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Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 3 Warnings!
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Madoka sees what a youkai maid cafe is like, and her experience is interesting to say the least.

Chapter Sixteen : A Girl Experienced the Hospitality of Youkai Maids
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Kiyomi puts her arms around Madoka, standing behind her. Madoka sits up, blinking her eyes as she wakes from her vision, her eyes tear-filled.

“I can’t spare the energy, but what else can I do when your eyes are filled with tears, Madoka-chan?” Kiyomi says softly, gently. She turns Madoka’s face, her eyes still blank, filled with emotion as Kiyomi kisses her again. Madoka gasps and closes her eyes, tears leaking from the corners of her eyes.

“Kyaaaa! Kiyomi-sama! Please don’t forget Arisu!” The neko clasps her hands before her.

The tengu gazes at Madoka. “Why does this mistress cry? Have we failed to lift the heart of this one?” She unfurls her wings, spreading them.

Madoka uncharacteristically does not struggle this time, but continues to sob softly as she’s kissed. Kiyomi finally releases her lips and she smiles. “I apologize that I don’t have any energy to spare at the moment, but I hope it lifts your spirits, Madoka-chan.”

Madoka doesn’t respond, staring at Kiyomi blankly as she thinks about Aoi and now Kanna as well, and their plight moves her to tears.

I am so sorry to fill you with such deep sorrow, Goshujinsama. Please cheer up! Kanna chimes in mentally, her voice full of emotion.

Neither of you fills me with sorrow! I feel bad for you two, Madoka replies softly, sniffling.

Even so, I’m a source of pain for you, Goshujinsama! Kanna mews.

That’s not the case! Madoka protests.

Kiyomi notes the blank expression on Madoka’s face as she communes with Kanna, and she looks at the tengu and Arisu, the neko maid. “Perhaps more kisses will help her, Chie, Arisu!” she says with a mischievous expression.

Chie frowns with a worried expression, but after a moment she steps close to Madoka, embracing her with her sleek black feathered wings. After a moment, Arisu approaches and pushes one of Chie’s wings off, pouncing on the other side of Madoka and smothering her cheek with kisses, her tail standing straight up.

“Nya! Please cheer up and feel better, Mistress!” Arisu squees with enthusiasm.

Madoka gapes and looks back and forth between the two and stiffens.

Emi stares with widened eyes and scowls at Kiyomi. “That’s your game, ecchi oba-chan?” she inquires.

“Mind the purity of my mistress, girls,” Kozuke says quickly as he stands.

“She smells so delicious, nyaaaa… like a little birdie or a tasty little fishie…” Arisu squeals as she continues to kiss all over Madoka’s cheek.

“I can’t be as enthusiastic as senpai. I’m very sorry, Mistress, but I worry for you!” Chie says softly, pressing her smaller bosoms to Madoka’s shoulder.

Madoka gapes, looking at Chie, stunned by the situation.

Suddenly, the slime girl flows towards them and Madoka shrieks as she feels its limbs wrap suddenly around her head. Chie and Arisu step back quickly as the slime girl covers Madoka’s head and starts dripping down. It presses its slimy gelatin impressions of breasts against the back of her head.

“No, Ko! You’ll devour her by mistake. I appreciate your heart full of a desire to comfort a mistress!” Arisu puts her hands up, shaking her head, her ears and tail standing at attention, twitching tensely.

Madoka bubbles and Ko gurgles and slurps. She hesitates, but backs off. “You’ll drown her! Go take a break, Ko-chan!” Chie frowns and looks disgusted as she takes her approximate hand and pulls her away from Madoka. Madoka coughs and squeaks as the substance of Ko pulls off of her, leaving smeg matting her hair and trails of some kind of fluid dripping down her costume.

Madoka shrieks and stands quickly, looking around quickly, panic in her eyes as she runs in place.

Chie rushes back, boosted by her beautiful wings’ flapping. Suddenly, a hot towel wraps around Madoka’s head and she screams again in shock. “Please relax, Mistress! I only wish to clean you!” The scent of the slime creature fills her nostrils, trapped by the hot towel wrapped around her head. Madoka retches at the strange scent overloading her senses.

Madoka feels hands all around her body, rubbing the hot damp towel all over her head and face as the girls enthusiastically try to assist her.

“I… cambb breathe…” Madoka complains, her voice muffled as she freaks out.

“You’ll kill her!” Emi gasps.

“We’re helping the Mistress!” Arisu chimes in brightly.

Madoka sags suddenly, feeling her need to escape escalate until she feels sick and stressed beyond a point where she can keep her cool. She feels her meager reserves of energy plummet, worried suddenly that the youkai may be eating her energy. Suddenly a burst of warm wind hits her, and the wet towel flies away. Madoka’s hair flares up in a burst of the warm air as flecks of the matter the slime had left in her hair scatter all around.

After, Madoka casts around her tiredly; her expression becomes shocked as she notices that everyone present is bound by bolas. Kozuke stands nearby, having moved to her rescue while she was unable to see anything. Furthermore, to her embarrassment and his, he is now bound firmly to a squirming Arisu as well as the rest of the youkai Maids squirming against him; even Kiyomi is trapped in the bound group with him, to Madoka’s surprise. Chie stands to her right, standing alone, her wings bound firmly to her body, her eyes practically popping out. Madoka looks around again, spotting Emi squirming alone bound to her chair.

“W-what in the world just happened?” Emi gasps. “I think I saw a flash of green and gold rush past!”

Finally, twisting her head and looking over her shoulder, Madoka notices the back of a girl with golden hair in twintails, standing dramatically. She’s wearing a stunningly skimpy outfit, seemingly held together by a tight red obi around her waist, a bustier with a flap of green cloth down front and back with fans, branches, and cyclones embroidered all over it in patterns, its hems in that shiny gold. She grins over her shoulder at Madoka and puts her hands on kunai-like daggers tucked into the obi on either side of her hips. Above her cute and sexy bottom hangs a large utility pouch attached to the obi bulging with tools.

“Oh, an interesting wind-based shikigami!” Kiyomi praises with a happy little squirm, gazing at Kanna’s cute form.

“You have grown stronger, Madoka. I approve of that, at least.” Kozuke scowls at his situation, but he manages a smile at Madoka.

Madoka gapes at Kanna. “Did I help you, Goshujinsama? I’m so happy!” she exclaims and grins, jumping up and down with every bit the same level of boundless cute energetic demeanor as the neko Arisu. Every maid present shrieks and squirms as Kanna fades into green motes of light. After a moment, the bolero wrapping everyone dissipate in similar green motes and Kozuke stiffly steps away from the group of women, his dignity somehow still intact after his experience.

“What did I do to deserve this punishment, Mistress?” Chie pouts, looking down. “It was your spiritual power.”

“I, for one, rather enjoyed it.” Kiyomi grins. “It’s not every day that I’m tied to such adorable girls.” She smiles lewdly at them. Their reactions vary, from Arisu’s eager response to the stern disapproval of the kitsune and scowl of Chie.

“Being tied to Kiyomi-sama was wonderful!” Arisu chimes in. It’s hard to say what the youkai with no eyes thinks of it, but she remains quiet. The kitsune eye Kiyomi with doubting expressions.

Madoka notes that the two kitsune look to be sisters, perhaps even twins, one with green hair, the other with orange hair. They smile and look at Kiyomi with their doubting expressions. “The Master and Mistresses have not eaten yet. We must stop dithering and cease wasting their important time.” The green-haired one smiles.

The orange-haired kitsune bows, nodding. “Please make your orders, Master and Mistresses,” she beseeches them.

“A wonderful idea, Momo-chan, Namo-chan,” Kiyomi praises them, and walks back to her seat as everyone else does.

Emi scowls softly. “I don’t think I like the spiritual world. It’s too much for me,” she complains. “Why did we have to come to a place like this…”

“Don’t mind it, I’ll look after you, small one,” Kozuke murmurs comfortingly to Emi.

“You’ve done a wonderful job of it so far.” Emi bites her lip, retorting stiffly.

Momo and Namo step close to Madoka and from pockets in their aprons, they produce brushes and start brushing, starting to re-tame the disaster of her hair. Madoka blinks and smiles at the feel of the brushes running through her hair. After a moment, Momo pockets her brush and removes a small mirror, holding it up in front of Madoka. Madoka gasps, noticing that her hair looks absolutely stunning. Perhaps some compound making up the slime served as a shampoo. The two kitsune beam at Madoka in response to the surprised happiness in her expression.

“I appreciate your services on behalf of my special Madoka-chan, Momo and Namo!” Kiyomi grins eagerly. “Can we get to ordering the food now?” she asks.

“Oh yes… I’ve had enough of this maid nonsense.” Emi frowns at the table.

“What will you have, Master and Mistresses?” Arisu asks, embarrassed to have been standing by without offering further service.

“I’ll have the hamburger steak.” Kiyomi smiles. “It’s my favorite, you know.”

“I suppose I’ll try the Curry Rice.” Emi shrugs. “I have an appetite after everything today.”

“I’ll have the Omurice, I guess,” Madoka murmurs. “Can I get something to drink?”

“A wonderful choice, Mistress!” Chie smiles. “We have imported ramune, sake, tea, water, and au lait,” she points out softly.

“I’ll have a croquette and chicken platter.” Kozuke orders his meal last like a gentleman.

After a while, the four enjoy their meals, sighing in relief. Madoka has wilted, her stomach gurgling loudly. Chie sits next to Madoka with her moody aura, but looking cute to her despite that. Chie wrote a special message for her on her omurice, drawing wings artistically to either side of her message in high quality calligraphy using ketchup. She spelled out a message saying ‘We love you, Mistress, please return again soon!’.

Arisu sits next to Kiyomi, periodically snuggling against her; Kiyomi looks at her with an affectionate expression. Kiyomi gropes Arisu, but she doesn't seem to mind it at all, instead encouraging it with come-hither eyes. As they eat, Madoka suddenly starts to realize that other customers have come in and the other maids have dispersed throughout the small cafe, serving other masters as it starts to become busier. Most of the other customers look strange, varying from gruff looking oni in kimono to more strange and monstrous youkai.

A lizardman gurgles loudly, calling loudly in a butchered accent. “I’ll order the special expensive set,” it rattles for everyone to hear. The other youkai guests cheer his boasting approvingly.

“Oh!” Arisu leaps to her feet and dashes over to the lizardman’s side with a perky grin; she poses for him, winking appealingly, making a heart symbol over her chest.

“Who do you want performing for you, Master?” she wiggles.

The lizardman grins and licks its mouth and a good portion of its face with its incredibly long forked tongue as it eyes Arisu. “You, of course, Arisu-chan! I’m your fan for life!” it snorts with a toothy spreading of its beak mouth.

“Of course, Master! It’s my pleasure!” She takes another pose with a purr. She looks over her shoulder. “We’re starting a show! I hope you enjoy it, other Masters and Mistresses!” she chitters in excitement. Chie gracefully rises to her feet, her sleek feathers unruffled. She smiles warmly at Madoka and moves gracefully to a corner of the room where Madoka notes a koto rests against the wall. She takes it into her arms and walks over to a raised area. Momo and Namo drift from their tables and move to either side of the raised area, throwing their hands elegantly into the air. Arisu leaps onto the stage, her tail twitching as she takes a pose on it. Suddenly lights flare up above, shining light down on Arisu. Stars, hearts, and cat paw symbols float around her like illusions, and Ko stands to the side, starting to gurgle a beat, sounding like beatboxing through a watery filter.

Chie plays her koto to the beat. The youkai without eyes removes a flute from her apron pocket and begins to play a melody to go with the rest of the music in the room; it fills the room with traditional Japanese music like enka. Arisu shines like an idol on her stage, dancing amidst the light effects cast by the twin foxes. She starts to sing a song, every bit as adorable as a modern idol would sing, winking at her guests and making cute gestures to everyone, drawing everyone into the entertainment by appealing specifically to everyone with sexy and moe poses.

Madoka watches and blushes at the amazing low-technology performance. Emi grins, shaking her head. “I didn’t expect this,” she says in a soft murmuring tone so as to not disturb the mood, yet the other guests cheer loudly, raising their limbs and shaking them towards Arisu and the youkai maid girls.

“These youkai girls are a talented group,” Kozuke comments as he passively watches, focusing more on the tail end of his meal left over in his plate.

“Please return someday soon, Mistresses, Master!” Chie calls after Madoka, Kozuke, Emi, and Kiyomi as they walk along the street away from the cafe. Chie waves mournfully, and Madoka waves back towards her with a blush and a smile. Arisu jumps up and down, wiggling, and her tail twitches as she watches them go. She awkwardly bows to them.

“Weren’t they the most adorable group?” Kiyomi enthuses.

“It’s not my kind of thing.” Emi rolls her eyes. “If we have to eat in this world, maybe a proper restaurant would be better. It was not exactly the height of dining,” Emi criticises.

“The proper seasoning makes even a simple meal elegant.” Kiyomi grins.

“Ugh… what about a butler cafe, then… no… wait… I take it back… if they’re anything like that group back there.” Emi frowns.

“What’s wrong with them? It’s one of my favorite dining places in this city.” Kiyomi grins.

“Oh wait… my date! Today is Sunday!” Emi exclaims. “I didn’t expect to be in a situation like this, what about Yanagi-san!”

“Oh, that’s right… you wanted to go on a date with him today, didn’t you, Emi-chan?” Madoka blinks.

“We can’t afford to lose time in your training, Mistress.” Kozuke frowns, looking at Madoka and Emi.

“I think she’s improved quite a bit; considering the threats to her life, she’s improved, and gained new power,” Kiyomi points out supportively with a warm smile for Madoka.

“She can’t protect herself entirely,” Kozuke criticizes. “Mistress needs to keep working hard.”

“I think it’s enough.” Kiyomi waggles a finger. “Besides, I can protect her, even if you can’t.” She grins mischievously.

“What are you intending? Do you think you can pass for a student, oba-chan?” Emi asks, looking regretful immediately upon realizing that Kiyomi has come down on her side in the argument. “Um… Kiyomi-san…” Emi corrects herself, bowing.

Kiyomi glares at Emi for a moment, but beams at her afterwards, reaching out to pet her hair.

Emi looks up at her with an annoyed expression and draws away from her hand.

“Of course I can. Look at this high quality bottom. For one such as I, age doesn’t matter.” She poses as the party comes to a stop in the middle of a throng. She poses with her back to everyone, looking at them, bent forward with a wink and the outline of her pert rear outlined by her yukata. “Can’t you imagine my cute bottom framed by a fuku uniform?”

“Do you really think you can blend in at my academy?” Emi blinks. “You stand out too much.”

“I’m sure I’ll have groupies soon. I’ll be an idol to these cute mortal girls.” Kiyomi grins naughtily.

“Are you going to molest my classmates?” Emi asks with a scowl. “Maybe it would be best if you don’t,” she points out with a nervous expression.

“Your classmates?” Madoka blinks. “Why would she join your school? I guess she seems to like you too.”

“You silly! I’ve put it together by asking questions of your mother. It makes sense that you’ll be going to the same elite academy as myself, Madoka. That’s why we’re good friends now.” Emi grins.

“The same academy?” Madoka gapes. “What makes you so sure? Isn’t that wishful hoping?” Madoka asks.

“No, it’s true. Tell Madoka the name of the academy she’s been suddenly registered with.” Emi smiles at Kozuke and a moment later, Kiyomi grins with a knowing mischievous grin.

“Waseda Girls’ Academy, built within the last ten years, located in a park.” Kiyomi grins at Kozuke.

Kozuke stiffens and glares at Kiyomi. “How did you find out? I instructed her honored father to keep it a secret!” Kozuke exclaims.

“A foxy girl has a way with finding out things she wants to know.” Kiyomi grins. “With that, why don’t we conclude this trip? I think letting Madoka rest is the most important thing right now. I would suggest taking her back to the onsen, but clearly it isn’t a sanctuary for us. Taking her to her home is likely the best course of action.”

Madoka smiles, nodding emphatically. “It’s been an interesting experience, but I’m ready to be home.”

“You’re wasting an opportunity, Mistress, but I don’t disagree with this wily kitsune’s suggestion,” Kozuke murmurs.

“If you want to call being nearly drowned by a slime youkai interesting.” Emi shakes her head.

“There is something to be said for the squishy embrace of a slime youkai,” Kiyomi points out with a lewd expression.

“I think I’m better off not understanding about that comment.” Emi frowns, looking squeamish.

Kozuke hesitates, eyeing Kiyomi, but finally leads them onwards through the throngs of the crowd in the youkai city. Emi looks around at the various strange creatures all around her, but unlike before, she seems to be somewhat numbed to the shock of seeing strange things all around her.

“My only regret is that I didn’t develop some kind of power,” Emi complains as everyone follows Kozuke. He leads them down a side street to a building with a maintained garden before it. He throws open the doors, eyed by a boy with dog ears before he bows low to him.

“Kozuke-senpai!” The small lion-dog grins.

Emi looks at him and grins. “So cute!” She reaches out to pat him on the head. The boy glares at her, his dignity offended.

“Take care, Hasegawa-san. He may bite if you aren’t careful,” Kozuke warns her.

“Oh, I would not do that, senpai,” the boy protests, scowling. “I’m not a wild beast who can’t be polite in society. Please proceed through the gateway, mortals,” he urges them.

Emi grins and bows to the lion dog boy. “I’m sorry. I have a weakness for puppies.” Emi giggles.

“I don’t see the appeal,” Madoka comments with a smile.

“Are you more of a cat person?” Emi asks, with a frown. “Oh that’s right, you like girls, don’t you?” Emi asks teasingly.

“Well, yes.” Madoka blushes.

“I’m always happy to hear that.” Kiyomi grins, pleased.

“Well, maybe you’re more of a crow person,” Emi points out.

“W-what…” Madoka blushes. “She had pretty wings. Aren’t tengu supposed to be ugly with bulbous noses?” she asks.

“The females can be pretty attractive.” Kiyomi grins, winking.

“Don’t tempt my mistress. You’ll ruin her. I can’t leave her alone with you at her academy.” Kozuke frowns as they proceed through the doors of the building. Inside is a corridor similar to the one that took them into this world, with simple paper decorations this time in the corridor with shoji lining it. Emi starts to remove her shoes, but Kozuke stops her, putting his hand on her shoulder.

“You’ll just leave your shoes behind in the spiritual world if you do that. Just proceed.” Kozuke gestures.

“Have a safe return!” the small lion-dog calls out, closing the sliding door behind them.

“What will you do about it, Lion-Dog-Butler-sama? Crossdress?” Kiyomi challenges Kozuke.

“It wouldn’t work.” Emi shakes her head. “Maybe you could masquerade as a teacher,” she suggests.

“Oh… that’s too clever. But I don’t think a dumb mutt such as he would successfully masquerade as a teacher,” Kiyomi points out.

Kozuke scowls, frowning at the comment. “I’m certain that there would be plenty that I could teach mortal children,” he replies.

“What? How to deal with fleas? How to remember where you buried your favorite bone?” Kiyomi taunts. She notes his sudden rigid expression. “Why the mastiff demeanor?” she grins impishly.

“Stop making dog jokes!” Kozuke snarls, snapping at Kiyomi. Kiyomi runs ahead with a giggle as they reach the end of the corridor. She steps out.

“No! Stop, you witless kitsune!” Kozuke yells after her. Everyone follows Kiyomi and everything around them suddenly becomes more solid as they appear in a throng of shrine-visiting people. The people suddenly gasp and clap their hands together, staring at them, Madoka wearing her miko-like costume, Emi wearing her stylish clothes once again, Kozuke standing in his charred butler suit, and Kiyomi wrapped elegantly in her yukata. Unfortunately her ears and tail are out, though Kozuke had the wits to disappear his before passing back into the normal world; even so, they draw eyes as people yell in reaction to their mysterious appearance in the shrine grounds.

Kozuke scowls fiercely at Kiyomi and she grins back at him, winking, her tail thrashing. People stare at that particularly. Groups of girls giggle, and men gape appreciatively at the girls, particularly Kiyomi.

A miko approaches Madoka and stares at her. “What is this supposed to be, some sort of unarranged idol gravure shot? We would greatly appreciate your doing it elsewhere.”

Madoka blinks at the cold words.

“Your cosplay costume is offensive.” She scowls, but particularly studies Kiyomi. “I will say, the silver haired idol is interesting. Does she have animatronic ears and tail?” she inquires. “Are you doing some kind of anime-esque photoshoot?”

“Oh yes, our apologies for inconveniencing you with our special effects, Miko-san,” Kozuke murmurs.

“Where are the cameras?” the miko asks, suspicious.

“Why, they’re hidden cleverly to make for an even more natural photoshoot. We’re done already, however, so we won’t trouble you any longer.” Kiyomi grins. Everyone around listening to them grins, looking excited at the idea of being on a television show or perhaps in model photos.

“Is it a new television special?” a girl calls out.

“A private production. Our apologies.” Kiyomi grins mischievously. “Why don’t you try out your appealing poses for any last pictures they want to take?” She steps behind Madoka, winking at her. Madoka gapes at her, stunned.

“Help reinforce the illusion.” Kiyomi grins. “Show your creativity!” she urges Madoka.

“B-but…” Madoka stammers, and after a moment Emi smiles, suddenly assuming a sexy pose.

Kozuke gapes at Emi’s sudden enthusiastic posing.

“That’s it, Emi-chan! Such sexy style!” Kiyomi approves. “Madoka-chan, you can learn much from your co-worker,” she teases.

Madoka blushes from head to toes and trembles as she tries leaning forward, with a hand on her curvy hip. Madoka moves her other hand under her breasts, and she blushes, looking away from the crowd, posing like an idol she’s seen before.

Kiyomi whistles and cheers. “That’s what the crowd wants to see!” She grins, encouraging Emi and Madoka.

“Okay, I think they have enough.” Kozuke sighs, ruefully scratching his head.

The four walk back towards Madoka’s home. “I can’t imagine it, me going to an all-girl high school… I can’t imagine what I’ll do in that situation!” Madoka panics, thinking about her day ahead tomorrow.

“You’ll be fine. You’re a girl to your toes, Madoka-chan. Have confidence!” Emi encourages her.

“But I…” Madoka protests, squirming more.

“I agree with her. I can’t possibly imagine you as a man, Madoka-chan.” Kiyomi compliments Madoka.

“Ah… but… I was born…” she trails off.

“Even so, sometimes a soul is born into a wrong body. We know it well in the spiritual world, but the nice thing about the world of youkai is that people are born just the way they want to be. Our appearances reflect who we are.” Kiyomi smiles.

“Not every youkai is born as they wish to be. Some are unfortunate,” Kozuke points out.

“That is true, enough, but I stand by my words.” Kiyomi smiles.

Kozuke looks away, his expression moody.

“Some are privileged, particularly the servants of kami, and those raised to the level of kami are even more blessed,” Kiyomi murmurs.

“Don’t speak of it, kitsune. There is no need to discuss it further,” Kozuke says, his tone harsh.

“But I find the subject fascinating, Lion-Dog-Butler-sama. Some of us fight for our position and privilege, while others walk into opportunity. Some of us who are more qualified resent it,” Kiyomi says, slightly subdued.

“Enough of that subject. If all you wish to do is insult me, you can leave our company,” Kozuke snarls at Kiyomi and rounds on her.

Kiyomi smiles a touch. “I think I will leave for the time being. I’m exhausted for the moment, but there are things in the mundane world that needs to be seen to. I’ll see you soon, Madoka-chan.” Kiyomi smiles naughtily. “I look forward to seeing you again.”

Madoka watches as Kiyomi walks away with that classic sassy stride. She can picture the thrashing of her silvery tail as she swings her hips, though thankfully, she hides her ears and tail, her gleaming silvery hair blowing in the breeze as she walks away.

“I think that is my signal to go my way as well. It was interesting, Madoka-chan. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Emi waves with a warm smile. Madoka returns the warm smile.

“I hope you have fun on your date with Tatsuo. Let me know how it goes. I’m cheering for you! He’s a pretty great guy!” Madoka grins.


enka -- a most traditional style of Japanese music, typically involving shamisen, koto (both stringed instruments), flutes and drums. It features a classic old style of Japanese singing that isn’t heard as often these days in J-pop, though you might hear it once in a while.

koto -- a rounded sculpted board with strings on it, resembling a cross between a harp and a guitar. It has many tuned strings on it like a harp. I can’t define what it sounds like being as I can’t go listen to it myself to attempt to, but do look it up yourself on Youtube if you are curious about it. I remember it, but not clearly enough to describe it.

ramune -- a variety of Japanese soda. Typically produced in a bottle with a unique method of sealing the bottle via a glass marble, such that the pressure inside the soda holds the marble in place. You typically use a tool provided to push the marble out of the opening, and the bottle typically contains a shelf inside which allows drinking without the marble continuously blocking the flow.

shoji -- a variety of paper finished sliding screens or walls. They’re particularly pleasant when you see light illuminating shoji at night. There is a quality of comfort provided by the sight of it.

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