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Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 3 Warnings!
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Madoka discovers the strength of a friendship that can be forged after trials.

Chapter Eleven : The Girl Who Gained a Girlfriend
Posted: 2018-08-08 12:56:05 | Updated: 2018-08-18 11:52:41
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“I’m glad to see you, Kozuke-san!” Madoka grins, her knees a little weak.

Kozuke smiles and bows with a flourish. “Of course! I whipped up a miniature feast for your honorable father, and once my job was completed, I rushed to Shibuya. It took a while to find you. When you activated your spiritual powers, I was able to sense your location and come to your rescue,” Kozuke murmurs.

“A bit too late on the scene, wouldn’t you say?” Kiyomi crosses her arms below her breasts and looks at Kozuke with a teasing smile. “What kind of protector can you be called if you prioritize cooking over protecting your ward?”

Kozuke eyes Kiyomi. “I’m a man of my word. I had a feeling you’d keep an eye on her, and I hoped that if she ran into trouble, she would be able to fend off a youkai who had a mind to attack her. Or is that how you found her too?” Kozuke inquires.

Kiyomi blushes and looks away. “O-of course not. I was watching her the whole time. She seemed like she could protect herself, so I watched, naturally.” She laughs behind her hand. “Of course, I’m an eminently more capable guardian than yourself, Lion-Dog-Butler-sama!” She utters that haughty laugh. “Ohohoho!”

“Mistress? Who are these people, what is this? Is this kinky stuff?” Emi draws backwards from them, eyeing the door behind Kozuke. Kozuke and Kiyomi examine her, their reactions different in response to her commentary. Kozuke just blinks and Kiyomi grins suggestively at Emi, looking amused.

“It’s really complicated, Hasegawa-san.” Madoka eyes Emi and fidgets a little as she puts a hand to her head, staggering due to sudden exhaustion. Kiyomi casually puts her arm around Madoka’s waist and Madoka turns red from head to toes, suddenly staring at Kiyomi, gaping as Kiyomi fondles her behind while supporting her.

Catching the motion of Kiyomi’s hand, Kozuke comments with a withering glare at her. “I would ask you not to do anything further improper to my mistress.” Kozuke scowls and steps further into the shop from the doorway towards Madoka. Before he can reach her, Kiyomi with shocking strength sweeps Madoka up into her arms. Kozuke’s eyes widen and his hackles rise as he moves quickly to take Madoka from Kiyomi.

In response, Kiyomi draws back, turning to the side as she holds the exhausted Madoka. “Oh, my intentions are pure and proper. Besides, it’s only fair to receive compensation for services rendered, wouldn’t you say?” She grins.

“My mistress’ body isn’t on the bargaining table. What else might you want for said services?” Kozuke asks, looking firmly into Kiyomi’s eyes. She returns his look and smiles impishly. “Oh, I desire nothing much; it is certainly not harmful for sweet Madoka,” she purrs, and very quickly leans down to capture Madoka’s lips as Madoka lies helplessly in her arms, listless.

Watching the kiss, Emi gapes and stares at Kiyomi, her face flushing, and she draws back again. “What are you doing to her!?”

Kozuke growls and watches angrily. “That is exactly what I would like to know, myself!”

Madoka stares into Kiyomi’s eyes, stunned, and after a moment she squirms energetically as Kiyomi kisses her at length; after flailing and struggling briefly, the effect of the intense kiss has an obvious effect on Madoka. It seems to take a very long time before Kiyomi is satisfied. Afterwards, Madoka casts her eyes around the room dizzily.

Kozuke scowls again at Kiyomi as she hands Madoka to him willingly, her eyes sparkling. “That wasn’t so bad, was it, Lion-Dog-Butler-sama?” Kiyomi grins. “I’m satisfied.”

“Obviously it was!” Kozuke’s response is quick and his tone full of venom. “Did you devour some of her spiritual power?” Kozuke accuses her tightly.

Me? Devour her spiritual power? No, of course not! Not in her condition, or ever! Besides that, she can barely spare it as she is now. As you know, she expended more spiritual energy than is good for her health. No, I gave her a gift, you overprotective cur!” Kiyomi purses her lips and winks at Madoka, covering her lips with a finger. “My kisses are some of the best gifts I can give.” Kiyomi smiles with a cute expression.

“Then you gave her some of your spiritual energy?” Kozuke inquires, his expression reflecting his surprise as he blinks. “I was unaware that you had such an ability.”

Kiyomi rolls her eyes and shrugs. “Well, of course! Correct, foolish Lion-Dog-Butler-sama!” She grins and looks down to the floor in the direction of the bald, disabled youkai, lying prone with her butt in the air and her face on the floor as though still grovelling. Then she frowns and slips her fan from her obi, and deeply in thought, she idly taps it on her wrist for a moment before flipping it open. She flits it at herself, examining Aika. “This youkai is such a lowlife bottom feeding youkai.” She looks at Kozuke, finally, as she continues. “It’s truly not my style, but perhaps we should eliminate this rubbish after all.” Kiyomi closes her fan and slides it back into her obi with an air of imminent destruction. She holds a hand up, and upon the palm of her hand a flame suddenly dances in the air as she stares down at Aika.

“Perhaps it would be best to attempt to rehabilitate her? Our Kami does not approve of wanton violence,” Kozuke counsels Kiyomi.

“Oh really? Do you have a problem with killing girls? Perhaps your bark is far more impressive than your bite, mutt,” Kiyomi teases Kozuke impishly. “Perhaps that is one of your weak points?” Kiyomi muses, her eyes sparkling as she looks at Madoka again.

“Your ill-considered conclusion is incorrect, foxy wench. Any threat to my mistress will be eliminated, but in the case of this youkai, she is soundly defeated and the source of her power was burned away by your foxfire. Until her hair regrows, it’s likely that she will not make further trouble for mistress for a while, if ever again,” Kozuke points out.

Madoka’s eyes sharpen now with focus, which have been glazed until now due to that intense kiss which Kiyomi stole from her. She still blushes from head to toe again even now, recalling it.

“Do you feel better, mistress?” Kozuke asks Madoka, noting that she is suddenly more energetic.

“I… I… I…” Madoka stutters in response to Kozuke’s query. “I do, Kozuke-san. I feel stronger, strangely. I… I think I can stand. Thank you, please set me down,” she murmurs.

“Nonsense, mistress! Please allow me to carry you so that you may save your energy.”

“What? All the way home? Are you kidding, Kozuke-san? On the train?” Madoka looks at Kozuke with a horrified expression as she imagines Kozuke carrying her the entire way home, in the crowded train particularly. The vision of her being carried in his arms in front of so many people fills her with humiliation.

“I’m fine, Kozuke-san! Let me go, really! Please!” Madoka pleads, thrashing. Finally, convinced, Kozuke sets her down and adjusts her mussed clothing like a dutiful doting butler.

“I trust your judgment, mistress. I will be by your side to lend you my arm.” He smiles.

“Wouldn’t you prefer having a silky graceful arm to cling to for support instead of a rugged hairy arm?” Kiyomi asks Madoka with a cloyingly cute yet sexy voice, as she grabs Madoka’s arm quickly and holds it firmly between her impressive breasts.

Madoka turns red in response, and squirms again, squeaking.

After calling Mana to arrange meeting up, the four rendezvous with Tatsuo and Mana at the Shibuya Station in a large open walking area between sets of stairs. Upon spotting them, having been waiting beside Mana, still loaded up with Madoka’s bags full of clothing, Tatsuo quickly walks over towards Emi, Madoka, Kozuke, and Kiyomi. Mana herself only holds two bags. As they approach the four, Kozuke rushes forward with a welcoming smile and quickly relieves Tatsuo of half of his burden. Tatsuo grins thankfully at Kozuke, but after a moment his eyes spy Kiyomi and they linger for a long moment upon her impressive assets. Tatsuo’s grin is silly and lascivious for a moment. Tatsuo impulsively takes a step towards Kiyomi before he remembers Emi’s presence; then he stiffens as he looks away from Kiyomi with an expression of exaggerated innocence.

Emi blinks and glares at Tatsuo. Quickly she looks away from him and ignores him after that, turning towards Madoka. “Do you mind if I come along to your home? My own home is along the Chuo line as well, and I thought I might want to get to know someone so interesting as yourself.” She smiles.

Tatsuo stiffens in response to Emi’s sudden and obvious ignoring of him. “What did I do?” he objects, looking at Emi pleadingly.

“Oh, I don’t mind…” Madoka smiles and notes Tatsuo’s response. “I’m not anything special, Hasegawa-san,” she demurs.

“Oh, I would disagree with that statement! You would make for a very interesting friend.” Emi smiles warmly at her. “Please call me Emi, Madoka.”

“Madoka?” Madoka asks Emi, blushing, stunned at Emi using her first name suddenly without asking her.

Belatedly, Emi asks Madoka for permission, noting her discomfort. “If that’s okay with you, Madoka-chan.”

Tatsuo looks at them, dismayed by what he thinks is happening suddenly. “You aren’t into my best friend Madoka, are you? You’re killing me, Emi-chan...” Tatsuo grimmaces anxiously, his eyes lingering on Emi as he slumps.

“Me? Interested in her? Aren’t you interested in her? I’ve seen how you look at every woman in sight, particularly your best friend?” Emi looks away from Tatsuo. “No, you foolish man, I don’t swing that way. Don’t accuse me of being weird like that. Isn’t it even more weird that you are attracted to Madoka?” Emi finally looks at Tatsuo and stares him down with a blistering glare that might rival that of a basilisk.

“Oh… really… but Madoka can…” Tatsuo complains.

“No buts. Madoka can what?” Emi puts her hands on her hips, clenching her hands into fists, her aura expressing imminent violence.

“Oh, I like this one too.” Kiyomi grins and steps quickly to Emi, turning her face up towards hers with a suddenly seductively smile. “Are you sure you won’t swing that way?” she asks.

“I… I…” Emi stammers, looking into her eyes for a moment, and then away. “No!!! Don’t kiss me… I’m not ready for that!” she wails.

“Tch…” Kiyomi grins. “Too bad.” She winks at Emi.

Kozuke sighs and rolls his eyes. “Why are you still here, f--… lady?” Kozuke asks Kiyomi belligerently.

Kiyomi chuckles at Kozuke, grinning. “Why else would I be here? To look after my special Madoka for a time. It seems that you’re not up for the job to protect her, Butler-sama.” She grins tauntingly at him.

Kozuke frowns. “You can’t come along. Mistress will be busy training tonight,” he points out.

“Training, you say?” Kiyomi asks with an understanding look towards Madoka and Kozuke. “I approve of her training further; however, with the now low reservoir of spiritual energy she has, I fear she would have difficulties. Not even my kiss restored her sufficiently to her to cover training. Why not train her tomorrow?” Kiyomi counters.

“There are reasons why we have to start as soon as possible. Mistress will start school in three days, this coming Monday! Her registration in an elite girls’ school was handled today by her honored father,” Kozuke replies. “We need to efficiently use the time that we have to train Madoka and strengthen her in a short period of time. I won’t be able to be by her side at all times in a girls’ high school,” Kozuke points out. “She has to be able to protect herself!”

“An elite girls’ school?” Emi asks with a wondering expression. She shakes her head as if dismissing a possibility. “A previous…” She stops before completing this sentence out loud.

“You don’t say?” Kiyomi’s speculative examination of Madoka seems joyful at the possibility of an opportunity opening for her.

Noting the considering look at Madoka, Kozuke comments. “What are you thinking?” Madoka takes a step back when Kiyomi licks her lips as she looks at her.

“I was just thinking that I can blend in perfectly there with my… skills. That’s not something you can do, Lion-Dog-Butler-sama, I would say. You would look interesting in a girl’s uniform but I don’t think the look would work well for you.” Kiyomi grins, her expression triumphant now as she stares down Kozuke.

Kozuke gapes in response to her words and glares at Kiyomi. “Don’t you dare sully her purity,” Kozuke snarls at her.

“No promises, Lion-Dog-Butler-sama,” Kiyomi replies primly with a mischievous expression. “I won’t do anything if Madoka doesn’t approve, naturally.” Madoka blushes even more when she notices that at this point, people have stopped to watch the spectacle.

Mana steps quickly between the two to break up the sudden stare-off. “Perhaps we should move along back to our home.” She casts her eyes over the crowd around.

Kozuke shakes his head and finally bows towards her and smiles with aplomb. “Of course,” he murmurs.

The six board the Chuo line train car together, and as they do, everyone stepping in behind them and everyone already in the car stare at the six, particularly at four of them who most stand out: Kozuke dressed up like a classic butler in a suit, Kiyomi in her expensive yukata framing her lovely breasts, Madoka in stylish cute clothes, her hair poofy from being quickly dried in the salon, and looking somehow even more like a stylish hairstyle. Finally, there is the ever stylish cute gyaru Emi, who doesn’t draw as many eyes as usual, but even so draws a few.

Ignored, a greased-up hairstyled Tatsuo grumbles, his arms swiftly tiring from holding so many bags of clothes as he stands. Finally, fed up, he moves to stow the bags, but Mana’s firm gaze stops him, and he smiles weakly at her. Madoka giggles, looking away guiltily, noting her friend’s haggard expression.

Madoka watches mournfully as Mana oversees Kozuke, Tatsuo, and Emi removing her old boy clothes from her closet storage, replacing them with her new clothes. As Tatsuo attempts to put some clothing into storage drawers, Mana quickly corrects him, instructing him to hang up dresses and skirts. Tatsuo sulks a little as he does as she instructs him, but he notes the mournful expression of Madoka, taking a break after hanging up a dress. Tatsuo walks over to Madoka, who’s standing by her bed; he pats Madoka sympathetically. Madoka pouts and squirms, looking at Tatsuo with grateful eyes for his compassion and understanding of her feelings. Meanwhile, Kiyomi lounges on Madoka’s bed in a ladylike fashion.

“Shouldn’t Kiyomi-sama be helping with hanging up Madoka’s clothes?” Tatsuo frowns.

“Such work befits a greasy manual laborer such as yourself, vulture-kun,” Kiyomi points out and looks over the clothes that have been mostly put away at this point. “Is that truly all the clothing Madoka-chan has right now? What a meager wardrobe,” Kiyomi observes as she watches, sliding her fan from her obi and dramatically fanning herself with it.

Mana smiles warmly at Kiyomi, nodding, agreeing with her observation. “Oh, but we couldn’t burden Tatsuo-kun with even more clothes today,” she murmurs.

“Really? I don’t see a problem with it.” Emi laughs aloud, teasing Tatsuo.

“I do!” Tatsuo growls in response to Emi’s teasing.

“Isn’t that what men are best for? It’s what the muscles are for, right?” Kiyomi teases with a grin.

“That’s not all we’re for!” Tatsuo grumbles and looks towards Madoka for sympathy. “Hey, ma--… Um.. Madoka. I’m going home now. I’m out of energy.” He waves his hand.

Madoka walks over to Tatsuo, looking into his eyes, and smiles. “I’m sorry we did this to you, man. See you again soon. I know how you feel. I feel exhausted too. Everything I did today drained me!”

Tatsuo sighs, looking gloomy. “But you aren’t going to my school anymore, right? Friends drift apart when they go to different schools.” He shrugs, hands in his pockets. “I know why you can’t, but it isn’t going to be the same without my wingman. It will be the same as when we graduated from middle school to high school, all over again, but this time we’re going our separate ways.” Tatsuo sighs.

Madoka sighs. “I know. School won’t be the same without you. I deliberately applied to the High School you wanted to go to,” Madoka notes, feeling mournful herself.

Emi smiles, shaking her head. “That’s so touching. For once you don’t seem to have that lech look in your eyes at least. You seem kind of sad, Yanagi-san,” she points out.

Tatsuo shrugs and smiles reassuringly to Emi and Madoka. “Hey, I’ll be around. Like she pointed out earlier, it’s pretty interesting having a weird friend.” He chuckles ruefully. “If you ever…” Tatsuo trails off, chewing his lip.

“If she ever what?” Emi responds quickly with an edge in her voice.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Tatsuo grouches, looking away from Emi and Madoka.

“Yanagi-san.” Emi glares at Tatsuo as he looks away from her, getting his attention.

What?” Tatsuo asks defensively.

“Are you interested in me or are you not? Aren’t we going on a date again soon or not?” Emi asks with a frown.

“What? Another date, really?” Tatsuo seems stunned at her question, and grins with a sappy expression towards Emi. “O-of course! I’d love to!” He grins, running his fingers through his greasy hair, suddenly more cheerful.

“Tomorrow is Sunday, you know. Let’s do it then. Let’s go to Akihabara.” Emi gestures.

“Weren’t you lusting after my daughter today?” Mana frowns at Tatsuo.

“What are you thinking, Mama?!” Madoka stares at her, eyes wide.

Tatsuo stiffens at that exchange, and stares at Mana, himself startled. “What… oh, no… I was just teasing her all day… I’m a one-girl kind of guy…” Tatsuo waves his hands dismissively, gazing at Emi with a big grin.

Emi smiles warmly at Tatsuo’s words.

“Vulture-kun, if you do want Madoka-chan, you’ll have to go through me.” Kiyomi challenges Tatsuo with a smirk.

“Through you?” Tatsuo asks, looking at Kiyomi. She somehow still seems to loom over him while lounging on Madoka’s bed. In response to the sudden pressure emanating from Kiyomi towards him, Tatsuo shivers from head to toe.

“She is not yours, foxy wench! Don’t think to lay a claim on my mistress,” Kozuke growls at Kiyomi.

The two suddenly stare each other down, their auras escalating to levels of imminent violence. To break into the sudden mood, Tatsuo looks towards Emi. “I really think I should really… should I walk you home, Emi-chan?” Tatsuo asks Emi nervously, looking to her.

“Hasegawa,” Emi corrects Tatsuo with a firm frown.

“But we’re…” Tatsuo gulps, noting the look in her eyes again. “Hasegawa-san, then.” He laughs.

“No, I’ll stay here tonight. I’m worried for my new friend with this oversexed fox around,” Emi replies to Tatsuo’s remark.

Kiyomi giggles. “Ohhhh… even better. A threesome,” she teases.

What?” Emi blinks. “Noooo!” She scowls as she looks at Kiyomi with trepidation.

Kozuke places himself between them and firmly takes Kiyomi’s arm. “I’ll be escorting you out now, Miss. Your generous aid was helpful; however, I must place a strict curfew on my mistress now, which means you aren’t welcome after hours.” He pats her arm as he pulls her towards the door.

Kiyomi pouts as he drags her away. “I don’t want to go! I have a right to stay!” She glares at him and the two snarl at each other like beasts for a long moment. Finally Kiyomi thinks better of having a skirmish with Kozuke. She gracefully backs off, turning towards Madoka. She removes a card from her kimono sleeve and throws it to Madoka quickly like a shuriken. Madoka catches it somehow and examines it. On it she reads Kiyomi’s name, a phone number, an e-mail, and LINE membername. Madoka gapes at it, surprised at the modern contact information.

“You can whistle me with that little thing you got from Kozuke earlier, or you can use modern methods to get me. I’m a classy modern girl, even if I favour traditional clothes.” Kiyomi grins at Madoka.

“You will definitely see me again soon, Madoka-chan.” She blows a kiss at Madoka, and Madoka blushes from head to toe as Kiyomi leaves the room with an elegant yet sexy shake of her hips. Even Tatsuo’s gaze is drawn towards her hips as she leaves, and he licks his lips.

Kozuke follows Kiyomi out to make sure she leaves the home.

Tatsuo looks at Emi, then. “If she’s leaving, do you still want to stay? Madoka used to be a guy, remember?” He smiles. “I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that.”

Emi chuckles. “She doesn’t have that equipment anymore. I think it will be fine. If she can resist someone like Kiyomi’s flirting, I think I’ll be perfectly fine with Madoka.” She smiles.

“I think so too. He’s too much of a…” Tatsuo coughs. “She’s a gentle… girl?” Tatsuo looks at Madoka.

“Gentle lady,” Mana corrects Tatsuo. “I’ll escort you out so my daughter can get some rest.” She escorts Tatsuo. He looks back ruefully, as Mana firmly pulls him out of the room. Madoka sighs in relief, falling down onto her bed into the spot that Kiyomi recently vacated, and notes that the spot is pleasantly warm. After an extremely short time, there is a knock on her door.

“Who is it now?” Madoka complains loudly with a whining tone. Emi settles down on Madoka’s bed next to her and laughs at her whining.

A voice comes quickly through the door. “Mistress. Will you come to the shrine tonight for training?” Kozuke asks.

Madoka groans as she looks at Emi, and Emi pats her leg comfortingly. “What will you do?” she asks, interested. Madoka hesitates and chews her lip, thinking it over and assessing whether or not she’s in the mood to go training.

Goshujinsama! I think it would be a good idea to practice. You need more spiritual power to more effectively use me, Aoi suddenly comments.

“I don’t think of you as an object!” Madoka cries out. “I love you…” Madoka replies tearing up.

“Um… I’m flattered…” Emi stands up and backs with her hands up and laughs, awkwardly. “But I really don’t…” She blushes.

“I didn’t mean you, Emi-chan, sorry.” Madoka blushes, shaking her head, not knowing how best to explain it to Emi.

“Was it that girl that suddenly appeared earlier in the salon? The blue hair?” Emi asks suddenly with amazing intuition. Madoka gapes at Emi and smiles, nodding and blushing.

That’s sweet, goshujinsama, but I am just a shikigami. You can’t love a non-entity, Aoi replies sadly.

“Will you go, Mistress?” Kozuke asks again loudly through the door again.

Madoka sighs and nods. “I will go, Kozuke-san,” Madoka murmurs with a determined expression. If I can learn to summon her for long periods, maybe she can exist in the world for longer periods of time, she thinks to herself.

“Can I come along? I’m interested in what kind of training someone does to strengthen spiritual abilities.” Emi grins.

“If you want to come… I don’t mind it.” Madoka smiles warmly at Emi. Emi nods and sits down next to Madoka.

“I’ll cheer for you!” Emi encourages her with a wink.

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