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Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 3 Warnings!
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Madoka learns how awful relationships can be between women!

Chapter Twenty One : The Girl Who Discovered That Jealousy Is Hard To Deal With
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“Lunch friends?” Harue giggles. “I love it, Emi-chan!” Madoka grins at them.

“Lunch friends?” Kiyomi echoes suddenly, announcing her presence. The girls turn towards her, blinking.

“Where did you come from, oba-chan?” Emi’s nose wrinkles.

“Do you think you could stop calling me that?” Kiyomi complains and leaps up to her feet from where she was crouched, posing for the three. “I’m obviously full of youth and energy.” She arches her back and places a hand on her rump over her skirt, winking.

Oba-chan?” Harue laughs, amusedly. “She doesn’t look old, but she is a senpai, so it is appropriate to call anyone older than yourself an oba-chan.” She grins, a glint in her eyes.

Emi looks at Harue and laughs uproariously. Madoka covers her mouth and giggles. She’s stuck with that nickname too, isn’t she? Madoka thinks, amused herself.

Kiyomi pouts and frowns. “So you totally ignored that question… baka,” Emi points out.

And that one too… poor Kiyomi-san… Madoka chews her lip.

Kiyomi scowls at Emi, turning as she places her hands on her hips and stomps indignantly. “Is that my new nickname now? Am I not just oba-chan but also baka? Why not make it baka oba-chan, or crone while we’re at it?” Kiyomi pouts again. “You injure me!” She looks to Madoka. “What have I done to deserve this lack of love and compassion? From you particularly, Madoka-chan?” Kiyomi sniffles.

Ouch… and both together now. It’s her fault! Madoka squirms guiltily as she looks towards Kiyomi, gaping.

“Don’t mind it, Madoka-chan. She’s just manipulating your emotions.” Emi pats Madoka’s arm. “She’s cool and unruffleable. Don’t believe the act.”

“I think that’s probably right.” Harue grins as she examines Kiyomi, who glares at her and frowns, and places her hands on her hips as she opens her mouth to retort.

“So answer the question, baka. Your groupies were thronging around you in the classroom. Why didn’t you just stay there? The only thing you want is pretty girls all around you,” Emi snorts derisively. She quickly takes a mouthful of her lunch.

“That’s not all I want, you know. I care the most about Madoka-chan! All I want to do is help her and love her and care for her! What’s wrong with that?!” Kiyomi purses her lips.

Madoka fidgets, squirms, and sighs, bowing to Kiyomi without standing up. “Kiyomi-san is right… She has protected me and looked out for me… She comes on too strongly, but I think her heart is in the right place,” Madoka points out, still with her head bowed.

“She does come on too strongly.” Emi smiles wryly. “I will admit that she has done some good to you at least, but I can’t like her clinging to you the way she does,” Emi observes.

She’s always there, I’m almost afraid to take a bath… Madoka blushes.

“Clinging? She does seem to be the sort.” Harue’s eyebrow raises as she looks towards Kiyomi with a sudden disparaging expression. Kiyomi returns the look, opening her mouth to protest again, but is cut off again. “Maybe she is the type that fixates on someone to the point it borders on obsession.”

“Wait a minute!!!” Kiyomi stamps. Madoka can practically see her tail standing straight up, the hair on it standing straight out with tension.

Suddenly, they’re interrupted by three other girls walking up to their group with big smiles. One has hair tinted green, her hair long and wavy. Another has red hair, a bright and glossy color. It is a tousled style, cut short with bangs parted on one side. Madoka notes that she is shorter than the others. The third girl has blue-tinted dark hair styled up in a ponytail.

Kiyomi recovers quickly as she eyes them with her classic impish expression. “New members of my ever growing fan club at the Academy? Only the first day, and of course there are girls lining up to see me.” She laughs haughtily.

“Actually, no… who are you, senpai?” the red haired girl asks blankly.

“We heard that Fujita-san can do fortunes!” the girl with green hair enthuses. “This collected, beautiful, and graceful girl is Fujita-san, right?” she inquires, looking at Madoka.

Madoka blushes and blinks. “Um… this is Fujita-san.” She laughs as she gestures to Harue. They grin and turn towards Harue.

“Ah, I’m sorry!” the green-haired girl profusely apologizes to Harue. “We didn’t have a great description of you.” She laughs. “Um, will you do our fortunes, please?” She claps her hands together with a big wide pretty please smile.

Harue returns the smile and climbs gracefully to her feet, brushing her skirt. She examines the three girls and steps apart from her friends, pointing to the side. Emi watches with a big grin. “There’s something to your aura that makes me wonder if it will be a true reading,” she observes. Harue leans against the fence ringing the rooftop, and examines the girls silently as they surround her.

Madoka studies Harue and nods to herself as she steps away. She looks at Emi. “Did you gain something from… from our trip?” she asks. I can’t speak of it openly here, right? I hope Emi-chan will know what I mean… when we went to the youkai dimension!

“Something; I don’t know for sure. I think that I at least…” Emi trails off, still watching. Harue turns her attention to the shorter red haired girl first. She reaches out gently, cupping her face as she turning her face up towards her as she gazes into her eyes thoughtfully. The red haired girl blushes, blinking.

N-no way… isn’t that what she did with me in the bathroom? I didn’t think she would do something like this… but maybe… I mean, doesn’t she like me? Madoka muses, wondering.

“Hey… what are you doing, Fujita-san?” the girl with the blueish hair asks, seeming to echo her thoughts.

Without looking away from the red-haired girl’s eyes Harue replies. “The fortune telling. It involves looking deeply into a person. You look into their eyes to get a sense of who a person is. There is more to it, though. You need to know more about a person by asking questions. Their horoscope has a big part in it. Tell me, what was your birthdate? What are you passionate about?” Harue asks the red haired girl, who flushes again.

“It sounds like she’s hitting on them to me,” Kiyomi comments, stretching. “She’s pretty good, I suppose.” she grudgingly compliments Harue from her point of view. Madoka looks to Emi.

“I disagree. I can tell she’s being straightforward with them from her expression, but the lechery that accompanies your comments say plainly what your intentions are. No, Harue-chan is just telling their fortune,” Emi says.

Kiyomi settles down next to Emi and snatches a sausage from her lunch with a grin and pops it into her mouth. “It looks good! I didn’t think to take a lunch,” Kiyomi points out. “In any case, how can you be so sure? It seems like a good opportunity to touch a cute girl’s face to me.”

Emi frowns at Kiyomi but shrugs and smiles. “I have plenty. As for her technique, I don’t know a thing about fortune-telling but I think I’ve taken a measure of Harue-chan. She isn’t like you. Don’t project your own agenda on others,” Emi criticizes.

“Um… S-senpai…” The red haired girl squirms as Harue looks deeply into her eyes. “Um… I like going to arcades and I love music! I like to sing and I like soccer… Um… my birthday…” The volume of her voice lowers as she speaks. Madoka blushes, tuning the murmurs out, feeling self-conscious. It’s like I’m eavesdropping on a private conversation. She turns to her lunch again, wielding her chopsticks as she munches quietly. I can’t deny that I’m fascinated, though…

Harue returns to their group not long after and the girls bow deeply and grin broadly. “Thank you, Fujita-san!” they say almost in unison. Harue smiles and sits quietly.

“It’s nothing that special… I can do fortune-telling too,” Kiyomi points out. “Maybe you should learn fortune-telling sometime, Madoka-chan. You might be good at it.” Kiyomi grins at Madoka. “My own method uses tea leaves. It’s a form of divination. Isn’t it really elegant?”

“She might be able. Whatever fake version of fortune-telling she knows aside, I’m willing to teach you my method, Madoka-chan.” Harue eyes Kiyomi.

Kiyomi blinks and glares at her. “Why are you assuming my method isn’t valid? It’s very accurate!” she growls.

“As I always enjoy seeing Kiyomi-san taken down a notch, I think we should probably hurry back or else Sensei will think we’re all baka.” Emi holds up her phone, indicating the time.

Madoka gasps, quickly rewrapping her bento. Emi does the same with her larger lunchbox. The four return to class, heading through the door to downstairs. They walk through the crowds of students along the hall down to the first floor. They follow Emi to the door of their homeroom and the girls separate, going to their individual seats. Madoka unzips her backpack and tucks her bento box into it. Okada-sensei enters the room, walks over to the bookshelf in the front of the classroom and removes a book from it. Madoka reviews her class schedule, deciding that the book must be a world history book. Madoka sighs and rummages in her backpack again and removes that workbook. That class and the following classes go quickly enough.

This isn’t too bad. It’s mostly everything I’ve already learned so far. Madoka looks to Kiyomi and Harue. The way they seem so relaxed and confident. I think they’re doing well too! Madoka silently cheers for them, throwing her hands upwards with a big smile which they miss. Close to the end of this segment of classes, Madoka thinks again. It’s about an hour away from the end of this day of school. she smiles as she inspects the classroom clock. That’s right! The last class of the day is gym! I can wake up a little! But I wonder how I’ll perform with this body now? I wasn’t that bad, but I feel somewhat lighter on my feet, I think! she considers, looking forward to it.

Okada speaks up loudly interrupting Madoka’s daydreaming. “Everyone hurry along and pack your things. For the new girls, leave your things in the classroom. We will return. Fujita, Fugui, Mori, don’t forget the extra work you need to do to catch up with your classmates,” Okada announces. “For you specifically, baka,” she says, looking to Kiyomi with a steely gaze. “Don’t forget that you have cleaning duties at the end of the school day.” She waggles her finger admonishingly. Kiyomi pouts and nods with a light sigh, looking annoyed. Some girls in the class titter at Kiyomi’s reaction.

“I’ll help you, senpai!” one supportive girl whispers quietly, her words barely registerable.

Okada rolls her eyes. “You will not. Anyone who helps her will face punishment themselves at another date.”

“O-oni…” one girl complains quietly.

Madoka notices Okada-sensei’s appearance now as she claps her hands and beckons to the class. Not that I really thought about it, but I think she looks as fresh as she did earlier in the morning. When did she take the time to adjust her hair and still looking so well styled? Maybe on our Lunch break? Madoka wonders.

Okada turns her head and her hair streams behind her as she walks out of the classroom. Madoka considers further. She looks really sharp, I think. I mean, I don’t look at people’s clothes all that much, but Sensei is pretty impressive. Her presence is amazing. She’s wearing a grey top… like a vest. Was it called a blazer? The quality of the design is high quality, sternly buttoned up over her torso. Madoka notices her undershirt is light blue.

Her eyes slide down to her pencil skirt that seems to match well with the top. Her legs are really long, too! She has really elegant dark stockings, they look really like pantyhose like Mama likes to wear sometimes. Okada-sensei has slightly purple hair, and it’s partly braided. The rest hangs free behind her streaming in the air. What a nice style Sensei has. When have I started thinking about things like this? Am I weird? I was a guy! Madoka chews her lip.

It’s not weird at all, Goshujinsama! It’s normal for a girl to think about these things, but not every girl is perfectly fashionable, you know. Don’t beat yourself up over it! There are many girls who don’t think as much about fashion, Kanna chimes in mentally.

Thank you, Kanna-chan! That makes me feel a little better, Madoka responds with a warm smile.

Okada slides open the door as she walks out, leaving it open behind her. The other students stand and follow her as they chat with each other and group up in the cliques that Madoka is becoming familiar with. Many gather around Kiyomi. Madoka watches for a moment and stands herself, looking through her backpack one last time. Oh no, I don’t have any gym clothes! No way… what am I going to do about that? Madoka worries. Everyone else has them, did someone make a mistake and not think about it? Didn’t Mama or Dad get a paper about it?

Madoka notices as Kiyomi is ushered by the girls thronging around her to the door of the classroom. She preens as they clamour over her. Madoka hears one girl speak of her. “I can’t wait to see senpai in our uniform,” she giggles. Madoka follows with Harue and Emi. Emi looks at Madoka for a long moment, seeming like she wants to say something. Finally, she does. “Prepare yourself for it, Madoka-chan.” She smiles and looks towards Harue briefly. “Harue-chan.”

“That sounds ominous. What could be bad about gym classes?” Harue frowns as they leave the classroom together and follow the crowd of other students.

“Oh, you’ll see soon. Be careful of oba-chan.” Emi waggles her finger as they walk.

They head up the hallway towards the gymnasium. I’m surprised to see that there are other students here. The gymnasium is enormous! What kind of a school is this? It looks expensive, but oh no…. Madoka is floored when she sees the other students in their gym uniforms. She gasps and covers her face, agonizing. No, no, no!!! She blushes intensely. They’re wearing bloomers! They’re so outdated and they’re on their way out… girls are wearing sweatpants like guys these days… why is this school so old-fashioned? Madoka mewls privately. Oh, Kami! The girls wear bloomers, honest to goodness bloomers! The tight bottoms cup the butts of the girls in the gym as they stretch together and run around the gym. Madoka looks away from their bottoms, squirming.

“N-nooooo…” Madoka mewls aloud finally as Emi looks towards her. She giggles as they walk through the gym amidst the groups of girls working out as they cross to the doors leading to the locker rooms. Kiyomi’s own reaction is openly appreciative as she glides through the excercising girls, and she drools visibly, looking this way and that, winking and smiling.

“Like I said, be careful of her,” Emi states delicately.

“But, remember… we’ve changed in front of her already, and she didn’t do anything to us then, so it should be fine, right?” Madoka points out to Emi. Kiyomi looks back to Madoka, her ears practically twitching. She grins with that classic expression of hers, and winks at Madoka as she’s ushered into the locker room by her groupies.

Emi, Madoka, and Harue follow. “I’m not sure I’m comfortable with it. I know her kind,” Harue says with pursed lips. “It’s like having a man watching you change your clothes,” she points out.

“Oh… I get that. I think Sensei will keep her eye on her, though… she knows her type well, I think.” Emi giggles. They look at each other uncertainly as the other girls start undressing. Madoka squeaks and averts her eyes, biting her lip. Oh no, first the bloomers, and now they’re naked… I didn’t think it through enough! Emi looks at Madoka and covers her lips to hide her amused grin. Kiyomi watches them openly, but not having a uniform herself, she wanders over to the other three distractedly.

“I should be changing. Go see the sensei, and behave, Oba-chan!” Emi frowns at Kiyomi as she walks away. “And don’t stare at me, or I’ll tie you up and kick you into the janitor closet,” Emi threats.

Harue laughs aloud. “I’ll help her!” She watches Emi go fondly. Madoka blushes furiously and giggles softly herself. These two make me smile… It’s almost enough to make me feel a little better about this situation!

“You can count on me to be classy and dependable as your senpai,” Kiyomi protests, hands on her hips. It’s like I can see Kiyomi’s tail thrashing around in annoyance and excitement. I can almost see her fox ears twitching, swiveling to catch their gossip while they’re changing their clothes…

“Well, at least we don’t have to wear that yet… I mean our parents didn’t know about it… um… or does Kiyomi even have parents?” Madoka ponders.

Okada walks over to them and gestures with her finger. “Come along. Give me your measurements and I’ll issue yours.” Madoka pouts immediately, turning scarlet. Her eyes avoid the nude girls around her as they finish changing into their gym uniforms and their tight bloomers. Oh no… Kami… I’m going to have to wear something like that too soon! Why?! Madoka quietly despairs.

They follow Okada into a small office in the locker room and she asks them for their measurements. When she gets to Madoka, Madoka chews her lip. “Oh… um… I don’t know… I was measured but they didn’t tell me when I was last…” Madoka mews.

“Oh… that’s fine. I think I can guess it. You have a really tall build… you’re a little taller than I am now… particularly at your age,” Okada points out. “Your butt is plump and fully developed and your hips are filled out entirely. You’ll look good in bloomers,” she compliments Madoka.

Kiyomi drools and hops. Is she thinking about how I’ll look wearing those embarrassing bloomers? Really? As if reading her mind creepilly, Kiyomi grins broadly at her.

Okada looks at Kiyomi and sighs, clapping her hand to her forehead. “You are an incurable yuri, aren’t you? I know your type. Rein it in here. I will keep my eye on you,” she warns Kiyomi, who pouts and bites her lip.

“I wouldn’t hurt a single flower. I nurture them.” Kiyomi puts her hands on her hips, her eyebrows drawing close to each other as her brow furrows.

“I think we’ll start with you, then.” Okada looks to Kiyomi and goes through a supply shelf nearby and removes a shirt and bloomers. She shoves them into Kiyomi’s hands and points to the door. “Out. If anyone mentions that you did something inappropriate, you’ll be cleaning the swimming pool alone.” she warns Kiyomi. Kiyomi gapes at her and her eyes widen. She pouts but scurries to dash out into the locker room. Harue suppresses an amused grin. Okada turns to the storage and dispenses uniforms to the two remaining girls. “Go ahead and get changed here if you like,” she says.

“I’m fine. I’m sure it’ll be fine.” Harue smiles, taking her gym clothes into the locker. Madoka blushes and squirms.Oh Kami, now it’s my turn. At least everyone’s left the office. I don’t know how long she’ll treat me specially, but I’m grateful for it!

“I-I think I’ll accept your kind offer, Sensei,” Madoka murmurs.

Kiyomi carries her uniform into the locker room and finds a place to change, casting her eyes around. She bites her lip, shifting her eyes to the door of the office in the locker room. She drools slightly as she sees the cute girls around her, enjoying the sight of their flesh and curves and the lines of their bodies. She sniffs the air and wiggles, taking in their scents with a soft sigh. She licks her lips. She strips out of her uniform, carefully folding it and setting it aside gracefully.

Her fans grin at her as she bares her creamy immaculate body. She shakes her butt at more than a few as she pulls her gym shirt on, not bothering with the bloomers for a time. The girls around her giggle and a few of them drool. She can tell that they’re eyeing her rump and the perky nipples of her breasts through her newly issued gym shirt. She squirms when she sees them snug up their bloomers on their hips. Kiyomi feels an intense desire to pounce on more than one of them, not for the first time today. She has to savagely fight the desire to glomp any of the cute girls around her.

She steps into her own bloomers and noticing her tension, a few of the girls around her giggle. They seem to go to an extra effort to tease her in the way she had. Kiyomi drools, her eyes fastened to their breasts stretching their gym shirts and their wiggling bottoms. Kiyomi feels her tail thrashing wildly as her heart races. Ah… a flower garden is so wonderful. Why haven’t I arranged to attend a girls’ Academy lately? It’s been so long! she giggles internally. The girls around her tease her, and Kiyomi twitches.

P-Pounce… Ahhhh… It’s so hard! That sensei is such a fierce enemy…

Madoka looks to the teacher concernedly and after a moment she seems to sense it, and returns her look with a questioningly expression. “I’m not sure why or what you’re concerned with Fugui. Is there some other reason for why you’re so bashful? Your body is ridiculously well developed. I can’t say how it will look when your clothes are off, you could be padding in places... but I’m guessing here. I doubt you have anything to be anxious about. Do you have scars you want to hide? Some hidden deformity?” she inquires.

Madoka gapes at her. “Oh… nothing like that, Sensei. I’m just…” She blushes, looking down to the thinly carpeted floor of the office.

“Are you yuri too?” Okada asks. “I get that vibe from all three of you new students, but you at least restrain yourself in a very becoming way, as does Fujita. Are you embarrassed to see other girls?” she asks. Madoka turns scarlet from head to toes, and Okada shakes her head. “If you avoid staring too openly, you’ll be fine. I can see that many of the girls in class are jealous of you. Be careful, the jealousy of classmates can be difficult to deal with. If you think you need help, speak up!” Okada smiles briefly, showing a side of her that Madoka has not expected to see.

“Thank you, Sensei!” Madoka murmurs in response. Okada nods as she leaves the room. Madoka peels off her uniform, neatly folding it as she removes her clothes entirely except for her bra. It’s uncomfortable, but it supports her large breasts. Okada comments from the door.

“Don’t you have a sports bra? I’m stunned that someone as developed as yourself doesn’t have one,” she adds as Madoka quickly tugs her gym shirt on over them, it tightly forms to her breasts, not exactly concealing them, though it is more modest.

“Um… no, Sensei. I’m a baka too, maybe.” Madoka blushes.

“Possibly. Get one as soon as possible. You’ll be happier for having one.” Okada waggles her finger at Madoka and shoots her a strange look. Madoka examines her new bloomers with distaste, but snugs it on over her shapely legs and hips. It digs into crevices, and the sensation of it clinging and digging in makes her shiver.

“As expected, you look flawless. You should be more comfortable with your body. Modesty is a good thing in a beautiful girl. Well, hurry along. We need to get to stretches.” Madoka walks out, blushing, her hands clasped before her shyly as she follows Okada. Madoka gasps, finding a new batch of girls she has seen stretching and jogging in the gymnasium earlier changing out of their clothes. Madoka squeaks and blushes furiously again, her squeaks drawing the attention of many of the girls. Many of the girls in the locker room aren’t perfect-looking without their clothes, but more than a few make her heart race and she looks away as they leave the locker room. More than a few chatter amongst themselves.

When Madoka walks out into the gymnasium, a few of her classmates whistle, eliciting another blush from her. Harue smiles at her, looking stunning in her own bloomers. The sight of her in those makes Madoka blush even more redly. She looks towards Emi as she chews her lip. She looks good in the bloomers too! As her eyes flash towards Kiyomi, the kitsune turns to flash her bloomered butt at her. Madoka covers her face. I’ll be overloaded… oh no… Madoka mewls.

Kiyomi prances over and glomps Madoka, hugging her briefly in a comparatively chaste hug compared with her typical ones with Okada watching her. “You look amazing,” she whispers in Madoka’s ear.

“Get started with stretches. Pair up,” Okada calls out.

“Dibs!” Kiyomi glomps Madoka again, now more affectionately. Okada eyes her and Kiyomi chews her lip and stiffens, relaxing her grip.

“Harue-chan! Partner up with me!” Emi smiles. “Actually, we can stretch all four of us together,” she suggests.

Harue nods. “I agree.” She eyes Kiyomi. The two size each other up again. Their eyes seem to flash at each other. They start their stretches, working their legs, pulling on each other. Madoka catches Kiyomi looking at her periodically. Not just her, but all the other girls as well! Besides how Harue has behaved in the bathroom, Harue’s eyes don’t wander like Kiyomi's do. After stretching, the class moves along to start jogging around the gymnasium. Kiyomi jogs energetically around the gymnasium with everyone with that classic prance of hers. She mostly stays close by Madoka, but her groupies stretch close to her, casting glances towards Kiyomi and Madoka. A few of their eyes are tinged with obvious jealousy when they examine Madoka.

Madoka wilts under the attention, though from time to time she thinks she sees an appreciative look from some. That helps to lessen the pressure of the negative emotions she feels from others. After stretching, sensei directs everyone to move on to gymnastics afterwards. They move to the large pads they had stretched on and group up around some. When Kiyomi moves to group with Harue, Emi, and Madoka, her groupies throng around her and pull her over towards another mat. Madoka watches with a laugh as Kiyomi is pulled away. For some reason they all try to use one at first, but they split off and use the other two in the vicinity, grouping around Kiyomi when they aren’t tumbling.

As usual, Kiyomi stands out, performing her tumbles gracefully as though she were a professional athlete. Madoka stumbles a little when it’s her turn, but she warms up to it. A few of the girls who share the same mat and others in the vicinity applaud her as she shifts to her feet seamlessly after a headstand. Others stare at her with that same jealousy that makes Madoka stumble again. The last twenty minutes pass the same way. When done, everyone helps to clean up and fold away the gymnastics mats. “You did really well, Madoka-chan. You’ll fit in better than you thought,” Emi compliments her.

They retire to the locker room and Madoka blushes from head to toes as she moves to change her clothes. Okada watches them. Kiyomi once again twitches as Madoka undresses, her nude sweaty body bared before her and everyone. Several look to Madoka appreciatively, but Okada claps her hands together and those undressed shuffle to the showers. Okada moves to the head of the line and removes supplies from a bin along the way, dispensing cheap shower caps for those who want them. Most of the girls, Madoka included, accept the offered caps. Many girls compliment each other, and many of the girls still look at Madoka appreciatively as Kiyomi herself does. She can tell that even though she’s surrounded by beautiful naked girls again, she seems to be mostly interested in her. Even Harue looks at her with a bright smile. Others expressions are filled with jealousy.

“Really… are you an idol, Fugui-san?” one girl asks Madoka, quietly using a nearby shower head. Madoka blushes at the comment. Why do so many people say things like that? Madoka asks herself. I’m not that amazing… and my personality isn’t idol-grade!

“N-not at all…” Madoka responds, stammering.

“No… she isn’t very eloquent,” another girl comments judgmentally. “Maybe she has a body for gravure if her personality isn’t up to par,” she adds rudely. Madoka looks around, trying to spot the girl who commented, but she can’t tell. She bites her lip and completes the shower as quickly as she can. When the girls move out of the shower, they accept towels Okada offers the girls. Madoka towels off, hiding in her towel. She walks over to her locker. Harue and Emi stand near her, changing into their own uniforms.

Madoka finishes drying and changes into her clothes again, but finds suddenly to her dismay that her skirt is missing! “W-where did my skirt go?” Madoka gapes. Some girls look her way, and others studiously look away.

“Your skirt? Did you leave it here?” Okada inquires as she walks over to Madoka. She looks into Madoka’s eyes as she nods vigorously.

“Yes, Sensei. I didn’t do anything with it,” Madoka complains softly.

“Oh… I recognize this… the black side of your fellow girl students,” Harue points out.

“What are you trying to say about us?” one girl snaps. “Don’t just assume that someone is pranking on her. She must have just messed up! She seems absent minded enough for it,” the girl points out.

Okada studies her. “That is a possibility, but assuming that... I expect that she will find her skirt very soon,.” she states sternly, as she eyes everyone.

Kiyomi, Harue, and Emi search the locker carefully as the other girls shuffle out. A few others join in in the search, including some of Kiyomi’s groupies. The search turns up nothing.

“For the moment, maybe you should just wear your bloomers? You have your panties, but even though they look similar, it isn’t as embarrassing as wearing your frilly panties where all eyes can see, plus if you have to leave school like that, it could go badly. No, before that, I will arrange a car and get you a replacement skirt, and better a ride home!” Emi offers supportively. “I’ve got your back, Madoka-chan!”

“I might be able to find a replacement somewhere for Madoka-chan,” Kiyomi notes. “Faster than you can, Emi-chan! I really approve how wonderfully you support Madoka-chan,” Kiyomi compliments Emi. “You have a good side, even though you show me the harsh side all the time.”

“You don’t have many good sides,” Emi comments wryly. “I could say the same though. You support Madoka even as you embarrass her and exploit her.” Emi waggles her finger at Kiyomi, and she scowls at Emi.

Madoka sniffles and mewls, but she follows Emi’s advice and snugs her bloomers back on over her hips. “Oh no… this is so horrible…” Madoka starts crying.

“Ohhhh… Madoka-chan… be strong,” Harue says softly. She impulsively embraces Madoka.

“Awww… she’s crying!” Emi gasps and Kiyomi does as well. They wrap their arms around Madoka as well, and hug her tightly.

“We’ll figure it out. I guarantee it. Put up with it for now!” Harue exclaims.

“Yes!” Kiyomi nods. “I’m sorry if it was someone who likes me…” she murmurs.

The four girls leave and head out from the locker into the Gymnasium. Okada waits and sighs. “Are you alright, Fugui?” she asks Madoka as she awkwardly walks through the gym with the three other girls, feeling and looking awkward wearing her bloomers. “I’d give you a loaner piece of clothing, but I don’t have anything. There isn’t anything. You could wrap a towel around yourself, perhaps,” she suggests sensitively.

“That sounds good, but going home like that… I don’t have a spare skirt!” Madoka sobs and sniffles. “Oh, no…” she mews. Okada bites her lip and scowls towards the doors.

“Bear with it Fugui. If this persists, we’ll investigate it,” she says, patting Madoka’s shoulder. Okada returns to the locker room after her words. “Wait a moment.”

“Thank you!” Madoka murmurs gratefully, rubbing her eyes.

“Gather your strength!” Harue murmurs softly. Okada returns swiftly, bringing a towel from the locker room. She offers it to Madoka.

“I recommend getting used to being seen in bloomers. They’re not that big of a deal… but if you have to leave the school, make sure you bring the towel back, Fugui,” Okada says.

Madoka nods. “I’ll be brave. I’ll face it head on!” She grits her teeth with determination. Emi whistles as Madoka swings the towel over her shoulder and stomps out of the gymnasium. They walk down the hallway, and Madoka doesn’t cover herself yet, holding onto the towel. She suppresses the urge to squirm away from the gazes of people seeing her in a combination of her gym clothes and uniform that looks peculiar. Some girls around snicker, but others smile in a friendly or supportive manner. Boosted by the encouraging expressions on many of the girls faces, Madoka passes quickly and quietly back to her homeroom.

She slips into the room and is greeted by the tittering of a few girls. Madoka sits down to her desk as everyone settles in for the final notes from Okada. She reminds everyone of their work, and without saying anything else significant she finishes. “Everyone be safe and go directly home. Don’t linger in arcades or convenience stores. Finish your homework before you think of anything else,” she admonishes the class. Everyone and Madoka belatedly stand to bow respectfully towards Okada-sensei.

As students gather their things and shuffle out of the room after Okada, another girl stands and walks over to Madoka with long strawberry blonde hair held by a red beret and butterfly hair pins. Madoka gapes at her as she speaks quietly to her.

“Fugui-san, right? I’m sorry for what happened to you. You can come to me for help in the future if you need help. As your class president, I feel bad that something happened to you on your first day.” She bows earnestly to Madoka. “I’m Shimizu Kayo,” she introduces herself.

Madoka suddenly has another vision of a boy with short green hair grinning apologetically in her place.

Do you remember me? I hope you do, Madoka-chan, the boy says to her. Madoka looks at his vision as he’s replaced with the girl straightening in front of her.

“Oh… thank you, President Shimizu-san.” Madoka bows to her in her seat. She opens her backpack and surreptitiously slips her panties inside.

“I hope you find your skirt before leaving. It’s not a joke stealing something that costs money, though many of the spoiled girls who attend here may not think seriously about it, but it may not be a very big deal to you either.” She smiles.

“I’ll help out if it’s a problem.” Emi chimes in. Madoka rewards her with a bright smile.

“Well, see you tomorrow. Take care!” Kayo waves as she leaves. Madoka moves to stand and readies to move to the shoe lockers, still self-conscious. Madoka walks with her friends to the shoe lockers. She crouches down to unfasten her shoe buckles and straightens to step out of them. Afterwards she crouches again to lift them. She remembers to not move in a way that would flash her panties, but it’s ironically pointless at the moment.

Some of the girls around whistle and chuckle. Harue, Emi, and Kiyomi glare at the girls around, and the laughter fades as they flank her. Madoka blushes from head to toes as she opens her locker up. She fetches out her shoes and gasps when her hand contacts a fabric -- she pulls it out first. She finds to her astonishment and great relief in that order that she’s holding her skirt. Madoka squeaks and holds it up towards her friends. Emi blinks and shakes her head. “At least they had the decency to give it back to you. Maybe whoever it was felt guilty about it after Sensei’s speech,” Emi suggests.

“That’s possible. I’ll tell all my fans that I won’t permit any spiteful actions against Madoka. I didn’t think anyone would come down on her like this! We can’t prove it, but I’ll say it to them even so! If I find out whoever did it, I’ll flatly ignore them.” Kiyomi puts her hands on her hips.

“You have such a big head.” Harue sighs. “Can’t you have some modesty or humility… really.”

“I wonder the same thing,” Emi comments ruefully with a thumbs up towards Harue. Harue grins in response to Emi.

There’s a friendship developing there… well, they mesh really well, Madoka thinks. Suddenly, a familiar face walks up to the group. The bulky wrestling senpai they had met earlier this morning has reappeared! Madoka looks to her and Kiyomi grins.

“So I notice that someone messed with you, Kouhai. If you need some help you can rely on me as well,” she states, tossing her short hair. Madoka notes that the girl is taller than she is, and it makes her feel a little more normal. She has noticed it earlier subtly, but only now that she feels particularly vulnerable has she focused on that detail. “Since you found your skirt, why don’t you stop by the wrestling club room? You can get changed there without any eyes on you or some other kind of harassment,” she points out. “By the way, I’m Murata Miwako. You can call me Miwako-senpai.” She grins.

“Ah… M-Miwako-senpai… I appreciate that.” Madoka smiles a little awkwardly.

“Is anyone lingering around here watching her in her embarrassment guilty of this crime?” Miwako flexes her muscles as she pins the girls around with her gaze. The girls gasp and bow to her, excusing themselves, looking embarrassed and pale.

“Yes… if I found that someone following me did this to my dear Madoka, I would be very upset with them.” Kiyomi speaks up almost as loudly. “Anyhow, Miwako-senpai, don’t worry about it. It’s just a skirt. She can wear it over her bloomers. They won’t see them, and if they do it’s even less embarrassing than if people saw her cute panties. Just put your skirt on right away. We’ll get you home.” She encourages Madoka, grinning.

Miwako shrugs and nods. “I can’t argue with that advice, Kouhai.” Madoka nods and steps into her skirt and fastens it over her bloomers. It’s not a bad idea. She’s right, bloomers are better than panties, at least. It’s embarrassing enough with the possibility of the breeze blowing my skirt up. It already did! Madoka mews mentally as she adjusts her uniform.

They head outside. Once outside, Kiyomi wraps herself around Madoka with a grin. “Come on, cheer up, Madoka. Tomorrow will be a better day!” she encourages Madoka, rubbing up against her.

“Oh… typical foxy oba-chan…” Emi sighs, slapping Kiyomi’s forehead. “Don’t be a pervert!” She wiggles her finger at her. Kiyomi blinks at her waggling finger and snaps at it, looking annoyed. Emi gasps and pulls her finger out of range. “What was that?” Emi blinks.

“Stop wiggling fingers in front of me.” Kiyomi grins. “Who do you think I am, anyhow? I’m your senpai! Don’t just slap me out of the blue!” Kiyomi grouches.

“Who do I think you are? Considering that you didn’t have a lunch, you seem really poor and you put on airs,” Harue suggests. Emi laughs aloud.

“Are you kidding? What kind of a poor girl can attend this Academy?” Kiyomi frowns.

“Your kind of poor girl, obviously,” Harue snaps back.

“What kind of poor girl are you referring to? What’s poor about me? I’m ever classy and beautiful. Even if I’m kind of naughty…” Kiyomi retorts.

“Kind of? Like over the top ridiculously so,” Emi points out.

“Over the top, really? I’m just being myself,” Kiyomi responds.

“A girl with a big head and a huge attitude and is a total lech…” Emi butts heads with Kiyomi.

Madoka looks back and forth as the three argue over her head. She blinks and chews her lip. “Maybe we…” she tries.

“A big head? It’s only a big head if you have a bigger head than your station allows you.” Kiyomi stamps her foot.

Your station? Really? Why are you so focused on things like that? You’re like the worst kinds of people I grew up with sometimes.” Emi groans.

“What? Yuri people?” Kiyomi grins. “Did you have a lot of girls who were after your yuri cherry?” she teases Emi.

Emi gapes and flushes. “You idiot fox oba!” Emi yells. Meanwhile the girls around stare, commenting by now on the back and forth between the three. “No, big-headed awful fool airheaded egotistical girls who ride their family’s reputation like princesses on a pegasus flying high above everyone else, even their friends.” Emi stamps angrily.

“Oh, wow,” a girl comments nearby, staring. Other girls gape. Emi turns red from head to toes.

“You know, this is something else, but being as you’re ignoring your sensei’s order, I’m going to make sure you do the right thing. Come on,” Miwako says out of the blue and grabs Kiyomi; Kiyomi shrieks loudly, kicking as Miwako easily carries her under her arm. She looks backwards towards Madoka, Emi, and Harue, her legs kick impotently furiously. She gently pounds her fists against Miwako’s back.

“Let me go, you brute! If it’s that important to you, you can do it for me, right?” Kiyomi pouts and looks back forlornly at the girls with a “save me” look. Harue and Emi grin. Madoka watches Kiyomi being carried off ruefully.

“I’ll help you, but I won’t do it for you. I think you’re worth the time, but you need to take your duties seriously. Once we’re done, we’ll head to the club room. You can thank me by signing up.” Miwako grins.

“W-what… If you think you’re going to take advantage of me, I’ll show you this is a huge mistake. You can’t make me do anything! Besides, sensei said...” Kiyomi squeals.

“It’s doing the right thing,so don’t complain. I’m going to help you out with your duties. Be grateful to your senpai,” Miwako comments as she pushes her way into the school again.

“N-no!” Kiyomi squeals as the door closes behind them. Madoka sighs and the other two girls turn towards the gate and walk through it. Madoka looks guiltily back towards the school. She has a feeling that tomorrow will be even worse than today was.


bloomers -- tight garments that are about as revealing as bikini bottoms, but as far as I’m aware they don’t come in a thong variety unless it’s kinky wear. ‘^^

gravure idol -- a type of idol that poses nude or in sexy clothing for pictures taken. I’m sure many already know.

I am sorry once again for that short hiatus. I could not help it! *bows* I hope you were happy to find this chapter to greet you this Wednesday (or Thursday if that's when it was approved?) :D Warm huggles for everyone!

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In actuality though I'm glad she found her skirt....well less found and more was returned anonymously. Either way it's better that she has it now! It was also funny to see Miwako-senpai carry off Kiyomi, as much as Kiyomi didn't want it to happen it had to be done, she's got cleaning duties after all. Needs to do the right thing. *grins* I also think Kiyomi is too prideful as a kitsune. Not that it's a bad thing, it's great for her character~ Emi and Harue have no problem though knocking her down a peg or two. And Miwako-senpai will always make sure Kiyomi will do the right thing.

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