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Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 3 Warnings!
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Madoka faces a threat and discovers a new ability.

Chapter Fourteen : The Girl Who Discovered New Power
Posted: 2018-08-21 16:00:53 | Updated: 2018-08-21 16:05:42
Words: 4809

Madoka gasps for breath as she re-surfaces. She casts her filmed gaze around, coughing up mineral water. She feels a sudden sharp pain in her right wrist, and her eyes focus on that wrist as she tries to move that arm, but finds that she can’t. She sees a creature with its fangs firmly clamped on her wrist, her blood flowing around its jaws. She examines the creature, noting it has greenish blue scales and baleful golden eyes, its nostrils flaring as it sucks her blood.

“Weaken her further, Suiko, but do not feast on her spirit or I shall end your life immediately,” a threatening voice says. Madoka looks toward the voice, struggling against the firm grip on her arm. She lifts her free hand and strikes at the head of the creature, but she stiffens with shock when she recognizes that threatening oni’s face. It rushes forward. Madoka has only a moment to notice that she is still in a hot spring like the one for her room, but clearly a different one, as no one else is in sight.

Yoshimaru charges in and grips Madoka once again around her neck. Madoka gasps and cries as Yoshimaru squeezes her neck, its claws sinking into her flesh. She screams, barely able to breathe.

Aoi-chan! Please save me! Madoka screams in her mind, feeling her life welling out from her wrist, being sucked by the water goblin. She waits for a long moment, but there is no reply in her mind. She realizes that she doesn’t have her whistle either, standing completely nude before the Oni. She whimpers, hot tears falling from her eyes as she thrashes and kicks at Yoshimaru.

“You are my toy, my plaything once-boy,” it snarls in that familiar voice. “I will not devour you yet, but I will take you away. Once you are raised, your spiritual power will be mine and my greatest wish will be granted.” It laughs harshly, threateningly.

“N-no…” Madoka weakly struggles, casting her gaze around but not seeing anyone coming to her rescue.

“They won’t save you in time this time, foolish mortal,” Yoshimaru gloats.

“N-nooooo…” Madoka thrashes. “Save… me…” she cries, choking out the words through her constricted throat. “Oh, K-Kami… please no…” Madoka’s eyes darken as she feels she has lost so much blood she can barely keep her eyes open. She looks down and sees that the stone ground below is splashed thickly with her blood. The iron scent of it wafts from the hot stone.

Madoka loses conscious for a moment, despair consuming her now. Where did you go, Aoi… where did you… my protector, I lo…

Suddenly, a bright golden light fills Madoka’s eyes, and where she felt dead, she fills with an intense burst of energy. It surges and fills her from head to toes. She can feel her hair standing straight up from the pressure of energy surging from her body.

There is a burning sensation around her neck, not just that of the clawed hand of Yoshimaru, but something else. She realizes suddenly that the something else is lying on her chest, giving off a comforting heat. It feels like love.

Raise your hand and call upon my blessings, my child, my beloved shrine maiden. Accept this power which I have bestowed upon you. Madoka hears another voice in her mind, and the voice is familiar.

Madoka reaches up, clutching at something above her and suddenly her hand clasps around something hard and warm. She opens her eyes, and in her vision, a shape burns itself into her retina with its golden light. Madoka realizes she’s holding a spear; etched on the blade are lilies and stars, while its haft is etched with vines and leaves. The grip around her neck loosens and the hand falls away as she brings the blade of the spear down through the space the oni had occupied. She instead brings her weapon down on the head of the water goblin whose jaws are still firmly gripping her arm. The blade cuts down into its head. It shrieks, its jaws opening. Madoka yells as the blow momentarily drives its fangs deeper into her wrist.

“How are you wielding so much spiritual power so soon?” Yoshimaru gasps. “Is it a blessing of your kami?” he asks, and the water goblin takes a step back, bleeding itself now. Madoka cradles her injured wrist in her other armpit. She moans, holding onto the spear desperately. Yoshimaru snarls and reaches into its obi, drawing weapons seemingly from nowhere. Two black blades appear in its clawed hands.

“Suiko! Disable her again!” Yoshimaru snaps to the water goblin. It charges at Madoka again, blood leaking into its eyes. Madoka gasps and turns, slashing at it with the blade of the spear, still cradling her bleeding wrist. The spear makes contact with it, slicing a jagged wound across its chest despite the thick scaly armor all about its body. It screams, stumbles back and scrabbles for the spear to disable her. Madoka blanches again, feeling her loss of blood again suddenly. She repeatedly slashes at it clumsily with the blade of the spear.

Your love for your shikigami weakens you, shrine maiden. Relinquish it, it is a love that can never be! You will only suffer if you persist. Her kami speaks to her again in her mind.

I can’t, Kami-sama! I can’t forsake my feelings! Madoka mews mentally.

They are not your feelings, silly child. They are the feelings of the other you, but this one was never born to the world, Kami replies.

Aoi is wonderful. She protected me fiercely as she always did, how can you say that, Kami-sama? Is there no way? Madoka gasps as Yoshimaru charges in, striking with his dark blades. Madoka desperately fends the attacks off with the spear, moving the spear to block with not the blade but the length of the haft. She clumsily strikes at Yoshimaru, but while she’s occupied, the water goblin attacks again, seizing her right leg. Madoka shrieks as it bites her again. Yoshimaru dances backwards, laughing harshly.

“You can’t hope to fight. Surrender, Madoka. You will be mine. Give up!” it cackles at her.

There is no way. You can be joined with her only as a Goshujinsama and Shikigami. Accept it for the good of yourself and her, Kami answers her desperate plea.

Aoi-chan… is there truly no way? Can you truly not love? I don’t believe that! Madoka cries softly, pained by the biting at her ankle. She strikes firmly into the back of the creature with the blade of the spear. The spear penetrates shallowly due to her weakness. The goblin shrieks, but laps at her ankle.

“You can’t kill it, Madoka. It will follow you for the rest of your life. The killing of Suiko is impossible for you! Accept your weakness, foolish mortal!” Yoshimaru taunts her.

Madoka sags, affected by Yoshimaru’s insidious dark words, but deep inside of her, a core of iron resistance hardens. Madoka feels weak, and noticing Yoshimaru charges again, moving in to strike her with the hilts of its blades this time. To the side there is a shimmering and rippling, and Yoshimaru suddenly staggers as a sword is plunged into its side.

Yoshimaru shrieks and dashes away, its wooden clogs clicking on the stones as it runs and leaps over a nearby bamboo wall, clapping its clawed hands over its wound. Aoi’s proud form steps in front of Madoka, holding her sword of water. Aoi silently looks into Madoka’s eyes; then she quickly turns her attention to the water goblin scrabbling at the ground. It charges up to face the newest threat. Madoka sags, falling to her knees in the puddle of her blood. Aoi moves to strike the goblin as it launches itself at her, but she scatters into motes of light, so that it passes through her, its jaws clamping down on nothing. Suddenly, its form is consumed by flames, bright and orange. It shrieks loudly and its body chars before Madoka’s body as she collapses. After a few moments, her breaths shallow, she feels the arms of someone around her.

Her eyes open, unfocused, and she looks up at the someone holding her. She notices that it’s Kozuke’s strong face. Worry paints his face as he looks down at Madoka. “Mistress!” he murmurs, comforting her by stroking her hair. “I’m sorry I failed you!” he apologizes.

Kiyomi steps into her field of vision and she smiles at Madoka as she holds the suiko by the scruff of its neck, its body charred and unmoving.

“K-Kozuke… Kiyomi…” Madoka stammers, lying listlessly in Kozuke’s arms.

“You don’t look well, Madoka-chan.” Kiyomi looks at Kozuke. “Don’t just stand there. Bring her back to our room.”

“Mistress could die!” Kozuke murmurs, his expression still worried.

“She will not. My cousin can help,” Kiyomi murmurs. “My talents don’t lean towards healing, but hers do.”

“The little one has a healing skill?” Kozuke blinks, smiling. “I was thinking that we would have to rush Mistress to a spiritual healer.”

“Kozuke-sama!” Madoka hears suddenly behind her. She turns and notices that Sari has followed them.

Kiyomi smiles warmly at her. “Sari. Treat her wounds, please.”

Sari fidgets a moment, eyeing Madoka and biting her lip, her expression jealous for a moment, but finally she bows, dashes forward, and places her hands on Madoka as Kozuke bends down to bring Madoka within her reach. Madoka feels a strange sensation as something warm extends from the girl, a youkai aura, but a gentle one. She bites her lip, moaning at the feeling of her wrist and ankle aching; the sensation intensifies and her neck starts itching.

The gentle energy pulses throughout her body, and the wave of it carries her away as she passes out.

When she wakes up, the first thing Madoka sees are Kiyomi’s breasts, pressed against her face. Madoka notices that Kiyomi is nude and in a futon with her right now. Madoka gasps and shrieks. Kiyomi grins down at her. “You need warmth right now, Madoka.” Kiyomi’s tone is playful.

Madoka squirms as she feels something up against her back as well, and despite the awkwardness of the situation she does feel warm. She looks over her shoulder and notices that Emi is laying behind her asleep, thankfully in a yukata. She looks at Kiyomi with big eyes.

“Wh-Why are you naked?” Madoka yelps.

“It’s easier to impart warmth in the nude.” Kiyomi grins. Madoka fidgets and realizes that she herself is nude as well. She blushes from head to toes and squirms deeply into the blanket.

Kiyomi laughs in response.

“Don’t stain my mistress,” Kozuke growls very quietly.

“I’m not doing anything to her, Lion-Dog-Butler-sama.” She rolls her eyes. “You want her to recover faster, don’t you?” she asks.

“You might want to check your wounds, Madoka-chan,” Kiyomi suggests.

Madoka gasps and pulls the blanket off of her face, then examines her wrist, noticing that it’s mostly healed already. She gapes as she stares at it.

“Do you feel better?” Kiyomi asks her softly, petting her hair. Madoka shakes her head.

“I’m still weak and tired…” she sighs softly.

“Then let me give you another dose of energy.” Kiyomi smiles down at Madoka. Madoka looks up at Kiyomi, blinking.

“You don’t remember how I transfer energy do you?” Kiyomi grins, suddenly squirming deeper into the blanket and seizing Madoka’s lips with hers. She kisses Madoka intensely. Madoka gasps and squirms, blushing from head to toes.

“If you take it beyond this you will feel my jaws on your neck, fox-wench,” Kozuke threatens.

Madoka squeaks and mewls as Kiyomi kisses her into senselessness. She twitches and passes out.

When Madoka wakes up again, she notices that Kiyomi is asleep in front of her this time. Madoka stares at her and squeaks again, blushing; she quickly crawls out of the blankets. She notices immediately that Kozuke sits at the table pushed off to the side in the room presently, having tea with Sari and Emi. Madoka yelps as their eyes fall upon her nude body. Sari gasps and looks away with a little blush, her expression full of empathy, understanding her situation. Madoka covers herself as everyone except Emi look away. Emi grins amusedly at Madoka with a smile. “Let me help you find your yukata.” She gets to her feet quickly and walks over to it folded neatly. She picks it up for Madoka and hands it to her.

“Oh, Kami!” Madoka mews, covering her blushing face. She accepts the yukata and quickly dons it. Emi helps her to tie the obi around her waist.

“What a horrifying thing to go through,” Emi comments as she ties the obi into a bow.

“Which part were you referring to, Hasegawa-san?” Kozuke asks.

“All of it. She hasn’t even trained yet, but she still was wounded, and she’s also been at the mercy of a lewd oba-san fox,” Emi replies with a wry expression.

“I hate to say it, but the expert spiritual services of kitsune are valuable,” Kozuke murmurs with a chuckle.

“Kozuke-sama! You value me?” Sari asks, squeeing. “Yay!” she exclaims.

“Well, of course. Strong spiritual powers are useful.” Kozuke smiles, patting Sari’s head.

“I played my own part in her recovery. Giving my gifts to her all night.” Kiyomi yawns behind Madoka, sounding more exhausted than she has ever heard her. Kiyomi has always been full of perverted energy, but she sounds almost listless now. Madoka looks over her shoulder and shivers a little as she looks at Kiyomi, sitting up completely nude, her impressive breasts jiggling. She rubs her eyes tiredly, for once not fixing her with a perverted gaze.

“I gave my all to Madoka-chan.” Kiyomi yawns.

“Your all?” Madoka gasps and blushes form head to toes. That sounded really perverted.

“I watched you most of the night. I’m certain you didn’t do anything but kiss her.” Kozuke rolls his eyes.

“I watched when Kozuke-sama couldn’t.” Sari smiles. “I want to help Kozuke-sama with his important duties.”

“Why don’t you help me in my duties sometime, little cousin.” Kiyomi yawns again. “I’ll teach you my technique. It will strongly compliment your healing abilities.”

“I don’t want to learn any strange perverted techniques from Onee-sama,” Sari mews, looking away with a disapproving expression.

“If you say so, little cousin. Don’t insult a senior.” Kiyomi grins tiredly and snuggles back under the futon blanket, curling up cat-like. “I’m going to sleep. Look after Madoka-chan in my place for a few hours. That is an order from your elder,” Kiyomi murmurs, and promptly starts snoring uncutely.

“Eh… well, I, will because I’m helping my Kozuke-sama!” Sari replies with a grin. “I will see that breakfast comes soon.” Sari looks down at Kiyomi with a disapproving expression, but she climbs to her feet, and with surprising grace, she bows to Madoka.

“Please seat yourself and enjoy a cup of tea while you wait.” She gestures to the tea set on the table. She quickly steps away to the door to the corridor and slides it open, stepping through and closing it behind her.

Madoka yawns herself, but walks over to the table and settles down on a zabuton. Kozuke pours tea and hands her a teacup with familiar grace. Madoka accepts the cup and takes a sip, feeling the delicious tea warm her as it rolls down into her stomach. She sighs with a happy smile, enjoying the taste.

Sari returns with an oversized tray. She holds it as she opens the door to the room with her foot. Her purple tail bats as she walks inside. She looks comical as she holds the massive tray and balances in a way that seems impossible. Delicious smells waft from the tray, and she bumps the door closed with her bottom. She grins cutely, looking at Madoka.

“I’m sorry if I was rude earlier, Mistress. Are you feeling healthy?” she asks, walking over to the table and setting the tray down on one end not in use. She starts distributing platters with sausages, bowls of rice, bowls of miso soup, fish, and rolled omelettes. She sets a plate down in front of Emi, who smiles pleasantly at Sari, who returns it, and then at Madoka, who grins eagerly at Sari.

Sari giggles softly, noting Madoka’s expression. “Why did you call me that, Sari-chan?” Madoka asks, referring to how she had addressed her earlier.

“Mistress? It’s because that is how Kozuke-sama addresses you.” She smiles warmly at Madoka, blushing a little. “There is nothing else to it, but I want to assist my beloved Kozuke-sama.”

“I’m truly sorry, but I can’t respond to your feelings, little one.” Kozuke looks away, uncomfortable.

Sari gapes and sags a little when Kozuke says that. She mewls softly. She still quickly sets a plate in front of him, though she looks away, biting her lip.

“Ohhh… that’s sad… don’t be so harsh. The hearts of maidens are sensitive. You should be kinder to cute little Sari-chan.” Emi shakes a finger at Kozuke. “Are you an unfeeling dog-man?” she asks.

“Of course not!” Kozuke replies, frowning. “She is far too young for me.”

“I suppose I understand, but surely you can be patient and wait for her to catch up to you.” Emi puts her hands on her hips.

Sari blushes and squirms a little, chewing her lip. She looks at Emi with grateful eyes. “Thank you for your kindness, Emi-san!” she murmurs, settling down next to Emi, between Madoka and Emi. Madoka looks at her with a warm smile. With an impulse, she reaches out and pets her head and ears with a cute little expression. Sari’s ears twitch and she looks at Madoka, shocked, but finally she blushes and looks happy. Emi laughs aloud and joins Madoka in petting Sari. Sari squeaks and looks over her shoulder, her eyes wide, and giggles as they both pet her. She mews and squirms, seeming to enjoy the attention. “P-please don’t, Mistwesses...” she lisps, seeming out of countenance.

Madoka giggles. Kozuke watches with an amused expression. “You might harm her pride as a kitsune if you continue that,” he warns them.

“Aww… but she’s so cute!” Emi exclaims, hugging her.

“Kyu!” Sari gasps when Emi hugs her.

“Ahhhh, it’s too cute! Why is my heart beating so fast. I feel so fluffy!” Madoka gasps and picks up her chopsticks. Noting that she doesn’t have breakfast, she picks up one of her sausages and offers it to Sari with a motherly expression.

Sari stares at her and gapes. “Mistress! You should not! It is for you! I’m your hostess, this is improper!” she protests, blushing.

“Awww… it’s fine. Open your mouth! It’s the least I can do to repay you for healing me!” Madoka grins.

She presses the sausage to Sari’s mouth and Emi suddenly starts tickling her. Sari stiffens and gasps, bursting into laughter, her tail and ears twitching rapidly. When she opens her mouth Madoka presses the sausage in.

“Miftwsshhhes… n.. Nyuuu!” she protests with her mouth full of sausage. She laughs and chews her mouthful of food.

“Waii… so cute…” Madoka gasps and hugs her impulsively.

“N… nyuuu…” Sari gasps, cuddled by the two doting on her.

“Nhhhh… what’s going on here…” Kiyomi mumbles tiredly. “No… why don’t you do that for me, too…” she mews, pouting.

After breakfast, a blushing Sari twitches. Kozuke stands up and smiles. “Our visit is concluded.” He walks over to the prone snoring Kiyomi and kneels down, shaking her ungently. “Get up, fox. It’s time we get to serious training. Get to your feet so we can leave.”

“You’re taking her?” Madoka asks, gaping.

“No. We need to check out,” Kozuke answers.

“Mnhhhh… you’re waking me up so you can check out?” Kiyomi scowls, pouting. “My services are useful to you aren’t they?”

“Do you like Kozuke-sama after all, Onee-sama?” Sari pouts.

“No. He’s a dirty mutt. Only girls are snuggly.” Kiyomi frowns.

“Don’t insult Kozuke-sama, Onee-sama!” Sari reproaches Kiyomi with an angrilly little stomp of her foot.

“Her saucy tongue aside, I will admit that it is useful to have her around for keeping Mistress protected. But having to protect Mistress from Kiyomi is a burden,” Kozuke murmurs.

“Protecting her from me? I won’t ever do anything to hurt Madoka-chan. You know that I will not do anything but cuddle and love her.” Kiyomi scowls at Kozuke.

“I’m worried for her purity. If you soil her, her powers as a shrine maiden may degrade,” Kozuke snaps.

“Oh, you’re silly, lion-dog. You’re being ridiculous. The love of a woman won’t hurt her.” She grins and eyes Madoka. “I wonder if she likes men after all, the way she carries on.”

“It would be natural, wouldn’t it be?” Kozuke asks.

“It makes sense to me as well, but you can’t have Kozuke-sama, Mistress.” Sari looks at Madoka challengingly.

“I don’t like guys!” Madoka gasps. “Stop acting like I do.” Madoka puts her hands on her hips and blushes.

“That would make sense to me, I suppose, but do I have to wonder if you’ll molest me?” Emi asks Madoka.

“Don’t confuse me with a perverted fox.” Madoka blushes, squirming.

“Don’t say such cutting things about me, Madoka-chan…” Kiyomi complains. “What’s wrong with me? Aren’t I hotter than anyone else you’ve ever seen?”

After a while, everyone gets changed into their normal clothes. They follow Sari down the corridor as they say goodbye to their wonderful little room and the amazing hot spring.

“Awww… that was fun,” Emi complains as they follow Sari. “The hospitality was amazing. I would love to return and see little Sari-chan.” Emi smiles at her.

Sari looks over her shoulder and blushes and squirms a little as she shows them the way out.

“I would too, even though it went so badly,” Madoka murmurs.

“If you return, Mistress, I will see if we can assign a guard to your person. No one mentioned that you might be targeted by youkai,” Sari murmurs.

“Well, it seems a foregone conclusion, little cousin. Two mortals would certainly be targets here in the spiritual world,” Kiyomi murmurs. “I should have kept a firmer eye on Madoka-chan,” she berates herself.

“You came to her rescue as quickly as I, fox. I think I can trust you that far at least.” Kozuke comments.

They pass by other guests heading in the opposite direction, at least one looking like a normal human like themselves, a woman. She wears a yukata for the onsen, and there is no hint of her identity. Her hair is tied up behind her in a bow. She looks at their party and smiles pleasantly, bowing as she passes. “The most normal looking party I have seen lately,” she murmurs with a soft laugh.

Madoka looks back at her as they continue on their way. She looks at her wonderingly, but she fades into the distance of the corridor, oddly enough alone. Perhaps she’s a youkai with a perfect transformation, Madoka thinks.

Madoka looks at Kozuke, stunned, as they stand in a shrine in this world, looking different yet the same, but there is a spiritual difference. Before, in the previous shrines, Madoka had felt a peace, but here she feels energy. She marvels at the sensation, standing among rows of large torii gates. Madoka stares around, then looks at Emi.

“Do you feel anything here, Emi-chan?” she asks her.

Emi blinks and shakes her head. “I don’t think that bath and the food did anything for me, but something feels a little powerful about this place,” Emi murmurs.

“More importantly, do you?” Kozuke asks, eyes on Madoka.

“I do. There is an immense pressure all around us… it’s like gravity is greater here, but I can move normally. It’s just a sensation of being compressed by the energy,” Madoka murmurs.

Kiyomi yawns behind her fan and and closes it with a smile at Madoka. “Good girl. That is what you should feel. This is a place of the kami. A leyline. Close your eyes. Let the energy in the area seep into and through you,” she advises Madoka.

“Focus on your shikigami. The best way to sharpen your spiritual powers is to use your shikigami… the more you use it, the more you will improve,” Kozuke murmurs. “You must have a strong connection with your shikigami spirit, otherwise you can’t communicate with it or call upon it. The important thing is to develop your relationship, but don’t force it. Don’t overload it with concepts that it can’t understand,” Kozuke instructs Madoka, standing in the center of the torii.

Madoka closes her eyes and focuses on Aoi, the image of her, the proud back, the elegant body, and the beautiful heart of the girl, undeniably the spirit of the girl the other her loved deeply. The girl that she feels undeniable love towards. She doesn’t say anything, but focuses on those thoughts, the image of her and her love.

Goshujinsama… I’m flattered by your strong feelings, but you do not know me well. I am a non-entity, Aoi murmurs to her.

I will not force these feelings on you. I can’t do that. Please draw closer to me so we can work together. Please continue to look after me, Aoi, Madoka murmurs mentally.

Madoka feels a strange sensation of energy around her and she hears a gasp nearby. She turns and seeing the shocked and amazed expression of Emi. More importantly, she gazes in the direction that Emi is looking, stunned. And she sees Aoi standing among the torii. Aoi looks at her with a warm smile on her face, her eyes caring.

“I’m pleased to see that you are doing better,” she murmurs.

Madoka looks into her eyes for a long moment.

“So this is what your Shikigami looks like, Madoka-chan!” Kiyomi exclaims, and with a lascivious grin she dashes at Aoi. Aoi looks at her, a stunned expression on her face, as Kiyomi spreads her arms to embrace her.

Aoi draws her sword quickly and with impeccable skill she strikes at Kiyomi, bringing her water sword down on Kiyomi’s head. Kiyomi gasps and stares at her with a stunned expression. “No! I’m not an enemy!” Kiyomi gasps. She rubs her head where the blade had struck her.

“It was the dull side of my blade, kitsune,” Aoi replies. “A familiar threat. I feel my goshujinsama in danger frequently, but she can’t call me to protect her. In this place, I will defend her,” she says firmly.

Madoka watches and her heart throbs at the amazing Aoi, materialized finally again, and for once she doesn’t feel drained by it.

“Do not think to love me, goshujinsama. It is improper. I will serve you, but don’t seek to love me.” Aoi bows.

Kiyomi stands up and grins at Aoi. “Such a proper defender for my Madoka-chan.” Kiyomi smiles, pleased, rubbing the lump on her head.

“Do we understand each other, goshujinsama? I am fond of you, but it cannot be what you wish,” Aoi admonishes Madoka gently.

Madoka sniffles and nods, bowing her head. “Even so, I still want to serve as your portal into the world.” Madoka chews her lip.

Aoi looks around, seeming to enjoy the sight of everything around her. “Where I live there is nothing. I’m grateful for your kindness, goshujinsama,” Aoi murmurs softly. She walks over to Madoka suddenly, and kneels before her. She offers up an object to her, a green origami.

“There is a kindred spirit who seeks to serve you by my side. Will you accept her from me as well?” Aoi asks, bowing her head as she extends her hand up.

“I’m exhausted enough learning to show you the world,” Madoka murmurs.

“The more shikigami you have the more powerful you will be. Don’t lean on me entirely; you have many gifts. Please accept this kindred spirit,” she asks softly.


suiko -- water goblins. They’re very vampire-like, but reptilian in appearance. They have fangs and such. Depictions of them wildly vary. Mine are very sinister creepy creatures that drink blood. This one has a bestial face, and is very terrifying with glaring eyes.

torii -- found in shinto shrines typically. They’re structures that are usually a blocky n or H. They stand astride paths or entrances to shrines, but there are places where there are endless torii. They are amazing and very spiritual as you pass through them.

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