks when I would draw close to her, but I still don’t think she would hurt me,” Kiyomi responds.

“Well, why don’t you test it when we return? I’d enjoy seeing what would happen to you. Just don’t fail tonight in our battle,” Kozuke states with a raised expression as though dropping a glaive.

“Really…” Kiyomi laughs. “I’ll take you up on that, though mostly I’m more interested in Madoka-chan.” She renews her tight glomp of Madoka and Aoi.

“You’re way too touchy, Kitsune,” Aoi criticizes Kiyomi quietly. “If you annoy Madoka-chan, I’ll duel you myself.”

“Oooh, interesting… I look forward to that!” Kiyomi grins with a smug expression. Aoi stiffens as Kiyomi seizes her breasts through her kimono. She gasps and glares at Kiyomi.

“Stop that or I’ll…” Aoi snaps.

“What, a fight before we reach the scene of the fight with Yoshimaru?” Kozuke scowls, seizing Kiyomi by her scruff and pulling her away.

“Don’t be so serious! Really, Madoka-chan… can you tell me why you’re so shy? Lesser girls would have long since fallen before my blandishments,” Kiyomi asks as Kozuke firmly holds her.

“Um…” Madoka blushes as she stares down at the ground while the platform accelerates up to impossible levels of speed through the skies.

“What? You aren’t seriously thinking about going for that obnoxious kitsune are you, Madoka-chan?” Aoi pouts, her hands on her hips.

“N-no… not really… I’m just thinking and wondering about it myself.” Madoka leans towards Aoi’s ear and whispers into it.

“I mean it’s not like she’s not attractive… she’s incredibly attractive… but I’m not looking for that right now in my life,” Madoka murmurs softly.

“Not looking for love? Why? Everyone needs love! The Madoka I know in my heart wouldn’t hold back when it comes to love, but not with her goshujinsama!” Aoi blushes, pleading.

“Who? Kami-sama? Isn’t that kind of inappropriate? If I’m supposed to be her miko. Why did she bathe with me like that?” Madoka asks with a flaming face.

You like Kami? Ippei asks in her mind.

“N-not like that… it’s not like I asked for it. It was her whim…” Madoka chews her lip.

“You’ll have to work harder if you want to compete, Aoi-chan!” Kanna laughs.

Aoi’s eyes widen and she pouts with her own flaming expression. “In any case, it’s doomed. We’re dead anyhow. What’s the point?” Eiji suggests. “I’d press my own suit, but I know it would be tragically ended within minutes.”

“Idiot!” Kanna’s voice pouts. “But it is a moot point, right?”

Yes… I guess so… Eiji responds as Aoi stares off into the distance with gritted teeth.

“There are more important things in my life. Surviving and putting an end to this so I can live happily for the rest of my…” Madoka trails off and looks in the direction of Aoi with a sad expression, as if realizing it might be inconsiderate to say it.

“We’ll be nearing the leyline soon,” Kozuke says. “You should shelve this discussion for now. No one needs to have doubts and regrets holding them back in battle.”

“A leyline?” Madoka asks. “Are we going to get super charged?”

“It doesn’t work like that, Madoka. You can’t take the leyline with you. But Yoshimaru wants to fight in Shibuya. You know it is the site of a minor leyline in the real world. Did you know that humans naturally congregate around leylines? They energize everyone. In Shibuya it’s the spirit of shopping that is probably most fueled,” Kiyomi states quietly. “It’s a reason why I love shopping in Shibuya. Not only are there many amazing malls, the leyline is invigorating when I’m shopping all day for fashion.” She giggles.

“I’m not surprised that you shop all day.” Madoka rolls her eyes.

As they speak, a surge of energy flashes in the sky nearby and a portal opens. Madoka stares at it with wide eyes. The portal is made of light and shadows. They’re laced firmly together, dancing with each other, and as she looks on, the platform surges through.

“Hold on tightly. It can be a little rough,” Kozuke admonishes everyone.

The platform starts shaking as it reaches the event horizon of the hole ripped open in the sky before them. Madoka yelps and dashes towards the umbrella in the center of the platform and hunkers low. Aoi throws her arms tightly around Madoka and Kiyomi watches with an amused expression.

“Here we go!” Kozuke yells.

The platform shakes and everything seems to twist and bend. For a moment, all aboard the platform look as attractive as Picasso portrait versions of themselves. I don’t feel any different except a little weird… but maybe I look as twisted as them. It’s as though several unknown dimensions are suddenly perceptible in the passage, angles and sides which go unseen. Madoka closes her eyes and suppresses a surge of bile. The sensations build and the platform tosses as it seems to move in many directions at once. Madoka’s stomach feels like it’s floated off. “Please e-end this!” Madoka yelps.

All at once, the sensation vanishes and Madoka gasps.

“We’re here. This leyline is connected with Shibuya directly,” Kozuke murmurs, and Madoka keeps her eyes screwed tightly as she masters herself.

“Are you alright, Madoka?” Aoi asks somewhat weakly.

Kiyomi laughs. “What a ride that is… I don’t go that way often. It’s not a gentle way. The passages through the shrines are far more pleasant, but it’s like the ultimate youkai world roller coaster ride.”

”WELCOME, MY GUESTS! TO MY BATTLE ARENA! MAKE SURE YOU PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE SHIBUYA BIG SCREEN BEFORE YOU PERSIST IN YOUR FOLLY!” Yoshimaru’s voice cackles loudly. Madoka opens her eyes and sees dark energy crackling all around the air. The pressure of that energy is ridiculously strong.

Madoka comes to her feet and Aoi with her, and they watch as the platform lowers through the shadows. The towers of tall skyscrapers loom around. Many of their windows are illuminated and the buildings themselves are beautiful at night. Where it was day in the youkai world, it is without a doubt night in the real world.

The platform descends gradually, and as Madoka moves to the edge, she sees the Shibuya scramble square come into sight. She remembers the shopping trip with her mother not long before; her eyes well with tears and her heart quails. As the platform descends, the big screen in the square comes into view and Madoka gasps when she sees a familiar scene on it. It’s the scene of a hospital room.

“FATHER!!!” Madoka screams, recognizing that it’s her father’s room. Her father seems to be connected to even more life-extending equipment. “What is your aim in showing me this, Yoshimaru? I know it’s your fault that he’s in the hospital! Did you think this would weaken my resolution? Think again, you evil bastard!” Madoka screams.

No response comes, but on the screen a new figure walks into sight. A familiar face. “Hiiiii Madoka!” the dark follower grins as she seats herself at the feet of Nobuo. She crosses her legs attractively, and the smile is dark and taunting.

“How could you leave your poor injured father unguarded? I mean truly… how unconscientious can you be?” she laughs.

Madoka gasps. “Y-you! Wh-why are you there?” Madoka gapes.

“Send me after her, Madoka-chan. No, send us all. We owe her a serious smackdowning,” Aoi growls.

“No… I highly recommend that you don’t do that.” The dark follower smiles mockingly. “There’s a reason why I’m here, Madoka, and if you were to interfere, it would result in your father’s instant demise.” She draws her oversized blade strapped on over her shoulder. The ominous sound of her blade sliding free fills the square.

“The truth is that Kami has a bargain to offer you. He will heal your father as though nothing ever happened… and he will give you your mother back. He doesn’t care for the natural process, but if you help him attain his goal -- ultimate power -- he will reward you. It’s such a pity he hasn’t shown you such kindness so far. Perhaps Kami’s heart has softened towards you in congratulation for your determination… so why don’t you come over to our side? Become his and give him your all, and I guarantee your father’s life.”

Madoka yelps and grinds her teeth as the dark follower speaks.

“By the way, my name is Ashes, Madoka. You can call me Ashy or senpai when you come over to our side.” She smiles darkly. “Do you like my new name, Madoka? It was to commemorate the… no… don’t worry about it.” She laughs.

“Commemorate? What?” Madoka gasps aloud.

“You’re ever curious, aren’t you?” Ashes laughs. “By the way, if you press, it seems I’ll be a wall for you. Think of me as a barrier for you to overcome… not that you ever will. Kami gave me a far greater amount of power than your weak one has. Even when Kami blesses you, you still couldn’t defeat me.”

“What are you talking about? Tell me, you twisted freak!” Madoka yells.

Ashes waggles a finger at Madoka. “Oh. my poor little sister. Show your senpai some respect.” She laughs. “You truly want to know? Very well. It may douse whatever weak flame you’ve mustered. What act, you ask? Why… my name is Ashes… exactly what your mother was rendered to.” Ashes laughs aloud.

Madoka gasps and yelps, going to her knees. Kozuke and Kiyomi dash forward to her side.

“No, we’ll go after her. We can take her. I know you can destroy Yoshimaru, Madoka!” Kiyomi gasps.

“So don’t forget. If you come anywhere near this hospital, your father’s life will be instantly ended. Yes, he’s a hostage,” Ashes taunts.

“Why don’t you come here, Ashes? If you’re looking for a fight, I’ll… I’ll give it to you!” Madoka screams, tears streaming from her eyes.

Kiyomi sighs, and poses flamboyantly. Madoka stares at the screen. “Did you really think it would go so well for you, you silly edgelord?” Kiyomi asks. “I mean seriously… playing the villain part to the hilt. Do you think you’re something special? Ashes, huh? What a ludicrous name.” Kiyomi laughs aloud, unfolding her fan, and her laughter takes on the edge of her classic haughty tone.

“Wh-what?” Ashes blinks. “What are you talking about, you stupid bitch? You mock the holy name my Kami gifted me?” she snarls.

“Why, yes. I laugh at you. That pathetic nature of yours. Did you desperately wish to become a villain? Did you think you would look so very cool? You’re a clown, Ashy,” Kiyomi taunts. Madoka’s lips twitch in response.

“Are you sure you want to talk like that to me?” Ashes demands. “I think my mood is changing. I felt playful, but I think… I’m getting very serious.” Ashes turns towards Haruo and lifts her blade high.

“FOOL! STAY YOUR BLADE FOR THE NONCE!” Yoshimaru’s voice booms, and with an explosion of darkness, he appears atop the Shibuya big screen.

Ashes hesitates and stiffens her blade on the point of driving home.

“Why, thank you for that, Yoshi-chan,” Kiyomi says. “I appreciate your buying time for our side.” She laughs. Meanwhile Kozuke snarls, his form seething angrilly.


“What am I referring to? Why, my hand moves…” Kiyomi states teasingly. “You said that, didn’t you? Well, mine just did…” She laughs aloud. “Fight to your content, Madoka-chan, and I will help you!” Kiyomi laughs, her haughty laughter going full throttle now. On the screen there’s a flash and more familiar faces appear in the room with Nobuo.

“Hello, Japan! Please welcome the stars of this programming! We’re very happy to meet you all! Please meet the Maid Force of Nekonyukya Cafe! Please cheer us on, everyone!” Arisu winks and makes a heart symbol with her fingers before the camera. Suddenly, Ko the slime girl splashes down from the ceiling where she must have hidden directly onto Ashes. Ashes yelps and screams loudly as she’s surrounded by Ko. Her kimono immediately starts to dissolve.

“Did you think I was just sitting back and watching you suffer, Madoka-chan? I was working hard to make sure he would never hurt you ever again!” Kiyomi laughs. “Am I a good girl? Will you reward me? At least a kiss would be nice!” She winks at Madoka.

“You obnoxious kitsune!” Yoshimaru grates angrily. “No matter. You may have played me now, but the victory will still be mine. This was just a preliminary game.” Yoshimaru’s voice is no longer booming, and yet the way of his speech and his words speak louder than his augmented voice.

Madoka looks at Kiyomi with tears in her eyes and smiles warmly at her.

“I think it’s time we take the fight to Yoshimaru!” Aoi cheers loudly.

“Not quite, fools. You need to entertain my followers below first. Prove to me that you deserve to face me again.” He laughs aloud and disappears again in a burst of dark energy.

Meanwhile, on the screen, Ashes is completely naked, enveloped in the substance of Ko. She’s blushing from head to toes with her teeth gritted. “Do…”

“Don’t disgrace the wonderful beautiful body my Kami has granted me!” Ashes yells, and her body tenses despite the pleasure that has racked her body. “We meet again, slime!” Ashes growls. A surge of dark energy wreathes around her body and her body emits a burst of dark energy which blows off Ko powerfully. She splatters all over everything in the hospital room.

“He didn’t give me this power and body just to lose to a simple slime again!”

“Follow me and I will grant you your fondest wishes. I’m the newest Kami. Worship me and you’ll have everything. I know your heart, Takeo,” Yoshimaru whispers. “You won’t regret it.”

Takeo shivers as the hideous face of the oni zooms in towards him in his dreams. “You’re a demon!” He yells and bolts upright, sweating from head to toes. He jumps to his feet and runs to his apartment’s window. His heart hammers loudly. He wraps his arms around his enormous nude body, far more muscular than he would like. He looks out the window. “That demon speaks to my heart…” he sighs, gritting his teeth as he looks out the window towards a large mountain. It looms in the distance over the small city.

Takeo walks along a small street and smiles at passersby. They flinch when they see him. His heart withers in his heart. I’m a good person… why can’t they see the true me? His eyes moisten.

He dwarfs almost everyone. At 200 centimeter height, there aren’t many in Japan who can make him feel small like he wishes. Why couldn’t I have been born small like that person? He looks at a small, unassuming man. He offers a warm smile and the expression of the man as he passes looks pasty and weak.

“I-I wouldn’t hurt you! I’m friendly!” Takeo yells. “Just because I’m cursed with this body doesn’t mean I’m a threat!” he cries. The people in the street scurry away as though he’s brandishing a weapon.

“Why… why do they make me out to be a villain?” Takeo sniffles. “Just because I take up a little more space than they do… they think I’m a burden. I don’t want to be this big. I can’t help that i’m some kind of freakish mutant!”

He pads weakly onwards to work in low spirits.

On another day, Takeo walks past a cute boutique and he chews his lip as his eyes lock upon a delicate beautiful wedding dress. He reaches up to touch the window and gaze longingly at it.

The shopkeeper smiles at his customers. When he looks towards the window, spotting Takeo, his warm smile for his customers withers instantly into a blank expression.

Takeo sniffles and then seethes. Why does everyone act like this!? I’ll move to Europe where they’ll respect someone like me! Or maybe I’ll join a basketball team and force them to revere me! His teeth grind. “I don’t want that… I don’t like…” I don’t like playing sports… not really…

He slumps away tiredly.

“I’ll give you everything you ever wished for, your fondest dreams… behold the beautiful body I’ve prepared just for you! Your purity is amazing. You have so much potential. Become my follower and you won’t regret giving me your loyalty.” In his dreams he sees the face of Yoshimaru, but this time his heart beats rapidly and his body squirms as he experiences having the body of a ravishing smaller lovely woman. Takeo’s heart melts and his resistance fades over time.

I’ll follow you forever if you can make my dreams come true… I-I love you, my… K-Kami-sama…

Ashes screams loudly and energy explodes from her body. The room’s door slams open and the rest of the annoying maids troop into the room.

“Can we take this fight outside? It would be a shame if you made a mistake in a fit of anger,” Chie reasons with a furious Ashes, extending her lovely black wings as she takes a pose in her maid dress.

Arisu smiles reassuringly. “It would be for the best. You wouldn’t want to make a scene here,” the cheery catgirl reasons with her.

Kill him. I don’t need her father alive any more. At a crucial moment I will inform her that she’s an orphan officially, Yoshimaru whispers in Ashes ear.

Ashes hesitates and chews her lip as she snarls.

Madoka sits on the edge of the platform taking a deep breath. Aoi hugs her tightly Kiyomi stands next to them.

“It’s time we fight!” Kozuke snarls. “There’s no time for doubt or hesitation!” He shifts into his komainu form and launches himself from the platform down to the street below. Madoka watches for a long moment and then touches her magatama. Her new jeweled golden spear materializes in a flash of energy. She grips the spear tightly and looks into Aoi’s eyes.

“We have your back. We all do. Call on everyone and we’ll destroy Yoshimaru’s followers. Believe in us and yourself.” Aoi gazes into Madoka’s eyes and suddenly presses her lips to Madoka’s. Madoka gasps and returns the kiss softly.

“Ohhhh… you owe me a kiss, Madoka-chan! I’m a good girl! Love me too!” Kiyomi gasps as she leaps down. She shifts into her ninetails form on the way. Madoka and Aoi kiss lingeringly, and suddenly Madoka yelps as she’s pushed off the edge of the platform. She hears a giggle as Kanna takes form in a flurry of green motes as she follows. She dances in the air. Nearby, Eiji takes form in a furious flame. When they near the ground, a platform rises momentarily in the square. Ippei appears atop it as the others land and Aoi leaps down. A flow of water explodes from a nearby water main and slows Aoi’s descent. She lands calmly and gracefully by Madoka’s side.

The four pose to either side of Madoka who lands surprisingly gracefully herself. Kiyomi and Kozuke flank the platform dramatically. All around the square, robed forms surround them. They cry out and charge inwards towards them. Ippei lifts his hands and powerfully yet rhythmically lowers them. The platform drops to restore the square to its normal form. The followers of Yoshimaru unsheathe their assorted weapons.

“Go!” Madoka orders. The four grin and explode outwards to meet the rush of Yoshimaru’s followers’ attack. Madoka wields her spear and then runs into battle herself. Kiyomi and Kozuke snarl and leap into the fray. Kozuke bowls over numerous cultists. The sound of cute screams fills the air as they bowl over. Kiyomi rains lighting energy on them and they scream even more loudly.

More than few’s robes explode into shreds, destroyed by the quick work of Kanna, to reveal overly sexy feminine bodies.

“YES! Fight for my glory, my brave warriors! All you dream of will be yours! With Kami on your side, you can’t lose!” Yoshimaru laughs, filling the square with his menacing voice.

A surge of zeal explodes within Yoshimaru’s followers and the tide of the one-sided battle takes a turn.

“Now attack, my youkai disciples!” Yoshimaru cries out. Suddenly, portals open all around and assorted youkai leap from them; the roar of a familiar youkai’s cry shakes the square as wings beat heavily above. Madoka looks up to see a dragon.

“My Kami commands me. I’m sorry for you that I will not humor your silly request,” Ashes snarls as she leaps for the hospital bed, sword lifted high. She brings it down savagely.

A squirming form wiggles free of the blankets next to Nobue and a kawaii kitsune face appears. She thrusts her cute arms up and golden light coalesces to meet the blade of Ashes. She flinches, but her determination focuses.

“Oh well… the cat’s out of the bag… or should I say the little fox?” Arisu giggles and charges in, claws first. “Well, the cat is here too!” Her tail lashes and she spins into a powerful kick that takes Ashes in her back.

“Whew! It’s a Maid Force victory!” Momo and Nami cheer together. “Good for you, little cousin!” Momo grins at Sari. “You’ve grown so much!” Sari squirms out from under the blankets and her face beams. She shows that she’s wearing a maid costume again.

“I’ll show baka how completely defeated she is!” she giggles.

“No… let me help!” a voice chimes in.

Madoka gasps, looking up at the screen, distracted suddenly while she lashes out fiercely with her golden spear, disabling one after another follower, her weapon flying faster than she could imagine.

Her eyes stream tears as a new figure shows up on the screen with a victory pose. She tosses her blonde hair and smiles brightly.

“Fight hard, Madoka-chan! You need to fight hard because I’ll surpass you senpai!” Emi winks. “And you can fight, because there’s an amazing surprise for you!” She stands and gestures grandly, posing in the maid costume she’s wearing at the moment.

“Meet our honorary Maid Force members!” Arisu crows as she skirmishes with Ashes. Ashes growls, blushing.

“Are you still broadcasting this, Kami? How cruel!” Ashes complains loudly as she fights naked.

“Ummies… so it’s my job to show… so here you go, older sister Madoka!” Sari giggles and whips the blankets and sheets off the bed to show a pile of pillows under it.

Madoka gapes, and Ashes’ expression is equally stunned. “No!!!” she screams, and her expression becomes even more determined as spiritual energy wells from her body. Emi turns towards Ashes, and Madoka gapes as she sees spiritual energy well from Emi’s body on the screen. The pressure of her energy is visible! Can anyone see how she shines? Emi reaches into the air and a bow appears in her hands. She draws back the string of the bow and the eyes of Ashes and Emi clash. The tension is plain to onlookers.

Miko apprentice battle, go!” Arisu yells out like the MC on a television program.

Emi lets loose her energy arrows in a flurry towards Ashes. Ashes cries as she spins her oversized blade.

“With your power, you’re a flickering candle compared with me!” Ashes yells as she charges towards Emi.

“I have the Maid Force at my back!” Emi giggles.

“Yes!” the girls cheer all together. Ko reforms on the floor of the room and starts beatboxing as though to create a theme song for their battle.

Chie charges and sends a flurry of her pinions towards Ashes to join Emi’s long-range assault, though the room is small. Ashes yelps and struggles to block and dodge the attacks, and some of Chie’s pinions strike true in sensitive locations. Ashes screams. “If you want to take this to a different battle site, it’s to my benefit! Follow me!” she yells as she sends a surge of energy to explode the window outwards and leaps out of the room.

The girls dash after, though Emi moves more diffidently than the maids do. Arisu pauses to make a victory pose for the screen. “Don’t worry! We have this, Mistress Madoka!” Arisu cheers and bounds after the others. Her tail whips as she leaps with a squeal.

Meanwhile, as Madoka continues her fight, twirling and swinging her spear with abandon around her, she notices that the oncoming youkai are a greater threat than the followers are.

A group of large oni charge in towards Madoka. Aoi dances to her right and Kanna sails to her left. The three meet their charge head on and Madoka slices with a mighty strike that cleaves an oni in half. Aoi’s watery blade strikes precisely with her amazing technique.

“How are you so amazing?” Madoka giggles as she battles a second large oni. To the side, a youkai battles Kiyomi, her hair alive. Madoka gasps. Aika again? You’re still my enemy?

“Because I always idolized samurai. I am samurai, goshujinsama!” Aoi cries out loudly as she spins and her liquid katana clears a path through followers. She bounds towards an oni and leaps into the air. Her sword strikes with a flurry that the eyes can’t follow. The oni gurgles and topples over. Water explodes from its body as though it were blood.

“You won’t outshine me, Aoi-chan!” Eiji grins as he rushes to back up Kiyomi against Aika, who looks more fearsome than ever. A torrent of hair explodes from the pavement and seizes Kiyomi and Eiji, who burns the hair as quickly as it comes at him, but the hair is endless. His fists beat out rhythmically, sending bursts of flame.

Ippei springs from the ground and dances. As he does, the ground seals around Aika’s hair and her attack is blunted. She screams loudly and sends a tsunami of hair to finish Kiyomi. Kiyomi screams; a torrent of water orbs appear, and a deluge drenches Aika’s hair tsunami, making it closer to a real tsunami, yet the power of her strike is blunted magnificently.

“Have a taste of your own medicine!” Kanna yells. She reaches into one of her pouches and slings an object into one of the water orbs around Aika. The water orb seethes with soapy suds.

Kiyomi laughs. “I adore your shikigami!” She grins with her fox face. The orb explodes, buffeting Aika with the soap-like substance.

“Take our combination depilatory cream attack!” Kanna crows as she lashes out at the remaining followers. Their robes tighten around their oversexed forms as though their cult robes have become straitjackets. Meanwhile Aika screams loudly. Her hair disintegrates as she lashes out towards Kiyomi. Every strike results in more and more of her hair tearing free to fall flat and brittle on the pavement.

“You recovered after I humbled you? You’re pretty determined. Why do you fight for that oni?” Kiyomi asks.

“I-it’s my loss,” Aika cries as she goes to her knees. “I’m sorry. He gave me everything I wanted. My dreams I had to be a world-famous hairdresser… I can pursue those dreams now even though I’m a youkai… he gave me a generous grant.”

“Awww… chase your dreams, Aika! Just because you’re a youkai doesn’t mean you have to give up your dreams. Just don’t sell out. Your determination will see you to victory!” Kiyomi says supportively.

There’s an eruption noise and a new wave of youkai charge in. One of them appearing as an enormous grinning skull. Madoka yells and everyone jumps to her side as Kiyomi, Kozuke and Madoka’s shikigami prepare for a final stand.

Aika cries as fearsome youkai tromp around her.

Madoka brandishes her spear fearlessly. “Go! We’ll beat them and make Yoshimaru face us head on!” she yells.

Ashes waits in the street outside the hospital. Rare onlookers stare as the nude woman stands holding her sword looking like a giant.

The maids leap down. When Emi jumps down, the kitsune twins catch her and set her down. Emi redraws her bowstring to her cheek. Chie and Arisu flank her and the twin kitsune stand behind her.

Sari looks down from above with a cute smile. “Did I do well, Kozuke-sama? She looks towards where the screen would be broadcasting. No camera exists in the room. Only magic allows for the transmission. She winks for the screen and poses with her fingers separated like a salute as Yoshimaru cuts off the broadcasting.

Meanwhile, Emi lets loose her arrows and Ashes moves her blade in a flurry. “Haha… you think that’s enough to defeat me, weakling? I’ll show you that my spiritual power trumps yours!” She fiercely grimaces as she charges the Maid Force.

“We’ve got your back, Emi-chan!” Arisu grins gleefully as she rushes to meet the attack. Ashes brings her blade down on Arisu, and she deftly catches the blade in her clawed hands, her tail lashing and her ears twitching.

“So cool, Arisu!” Chie grins. “I won’t lose to you my rival!” Chie flaps into the air and spins into an aerial divebomb. Her skirt flies up around her torso.

Ashes stares up with a blank expression. “Did you think a moe attack would affect me? I don’t like girls!” Ashes spins and turns her blade into a skewer to impale Chie. Suddenly there’s a burbling behind Ashes.

“Let me translate for Ko-chan. Ahem…” Momo says. “I know your weakness!”

Ashes gasps and her eyes widen as she looks down to see her lower body encased again by Ko. “N-no!!!” she screams loudly.

At that moment everyone piles on top of Ashes, except for Emi and Sari, who look on.

“K-kyuuuuuu!” Ashes screams desperately. Emi and Sari turn red and look away bashfully.

The giant skull youkai bears down on Madoka and her desperate forces. To the side, other strong youkai charge in to put an end to her career.

“Madoka! I’m not the only youkai who has had a change of heart!” Aika yells loudly for a moment, drowning out the shrieks and yells of the attacking youkai. A loud roar from above sounds and something massive lands on the enormous skull poised to devour them all.

“The dragon!” Kiyomi yells and laughs. “The service of my maids has shifted its heart! It’s on our side!” She grins a foxy grin and shifts to her girl form.

“Fear the power of a girl!” Kiyomi says behind her fan. Electrical orbs form all around her and disperse. The shikigami charge into action and attack more fiercely than ever.

“Save your energy, goshujinsama, for your final fight!” Aoi cries out.

“Beat that evil bastard, goshujinsama! It’s time!” Eiji crows and beats his fiery rhythm down on the heads of the youkai attacking them.

The dragon roars at it combats the giant skull youkai.

“Very well. I agree. The time is right. I’ve collected enough prayers… now my hand moves. It’s my victory!” Yoshimaru’s voice yells as he appears in a burst of ridiculous dark power. His appearance is strange. He crackles with energy and there are strange cracks in his mask.

Suddenly the shikigami shriek as one. “W-we’ll defeat you all!” Aoi screams. “M-Madoka… win! We believe in you! You can do it! I-I love you!”

The shikigami turn into beacons of energy: red, blue, yellow, green. They shine at four corners around Madoka, and her weapon shines more brightly than ever as she charges at Yoshimaru. His dark blades ooze darkness as he meets Madoka’s attack. His body thrashes in a creepy fashion as though he’s possessed. The two skirmish for a long moment, Madoka’s spear savagely moving with speed far beyond her abilities. Yoshimaru’s blades move with a speed that seems truly godly.

The energy of the shikigami erupts outward. The yokai are bowled over and rendered helpless as they fly around the square, their attacks impossibly strong In moments the only ones left in the square are Kiyomi, Ippei, and Madoka.

“F-fight on!” Aoi flies past Madoka as Yoshimaru and she disengage. Their eyes meet for a moment. Aoi’s eyes are filled with tears. The shikigami dissipate into motes of light.

“P-Perhaps she’s low on energy after that…” Kozuke suggests, now in man form. Kiyomi flanks Madoka on the other side.

“No…” Kiyomi turns Madoka’s head and looks into her eyes. Madoka blushes as she looks into her eyes.

“She’s brimming with energy still… she doesn’t need my kiss yet,” Kiyomi states.

“Then why did they flee?” Kozuke asks as he shifts back to Komainu form.

“Why indeed?” Yoshimaru growls mysteriously. “The answer will come to you soon enough.” He laughs ominously. “You all are in my hands!” He charges Madoka again, blades first. Madoka gasps and meets his attack. Ripples of energy erupt in every direction, rocking the skyscrapers around. Kiyomi shifts into her kitsune form and the two charge in to join the fray.

The assault of the three batters Yoshimaru backwards. Despite his words, it seems he’s at a disadvantage. Meanwhile the dragon battles the giant skull youkai in the background, making the Shibuya scramble square louder than it ever has been. Kiyomi dances backward and launches an ice attack to freeze Yoshimaru in his tracks. Kozuke harries Yoshimaru’s legs, seeking an opportunity to hamstring him.

Madoka attacks with a flurry of golden energy. The darkness of Yoshimaru rises to answer her power. Parry after parry fly one after another as they furiously battle each other. The explosions of their blows meeting each other ripple through the square. Kiyomi charges in and rains down a torrent of lightning bolts summoned from the nearby electrical lines. Yoshimaru’s blades parry those, but his hands begin to smoke. As quick as light, he bats the blows away. In a moment of distraction, Kozuke’s jaws lock down on Yoshimaru’s leg. Yoshimaru yells loudly and draws his arms back to deal a lethal blow to Kozuke. His blades strike true, stabbing into his body repeatedly, but Kozuke doesn’t hesitate. His jaws close even more savagely on Yoshimaru’s leg.

“I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t abuse that poor mutt!” Kiyomi yells and charges in savagely. She seizes Yoshimaru’s neck in her jaws, crackling with energy.

“Y-you fools!” Yoshimaru yells. “Don’t think it’s your victory!” he snarls as Kiyomi’s jaws tighten. Yoshimaru pulses with dark energy and his blades move like a flurry, stabbing repeatedly into both. Their jaws remain locked on their respective target areas of his body, though their breathing becomes heavier as bloody froth leaks around their jaws.

“No!!! I won’t allow you to kill them!” Madoka yells. Her eyes flash, and suddenly incandescent golden energy surrounds her body. Her aura expands in volume to match the ripples of darkness emanating from Yoshimaru’s twisted form. “I won’t! Just die, Yoshimaru!” Madoka’s determined voice echoes through the square powerfully and she charges in to deliver a barrage of terrible stabs. Her eyes are fierce and hard as she drives her blade in over and over. Dark blood flows as her attacks land.

“You think it’s so easy?” Yoshimaru gasps and explodes with energy. Madoka flies backwards and braces herself, her shoes skidding on the pavement below as she comes to a stop unsteadily. Kozuke and Kiyomi are knocked far across the square. Kozuke crashes through a window, and his body lands limply on the floor of a shop. The alarm goes off, filling the square with even more noise. Kiyomi flies against a building and crashes noisily to the pavement prone.

Madoka charges in again, her teeth clenched, and Yoshimaru snarls. “No… you will die, Madoka,” he says with a strange calm.

His blades fly faster than Madoka can catch and she screams as she desperately protects those parts of her which would mean immediate death: her head, chest, main arteries and torso. Madoka’s beautiful kimono costume is drenched swiftly in her blood as blow after blow lands on her.

“Did you think you could defeat a God? You’re only a weak miko. You will now die. Your father may survive, but not for long. I will find him and he too will die. Your little friend Emi? All your silly little maids… I will hunt them down one by one.” Yoshimaru stabs Madoka repeatedly. Madoka screams loudly as she struggles to fight off Yoshimaru’s attacks. She gasps raggedly and coughs up a mass of blood.

Is that the highest you’ve risen, my Miko? You’re capable of more. Show me your true power! Kami urges Madoka. You can do it… show me your real power!

Madoka gasps as her heart starts hammering. She stares into the hateful expression of her enemy. With the encouragement of Kami, she feels at peace.

She closes her eyes and her stance relaxes as though to surrender her life.

Yoshimaru cackles and joins his blades, his body ripples with dark energy. Despite how ragged his form is now, his silhouette conveys only victory and strength. “You will die now, Madoka. You would never be anything were it not for me, and now you will be nothing at all!” he yells as his swords fuse into a larger blade. He wields it and moves in to impale Madoka at the speed of light.

Suddenly, golden light erupts from Madoka’s bloodied wrecked body. Her magatama shines with energy that buffets the dark energy surrounding the square. Yoshimaru’s blow lands true on Madoka’s body, and yet his strike is blunted. Madoka’s body shines and he gasps as he notices that her body is covered with armor now, in the style of her kimono costume. The components of classic Japanese armor are now her raiment. She wears kote, dou, kusazuri, haidate, and all gleam golden.

Tears stream from Madoka’s eyes as she raises the spear above her head. It’s now a two-ended spear. She moves her hands apart and it separates with a chain between the two parts. Yoshimaru gasps and draws his blade back; it separates with a flash of darkness into his two blades. Madoka suddenly charges forward as though powered by a rocket. Yoshimaru flinches before her lightning quick attacks, and she instinctively uses the chain to advantage, flinging the weapon at Yoshimaru, stabbing him repeatedly, and when he readies for more launches, she dances into his defense zone. Her repeated attacks score over and over as she stabs him. He yells and screams and the cracks in his mask deepen as Madoka’s blows rain down on him.

Madoka gathers herself and charges her energy for a final strike. Yoshimaru blocks it desperately, but his blades crack and shatter under her attack.

“Take your empty victory, fool… you’ve granted me my desire! We’ll see each other anon at the most crucial leyline in my grand plan! Find me again if you can, or cower here in Tokyo for all I care!” he snarls as his mask breaks into pieces. His body dissipates into dark motes before the searing light emitted by Madoka’s attacks. Madoka comes to a stop, passing through the motes; she falls to her knees and her spear and armor dissipate. Tears leak from Madoka’s eyes as she hugs herself.

“Something is… gone…” Madoka murmurs as she trembles and collapses.

Madoka gasps as she wakes up and her eyes open wide. She sees the form of her father standing over her. She sobs as she sees him, looking as hale and healthy as ever, though there’s a ravaged expression on his face. He takes Madoka’s hand.

“Madoka… you’ve been through so much…” he cries. “My son… my daughter…”

Madoka looks into the eyes of her father and her sobbing quickly becomes a flood of tears.

Nobuo looks down on Madoka for a long moment and he embraces Madoka as he might a daughter. They embrace for a long moment.

Madoka is wheeled out from the hospital in a wheelchair by her father. A group of friendly faces greet her, Kiyomi looking healthy and well, Kozuke looking well though a little ragged around the edges.

Emi waits with a warm smile. “I’ve made some arrangements and there’s a surprise waiting for you, senpai.” She winks at Madoka.

Madoka smiles brightly and sighs, exhausted.

“It’s time to rest isn’t it?” Madoka sighs softly.

“For now, Madoka.” Kozuke smiles. “Kami is pleased with her miko.”

“What surprise?” Madoka asks.

“You’ll see, Madoka-chan.” Kiyomi smiles as she charges towards Madoka and scoops her into her arms. “Can I have my reward now?” she asks with pursed lips.

Madoka turns scarlet and looks at Emi. “I’m so happy that you’re alright… where have you been? We were so worried for you!”

Kiyomi pouts. “I-ignored again…”

“In any case,” Emi states as she points to a large limousine parked before the hospital. “Here awaits your ride to your new home, Madoka-chan.”

Madoka gasps. “That’s unnecessary… I don’t need fine things like this… I’m fine riding on a bus.”

“No, allow us to spoil you.” Emi smiles and walks over to Madoka. Madoka looks into her eyes and they hug tightly. Madoka cries softly.

After a long while, Kozuke opens the door to the limousine and Madoka gasps to see that the maids are waiting inside. They grin as she’s helped inside. “E-everyone!” Madoka cries. “Thank you so much for your support!” She weeps.

“Of course! Everyone wants to support Madoka. You fight so hard!” Arisu exclaims. Chie sits down right next to Madoka and smiles shyly at her.

Meanwhile Sari charges at Madoka and climbs into her lap. “Oneechan! You’ll feel better!” She winks and puts her hands to either side of Madoka’s cheeks.

“Good girl!” Kozuke approves with a smile as the rest climb into the limousine. Madoka looks into the eyes of the small kitsune girl questioningly and she gasps as energy pours into her. She feels her body invigorated.

“I… I thought I wouldn’t be able to walk again… the damage was too much…” Madoka gasps.

“Nevwa too much for me to fwix. I’m determwined!” Saru exclaims with a childish lisp.

Everyone laughs and cries tears of joy as they embrace each other.

Book One - Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu - End

It’s been a ride to write this for everyone and myself. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope the final chapter was a great deal of fun for all! Sorry I lost heart for a week and didn’t write this sooner. I have a headache right now after binge writing this, but it was worth it because I feel accomplished! You want to know what happened to Emi-chan? Wait for the bonus chapter to find out! *heart*

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It was a great end to a book. It was nice to see Yoshimaru finally get all his plans thwarted. Madoka fought hard, and while she lost her mom, she still has her father this time. I just pause and wonder, what ever happened to Midoriyama? I know Yoshi was shown dying, but there's still unanswered questions~ Like why was Aoi and the other Spirits never born? I'm certain you have your reasons and I look forward to learning them in the future~

Rellawing's Reply: Yup! It's planned to be a trilogy! *huggles* Some of those questions will be answered in book two, but being as I have many projects on the backburner (and the main one) it will be a while! :D Thankies for beta reading it the whole way!

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