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Recent Stories
Mouikkai Musume Mohitotsu
After weeks of strange dreams about another life, Madoka has a series of encounters with supernatural beings that will change his life.
Rellawing | 3 Warnings! | Updated: 2019-01-30 11:24:48

False Positives
At least the nanites didn't insist on long hair. When I got it cut, it stayed cut for as long as you'd expect. And I got it cut pretty often these days; when I had a male body, I didn't have anything to prove and I might sometimes let it get a little...
Trismegistus Shandy | 1 Warnings! | Updated: 2018-11-04 14:48:43

A boy enters a college fraternity, but is coerced to follow the rules by the residents and his own family.
mrsimple | 5 Warnings! | Updated: 2018-11-01 19:11:56

Soul Shift
A boy and a girl connected mysteriously from long distance in Japan discover that their fates are tied up with each other. Will the two find true happiness, finally?
Rellawing | 2 Warnings! | Updated: 2018-11-01 08:40:39

Witness protection has gotten a lot more complicated since the Reshaping technology was leaked.
Trismegistus Shandy | Updated: 2018-11-01 04:09:33

Saving Face
Susumu, a young salaryman, has an eerie encounter in a strangely empty subway train. Now he's racing against time to restore what he's mislaid before it is lost forever.
Rellawing | 3 Warnings! | Updated: 2018-10-22 07:12:06

Mouikkai Musume
Kozuke gently runs the washcloth through the basin of scented soapy water, and begins to gently sponge the sweat off of her body. For some reason, she is always very sweaty in the morning. He suspects her dreams aren't pleasant.
Rellawing | 3 Warnings! | Updated: 2018-03-15 12:47:21
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