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Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 3 Warnings!
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Madoka completes the trials Kami has set before her and learns an important truth before going into battle!

Chapter Twenty Nine : The Girl Who Became a True Miko
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Words: 6490

Noooo! Madoka-chan! Aoi’s voice sounds in Madoka’s mind as she falls.

Madoka stares into the sky as she falls and the freezing wind whips across her body like icicle flails.

She stares as tears stream from her eyes, and she reaches towards the top.

“Had I gotten so far without knowing? And now I fall…” she gasps and the vision of the top of the building slides out of her vision as she begins falling headfirst. She begins to spin as the strong wind buffets her.

“Have I failed, Kami-sama?” Madoka gasps.

No response comes as the wind roars around her.

I guess I’ll hit the ground… won’t that be the end of my life?

She sees the grassy ground rush towards her. She sees Kozuke rushing to catch her. Her velocity is impossible to break.

Suddenly a burst of wind surges against her face and she flails as she ceases to fall. Kozuke goes flying in the updraft in komainu form. He catapults higher than Madoka in the air. Down below, motes of red glimmer and an inferno ignites below like a great bonfire. The air around heats up intensely and Madoka and Kozuke shoot up even higher. Madoka flies towards the building. She gasps as she slams against it. A spar of the material of the building juts out below as sparkling motes of yellow run along the surface of the building. When Madoka falls again, she lands quickly on the ledge which has formed below her.

Madoka gasps and takes a long racking breath.

Kozuke lands with surprising grace nearby. “Your power wakens, Mistress, but you’re still only halfway towards your goal.”

Madoka sighs and gasps silently.

“Rest if you must, but please hurry as soon as you are able!” He sits and watches quietly.

“How do you climb this? Do you scale this building every time you see Kami-sama?” Madoka gulps.

“No. My existence is different from yours. Do I seem similar to yourself? You’re mortal, Madoka… so take care, but do your best,” Kozuke murmurs.

“I well know that, Kozy…” Madoka gasps as tears pour from her eyes.

“But even Kami can die, and I as well. We’re all mortal, but the existence of spirits is different from yours.”

“Even Kami can die?” Madoka asks softly.

“Yes… and can sicken. No one is invincible. Yoshimaru is not, either,” Kozuke offers.

“That’s amazing… I didn’t think about that… but no matter how, I want to kill Yoshimaru.” Madoka takes a deep breath and rubs her tears away. The salt caked on her burning hands burns her eyes when she rubs them.

“That determination of yours is excellent, Madoka! Keep fighting. I’ll be watching you.”

Madoka closes her eyes and nearly passes out after her trial. Suddenly, she feels soft hands on her body. She’s pulled softly into a warm lap. She opens her eyes blearily up to see Aoi’s indistinct face. She gently strokes Madoka’s face and hair.

“Just rest, Madoka-chan… I can’t do much for you. You’re still too weak… but at least I can offer you support,” she whispers and gently strokes her head. Tears pour from Madoka’s eyes again.

“A-Aoi-chan! You’re here for me in the end!” Madoka looks up at her glistening eyes.

“I’m sorry you have to suffer this pain, Madoka. I think it’s important, but I still resent it,” Aoi responds. She runs her hands over Madoka’s body in a way that feels intimate.

Madoka gasps as she feels a soothing sensation spreading across her body.

She sighs and looks up to Aoi again, noticing belatedly that Aoi is as nude as herself.

“A-Aoi-chan! What are you doing?” she gasps, her eyes avoiding the sight of her perky breasts.

“It feels appropriate in the situation, Madoka. You’re nude because you must be as you come to Kami. I would not come to you clothed when you must go unclad.”

“It’s for my sake, Aoi-chan?” Madoka asks, blushing. “It’s for me?”

“Yes, and for me,” Aoi murmurs softly.

“For you too? You care?” Madoka asks, wonderingly. She rubs her eyes again as a new flow of tears issue from her eyes.

“Baka. Of course I do. Why would you think I did not?” Aoi asks as she strokes Madoka’s head. “I’m your servant, your shikigami.”

“Is that all?” Madoka asks softly in return.

“Of course! You extreme baka. I’m a spirit. Don’t fixate on ghosts,” Aoi murmurs.

“But you’re so warm…” Madoka sniffles as she snuggles into Aoi’s lap.

“Yes, warmth provided by you. You should rest. I will be here as long as I can be for you, Madoka-chan, but I worry for you. I have faith in you. I know you can regain your strength. I’m sure you’ll reach new heights.” Aoi cheers Madoka on.

Madoka sniffles and snuggles against Aoi’s warm lap and closes her eyes.

“Shhhh… rest well, Madoka-chan…” Aoi murmurs.

“One more thing before I sleep, Aoi-chan…” Madoka says softly.

“What?” Aoi asks as Madoka sits up tiredly and looks into her eyes.

“I know you’re a ghost. I know you’re a spirit, my shikigami, but I can’t help it.” Madoka chews her lip a moment and throws herself against Aoi. Aoi looks startled for a moment before Madoka’s lips capture hers. Her eyes widen and they fall to the surface of the ledge. Madoka kisses her for a long moment, and after a while she returns the kiss with heightening enthusiasm.

Madoka awakens alone on the ledge with a small fire burning nearby. She stands as she looks around.

“Ah… th-thank you, Eiji… and Aoi-chan… and Kanna-chan… and Ippei!” Madoka murmurs. Her stomach growls as she looks around. She looks downwards towards the grassland far below. She winces and gasps as vertigo seizes her, making her queasy.

No one responds. She turns towards the building and goes to her knees. She takes a moment to examine herself, particularly her hands. There are still sores on them, but they seem somewhat healed and they’re clean. “It’s going to hurt to climb again… but I have to reach the top…” Madoka murmurs. She looks down at her body and gasps to note that she has breasts again, but they’re smaller and more tubular. She reaches between her legs and laughs to find her male anatomy is still present, but far smaller than it was, not that it ever was very large. She blushes. Thinking about Aoi’s naked body still doesn’t make that part of her react, but warmth flushes throughout her body as she remembers the sight of her.

Madoka takes a deep breath and grits her teeth. Her stomach growls again sounding a need for sustenance. “There isn’t anything I can do about it. I can’t eat yet. Maybe Kami-sama will have something at the top for me.” Madoka laughs. “It’s my trial.”

She stands again and claps her hands together. “Kami-sama… please have a breakfast waiting for me.”

In the face of everything that has happened to you, you pray for lunch? Kami’s voice laughs.

“Well, I am hungry, Kami-sama.” Madoka laughs. “I can handle the rest.”

Ah… you don’t pray for more strength?

“I do want more strength, but I guess that’s up to me, isn’t it?” Madoka laughs.

Kami doesn’t respond, but Madoka feels a sensation as though the world is smiling at her.

Madoka smiles brightly as she puts her hands to the building. She searches and finds where she can resume her ascent. It hurts incredibly as she scrabbles at the building’s surface, but she continues smiling as she climbs. She hurts from head to toes, and for some reason she can only laugh.

After a while, she reaches a point where no handholds offer themselves. She descends and searches for other handholds. In many places she has to descend and try other possible ways upward. She makes progress, but it is laborious. After many hours of work, her muscles are shrieking at her, and still she smiles even though tears drip down her eyes. She climbs more carefully than before. You can’t rush a long journey.

As she continues to climb, the frigid winds billow against her sweaty slick body. Her fingers and toes start feeling numb from the cold. The numbness spreads throughout her whole body.

She keeps at it and it feels as though her life is draining away slowly, as though she’s bleeding slowly to death. Yet she still smiles as she determinedly keeps going. Finally, her fingers find a larger handhold and Madoka hefts herself tremblingly higher. She grits her teeth. It’s another ledge… thank you so much, Ippei! Madoka laughs tiredly. She climbs onto it and closes her eyes as she falls a short distance. She sighs and gasps, soaked in her sweat.

Where’s Aoi-chan’s lap? Madoka giggles softly as she thinks tiredly.

Baka Madoka! Aoi responds in her mind quietly.

Do you feel the fire again, Goshujinsama? Eiji asks.

No, I’m cold, but the fire in my heart burns hotter than ever! Madoka responds.

Did you find the rhythm, Goshujinsama? Ippei inquires.

I think I did… you can’t rush things. All you can do is fight onwards and work towards a better future.

So right, Madoka-chan! Kanna chimes in.

I’m going to sleep again. I’m so tired, hehe! Madoka laughs.

You should rest, Madoka-chan! Aoi laughs in return.

Warm arms wrap around Madoka and hold her for a long time. She passes out as she feels a sensation of motion. Suddenly she shrieks as a sensation of intense heat surrounds her. She wakes with a sense of shock and rubs her eyes, gasping as she notices she’s neck deep in hot water. She looks around, seeing rocks lining what looks like a hot spring, and the blessed warmth spreads through her body, soothing pain and clearing up the numbness she’s suffered. She sees the blue sky above, but can’t see much else beyond low walls.

Suddenly, Madoka recognizes that arms are still around her. She looks behind her into the eyes of Kami herself. Madoka gasps loudly.

“Wh-what… Kami-sama? Why are you here now? You’re comforting me? I… couldn’t have…”

“You made it to me, shrine maiden. You’re in the place of kami. You can’t come here as you please, but you were invited,” Kami states.

Madoka gasps, realizing the breasts of Kami are pressed against her back.

“W-why are you… why am I bathing? Why is Kami bathing with me?” Madoka yelps, blushing.

“You were in need of a hot bath more than anything else, my miko, but you will eat as well. Yet there is one thing you need to show me. Your trial is not over yet,” Kami says.

Madoka gasps and turns. Her face flames up intensely as she realizes that Kami is nude as well. She covers her face.

Kami laughs musically. “Your response is so pure, Madoka. I approve. That purity of yours makes you an amazing miko. Once a man, and yet you’re an ideal miko. Do you hate me now, Madoka?”

“N-no… I couldn’t hate Kami…” Madoka fluteredly stammers.

“Even though you’ve suffered greatly because I chose you? Even though much of it would have befallen you and worse, yet I still have been a source of pain. Even now you do not hate me?” Kami inquires.

“I don’t! I don’t think you’ve ever really hurt me, Kami-sama… I think you’ve looked after me.”

Kami are capricious. One may smile on you one day and frown upon you the next. You still have such faith?” Kami asks gravely.

Kami-sama is Kami-sama. I do have faith.” Madoka bows and gasps as she submerges herself in the process.

Kami laughs aloud. “Look into my eyes, Madoka. You won’t look at me. I wish you to look.”

Madoka gasps and flushes more deeply, turning away. “I-I understand, but I can’t just stare at Kami!”

“Madoka,” Kami states with a commanding tone.

Madoka turns at that command and opens her eyes. She takes a deep breath and fixes her eyes on Kami’s. The eyes are powerful. They’re so powerful she has to look away, and so ends up staring at her body. Madoka yelps and slides her eyes up to Kami’s face again, and her eyes ping-pong back and forth. Those eyes overwhelm her. If she looks away, Kami may be angry.

Kami laughs aloud. “You’re truly amusing, my shrine priestess. Perhaps this form is too overwhelming for you. I think it’s time for you to realize what should be plain to you.” Kami steps to Madoka and her body shines while wreaths of shadow spin around her. Madoka stares, blinded for a moment. She feels arms around her again and when she painfully opens her eyes again, tears leak out of them due to the discomfort, but she sees a new familiar face, that of Harue.

Madoka gasps and squeaks. “What are you doing here, Harue? Why are you in th-the place of kami? Did you scale this building like I did? Wh-why, how?” Madoka stammers.

Harue laughs aloud. “Baka Madoka.”

“Wh-why am I ‘a baka’?” Madoka yelps and steps back. Harue steps forward towards Madoka and presses her breasts against Madoka’s.

“Why, indeed?” Harue asks laughing. “You adorable fool.”

“H-harue… y-you… y-you’re… K-Kami?” Madoka stammers like a machine gun.

Harue laughs aloud. “Yes! It took forever for you to realize it. I was there from the very beginning, looking after you and watching you. I set you on your path. Do you resent it? From our date in Harajuku to today.”

“You plotted it from the very beginning?” Madoka yelps.

“Yes. But I wouldn’t use that term, Madoka. You are who you are, and I who I am,” Harue responds. “Do you resent it?” she repeats.

“No! Harue! No, Kami-sama… I can’t resent you,” Madoka responds quickly.

“Good girl…” Harue smiles warmly and wraps her arms around Madoka again. Madoka yelps as her lips are seized as she has seized Aoi’s.

Madoka gasps and blushes redly. K-Kami is kissing me… but she kissed me before. Why me? She melts like butter in the hot spring as she’s kissed. She soon passes out as her body heat overloads her brain.

Madoka wakes in a fluffy futon. She yelps when she sees Harue’s face. They’re lying together in the futon. Madoka rubs her eyes.

“K-Kami-sama?” Madoka asks.

“Yes,” Kami responds with a laugh.

“Ah… what are we doing? Did I pass your test?” Madoka asks.

“Not quite yet, but you have regained your power. It’s in the state of your mind as much as anything else. Don’t forget that your mind is very important. Your emotions, your determination… it all dictates what you’re capable of.” Kami smiles.

“So I need to keep smiling no matter what?” Madoka asks.

“You can’t always smile. Life is full of happy moments and sad, but despite that, focusing on the positive things in your life is best,” Kami states.

“You talk like a dead person, Kami,” Madoka murmurs.

“Even Kami can die, you know. I have died. It isn’t a pleasant experience. I wish a long and happy life for you. To achieve that, you must end the threat of Yoshimaru. Only that will put an end to this trial in your life. My trial is near its end this time, but the trial of your life is still ahead of you. Can you continue to fight?” Kami asks.

“I will end him, Kami-sama. I’m determined to repay his horrible tormenting of myself and those important to me. I must pay him back for Emi-chan and… Harue-chan… where is Emi?” Madoka chews her lip and Kami cuddles her comfortingly.

“K-Kami-sama…” Madoka gasps.

“I’m certain that Yoshimaru holds Emi. There must be something going on there. I sensed that she was developing prescience. Did you feel any spiritual energy from her?” Kami asks gently.

“Spiritual energy? I thought it was a wishful thought she had after our trip to the yokai world, but maybe she took something away from that?” Madoka asks.

“Yes… coming into contact with spiritual energies can open you and change you. Not all have that potential, but she may well be one. I too hope that she is well. I suppose she might make a fine shrine maiden as well.” Kami laughs.

“H-Her too? You want Emi-chan too?” Madoka asks.

“If it’s what she desires. The path of her fate may lie in another direction, but I would wholeheartedly accept her service.”

“She seems pretty pure in her loyalty, I think, Kami-sama.” Madoka smiles.

“She is that, Madoka. I think it’s time you rise and eat. There is a last trial of mine before you as I mentioned.” Kami sits up, and looks down at Madoka. She blushes and squirms into the futon.

“Still not ready to go?” she asks.

“It feels good to lay here…” Madoka covers her head with a pillow. Kami laughs aloud and Madoka starts squirming and fidgeting as Kami’s fingers start mercilessly tickling her. Madoka gasps, squirms, shrieks, and giggles. She wriggles out from under the blankets and crawls away with a squeak. Kami laughs as she watches. “Kozuke will be here soon. If you’re concerned with your nudity, you should probably quickly don your robes.”

Madoka gasps and covers herself as she looks around the room. It’s the same room she once found herself in when she woke up after Yoshimaru’s first assault. Then Kami called me to her world as a man, but now I’m a girl, and the journey was very hard! She reaches down between her legs to confirm what she already knows is true. She finds the bloom of her womanhood returned fully and her breasts are full and swollen. Madoka hugs herself and cries softly. I never realized how much I want to be this Madoka! This is the real me! Going back to the old me was miserable…

Madoka sighs for a long moment and feels more soft hands on her suddenly. She yelps and sees Aoi first and then Kanna. Thankfully they’re dressed now. Aoi sees the expression on Madoka’s face and laughs merilly. Kanna giggles too.

“Why are you out now?” Madoka asks with a happy laugh. “I’m happy to see you two but, why are you here… I’m so embarrassed…” Madoka laughs, still hiding her body.

“We’re here to support you Madoka-chan…” Kanna smiles brightly. “Eiji and Ippei were too gentlemanly to appear when you’re naked, goshujinsama.”

“I’m glad for that…” Madoka laughs. “You’re here to support me?”

“More accurately, we’re here to help you dress. Think of it as a ceremony.”

“A ceremony?” Madoka asks, blinking. “You two?”

“It’s a little silly, but you’ve come very far. We’re proud of you,” Ippei’s voice sounds in her ears. Madoka yelps in response.

“Hurry up so we can come see you, too! I’m bored!” Eiji’s voice speaks in her other ear.

Kanna walks over to a low table where clothes are laid out. She lifts them and shows them to Madoka. “They’re the same robes that Kami gifted me before!” Madoka gasps. “They didn’t burn in the fire?” Madoka exclaims as she rushes to Kanna.

“You might want to ask Kami that,” Aoi suggests behind Madoka as she follows her. Madoka laughs aloud.

“She gave me such pretty clothes, though I felt so embarrassed wearing them in public. I want to wear them now.” Madoka giggles as she reaches for the kimono-like sleeveless top.

“First the underwear!” Aoi laughs. “Don’t get ahead of yourself. You’ll be a no-pantsu shrine maiden if you don’t think about your very important undergarments!”

Madoka gasps and looks over her shoulder as Aoi kneels behind Madoka. She feels a feathery kiss on the back of her thigh. Madoka’s eyes widen. Kanna laughs and averts her eyes.

“Lift your leg, baka Madoka-chan,” Aoi urges Madoka as she pinches one ankle. Madoka eeeps and lifts her leg. Aoi pulls on a pair of beautiful panties that match the design of the kimono which Kanna holds. “Now the other,” Aoi commands.

Madoka lifts her other foot as she sets the other down. Aoi snugs up the panties and they cup her feminine parts softly. “And next, your bra. A beautiful girl should always wear them.” Aoi stands gracefully. She takes a hand and slips the strap of a bra over it and up her arm. Madoka slips her other hand on her own through the other loop.

“By now I know how it works, you two.” Madoka giggles.

“We know. After what you went through, you deserve this!” Aoi smiles as she pulls the bra on and Kanna adjusts the cups as Aoi fastens it. Afterwards, Kanna smiles. “Turn and I’ll slip on your kimono top.” Madoka nods, blushing as she turns towards Aoi, who smiles warmly at Madoka. Kanna pulls Madoka’s arms back and slips them into the top. Aoi closes the top over Madoka’s torso and Kanna begins wrapping the obi around her waist. She begins tying it in a bow behind her. Finally, Aoi accepts the skirt handed over by Kanna and she kneels before Madoka with a warm smile. “Now step into your skirt. Your kneesocks are next, and I think I see a pair of shoes, but perhaps you should carry them until you leave Kami’s place?” Aoi suggests.

Madoka lifts her feet one by one and Kanna snugs up the skirt and fastens it. Behind her, Kanna starts brushing out her hair slowly. Madoka sighs and smiles as she feels the bristles massage her scalp as Kanna works out knots from her hair. Meanwhile, Aoi lifts a white and blue kneesock up for Madoka, beckoning her to lift her leg again. Madoka does and Aoi pulls the sock firmly on, rolling it up her leg until it reaches her creamy thigh.

Kanna tugs at her hair as she styles her hair. Madoka can feel her gathering her hair as she ties it in a high ponytail. Madoka lifts her other leg as Aoi slides up the other kneesock, rolling it up from foot to knee and her other thigh. Madoka blushes as she looks at Aoi, who lingeringly smiles at Madoka’s cute thighs. Finally she gracefully stands and Kanna hands her the last part of the costume: two sleeves with lillies embroidered upon them. Aoi pulls them onto her arms and ties them with neat bows in place. Finally Kanna finishes her work on Madoka’s hair and the two hug Madoka. She sees motes of yellow and red gather and Eiji and Ippei appear. They step to the three and the hug becomes a five-person group hug. Madoka giggles softly.

“Ah… thank you for waiting, Eiji, Ippei,” Madoka apologizes.

“We wouldn’t peep on you, Goshujinsama.” Eiji laughs.

“Are you sure you didn’t peek, baka?” Ippei laughs.

“I didn’t!” Eiji exclaims with a laugh. “Aoi was way more perverted.”

“Perverted?” Aoi blushes. “You idiot! When a girl helps you dress it’s not perverted!”

“Was that kiss necessary?” Eiji grins.

“W-wha… were you actually watching the whole time?” Madoka gasps. “Which kiss?”

Eiji only grins in response.

Suddenly the door to the room slides open and Kozuke steps inside.

“Mistress Madoka, I see you’re ready. Enjoy your meal, and I’ll lead you to Kami. I see your shikigami are present.” He smiles. “Do you feel drained at all?”

Madoka laughs aloud. “I don’t… maybe it’s because we’re in the place of kami,” Madoka suggests.

“That’s a part of it, but not the whole of it. Only time will tell.” Kozuke chuckles as he moves to set down the tray he carries, but Eiji and Ippei swiftly move to his side.

“We’ll take that for you,” Ippei seriously states.

“Will you pamper her the whole way to her final fight?” Kozuke laughs.

“Final fight?” Madoka gasps.

“It’s time, Madoka. Eat well. You will learn more soon.” Kozuke chuckles.

The five follow Kozuke from the room up the hallway after Madoka finishes eating.

Ahh… I feel so full… my heart and stomach are both full! Madoka considers as they walk along. They come across a sunlit garden after a while and Madoka recognizes it. There is the pond with the kappa capering again. Madoka giggles as she watches them. Kanna grins.

“They’re so cute.” Kanna winks.

“They’re bald… and they’re green… why is that cute?” Eiji asks.

“Cuteness is in the eyes of those witnessing.” Aoi laughs.

“Very wisely stated.” Ippei grins.

“I still don’t see it, but cuteness isn’t really my thing… cute cute girls…” Eiji trails off.

“Idiot!” Kanna rolls her eyes. Ippei laughs as he swats Eiji firmly in the back of the head.

They reach a large set of doors, which open themselves. Madoka and the four step into the room after Kozuke. He steps up to the center of the room by her side. Kami sits in a plain seat as she watches them enter the room, and as before, her aura is shining. Her hagoromo is back in its place around her shoulders as she wears her full kami raiment. As usual, it floats as though weightless. Her white kimono is similar to the one she has gifted Madoka with, but is far less revealing and more regal. Lilies are embroidered on her own kimono.

Madoka squeaks when she sees Kami sitting there with her brilliant aura, her shining hagoromo worn over her shoulder as though floating in a zone without gravity. Kimono’s raiment is a white kimono of fine, silky fabric with lilies and leaves embroidered on it. The five bow low, and Madoka looks up to the face of Kami. “I thought there was something familiar about your face the first time I saw you, and I’m shocked that I didn’t realize who you were… Harue… Kami… what comes next?” Madoka asks softly.

Kami smiles and lifts a large cup to her lips as she takes a long pull. “What comes next is a reunion. It’s time to see your true blessing as well.” She winks.

At those words, the doors behind slide open once again and Kiyomi walks into the room. “Kami-sama!” she bows low. “Thank you for calling me! I missed those creamy thighs…” she purrs.

Kami sighs and rolls her eyes. “Whose are you referring to?” she asks with a put upon expression.

“Why, Madoka-chan’s of course!” Kiyomi grins and glomps Madoka enthusiastically.

“Oh… I see your affections are firmly directed towards my shrine maiden. I warn you… if you trouble her, I will punish you.” Kami chuckles.

“I’d never trouble her. I only want to protect her.” Kiyomi grins.

“Why are you here, Kiyomi?” Madoka gasps as Kiyomi snuggles up against her body.

“Because I found him… or more appropriately, Yoshimaru wants to destroy you. He’ll be in a battlefield of his choosing. It will be dangerous, but we have an opportunity to destroy him,” Kiyomi exclaims.

“It’s a trap, obviously.” Madoka frowns.

“That’s a wise point,” Ippei comments.

“Your shikigami are all adorable! Though honestly, only two really do it for me.” Kiyomi grins.

“What is this? Does everyone hate men?” Eiji complains.

“Just the kitsune, probably. Madoka doesn’t hate us you know, idiot,” Ippei admonishes Eiji.

“I don’t hate men… I’m just not interested at all.” Kiyomi laughs. “Even the boys are somewhat cute, but maybe that’s a reflection from you, Madoka-chan!” Kiyomi grins. “Did you tell Madoka the truth, Kami?” she asks softly as she eyes Kami coyly.

“Which one?” Kami asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Your…” Kiyomi looks to Madoka with a smile.

Madoka frowns slightly and laughs.

“Really? You’re going to be mysterious about it? Fine then, I’ll be impudent. It’s my nature.” Kiyomi steps back and directs her finger towards Kami who smiles faintly. “Harue!” Kiyomi grins mischievously.

“When did you realize it?” Kami asks Kiyomi.

“In school. But particularly in the locker room. You have a very unique scent. You masked it well, but something about your scent was tantalizing. If you weren’t so abrasive, I would have glomped you,” Kiyomi proclaims.

“Very impudent,” Kozuke comments dryly, looking to Kami. “Shall I chastise this wayward kitsune?” he asks.

“No. She harmed nothing, but if you shamelessly share these theories in the future, I will come down on you, and hard, Kiyomi,” Kami murmurs.

“Ehe… Kami’s punishment might be fun.” Kiyomi flutters her eyelashes.

Madoka gapes. Eiji laughs and Kanna giggles.

“You’re incorrigible, kitsune. Let me assure you that if I do punish you, it will not be pleasant for you,” Kami warns.

“Ehe… we’ll see what happens in the future…” Kiyomi expression becomes smug and pleased.

“What are you talking about with fighting Yoshimaru?” Madoka asks.

“He’s making Shinjuku his battlefield. Tonight. Maybe he hopes people will witness his power.” Kiyomi directs her attention towards Madoka.

“It’s a bold and evil plan. Involving mortals. Don’t count on an oni to spare lives,” Kami comments.

“And that maiden of his will be there probably again,” Madoka comments.

“I saw her. She calls him her god,” Kami murmurs. “His bid to become a kami is serious. That power is granted by worshipers. It’s not impossible for him to achieve godhood, but he will need something more for it. If he’s truly ready to take you on, Madoka, at the height of your power, it will be a grave miscalculation.”

“The height of my power?” Madoka exclaims. “All I did was climb to the place of kami… I don’t feel at the height of my power. What do you mean?” Madoka asks.

“You don’t feel it? Your energy has surged immensely. My power is not supplementing yours. Your shikigami are here and you do not feel drained?” Kami smiles.

“Wh-why? All I did was climb a building!? Why could it be that easy?” Madoka gasps.

“It was a huge effort, but your journey from the beginning has been a slow climb to your strength. We can’t yet say that you’ve reached the pinnacle of your potential, but I judge you ready. Your combat skills have improved vastly since the beginning. It’s time for you to show me the full measure of your blessing. You were not ready, but now you are.” Kami stands and existence flashes. Suddenly, they all stand upon the rooftop shrine atop the enormous structure. Kami smiles. “Send your shikigami to the side. Do not interfere, you four. Stand by or I will dismiss you personally.”

Ippei and Aoi bow correctly and seriously. Eiji bows low. Kanna bows slightly and smiles.

Kami steps to the center of the roof and Kozuke to the side. The four move together to another side and watch. Aoi watches with a wide smile. Madoka follows as Kami beckons her over. Finally, as Madoka reaches her, Kami steps forward and removes the golden magatama from her pocket, but this time there’s something slightly different about it.

“Bow and formally accept the physical indication of my blessing,” she murmurs gravely. Madoka bows and breathes softly. Kami slips the magatama over her head and gently caresses Madoka’s head.

“Now, show me the nature of your power. It is your power,” Kami reasserts.

Madoka straightens and nods. “You mean the spear? It’s a beautiful spear.”

“It’s a very important spear, forged by your soul, and your soul is stronger. Call it now. You know, once again, Izanagi used the spear forged by his soul to form the world. He plunged it into the deep ocean and the world was born,” Kami murmurs.

Madoka blinks, nods, and places her hand on the magatama. Golden light flashes blindingly in the air. The spear forms from the light and it shines. Glints of green jewels stand out beautifully now; where the spear once was plain, it’s a work of beauty with a golden tassel mane by its blade, and it looks more solid than ever. “It’s different!” Madoka gasps.

“The other was borrowed, but this is the one forged by your spirit entirely… show me its use.” Kami smiles. Her hagoromo wraps around her body, spinning as though she were the nucleus of an atom, and it her electrons.

“I would never raise a hand against you, Kami-sama! I love you!” Madoka gasps.

“I’m pleased, Madoka, but show me your determination. Show me the measure of your spirit!” She raises her hand and her hagoromo crackles.

Madoka raises her spear and assumes a battle stance. “I don’t want to hit you. If you want to see my spirit, fine.” She holds the spear up and it shines. Madoka strikes at empty air in a display. Kami laughs.

“Foolish shrine maiden. No, come at me.” She extends her arm; her hagoromo writhes around her and her arm and flies at Madoka. It crackles with power. Madoka gasps and dances to the side. She spins as the hagoromo lashes out time after time. She jumps and spins and flips. The hagoromo strikes multiple times, landing loud blows on the ground which shake the building. Madoka gasps and darts towards Kami quickly; the hagoromo follows her. The shikigami watch and Aoi chews her lip.

While the hagoromo chases Madoka, Kami raises her hand and a crackle of energy lances forward. Kiyomi yelps and jumps from the sideline, seeing a powerful attack lancing towards Madoka. Madoka raises her spear and cleaves the burst of energy heading towards her. Kami smiles and lifts her fingers. Suddenly Madoka flies into the air. The hagoromo chases Madoka. Madoka gasps as she flies high up above and the sight of how high up she is makes her feel queasy. She spins and strikes with her spear. The hagoromo tries to wrap itself around her, but she swings her spear and uses the momentum of her parries to move her around. Despite being seemingly helpless in the air, Madoka defends herself and dodges the strikes of the hagoromo.

From below, she feels energy charge, and yelps. She battles with the hagoromo and furiously spins it, drawing the hagoromo toward her. It wraps around her spear and she struggles to keep herself from being disarmed. Then the charged blast fired by Kami launches into the sky. Madoka cries out, and with a surge of determination, she thrusts the spear down to meet the attack despite the struggling of the hagoromo. She lances down through the coruscating energy, cleaving it. The point of her spear lodges firmly in the rooftop. Madoka dances backwards, leaving it there, pinning the hagoromo in place.

“You pass, shrine maiden. You’re ready.” Kami steps close to Madoka. Madoka assumes a defensive position, and Kami laughs. “Your fight begins now, but your trial is over. If you can fight me even so long, you are ready to take on that twisted oni.” Kami steps close and embraces Madoka. “Take my final blessing this day, and fight hard. I trust that you will be victorious!” Kami murmurs as she leans to kiss Madoka’s forehead. Madoka gasps as she feels a surge of energy within her. Kami squeezes her tightly, and Madoka embraces her back diffidently.

“Don’t forget that I am Harue as well,” Kami whispers. “I’ll be watching you.”

Kami looks to Kiyomi. “Are you ready to take her to her battle, Kitsune?”

“Yes…” Kiyomi murmurs. “I’m sorry I was about to charge in… it wasn’t necessary, but I will support her wholeheartedly in this fight.”

To the side of the building rooftop, a red platform rises with blue green surreal flames burning at each corner. A large umbrella sits on it, and it floats in air.

“Take this vehicle to your battle. You will go in style, my maiden. Kozuke, Kiyomi. Protect her well,” Kami murmurs. Kozuke bows deeply and Kiyomi as well.

“I always will.” Kiyomi smiles.

“Go now,” Kami murmurs. Kiyomi and Kozuke walk towards the red floating platform and step over the low wall of the roof into it. Madoka looks to Kami and bows, blushing.

“Thank you, Harue…” she states softly.

“Let’s go, Goshujinsama.” Aoi smiles softly and darts to the platform.

“It looks as though there isn’t enough room for all of us, but we’re always with you, Goshujinsama,” Ippei states gravely.

“We’ll be there for you when we fight!” Kanna grins.

“I’ll be here to roast all your enemies!” Eiji jumps into the air with his fist balled. Kanna laughs and the three fade into motes of energy. Madoka leaps up into the platform and Aoi follows.

“If it won’t drain your energy, I would love to make the journey with you in person.” Aoi smiles.

“Good girls… fight hard.” Kami waves her hand and Madoka’s spear dissipates as well, reforming into her hands. Kami’s hagoromo shakes and flails and flashes to her side like a heeling dog.

The platform rises, and as it does, Aoi hugs Madoka. Madoka hugs her back and smiles brightly. Her heart pounds after the fight, but the next fight has it racing even more. “I’ll put a stop to it now… it will finally be over…” Madoka sighs.

“Fight hard. I’ll be by your side. I worry for you, but I have faith in you, Madoka-chan,” Aoi exclaims.

“Th-thank you, Aoi-chan…” Madoka blushes and they hug each other tightly.

“Let me in on this! I adore this shikigami!” Kiyomi squees as she glomps the two and snuggles up against them.

Kozuke watches and rolls his eyes quietly, but he smiles.

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