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Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 3 Warnings!
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Madoka learns that a girls' academy is not really a stereotypical fuzzy place full of love.

Chapter Nineteen : The Girl Whose First School Day Was Filled With Coincidences
Posted: 2018-09-22 06:32:01 | Updated: 2018-09-24 10:37:42
Words: 6565

Madoka looks herself over in the mirror one last time and smiles as she twirls. She puts one hand on her hip and turns, admiring her profile. She giggles softly, shaking her head. After that moment, she turns to face her desk and remembers the manilla folder containing her schedule and school details. She walks over to it, and looks it over. She sighs, and looks at the closet, sliding it open to find her black backpack. She looks everywhere inside, not spying it; however, she does spot a beautiful blue and white backpack with flower prints and splashes of pink all over it. She gapes, staring at it, and takes it out of the closet. She notes that it is heavy, so on impulse she unzips it and finds new books, similar to the ones she is familiar with.

Her school supplies have been replaced with more feminine colored pencils, mascot sharpeners, an adorable ruler with a bunny on it, with a cute protractor. There is a floral notebook, a graph paper pad as well as a little bag. She removes it and sees that it is anime printed, looking to be of the genre ‘magical girl’. The calculator in the pack is the same one that she has used for years now. Apparently, Mama couldn’t find a cuter looking calculator in a short span of time. Madoka laughs aloud.

Madoka blinks and unzips it as she looks inside and laughs when she sees a small kit composed of a pink flowery comb, an equally girly brush, hair ties, nearly nude lip gloss, tweezers, nail clippers, a nail file, aloe lotion, a small vial of something labeled as perfume and titled “Green Spring Day,” and a small container full of tissues such as handed out by maids to advertise. She does see advertising for a maid cafe, and she shivers from head to toes as she notices there is a help wanted notice printed on it as well. She notices that there are also a set of shiny black shoes in her pack with cute black laces, intended for use in school.

She sees as well a small deodorant dispenser and a small container of talc, and she screams when she notices the last thing, not recognizing what they are until she reads the wrapping. She blushes when she reads printed upon it “tampon”. Was it her mama who put together this kit for her? What made her think that she would need something like this? Come to think of it, she hasn’t thought it through, but she realizes that it will be a concern in the near future, and thinking about it, her stomach starts cramping, perhaps in reaction to her thoughts.

Madoka continues thinking about it, but moments later a loud knocking at her door startles her and she screams again.

“Mistress, are you well? How are you doing preparing for your first important day?” Kozuke inquires through the door, not invading her privacy.

“K-Kozy…” Madoka asks, her voice tremulous.

“You don’t sound like you are doing well. Do you have butterflies in your stomach? I don’t blame you,” Kozuke murmurs. “May I enter and inspect you?” he asks through the door.

Madoka squeaks and shakes her head, but after a moment, she sighs and nods. “Yes, Kozuke-san…” She backslides in using the new nickname for Kozuke. He opens the door quietly, and steps into the room. He looks down at Madoka with a smile.

“You certainly have adapted well to your new lifestyle,” Kozuke observes, and smiles reassuringly. “You may use the nickname, if you wish. It makes me feel nostalgic.” He chuckles.

“You aren’t uncomfortable with it, really?” Madoka asks with an uncertain smile.

“I am not at all.” Kozuke chuckles. “Do please address me as you like, Mistress.”

“Alright, Kozy. Thank you.” Madoka smiles, noting that it still feels right, and she knows that those feelings originate from her other-dimensional self. Even so, it does not bother her.

Kozuke inspects Madoka further and nods approvingly. “You look lovely and impeccably dressed,” he observes. “You tied that ribbon beautifully on the uniform you wear well. It seems as though you have been doing it your whole life.”

Madoka blushes and squirms. “Well, you know, I didn’t tie it by myself.”

“You didn’t?” Kozuke asks, and his eyes widen as he looks all around the room suddenly as though suspicious. He goes down to a knee and looks under her bed even. After a moment, he straightens and sighs. “That wily kitsune! I’m grateful that she isn’t employed by Yoshimaru.” Kozuke scowls.

“Kiyomi-san? She wasn’t here, thankfully.” Madoka blushes, her stomach squirming as the thought of Kiyomi stalking her or suddenly showing up in the bathroom with her as she bathes comes to her mind again, but these last two times it has not occured.

“She was not? I’m relieved to hear it. Please take especial care around her, Mistress. I’m very much afraid that her youkai aura will negatively impact your spiritual abilities,” Kozuke explains.

“I know well by now!” Madoka’s nose crinkles and she laughs aloud. “It’s obvious why you have been worried about it.”

“You might have an abnormal libido, considering your steely composure in her presence,” Kozuke says in admiration. “That is a trait that is very seemly for a miko. You are clearly not among the variety of that of a commercial ‘single day of miko’ variety of shrine priestesses. By that, I mean that your type of miko is that of a true one with real spiritual power. That type is not especially common these days; prior to Japan’s modernization, most indeed possessed such abilities, but those days are in the past. As with most things, in time they have become more commercial, filling the ranks and selling charms at shrines, though some do practice kagura dancing among other rituals,” Kozuke points out.

“I think I dreamed of a real miko last night… she was so strong and determined,” Madoka mentions, feeling her stomach squirm again at the thought of the disturbing images she has witnessed. She feels nauseous suddenly, now that the shock has worn off. Madoka climbs quickly to her feet and bites her lip.

“You don’t say?” Kozuke inquires. “That is good! I wonder if perhaps a role model might be extremely beneficial for you.”

Madoka stumbles to the door and pushes past him suddenly out the door. She gasps as she runs for the bathroom.

“Are you well, Mistress?” Kozuke repeats his earlier question calling after her, shocked by her sudden flight.

“No… toilet, Kozy.” Madoka gasps choking on bile. She enters the bathroom and Kozuke waits in the hallway, watching her concernedly until she slams the door. Madoka tosses down the bag she snagged quickly in her desperate flight. She kneels at the toilet and leans down over it as she coughs and retches loudly, emptying her stomach of the remains of the previous night’s meal.

When she finishes, she gasps and mews, tasting something vaguely familiar from the dream. Madoka reaches up to flush the toilet, not studying the contents of the toilet bowl as she sits up and walks to the sink to wash her mouth out.

“Mistress, are you ill today? Perhaps you should stay home if you aren’t feeling well. I’m anxious to see you move along with your life, but you should prioritize taking care of yourself,” Kozuke calls through the door.

“I’m fine, Kozy… I just was… momentarily sick.” Madoka clutches her stomach and sighs. I’m not looking forward to this day at school, but oh, Kami. I need to get it over with as soon as possible! This is going to be an odd day, to say the least, she laments privately.

She steps to the door and opens it with a determined expression, and blinks as she looks back and realises that the backpack has been left behind on the bathroom floor. Madoka dashes back, her skirt fluttering up as she scoops the bag up and slings it over her shoulder.

“Madoka! Are you awake?” she hears Mana call up the hallway. “Breakfast is ready! Your father has offered to take you to school today. Would you like that?” she asks.

Madoka slips out the door, and Kozuke turns to look at Mana. “I can escort her, Mistress Mana,” Kozuke offers. “It would probably be best for her to learn the route to school via public transportation. It is a good way from here, I understand. It would be a burden for her to walk it, even though it is a local school. I have taken the liberty of researching the route.” He turns his wrist and pulls his jacket’s sleeve up to reveal a stylish men’s watch. He points to it. “Mistress Madoka needs to enjoy her breakfast as soon as possible, and she should be on her way shortly,” he points out.

“That sounds like a better idea. Madoka-chan is capable of finding such things herself. I’m certain that she’s already researched it, but we can’t help wanting to spoil her on her first day going to this high-quality high school. It’s just the sort of school that I wished I could go to as a young girl.” Mana grins at Madoka.

Madoka squeezes her tummy and laughs, nervously. “Well, I didn’t know where the place was going to be, Mama, until just last night. So I’ll gratefully accept Kozy’s assistance.” Madoka bows to them.

Kozy?” Mana asks, her eyebrow arched. “Where did that intimate nickname come from? It’s really cute,” she observes and grins widely. “Kozy! Please do take good care of my daughter.” She grins, winking at Kozuke. Kozuke blushes and looks down awkwardly at the tone in her voice.

“We really should be on our way as soon as possible, Mistress Mana,” Kozuke states, stepping briskly past her.

“I do so enjoy being addressed as Mistress Mana.” Mana giggles after Kozuke. He stumbles as he steps to the head of the stairs and quickly makes his way down.

“Breakfast is a western-style meal. Sausages, rolled omelette, brioche toast with creamy butter. There is a side of mixed fruit that I sliced up for you and anata. In addition to that, Kozy has been preparing a special lunch for you this morning and spending a good portion of last night getting it right. He put a lot of effort into it. The care he put into it amazed me. I will not spoil the surprise for you, Madoka-chan.” She states the last part in response to Madoka’s arched eyebrow and surprised expression.

“It all sounds wonderful, Mama.” Madoka grins eagerly, feeling better after her words. Madoka bounces up and down as her mother gestures. After, she hurries down the hallway to the stairs. “We should not linger! Kozy is right!” she murmurs.

Madoka’s father sits up from the table and runs a napkin across his mouth. “That was excellent, Mana,” he enthuses, smiling warmly at Mana, who stands at the sink doing dishes in the aftermath. She returns the warm look to him over her shoulder as she winks at him.

“I’m happy that you enjoyed it, Anata!” she responds with a chipper lilt. Madoka shakes her head and giggles at the lovey-dovey atmosphere in the kitchen. She blushes and looks away from their display of affection.

“The western style breakfast you prepared… you’ve gotten very good at cooking meals like that,” Nobuo further compliments her. “Did you take a class to learn western style cooking?” he asks.

“Actually, no, I watched videos on the Internet. I had to watch some of them with translated subtitles, but it made sense, and I had to get a western cooking set for these special situations.” She grins, geeking out.

“Why are you so obsessed with western culture? I would have been happier with a traditional home. Honestly, a big garden in the back with a engawa to sit on of an afternoon after work, with perhaps a natural swimming pool in the garden.” Nobuo smiles as he daydreams about it.

“It’s not like I don’t see the appeal of it,” Mana responds, hedging. “I love our western-style home. I can’t help being an enthusiast of western-style homes. They’re so elegant!”

“I won’t disagree with that, Anata.” Nobuo laughs, scratching his head. “Come to think of it, we’ve occupied this home for ten years, and I’ve been thinking that perhaps it’s time for a change. I’ve received a bonus in recognition of my hard work for all these years, and I think we can afford a special house that I’ve been eyeing.” Nobuo smiles.

“A new place, suddenly? Where is this money coming from? I thought we were poor! You were a skinflint the other night when we discussed shopping for a new wardrobe for Madoka-chan. If we have so much money squirrelled away, why don’t we just invest it into our future idol daughter?” Mana grins, clasping her hands and beaming at Madoka. Madoka squirms at the expression on her mother’s face, and her eyes widen as she realizes how set she is on the idea.

“Actually, Mama, I think the idea Daddy has might be good,” Madoka gasps. “I don’t have any intention of being an idol or anything like that, Mama. I’ve heard that it can be a nightmare for girls to try to survive in that world.” Madoka chews her lip, clutching her stomach again, butterflies going crazy in her middle.

“You would truly want a Japanese-style home, Madoka-chan?” Mana exclaims.

“Well, yes… it might be a nice change of pace,” Madoka responds, quickly.

“I suppose; I would be nervous for you, but you’re so special and strong, Madoka-chan.” Mana beams at Madoka again. “You would be alright in that world, I think. So strong-willed and so gifted! You could say no to them when you needed to without losing anything in the bargain.”

Nobuo grins brightly at Madoka. “On the subject of saving time, are you certain you wouldn’t like to be driven to school? I have an extra moment of time this morning, taken in advance in anticipation of your needs,” he points out.

“No, Daddy… I’m fine,” Madoka responds quickly, blushing. I’d look like an idiot with my father holding my hand taking me to my first school day. No, thank you! she thinks, reeling from the embarrassment of the thought.

“I have it covered, Master. Do not trouble yourself!” Kozuke steps into the room quickly, his eyes avoiding making contact with Mana’s. Mana grins warmly at him, and Nobuo frowns, noticing that expression.

“Mistress, come along. Rouse yourself!” Kozuke walks to the counter and picks up a wrapped lunch. He walks back over to Madoka and hands it to her with a bright smile. Madoka looks at it, noticing that it’s neatly tied. The kerchief wrapped around it has dogs and bones on it, the dog looking like Hachiko. Madoka grins at the cuteness of it.

“I think you’ll love it, Madoka-chan!” Mana beams at Kozuke now, and he bows to her with a slight smile.

Madoka lifts her backpack which rests by her side and unzips it to push the bento into it as she smiles at Kozuke. “Thanks for taking the time to make me a lunch, Kozy!” she giggles. She slings it over her shoulder and Kozuke gestures to his watch again. Madoka nods as she follows him quickly.

They walk out of the kitchen and down the hallway to the genkan. As anticipated, Madoka finds leather loafer-style shoes, gorgeously polished, waiting for her. She looks questioningly at them and then towards Mana, who has followed her.

Mana nods and winks at Madoka. “Yes. They’re stylish and cute for going to school. Slip them on and hurry along!” Mana smiles. “I hope you have a safe and wonderful day today, sweetie!” She waves. Madoka smiles warmly as she slips her feet into the shoes and taps the toes of the shoes against the genkan floor before she steps after Kozuke. She waves back towards her mother. She notices her father hurrying around the corner towards the door. Madoka smiles brightly again as she waves goodbye to him. “Bye, Daddy! I’ll be home soon!”

When Kozuke and Madoka board the bus, they find it is packed and there is no room to sit. Madoka stands near the front of the bus and holds onto a bracing pole nearby. Kozuke stands by her, hovering protectively. A few salarymen eye Madoka in her cute uniform appreciatively. The bus is quiet for the most part, despite being crowded. They ride for many stops, sometimes having to squeeze against the seats to allow others to slip past and disembark via the front door, while others take the rear exit doors. Kozuke leads Madoka, disembarking at a small station. They stand at the station together as some people walk away to their destinations, while others stand quietly nearby.

Madoka casts her gaze around her, examining her surroundings, and she thinks that she spots a girl in the same uniform she wears. Perhaps bashfully, the girl disappears around a corner. She stares at the corner while waiting, but Kozuke pulls on her frilly sleeve. “Mistress, the correct bus approaches. It is the number forty-two. It will take us to your Academy. Remember the number! There is only one bus that stops at your local bus stop. Note that you’ve stopped at this stop, number ninety-six.” Kozuke points out the sign to her.

“Oh, thank you, Kozy!” Madoka smiles. “I could figure it out tomorrow, but I appreciate that you took the time. Come to think of it, would the train not be faster?” Madoka inquires as she looks at Kozuke with a raised eyebrow.

Madoka and Kozuke step off of the forty-two bus and Madoka looks towards the park. At the entrance a plaque rests at the feet of a statue, and Madoka reads it. “Waseda Park.” Madoka smiles. This must be close to that legendary university as well? she muses. Other students walk past them in the uniform she wears; some of them eye her, but otherwise they walk onwards in already set groups of friends.

I have to start all over practically, except for Emi-chan, but where is she? Madoka laments. Madoka unzips her backpack and removes the manilla folder from it, and shuffles through the papers finding the map of the campus. After, she replaces the folder to her pack and re-zips it. She studies the map again. I will need to walk through the park. It’s kind of like when I walked to Meiji Shrine. At least the walk is shorter, but I feel even more anxious comparing this park to that one.

“This way, Mistress,” Kozuke murmurs solicitously, pointing into the park.

“I can tell the way to go. I’m not an idiot, Kozy!” Madoka pouts.

The students around laugh, seemingly hearing their exchange. Madoka turns red from toes to head and others seem to laugh even more in response. Others seem to study her curiously, noticing that Kozuke looks every bit the butler he dresses as.

“No way!” Madoka mutters under her breath, squirming as she finally considers the situation. Maybe having a butler with me here isn’t much better than having my father along. Madoka gasps. “I-I have it from here, Kozy,” she murmurs.

“I trust that you do, Mistress. I’ll be around.” He waves his farewell. Madoka watches him walk off coolly, one hand raised up. “Take care, Mistress,” he calls to her. People around gasp and laugh. Nooooo! Idiot Kozy!!! Madoka squirms away from the eyes of the other students as she rushes onwards into the park.

She makes her way past other groups of students. As she does, she looks around and hopes she’ll spot Emi so she won’t be alone. Madoka’s stomach continues to do flips and cartwheels as she runs. Other students continue laughing, watching her run, and Madoka gasps as an errant gust of wind blows her skirt up. Madoka squeaks as she looks around and notices a group of girls walk nearby, and she wonders just how much they were able to see. Noooooo!!! she screams internally. Madoka continues, embarrassed, but though she still walks quickly, she holds her skirt down to keep it from drifting up again. Madoka’s posture is erect as she walks in front of these people. I want to run away!

Madoka continues up the broad shady path. She looks around as she tries to forget her embarrassment. She notices that most of the trees around are sakura. If I were starting with every else, I bet these trees would be flowering and fragrant. This walk would be absolutely lovely! Madoka imagines what it would be like with petals floating in the air all around as the groups of girls make their way up the path to the school. Madoka finally reaches the school grounds and she gapes as she takes in the tall fence wrapping around the school grounds with a fancy bronze gate fronting it. Its design is delicate and elegant.

Madoka notices a similar plaque on the fence before entering the ground. She reads it as well before entering it. “Waseda Girls’ Academy. Strive for greater excellence!” Bushes of roses climb up the fanciful fence, and the school looks even more high class than she could have imagined.

Madoka notices strict-looking student truant officers standing by the gates, holding notepads, making notes occasionally as they watch the students flow into the grounds. She shoulders her backpack, walks through the gate, and looks at the map, noting where she needs to go for her first class. She notes the grounds are beautifully landscaped inside the gates populated with trees and well trimmed grass with wildflowers amidst it. To one side, there is an area that looks like a student’s garden with a small glass greenhouse standing beside it. She looks where the map indicates that there are sports fields around the corner of the stately four-story building.

She reads the map and further notes that there are tennis courts, outdoor volleyball courts, and a softball field as well as a soccer field. Behind the main school building, paths branch out leading to the fields, a pool, and an unattached building, which seems to be specifically meant for sports-related clubs. Madoka feels the butterflies in her middle as she approaches the front door of the school amidst the crowd streaming inside. She blinks as she feels a hand on her shoulder. She squeals and leaps as she looks up from the map and sighs, feeling relieved, taking in Emi’s face.

“Oh! It’s good to see your face, Emi-chan!” Madoka gasps, smiling. Other students flow into the school foyer as Madoka stops to talk with Emi. It would be rude to stay in the doorframe. I need to get moving! Madoka criticises herself. A few students slipping by glare at Madoka. Madoka blushes and moves along with Emi by her side.

“So, what class did you get as your homeroom?” she asks Madoka.

Madoka opens her backpack as she steps to the side and once again removes the manilla folder. Some of the girls around gasp and point to her as they notice the folder and intuit based on that she is a transfer student. “Um… I think math… room 2-K.”

“Excellent! That is my homeroom, as well!” Emi grins at Madoka. “You’ll probably be the subject of conversation for a while, but if you’re thinking it’s going to be all sunshine and friendship here like some kind of stereotype, don’t hold onto that misconception for very much longer, or it’ll break your heart,” Emi whispers for Madoka’s ears alone.

Madoka blinks and looks at Emi wonderingly as she paws through her papers and finds her schedule and notices the information regarding her assigned shoe locker. “What do you mean?” Madoka asks her, her voice trembling slightly.

“You’ll see, maybe. You’re adorable, but taller than most. I think you’ll do well overall, Madoka-chan.” Emi winks.

“Oh?” Madoka holds her stomach anxiously. Mostly? What does she mean? She gasps as she makes her way to her assigned shoe locker. Emi walks on to her own assigned locker in the oversized genkan area. She makes her way past groups of girls giggling and standing around together as friends change their shoes. More than a few look her way. She moves to the last row and opens hers, noticing that it is empty, thankfully. After a moment, she’s hugged enthusiastically from behind.

“Oh! Emi-chan!” Madoka gasps, laughing, feeling breasts press against her back. “You already finished changing your…” She shrieks as hands grope her breasts, squeezing and fondling them blatantly in front of everyone in the row. Girls around giggle and blush as they watch. “N-no… Emi-chan… No!!!” Madoka squeals, blushing redly as she chews her lip.

“Emi?” Madoka hears a familiar voice behind her and shivers from head to toes as she looks behind her and sees Kiyomi’s mischievous face. Madoka screams and stammers. “K-Ki-Kiyomi-s-san!”

“B-in-go!” Kiyomi says in an overly cutesy way. She hugs Madoka tightly as she smiles lewdly. “I’m happy to see you again, Madoka-chan!”

“W-Why are you here?” Madoka gasps out, stuttering.

“It’s not like I didn’t warn you that I would do it,” Kiyomi whispers, winking. “Oh, Madoka-chan… you wearing a schoolgirl uniform makes me feel extra excited. There is something about seifuku that triggers me,” she purrs.

“Oh… pervy fox oba-chan,” Emi comments as she approaches them. She sighs, and facepalms. “You really did it. I can’t believe you!” Emi groans.

“Don’t call me that. I’m senpai to you here, Emi-chan.” She grins as she steps away from Madoka and adjusts her yellow ribbon. Madoka notes that Emi’s is pink like her own.

“The ribbon coloration indicates whichever year you are at this school?” Madoka inquires.

“That’s absolutely cor-rect, Madoka-chan!” Kiyomi grins and waggles a finger in a instructive manner.

“You’re trying to look smart, oba, but I think you miscalculated. If you want to stalk Madoka-chan, you’ll only have two years to do it,” Emi points out.

The girls around giggle, staring at them as they gossip. “You know, you could be right that I didn’t think it all the way through, but it’s not like I have to graduate… I could splendidly fail and be held back for a year,” Kiyomi postulates.

“You’ll look like a stupid foxy oba, if you do that.” Emi sighs, shaking her head.

“Hey! Stop calling me that!” Kiyomi barks, hands on her hips. She darts at Emi, who takes a step back from Kiyomi as she seizes her and trips her down to the floor. Kiyomi quickly catches Emi in a pin, holding her tightly, in a manner that looks incredibly uncomfortable. Kiyomi pins one of Emi’s legs firmly as she firmly clutches her face to her cleavage. Emi shrieks in pain and protests as Kiyomi restrains her.

“Take that back, Emi-chan!” Kiyomi purrs. “Besides, enjoy it.” She grins, barely grunting as she continues to lock down Emi.

The girls around continue to loudly giggle as they watch Emi being humiliated by Kiyomi.

“Stop it, Kiyomi-san!” Madoka protests on behalf of Emi.

“Call me sen-pa-i, Madoka-chan! You too, Emi-chan. I expect diffidence to a senior student,” Kiyomi states.

“A senior citizen in a…” Emi squeaks out under Kiyomi and she quickly ends Emi’s gasping words with a firm squeeze, her butt wiggling as she holds Emi down, gripping her more tightly. Madoka thinks she can imagine her bushy tail swishing.

“Ahh! Rope!” Emi squeals out desperately, her plea muffled by Kiyomi’s bosom.

“I didn’t expect you having a perverted side.” Kiyomi teases her, still gripping her.

“W-What?” Emi gasps out blankly.

“Tch… Only if you address me as senpai, Emi-chan.” Kiyomi grins playfully, her expression self-satisfied.

A tough-looking girl walks up and sizes Kiyomi up, musing at her grapple of Emi. “A double grapevine! Oh, not bad, kohai… I want you for the wrestling club. Stop by at the end of the day. You’ve got some real talent there!” She grins at Kiyomi.

“Grapewhat?” Madoka asks, blankly. Wrestling, really? The elegant Kiyomi?

“Mercy, s-senpai…” Emi mumbles, squealing.

Kiyomi giggles, pausing a moment before finally releasing her grip on Emi as she climbs to her feet and elegantly brushes her seifuku as though soiled. “Good girl, kohai,” she remarks, grinning as she checks and adjusts her hair.

Emi glares at Kiyomi breathlessly, chewing her lip and looking extremely annoyed. She climbs to her own feet, trying to regain her dignity in a similar fashion. Kiyomi winks at her and looks towards the third year student who wears a blue ribbon on her seifuku. She grins and prances up to the wrestler student, putting her finger between her smallish breasts on her somewhat bulky body.

“I like my girls cuter if possible, but occasionally the tough ones can be fun.” She grins mischievously, touching the girl’s cheek, and Emi actually flushes at her touch.

“I’ll see you later. What did you say your name is?” she asks Kiyomi.

“It’s Kiyomi!” She winks. “But wrestling is such an undignified sport. We can have an unrelated personal conversation, sometime.” She gloats, practically purring.

Other girls drift closer, watching as Kiyomi interacts with the third year wrestler senpai, taking interest. Emi sighs and rolls her eyes, and pokes Madoka. “Change your shoes quickly; this fool fox has wasted important time. We have to get going, and quickly!” she mutters.

Madoka gasps and quickly removes her in-school shoes from her backpack. She steps out of her outdoor shoes and bends down to pick up her outdoor shoes and set down the indoor ones.

“Mind your skirt, Madoka-chan. It sure is a good thing you are going to a girl’s school,” Emi points out, being delicate as she whispers her warning.

Madoka straightens squeaking quietly as she places her outdoor shoes into her locker. She steps into her indoor pair and sighs at the discomfort of stepping into yet another new pair of shoes. The previous ones were not kind to her feet, not broken in. These will probably make the blisters forming on her feet worse, but it’s not like she hasn’t gone through this scenario with boys’ shoes. Madoka closes her locker’s door as she shoulders her backpack again and follows Emi as she starts away into the school proper.

“Don’t leave me!” Kiyomi calls after them, following quickly. Emi glares over her shoulder at Kiyomi as she clings to them. “You surely have a different homeroom,” Emi snaps at her. “You miscalculated badly if you want to cling to Madoka-chan this way. Different year students go to different homerooms, idiot.”

Kiyomi blinks at her tone. “Oh, not at all! I firmly requested this homeroom, knowing which room she would be assigned to. Speaking of which, you can thank me that Madoka-chan is going to your homeroom,” she purrs, recovering her poise.

“N-no way… what kind of powerful person are you? Not even my family…” Emi gasps out, trailing off, her tone changing.

“Oh, it’s a very old family. We have a lot of influence, you know. Everywhere.” Kiyomi grins, her tongue in her cheek.

“What is the name?” Emi asks, sounding annoyed again as she blinks.

“Mori,” Kiyomi supplies with a satisfied expression as she notes Emi starting to panic in response.

“A real estate mogul family? A big one?” Emi yelps, shaking her head as she continues with an awed tone. “It makes sense that you have properties… in u-unusual p-places, as well,” she stammers.

“That’s right! Don’t forget to respect your amazing senpai, Kiyomi-sama.” Kiyomi preens.

“Ne… that’s so interesting. I didn’t imagine...” Madoka comments, a little awed herself.

Kiyomi casts her self-pleased grin towards Madoka. “You know, Madoka-chan, you smell extra delicious today, for some reason.” She licks her lips. “You should be careful. I will watch over you carefully,” Kiyomi murmurs. Emi leads the way to the class and the three notice the teacher waiting at the door. She scowls at Madoka and Kiyomi. Madoka squeaks and hunches as she looks around, imagining ghosts and youkai sprouting from the halls of the school.

The teacher addresses them when they come to a stop before her. “You should be early when you’re going to be introduced to a class to save time.” She crosses her arms under her breasts as she frowns at them. “I’m pleased to see that two of you found each other,” she murmurs. “So, where is the third? Is she truant on her first day?”

“A third?” Kiyomi blinks in response to her words. “No… it’s bad enough that I have to share the spotlight with cutie Madoka-chan, but a third girl… and a problem student already. She could be more popular than me,” she ponders.

“What? You’re Kiyomi, aren’t you?” The teacher reads from papers in her hands. “You’re a fool, aren’t you?” she points out.

“A fool? Watch who you’re talking like that to!” Kiyomi gasps.

“Don’t take that tone with a teacher, fool.” She glares witherlingly at Kiyomi. “No matter who you think you are in this academy, you will address teachers with respect.”

“Ohhhh... some of her medicine,” Emi comments as she bows to the teacher. “I was just showing them the way, sensei. I’ll be on my way inside,” she murmurs, sliding the door open and slipping inside.

Madoka watches her go and bites her lip, and her stomach growls and clenches. She fidgets as she continues to cast her gaze around anxiously; she wonders where the third student is.

“I’m sorry, sensei. I’ll do my best to be more respectful.” Kiyomi bows to the teacher. “Honestly, I think the other student deserves that nickname more than I do. I’m elegant and on time and she…” Kiyomi trails off.

“Be silent, baka. Let’s go in.” The teacher beckons to them, and Madoka squeaks. What kind of girl would be so late to her first day? Is she a stereotypical air headed anime-esque type? Madoka wonders.

“My name is Okada,” the teacher introduces herself. “It’s nice to meet you two and I will take care of you as your teacher.” The teacher opens the door and they follow her in. Madoka fidgets, feeling odd suddenly; she starts sweating and moisture builds up in her armpits and, oddly, under her skirt. Madoka sighs. She steps in front of the class and the girls look at each other, but remain quiet as they file in front of the class. Okada-sensei positions herself to the side.

Suddenly, the class president stands and speaks. “Rise, bow!” she calls out clearly like a trumpet breaking the silence. For a moment, Madoka has a vision of someone taking her place. She sees a boy with short-cut greenish hair and masculine hazel eyes. He seems to look at her and winks at her and Madoka gasps, vaguely recognizing the boy. He grins at her with a silly expression, but the vision fades. Madoka leans against the chalkboard behind her and Kiyomi turns towards Okada-sensei, bowing to her. The rest of the students stand and bow to her.

“Students, please first welcome Mori Kiyomi.” She gestures to Kiyomi. “Please tell the students something of yourself.” Okada-sensei smiles.

“Oh, I’m a fun-loving elegant student who is all-around skilled in every category, of course. I’m ever stylish, and yes, you might notice that I’m a second year student.” She preens as she adjusts her yellow ribbon. “I play every sport and excel at all of them. I’m an amazing chef and my tea ceremonies are memorable.” She winks at the girls, and many of them blush at that statement.

“Don’t be fooled by her, Kiyomi-senpai is a total baka,” Emi chimes in rudely. Some of the girls giggle at her statement and many of the ones who had blushed glare at her.

“So you all know, my special one is this high quality specimen. Please warmly welcome this statuesque and amazing burgeoning talent in the world; please welcome Fukui Madoka-chan!” Kiyomi slips behind Madoka as she speaks and to punctuate her words she squeezes her breasts from behind. Madoka squeaks and blushes, looking over her shoulder. In her humiliation she catches the sight of the truant third student sliding open the door as she steps into the room. Her jaw drops as she recognizes her. Okada-sensei blinks at Kiyomi’s blatant groping of Madoka’s chest, and opens her mouth to call Kiyomi out on it, but notices Harue.

“You’re late!” Okada-sensei criticizes Harue, she places her hands on her hips.

“Fu-Fujita-san!” Madoka exclaims at the same time, stunned by the coincidence of the situation. Her cramping seems to ease slightly as she looks upon her face, not having expected to see her again any time soon.

Harue blinks as Madoka addresses her, and she stares at her. Suddenly, she smiles. “Oh… you are… I see,” she says, seeming to be amused.

Harue looks to Okada-sensei as she bows and smiles. “Oh, yes. I’m very sorry, sensei. I had some difficulties. I promise I will be punctual going forward,” she murmurs.

“That is good to hear,” Okada replies with a wry expression. She rounds on Kiyomi next, sternly. “This type of behavior is not acceptable in my class, Baka,” she addresses Kiyomi sternly. “If you continue to conduct yourself improperly, I will punish you accordingly.” She looks to Harue. “Step forward, Fujita-san. Please wait while Fugui introduces herself.”

Madoka looks at the class and the cramps return. Harue steps close to Madoka and looks at her appraisingly. Her expression turns from questioning to approving as she peers at Madoka’s face.

Meanwhile, the students study her as well, and the faces of the students who blushed at Kiyomi’s words glare at Madoka suddenly, looking thoughtful. Some seem to be blatantly jealous for some reason. Madoka quails at the mass of negative emotions that seem to surge towards her.

“Oh, I…” Madoka starts. “I-I don’t feel well, at all,” she mewls, feeling sick to her stomach again.

- Glossary -

Anata -- a way to address someone special to you. Anata means “you,” but when you refer to someone as Anata, it’s like saying ‘Darling’. Apparently, despite what Japanese language courses may teach you when you are supposed to use ‘anata’, instead use ‘kimi’ or ‘omae’ unless you intend to be way too intimate with someone in Japan by accident.

engawa -- a classic walkway or porch around a traditional Japanese home. Usually storm shutters can be closed over it to protect it and the house, classic Japanese homes being very airy and typically open towards a garden. Sometimes storm shutters that slide closed have glass in them acting as windows when the weather is rainy, snowy, or there is another reason to close the house up.

kohai -- a term for a junior who has a lesser status. I’m sure many have heard the word, though perhaps not as often as sensei.

senpai -- a term for a senior student with a greater status and more experienced. This isn’t just a term for school. You can be a senior in life in generally, or at work. Typically it refers to one older than yourself, but it can apply to a more learned person than yourself even if younger.

sensei -- an honorific applied to teachers or learned personages. Even a mangaka or writer may be addressed with this honorific.

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