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Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Author(s): Rellawing | Editor(s): Trismegistus Shandy | 3 Warnings!
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Madoka finds herself once again in dangerous situations. How will she cope?

Chapter Ten : The Girl Who Had a Brush with Peril
Posted: 2018-08-08 12:56:05 | Updated: 2018-08-18 11:52:34
Words: 3086

Tatsuo and Emi continue sniggering until finally, Madoka rises up and dashes away, blushing from head to toe, her expression mortified.

“Madoka!” Mana calls after her, concerned. She rises to follow Madoka.

“It’s your fault.” Emi laughs. “Showing us that.” She smiles amusedly. “She will be fine, I’m sure. Give her time to recover.”

“It really wasn’t cool,” Tatsuo murmurs, covering his lips.

“I wasn't making fun of her. I was doting on her.” Mana frowns. “You two were making fun of her. What were you thinking about?” She puts her hands on her hips, glaring at the two.

“I wasn’t making fun of her… I couldn’t help laughing. I would have been pretty embarrassed too, if it was me,” Tatsuo says with a straight expression, still hiding his lips, writhing with an effort to hold back.

“I wasn’t making fun of her either. Now that I know she isn’t what I thought.” Emi smiles calmly. “So I will go after her myself and reassure her. I couldn’t help giggling.” She moves to follow after Madoka.

“Why wouldn’t she want her mother to comfort her?” Mana frowns as she calls back quickly.

“Because you started it. I’m sure it will be alright.” Emi gestures, not turning back towards Mana as she walks. “Leave it to me.”

Tatsuo watches her go with a smile. “That sexy poise.” He grins. “That’s my Emi-chan!” he approves.

Mana eyes Tatsuo. “Weren’t you lusting all day after my daughter, Tatsuo?” she asks with a glare.

“Well… if you put it like that, maybe.” Tatsuo laughs, looking anxious.

Madoka chews her lip as she stumbles through the crowd in the streets of Shibuya. She wipes her eyes, sniffling a little. She looks around as she stumbles through the streets full of people, most walking but some bicycling. Madoka moves towards a large intersection. Madoka waits, sniffing, rubbing her eyes. Hearing an intersection jingle go off, she starts walking into the intersection to cross the street.

Goshujinsama! Be careful!!! Aoi’s voice cries out in her mind and Madoka looks up blearily at an oncoming vehicle, seeing that traffic is still moving through it. She stares at the oncoming vehicle and people behind her gasp together, crying out as though time is slowed.

Madoka feels strange and suddenly gracefully she jumps backward, flipping backward out of traffic as the vehicle swerves, nearly striking her. Thanks to the skill of the driver, they don’t run into another vehicle, continuing on while Madoka alights on her feet behind the crowd, her skirt flapping up in the process, flashing everyone staring. Madoka stares at the intersection, her heart racing. Her knees practically knock from fear, but remarkably, her face stays numb and neutral. Everyone stares at her, their expressions of fear and anxiety turn into approving and admiring looks, and more than a few of the people in the crowd blush or look at her lasciviously, while quickly composing their expressions.

“That was amazing, Onee-chan! Are you a martial artist?” A young boy grins at Madoka.

Madoka gapes at him and shakes her head, raising her hands. “No… I’m not. I was just… just lucky.” Madoka thinks about it and chews her lips. Thinking back, she thought as though she had felt suddenly weightless?

Suddenly a familiar face steps forward from the side. “Kita Aika-san?” Madoka asks, her eyes widening slightly.

“What a coincidence! I was out shopping.” She smiles, clutching a grocery bag as she stops in front of Madoka. “That was truly amazing. You really are a woman of many talents! Now I want to work on your hair even more.” She eyes Madoka and frowns. “Your eyes… does something trouble you?” She notices her expression.

Madoka flushes and smiles. “Ah… no… I… I’m alright. I’m just being foolish,” she murmurs.

“Such poise and cuteness.” Aika smiles. “Do you have time to come along with me? My shop isn’t far and…”

“Fugui-san!” Emi pushes her way through the crowd.

“Hasegawa-san?” Madoka gasps, stepping back slightly.

“Are you alright?” She eyes Madoka and chews her lip. After a moment she bows, hands to her sides. “Fugui-san. I’m sorry if I contributed to your anxiety,” she murmurs.

“Oh? A friend? The more the merrier.” Aika smiles, raising her hands, lifting the bag to clap her hands. “I will give your very stylish and lovely friend a discount as well.” She smiles a pleased smile.

“I don’t want my hair done…” Madoka responds quickly.

“You really should.” Emi smiles, her expression clinical. “Honestly, you look amazing. With a little work you really will be a ten.” Emi looks Madoka over. “Your sense of fashion is impressive.”

“I agree.” Aika grins. “How about we make it free for a first service? It would truly be my honor to work with you. If I became your stylist, I would be renowned.”

“But I didn’t choose…” Madoka murmurs as Emi draws close to Madoka’s ear and whispers. “You look awful right now. You need a place to sit and relax. Even if you don’t let her work on your hair, we can accept her hospitality.” Emi smiles, winking.

Madoka gapes at Emi and hesitates, and finally sighs and nods. “Alright, I suppose so,” she murmurs.

Aika beams and bows. “Follow me then,” she says eagerly, licking her lips a little.

Madoka looks around at the small salon when they enter it. It isn’t a large room, with only two styling chairs. She doesn’t really know how to rate this salon but it does seem small.

“Oh… you have your own business?” Emi asks, looking around as well. “You’re doing well for yourself! How do you maintain it? Are you working alone here?” she asks.

Aika smiles, stepping over to a small refrigerator behind the small front counter. “Yes… actually. I have a somewhat steady clientele. I’m able to pay the rent and stock supplies, but it’s very hard. I can’t afford to hire anyone else, and while I’ve looked into renting the other chair, I don’t think my shop is prestigious enough.” She laughs as she closes the refrigerator door and turns towards the two with yuzu lemon ciders. She offers them to Emi and Madoka. Madoka bows and accepts her drink. Emi accepts hers with a smile.

“Thank you. I apologize for being so much trouble,” Emi murmurs.

“Oh, not at all. You two cute ladies enrich my day. I appreciate that you took the time to come.” She smiles warmly. “Please take your ease and relax.” She looks at Madoka and her smile becomes wider. “As a matter of fact, I can make a suggestion. I have a very talented scalp massage service. I will give you that service combined with a nice hot shampooing.” She winks.

Madoka takes a sip from the yuzu lemon cider she holds, savoring the sweet tart flavor, and Madoka eyes Emi and Aika back and forth with an uncertain demeanor, noting that Emi’s expression has become somewhat dreamy.

“That sounds wonderful.” Emi looks at Madoka. “What are you waiting for? Pampering is the best thing for a girl when she’s anxious. Go, go, go!” she urges Madoka with a grin.

“But I…” Madoka hesitates, Aika takes Madoka’s arm gracefully and guides her to a sink with a chair before it. “Come along. You’ll love it.” She smiles.

“Um… okay,” Madoka murmurs, and lets her guide her into the chair as Aika positions her, head in the sink as she relaxes in the cushy chair. She sits anxiously until she feels the hot water run over her scalp and when Aika’s fingers start massaging her scalp, Madoka gasps and shivers at the pleasant feel. She closes her eyes and chews her lip. Her scalp is sensitive and it feels really nice!

“You’re smiling such a big smile,” Aika comments as she massages Madoka’s scalp. She takes a moment, and then starts massaging shampoo into her scalp, filling the air with a strong soapy scent. Madoka squirms and shivers, getting goosebumps. The scent relaxes her incredibly. Madoka lounges and smiles dreamily.

Go… Madoka distantly hears a voice in her head.

“Mmmmm?” Madoka murmurs, so relaxed and comfortable; the massage is so amazing!

... jinsa …

“Does something trouble you, Fugui-san?” Aika’s voice asks her.

“N-no… not at all.” She sighs contentedly.

“I’m jealous… do you think you could give me a service too?” Madoka hears Emi say distantly.

“I’m slotted for the day. I just have time during my personal break. This is how I would choose to spend my personal time, working on such a… remarkable girl,” Aika murmurs. “I wonder if you wouldn’t mind stepping out and calling her mother. I’m certain that she must be concerned for her daughter.”

“That sounds reasonable. But I don’t have her phone number. Fugui-san… perhaps you should take a moment from your pampering to let your mother know that you are alright.”

Madoka frowns a little and sits up as Aika motions to keep her in a relaxed position.

“I think you’re right… Mama would be worried. I was foolish,” she murmurs.

“Don’t worry about it. This won’t take long. Perhaps it would be a better idea if you go fetch her,” Aika suggests.

.... sama… beware! Aoi calls out.

“I can do that. That is pretty reasonable too,” Emi responds, smiling at Madoka. “I hope you enjoy it. I’m disappointed. Didn’t you say you would give me a discount as well?” She smiles at Aika.

“You’re being a pest,” Aika responds, her kind sweet voice suddenly transformed into a frightening tone.

Suddenly, a lock of Aika’s hair suddenly launches towards Emi and lightning quickly wraps around Emi’s neck. Madoka gapes and stares as the impossible stretching lock of hair.

She looks down at Madoka with a laugh. “I was going to put you to sleep before delivering you to my master, but I’ve taken the measure of you. You surprised me earlier in the street, but you aren’t anything too special yet. I don’t think there is any need for caution any longer. Besides, I can’t let this girl go to call help. She’ll make a wonderful morsel. I regret that only Master may devour you.” She laughs as she launches another attack towards Madoka, once again lightning fast. Hair wraps tightly around Madoka’s body, tightly binding it in a pattern resembling shibari. The hair tightly squeezes Madoka’s body, making her breasts almost pop out of her top.

The hair writhes around Emi’s body similarly at the same time, holding her. She stares at Aika, terrified.

“I think I’ll feast on this one before I take you to my master, idol-wannabe.” She laughs, pulling Emi to her agonizingly slowly, seeming to delight in the gasping and screaming of Emi. When she reaches her, she runs her fingers across her torso, raising up her shirt and baring it.

“Itadakimasu!” Aika flashes her fangs and suddenly makes a ghastly face.

“Nooooooooooo!!!” Emi screams weakly.

“No!!!!” Madoka screams at the same time. “Aoi-chan!!!” she calls out. Suddenly, she feels dizzy, and in a burst of light and a rippling nearby, Aoi jumps out of the ripple and swings, her sword of water darting quickly. She lands on her feet on the other side of them and looks back over her shoulder as the two girls fall to the floor, Madoka landing on her feet. Madoka looks at Aika, and notes that her hair is cut in multiple places. Madoka looks at Aoi admiring her, looking beautiful and graceful; and stunningly, she is actually in the world! Madoka’s heart skips a beat as she gazes at her with her braided blue hair wearing that same blue patterned kimono with cresting waves on it with shells. Aoi disappears into motes as Aika screams, drawing back, her hair cut. Madoka draws back.

Tears leak from Madoka’s eyes as she fumbles through her pockets and realizes that she doesn’t have the whistle that Kozuke gave her! She realizes she left it in the sleeve of the beautiful yukata.

You don’t have strength to maintain my incarnation for long. Please accept my blessings, Aoi murmurs in her mind.

Aika shrieks, recognizing that the spiritual power of Madoka has damaged her hair. Her face twists in rage. Aika lunges at Madoka.

“You’re a youkai!” Madoka gasps, feeling her hands come together as if controlled. In her hands, Aoi’s watery sword incarnates just in time for Aika to impale herself on the sword. Aika gapes, looking down at the sword in Madoka’s hands and up at Madoka, drawing back slowly off of the sword through her stomach, clutching her hands around a gaping bloody wound. Her hair writhes and suddenly erupts in chaos. The hair suddenly grows out and launches at Madoka from several directions. Madoka screams and leaps, seeming to dance in air as she leaps to the side, dodging the furious strikes as they hit the spot she was in and completely destroy the sink and penetrate the comfortable chair, ruining it.

“Master wants to eat you, but I will beat you to near death before I drag you by your hair to my master,” she snarls. She launches another fierce attack. Madoka clumsily parries the youkai’s attacks with Aoi’s katana in her hands.

Meanwhile, Emi stumbles to her feet and gapes at Madoka as she dashes from side to side, trying to dodge the Futakuchi-onna youkai, but a clever blow knocks Madoka back against the wall as she desperately tries to fend off the attack letting the sword block it, however the power of her strike smashes her violently against the wall. Madoka crumples still holding the sword weakly holding it as she tries to stumble to her feet. She coughs, and moans. The youkai Aika combines a massive amount of hair and launches it at Madoka as though it was a giant drill aimed to render Madoka into a ruined corpse.

Emi grits her teeth, picks up the rolling chair behind the desk, and runs at the youkai, swinging the chair at her. The chair connects with her before her attack connects with Madoka and Aika stumbles, looking at Emi as though a small dog had bitten her ankle. She laughs aloud.

“You idiot. You can’t hurt me. You don’t have any spiritual prowess. Someone like you can’t do anything. You’re food, girl.” She grins a terrible frightening grin but Emi smiles right back.

“I said I would bring her back. I keep my promises.” She swings the chair again, and Aika contemptuously slams the chair away with her hair and slaps Emi’s face casually.

“I liked how you looked wrapped in my hair. I think I will take my time devouring you. Your friend seems nearly ex--” Aika gapes, looking down and noticing the sword point sprouting from between her breasts. She gasps and coughs up blood as she looks back at Madoka, who flinches as the youkai’s gaze falls firmly upon her. Madoka glares at her.

“You’re a pest. Forget my master’s wishes. I will devour the both of you.” she snarls.

“Oh? Will you now?” another woman’s voice comes from the door. “A weakling such as yourself thinks to attack someone I am fond of? I will not permit that.”

Madoka looks at the door and blushes from head to toe as she sees it’s Kiyomi, wearing another stylish kimono of high quality with sakura blossoms patterned in white pink on a red kimono. Her bushy white-silvery tail calmly bats to and fro as she walks towards the youkai, lady-like, her silvery white ears twitching slightly, though something of her expression and body language speaks loudly of imminent violence.

“I don’t appreciate you hunting this one. I would take it very personally if you hurt her.” She smiles a deadly smile.

Aika eyes Kiyomi up and down, and after a moment she prostrates herself before her, groveling. “Kiyomi-sama, are you not? Please don’t be angry with me, I was just following orders. I would not dream of…” A lightning attack suddenly lunges at Kiyomi's throat in the blink of an eye. Kiyomi moves her arm dismissively and a powerful burst of fire launches toward Aika, consuming her hair. It burns all the way down to her scalp, her hair suddenly turned to ash leaving her scalp slightly burned, but completely bald.

Emi gapes, staring, and she draws back against the desk, her eyes as wide as they would go.

Goshujinsama, a final service! Aoi-chan murmurs, her tone laced with affection. The water suddenly drops from Madoka’s hair, rolling down her body, yet somehow not leaving her soaked, the result of which a rapid drying effect to her hair, carrying the remnants of Aika’s shampoo along with the water.

“Madoka-chan… are you well?” Kiyomi asks as Aika faints with a horrified expression on her face. She looks at Madoka with a small smile.

“I… I’m fine, Kiyomi-san.” Madoka bows to Kiyomi. “Thank you for helping me!” she gasps.

“Oh it’s no problem at all.” She licks her lips and steps over to Madoka, sweeping her into her arms. “You were masterful for such a novice in spiritual arts. I’m very impressed with you again.” She purrs and Madoka turns red from head to toe in Kiyomi’s arms.

“Um… wh-wh-what is this?” Emi stutters.

Kiyomi looks over her shoulder to Emi with a happy smile. “A tryst, of course.” She looks Emi from head to toe and grins even more. “You’re a pretty cute girl too, you’re quite welcome.” she purrs.

“Enough of that joking, foxy wench.” Kozuke sighs in the doorframe of the shop, crossing his arms. “Mind the purity of my mistress.”

Kiyomi looks at Kozuke and sighs, letting go of Madoka with a smile. “I thought you would be sniffing around, Lion-Dog-Butler-sama.” She looks at Kozuke and their eyes flash at each other like rivals.

“What… really, what is this?” Emi stares.

Special note for everyone, I don't really like bondage elements personally, but in a situation like the one above and since the setting is Japanese, it was appropriate for the situation, and maybe a little bit of fanservice for those who do appreciate it. If you don't know what Shibari is, it's the Japanese term for it! It's my aim to provide some fanservice here and there in a classy way. ^-^ Once again, thank you for your favorites and reviews thus far! I greatly appreciate the support! My love to you all!

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