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Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 3 Warnings!
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Harue helps out Madoka during this period while simultaneously flirting with her.

Chapter Twenty : The Girl Whose Reality Fell Short of Her Dreams
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“Are you not well, Fugui Madoka?” Okada inquires, watching as Madoka clutches her stomach.

“She’s a nervous little thing sometimes,” Kiyomi supplies with a smile. “I’m betting it’s jitters.”

“Jitters?” Harue smiles. “Oh my, what would she possibly be so nervous about?” she asks with a small smirk. Some in the class giggle and chuckle at Harue’s quip.

“U-um… I-I’ve never been to a-an all-girl Academy…” Madoka stammers out, wincing at a new stab of pain in her innards.

“I can understand it,” Okada surprisingly empathises. “A girls’ Academy is a very different educational situation in some ways, but in other ways it’s better. If you’re the shy type, at least you don’t have to worry about boys staring at you,” she goes on.

“Ah… that is very true, Sensei…” Madoka responds softly. “Not being stared at by boys is definitely nicer.”

“I strongly agree with that, Madoka-chan.” Kiyomi grins, patting her shoulder. “A rose like you belongs in a flower garden.” She winks.

Harue looks at Kiyomi, blinking. “A rose? Maybe more of a lily?” she suggests with a wry expression.

“Could you stop wasting our time, bakas?” Okada rolls her eyes. “Do you know each other? What a coincidence.”

“Oh, not at all, Sensei. I don’t know either of them.” Harue responds.

“Oh…” Kiyomi looks at Harue with a puzzled expression. “You seem like you…” she trails off.

“Oh… I, um… I met H-- Fujita-san… briefly. That is all.” Madoka mumbles, stating haltingly. When Okada gives her a look, Madoka bites her lip. “Oh, yes. Um. Fugui Madoka.” She bows.

“I… well… like… Gunpla… some Anime… I um… I like pop music, and anime music. I like computers and roleplaying games. I… I like sweet desserts. I sing a little… badly. I like baseball…” she trails off. “Um… walking and jogging sometimes.” Madoka chews her lip as she looks from face to face, seeing incredulous expressions, scornful looks, some looking considerate or thoughtful.

Madoka mews nervously as her stomach gurgles. She looks at the teacher.

“Um… can I go to the bathroom, Sensei, I’m so sorry… I don’t feel well… I’m going to be sick…” Madoka wilts.

“Wait at least politely for Fujita Harue’s introduction.” Okada waggles a finger at Madoka.

Harue eyes Madoka, and Kiyomi looks at her as well with eyes gleaming with concern for Madoka. Kiyomi opens her mouth and Harue speaks up over her.

“Sensei, my introduction can wait, but to be brief, I like fashion, music, fortune telling, cleaning, and cooking. I’m not especially talented in any of those areas, but I am very passionate about them.” She smiles. “If anyone would like their fortune told, don’t hesitate to ask me, but make sure it is on a break.” She bows to the class, and turns back to Okada. “With that, if Fugui, is it… isn’t feeling well, perhaps she should be escorted to the bathroom. I took the liberty of studying the floor plan in detail, so I can handle the task. Consider it a punishment for my disrespect, Sensei.” Haru murmurs.

“A punishment? She doesn’t seem so bad that it would be much of a punishment, but I suppose…” Okada taps her chin.

“I think I would like to accept that punishment too. I don’t like going on errands and chores but I’m a dutiful student,” Kiyomi chimes in, her expression suddenly deceptively mellow.

“I expect that it would not be smart to allow you alone in a bathroom with Fugui. You, baka. Take a seat.” Okada gestures to an open seat.

“Oh, you mistake me. She’s a good friend of mine. It’s just friendly skinship. She’s such a cute nervous thing… I adore teasing her, Sensei,” Kiyomi protests.

“I don’t find that Madoka-chan is too nervous.” Emi points out. “I knew you enjoy teasing her.”

“Baka, I don’t believe you. I know the type of student you are. Sit now, or you will be cleaning the classroom at the end of the day alone.”

Kiyomi gasps and blinks, hands on hips with an expression on her face like she wants to ask Okada who she thinks she is talking to, but she sighs and bows her head, looking at Madoka with a regretful expression. “Hurry back. Let me know if you need help, Madoka-chan,” Kiyomi murmurs as she shuffles to the seat the teacher pointed out.

Harue grins, and nods to the sensei. “Please excuse us. We’ll return as quickly as possible. If she isn’t well, I’ll see her to the nurse’s office. I know the way to it.” She bows and takes Madoka’s hand. Madoka gasps and blinks as she pulls her quickly away. Madoka half bows as she’s pulled out of the room. Kiyomi watches them go with a frown on her face and a pout.

Harue tugs Madoka out the door of the classroom as she slides it back open and she bumps it closed behind her, looking into Madoka’s eyes.

“If you need to be sick, we should hurry along,” she points out and pulls Madoka down the hallway.

“Ah… you’re right.” Madoka responds, her stomach squirming.

Harue looks in her direction over her shoulder. “Of course. This way.” She gestures.

Madoka rushes as Harue pulls her along. What… what is going on with her? Does she know me? Did she recognize me somehow? That expression she had in class? What is going on in Fujita-san’s mind? Madoka wonders.

Madoka is pulled onwards past a bank of vending machines with potted ficus trees flanking the machines. Light shines down on them from a skylight in this corridor. Madoka remains silent as Harue urges her onwards. Not much further along there is a sign with ‘toilet’ printed on it by the doorway. They walk inside around the corner into the bathroom. Madoka chews her lip. The bathroom isn’t labeled as a girl’s bathroom, but what else can it be? Madoka’s eyes widen as she nearly shrieks, realizing it. Her palms start sweating profusely. All the public restrooms she has used up until now have been one-person unisex restrooms.

Madoka looks at the back of Harue’s head nervously as they pause in front of the sink in the bathroom. She finds herself admiring the cute short sporty hairstyle she wears, her hair a shiny black. She turns her gaze towards the mirror above the row of sinks and looks to Harue. She notes that she’s smiling privately, her back to Madoka. Madoka bites her lip again and turns to examine the bathroom stalls. What is that little smile about? What is she thinking? She notes that the facilities seem to be modern… there don’t appear to be any squatting toilets. Thank Kami! Madoka sighs softly in relief. She catches sight of standard high-tech toilets sans visible tanks, all equipped with Toto bidet.

She notices Harue turning towards her. As she turns her head, blinking, Harue raises her hand to Madoka’s cheek. She looks into Madoka’s eyes and Madoka flushes at the feel of her hand on her face. Why is she being so forward? Why now and here? What does she want? “Are you alright? You look anxious still!” she smiles.

“I’m… I’m fine Fujita-san…” Madoka coughs, her lips twisting. She sighs as she darts suddenly to the toilet stall. Harue watches Madoka dash inside, closing the stall door quickly behind her, locking it. Madoka mutters and clutches her stomach as she drops her backpack to the floor and quickly kneels before the toilet. Bile immediately surges into her mouth.

Madoka cries as she vomits, and it makes her think of the dream again, the flavor in her mouth reminiscent. She empties her stomach sadly of that wonderful breakfast her mother has prepared for her. After a long moment, when the urges to retch pass, she sobs softly. As she focuses on something else, it occurs to her that something has trickled down her thigh.

“Oh, Kami… I peed a little… no…” Madoka whimpers and flushes the toilet with the press of a button on the control on the stall wall. She moans and stands and pulls her skirt up and her panties down. Definitely feeling a need to do so, she sits down on the toilet to pee.

“Did I eat something bad?” Madoka asks softly as she sits. She tears free a length of tissue and wipes her mouth with it, coughing up into it and spitting into it. Did Kozy put something weird into my food? Did it make me sick? He said he was going to add some things to my food recently to give me more energy…

“Food poisoning, you think?” Harue asks, concernedly. “Get yourself together. I hope you feel better soon. You know… call me Harue, please. May I call you Madoka?” she asks through the bathroom stall door, her tone concerned and compassionate.

“W-we barely…” Madoka stammers, blushing.

“We barely know each other,” Harue completes Madoka’s response. “Even if you aren’t interested in me, I’m at least your friend, okay? You won’t break my heart.”

“Wh-what do you mean, Harue-chan?” Madoka asks. Was it that touch on my cheek? Was she saying that she’s still interested in me, even though i’m a girl? “I… I appreciate that, H-Harue-chan…” Madoka manages, flustered. She smiles softly; tears still leaking from the corners of her eyes as she thinks about the dream again and how she feels.

Madoka presses the spray button on the control center and after a moment the bidet engages with a mechanical sound; Madoka gasps as she feels the spray. It’s been a long time since I’ve used a bidet… Mama wants to keep the house somewhat western-like except for the bath. Taking baths western-style is expensive. She at least believes in heated Japanese bathtubs, Madoka thinks.

When she finishes, she pulls free another length of toilet tissue, after discarding the one that she holds, dropping it into the bowl between her legs. She wraps the new length of tissue around her hand as she reaches down to clean herself. She drops the tissue down and reaches over to trigger the flush as the blow dry feature activates and her tushy warms and dries the rest of the way. Madoka stands up and leans down to pull up her panties snugly over her hips. She screams loudly as she finally sees that her panties are blood-stained. She looks down to her thigh and notices a small trail of blood stain dripped down one side. Oh Mama, you jinxed me! Madoka gasps, knowing at least intellectually what she is going through.

“Are you okay? Why did you scream again?” Harue asks. “What’s going on?”

“I… barely know… oh, no… I mean… um… my p-period,.” Madoka stammers. “Oh… I… They’ve, um… been… really small… barely noticeable…” Madoka lies, feeling guilty about it.

“Oh? How very fortunate for you. Going for however long with hardly a peep, but maybe you’re not very fortunate after all. If that’s the case, maybe they’ve been saving up for a really bad one,” Harue jokes. “Do you need a tampon?” Harue asks, laughing.

“Oh… no… I… I have some… just in case. Just prepared for something…” Madoka responds lamely.

“That’s normal. Good. You sound like you’ve never used them, though?” Harue asks.

Oh, Kami… she is so insightful… how can she see so deeply? Madoka squeaks.

“Time for a lesson, then. Unlock the door. I’ll give you a hand with the application, if you’re uncertain,” Harue says firmly. “Hurry up and open it!” Harue calls out.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you much with this, Goshujinsama. It’s fortunate that you’ve made a good friend. I’m sorry this happened to you on your first day of school. It seems kind of… nostalgic. Those memories trickling in... Kanna suddenly chimes in.

You too, Kanna-chan? You have some sort of a connection like I do? With another yourself? Madoka asks mentally.

For some reason, we do. I think we’re all connected across the dimensions, but those of us who are more spiritual, and are… related in a way... It’s hard to explain it, Goshujinsama, Kanna responds softly.

“Unlock it, or I’ll crawl in,” Harue comments, tapping on the door of the stall.

Madoka shivers suddenly, feeling goosebumps raise up on her arms and legs. She gasps as she looks at the door. Madoka sees motes of green floating in the air before her and the form of Kanna becomes solid briefly, light on her feet and quiet as a breeze. She winks at her as she gazes down at Madoka. She places a finger over her lips, taking Madoka’s hand gently for a moment with a supportive smile lighting it up.

We sense something. Do you, Goshujinsama? Aoi asks in her mind, her tone bemused. Kanna covers her mouth as she suppresses an obvious giggle. She waves and uncovers her mouth to swiftly unlock the stall door. She then dissipates into green motes again. Harue pushes her way into the stall quickly as she hears the rasp of the latch unfastening. Harue steps over the backpack on the floor of the stall carefully as she closes the door behind her and re-locks it. She turns to look into Madoka’s eyes and smiles at Madoka as she takes in the warm smile on her lips.

“Did you have a nice thought that cheered you up? I’m pleased to notice that your spirits seem to be raised up,” Harue points out. Harue holds a wrapped tampon in one hand and a damp kerchief in the other. “If you aren’t feeling well, perhaps putting this on your forehead or the back of your neck may help,” she suggests supportively.

“I appreciate that, Harue-ch-chan…” Madoka stammers. She mops her forehead with the wetted kerchief, sighing softly.

“So you know, if you forget to replenish your supply, there are wall vending machines that dispense toiletries in all of these bathrooms. I read up on this Academy. I was very impressed with it. It’s pretty expensive to attend here, but for those with connections it isn’t so bad, I hear,” Harue comments.

Madoka feels something in her free hand as she rubs the cool cloth against her skin. The object crinkles as she tightens her hand around it. She slips it into her skirt pocket as Harue moves to start showing her the steps to insert a tampon.

Madoka leaves the stall with a bright blush in her cheeks which Harue notes. Once out, she mischievously grins as she presses Madoka against a nearby wall. She slaps her hand on the wall behind Madoka, looking into her eyes; even though Harue is somewhat shorter than Madoka, she still manages to dominate.

“As I expected, you were always a girl. I don’t know how you managed to hide those enormous breasts and all that gleaming amazing hair. What methods did you use to hide those curves? Your face is the same. Did you… wear makeup to make yourself look a little masculine? Are you…” She leans towards Madoka’s ear. “A cross dresser?”

“Kyaaaaaaaaaa!” Madoka shrieks. Her back presses her backpack firmly against the wall behind her, with no room to retreat further. “C-cr-cross d-dre-dresser…?” she squeaks out, her voice hoarse. Her stomach flips over and she clutches her stomach again, once again eyeing the toilet stalls behind Harue.

“Are you alright, Madoka-chan?” Harue asks softly, noticing Madoka’s reaction and her look towards the stalls again. “I hope I didn’t make you sick again? I don't think it was a strange question to ask, considering how we came to meet…” she trails off. “Besides that, I know for certain that you are the same Madoka in Harajuku,” Harue states with an amused and teasing smile.

“N-nooooooo!” Madoka gasps, her knees shaking. She sweats and squirms as Harue’s eyes pin her in place. “You have the wrong idea about me… I… I can’t explain…” Madoka squeals.

Harue looks at Madoka with a lopsided grin. “Then you don’t have to. We dated already,” Harue points out.

“I… B-but… I…” Madoka stammers. Harue leans forward at that moment and her lips nearly brush against Madoka’s in a way that makes Madoka think of Kiyomi. Harue was always such a daring girl, the way she talked to me first… she hasn’t changed at all, but it hasn’t been long. Even so, I thought I was in control then? Madoka mews and squirms.

“You don’t have to say it, you are him, her. I’m glad to see you again.” Harue grins, she rubs her chin thoughtfully as she gazes at Madoka. “It might be stereotypical that many girls who attend an all-girls academy are yuri. You could say that I might be interested in both versions of you. But maybe I noticed your feminine features, disguised. It’s possible that they drew my eyes to you, then in Harajuku by the crepe stand. It’s not like I suspected you might be a beautiful girl buying a tasty crepe for a snack. Even so, it shouted to me that there was more to you than it seemed, and maybe that intrigued me.” She grins, her smile widening as Madoka squirms.

“W-what… You said you might like boys, but you really like… girls? It doesn’t matter that I don’t have a… a boy’s parts?” Madoka asks, gasping softly.

“That’s right!” She winks. “More on when I met you, while it’s fresh in my mind… At first, I wondered if Yanagi-san was a screen for you, hiding your own sexual preferences if you were a girl, or gay maybe. Honestly, the way you looked then you didn’t necessarily need a screen being as you wore men's clothing, so…” Harue trails off.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Madoka blinks, chewing her lip.

Harue laughs softly her expression wry and concerned. “You look like you’re going to be sick again… I would actually kiss you now if I wasn’t worried that you might...” She removes her hand from the wall, stepping away. “Well, let’s hurry… I’m satisfied. If you feel up to it, we should probably soon return to class,” she states as Madoka nods and blushes furiously. Harue nods in response and winks, leading the way out of the restroom.

“Ah… one moment, Harue-chan…” Madoka steps to the sink, running the water and cupping her hands so she can rinse out her mouth.

“Oh, right… that’s another reason why no kisses.” Harue chuckles. Madoka blushes as she follows Harue out from the bathroom, her expression slightly embarrassed.

Harue looks back towards Madoka with a wink. “I suppose you don’t need to go to the nurse’s office now, right?” she inquires.

As they walk back to the homeroom, Madoka looks over her shoulder and she sees a flicker of some sort of black aura in the opening of the bathroom they’ve left. She feels that object in the pocket of her skirt. She slides it out in her palm and examines it as they walk side by side.

“Oh… a cute origami. What is that supposed to be? Did someone give it to you to advertise something?” Harue asks with a grin.

“Oh… no… um… they’re like charms,” Madoka murmurs, studying the new origami. It’s folded from red paper, and looks like a couple of wand-like objects bulbous top ends that narrows down to connect with the other; she blinks, unable to tell what they’re supposed to be. She thinks about it, wondering.

What could this be? I wasn’t sure about Kanna’s, but I think they were knitting needles. That makes sense for Kanna, doesn’t it? Didn’t she specialize in clothing? Madoka thinks to herself.

I’m so happy you know me, Goshujinsama! I’m crying with joy! Kanna exclaims, sniffling. The me who was able to chase her dreams.

Don’t trouble Goshujinsama, baka! Aoi snaps at Kanna.

You… you’re right, of course Aoi-chan. Don’t worry. We’re non-entities. We’re happy that we can serve you, Kanna says softly.

I don’t believe that, silly girls. Don’t say that about yourselves. You have feelings. You have hearts. Don’t try to bury those! I will be a gateway for you. I won’t rest until you’re able to spend as much time in the world as much as possible. Madoka sighs. Why are you the way you are? Maybe you’ll give me a straight answer, Kanna-chan.

Don’t trouble yourself. There isn’t anything you can do about it. We’re content. In any case, it’s not like we… Kanna murmurs.

Another faint voice chimes in, sounding different. Why? ...don’t…

Baka! Aoi snaps again and their voices fall silent.

Harue slides the homeroom door open and bows. “Please excuse us. Sorry, Sensei. We’re back.” Madoka hurries to bow as well, apologetically.

“Oh, good!” Okada exclaims. “Are you feeling better? Did you go to the nurse’s office?” she asks.

“No, just to the bathroom, Sensei.” Emi looks at Madoka with a concerned expression but she smiles. Kiyomi in her seat pouts as she looks at the two, looking displeased.

“Math lessons have started. Take one of the available seats.” Okada points. Madoka notes that the two seats left will separate everyone. Madoka takes the seat at the rear of the classroom, blushing nervously again. Her stomach twitches again as those unfriendly eyes fall on her again. A few look at Madoka with compassion and warmth in their eyes. A brief image of random students surrounding her with warm and friendly expressions comes to her mind, but the contrast between reality and that image is stark. Maybe somewhere deep inside, I expected that everyone would like me. What’s wrong with me? I’m a good person, aren’t I? Do they sense that I’m not everything that I seem to be? Why do so many of them look at me so? Madoka mews as she tries to ignore the negative feelings coming from so many of the girls in her direction.

Was I always able to sense things like this? Madoka wonders as she seats herself and fidgets, unzipping her backpack and unpacking her math workbook.

“We’re doing page twenty-eight. I expect you transfer students to complete the previous pages as soon as possible. You have two weeks before those pages and the pages we work during that time are due.” Emi looks at Madoka from the front row and her eyes widen. She looks like she wants to say something to Madoka, but her eyes say loudly that she will help Madoka any way she can.

Okada-sensei steps into the row of student desks and she looks back and forth between Emi and Madoka. “I appreciate that you two are friends as well, but I hope you understand that I won’t permit copying work. If I suspect that you’ve done that exactly, collaborating, you will face a stern punishment,” She wiggles her finger at the class. “This also applies to other workbooks for your other lessons.”

Madoka gapes and shakes her head. “Oh no, Sensei, I wouldn’t do anything like that!” she gasps.

“Goody girl,” a nearby girl snarks quietly.

“That’s appropriate. How about you, bakas?” Okada-sensei looks to Kiyomi and Harue.

“Why am I a baka?” Harue asks, blinking.

Kiyomi tosses her hair indignantly. “I don’t need to stoop to such underhanded means to complete my work. You can trust me to complete the work perfectly and quickly, sensei,” she murmurs.

A few of the girls in the classroom whistle and grin.

“Because you were late. Show me your dedication and discipline as you have promised.” Okada smiles. “This other one, however probably will never graduate from her fool status.” She walks over to Kiyomi’s desk and pats her shoulder. Kiyomi blinks and scowls at her. Madoka sees a hint of the silver flame at the edges of her hair, but Kiyomi masters herself and smiles at the teacher.

“You’ll see how wonderful I am, Sensei. Please give me a chance to fix that bad impression I made on you,” she murmurs.

“We’ll see.” Okada turns back to the chalkboard as she starts loudly chalking equations loudly on the chalkboard. The girls murmur softly as she lectures them and everyone starts working on their workbooks.

Madoka looks down at the problems, not at all at a loss for how to solve the problems. She has already completed a lot of her previous workbook in advance. Wasted effort, maybe but, at least it won’t be too difficult to complete the work now…

“Senpai… can you show me…” Madoka hears a girl murmuring softly. Madoka looks up and sees a girl sitting near Kiyomi speaking to her. Kiyomi grins with that proud, confident expression.

“Well, of course. If you give me your LINE ID, I’ll be happy to send you some great tips.” Kiyomi licks her lips, whispering. The girl looks at her and grins with a silly expression. She surreptitiously pulls out her phone.

“Touch…” she murmurs softly.

“Great…” Kiyomi licks her lips again and slips a phone out and presses it against the girl’s phone. They beep softly, and she slips her phone into her pocket. She drops it loudly on the floor when a cloud of chalk explodes in her face. Kiyomi coughs and shrieks as the chalk smacks her in her forehead, breaking into fragments and dust. She gasps and wipes chalk off from her face with her hands. Many girls in the room gape and others snigger, laughing, Emi among them.

Harue shakes her head ruefully as she looks in Kiyomi’s direction. Madoka gapes and then covers her mouth, unable to stop a fit of giggling.

“No cellphones in class. The next time you do it, I will take them from you. If I need to remind you all of our policies about phones, in that event they will be confiscated every morning. If I were you, just in case, I would write your names on them. I won’t bother to remember which one belongs to you. Or perhaps it might be best if you simply leave them in your bags all day, where they belong,” Okada says, lifting a new stick of chalk.

“Take care, fool. As it is, you will now be cleaning the classroom as I threatened. I prefer to be lenient on first days, but learn the rules. They’re common sense. You should not have to go over your pamphlets.” She waves the stick of chalk.

Kiyomi looks down, suddenly chastened in a way that Madoka has never seen.

She reaches into her bag, depositing her phone as she removes a kerchief which she uses to carefully clean her face. “You look like a geisha,” Emi pokes fun at Kiyomi. Others giggle, even some of the others who support Kiyomi, unable to resist.

The day passes, and surprisingly, Madoka notices that the teacher doesn’t change. Okada moves on from one subject to the next as each of the segments begin. Oh, is there a teacher for each classroom at this Academy? How many teachers must they hire to do that? Okada-sensei is a multi-specialist teacher? How amazing is she? And the way she threw that piece of chalk. Sensei is formidable. Kiyomi still shoots flirtatious looks at various girls when their eyes meet hers, but when the teacher turns back to the class, Kiyomi turns her attention piously forward. Her eyes meet Madoka’s, and Madoka’s smile makes Kiyomi’s nose crinkle and her lips twist as she detects Madoka’s amusement.

When lunch comes, many of the girls in the classroom pile up around Kiyomi. Kiyomi grins, and Okada looks at her with a dry expression as she addresses the class. “Enjoy your lunch. Return on time. Your time is yours until then, and behave yourselves. The faculty expects that you conduct yourself in a way becoming an elite student at Waseda Girls’ Academy.” She exits the room. In the meanwhile, Harue stands and makes her way to Madoka. Emi stands and walks over to Madoka as well. Kiyomi looks at the girls, seeming torn. She drools a little and looks at Madoka as the other two girls reach her.

She finally moves to gently make her way through the throng of admiring girls but they cast jealous looks at Madoka as they realize her intent and another tsunami of negative emotions drown her as their eyes spark at her. Kiyomi hesitates as she sees Madoka wilt under siege.

“Don’t mind it, girls will be girls.” Emi pats Madoka’s shoulder. “Let’s find a nice place to enjoy lunch. I know a few places that will be nice. Let me show you two around.” Emi smiles. “I remember you, Fujita-san. You sing really well. It’s very nice to see you around again.” She grins and raises her hand towards Harue.

Harue responds by raising her hand and grins at Emi. “I thought you were pretty interesting. Let’s be good friends.”

Madoka smiles as the girls look at her and include her warmly. She blushes and grins.

“Yes, let’s go.” Madoka fishes through her backpack and pulls out her wrapped lunch. Emi looks at the cute lunch and she smiles. “Oh… dogs and bones… did Kozuke-san make it for you?” she asks.

“Dogs?” Harue asks, her expression conveying cluelessness. “This person must really like dogs?” She examines the kerchief wrapped around it.

“Ah… you could say that.” Madoka laughs aloud, blushing at having to hold back. Oh, Kami! I want to tell Harue the truth. Madoka thinks.

I wouldn’t. You shouldn’t tell everyone your secrets. Madoka hears a vaguely familiar voice in her mind and an image of the golden spear comes to her.

Madoka reaches to her neck underneath her uniform and touches the magatama. I don’t want to take it off for some reason… Madoka thinks.

You shouldn’t take it off. In the event that we can’t appear to save you, you need to be able to call your sacred spear, Aoi admonishes Madoka.

T-That’s true, Aoi-chan, Madoka responds as Emi and Harue lead her out of the room. The girls watch them go and some of them smirk as the three leave. Kiyomi reaches out.

“N-no… don’t leave me, girls. Stay here, we can all…” Kiyomi calls out forlornly after Madoka as they slide the door closed behind them. Before Madoka does, she sees a vision of Kiyomi with wilted ears as she stands in a field of flowers. Madoka feels bad for her for a moment. It’s what she wants, right? She’s a flirtatious beast, right? Madoka thinks.

The three girls stand on the roof together, sitting on the ledge against the wire linked fence around the roof to keep students from falling accidentally or throwing themselves from the roof intentionally.

“Oh… that’s a really cute lunch!” Emi enthuses. “What an artist Kozuke-san is!”

“This Kozuke-san person does seem to be an interesting man. A man made that cute lunch?” Madoka looks at the lunch. Rice balls are molded to look like dog heads, using soy sauce and nori strips to artistically create the image. Fruits and vegetables are sculpted carefully into the shapes of bones. There’s a dog house around them built from tempura, artfully arranged to look like a classic Japanese roof. Madoka squees at the cuteness of it, and the image of a different lunch comes to her mind, one that was a great deal less artfully crafted; a strange taste clings to her mouth. She sees that their paws are made of karaage. Madoka giggles as Emi and Harue take pieces of fruit or vegetable from her lunch.

Madoka hurries to do the same, and the strange flavor melts away. There is still something strange about the flavor, but it’s not at all displeasing. It must be the extra ingredients he uses in the bento that she doesn’t know.

“How nourishing this lunch is!” Harue approves of the lunch after a few chews.

“I’ll share mine too, you know.” Emi grins, showing a three-tier lunch box. “I brought enough for two, but if you don’t have a lunch, I can share some with you too, Harue-chan.” Emi smiles.

“Oh! I’m pleased that you called me that.” Harue smiles warmly at Emi. “I assume that you’re alright if I call you Emi-chan?” she inquires.

“Of course! We’re lunch friends now!” Emi winks.

- Glossary -

Gunpla -- These are Gundam models. They vary in complex and detail. They take time to assemble as with many complex models, but the result is amazing figures. Do you not know what a Gundam is? They’re iconic! They’re piloted giant robots in classic anime series, and even some newer series.

karaage -- Once again, Japanese style fried chicken, and depending the karaage you get, particularly if it is authentic, it’s amazing and delicious. You could think of them as though they were boneless wings, but are not that, really! The taste is much better, but the dipping sauce can vary, I suppose.

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